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Introduction to Waste Management Essay

In 2002, though, a WHO assessment conducted in 22 developing countries showed that 18% to 64% of health care facilities do not use proper waste disposal methods.While most of the waste produced by health care facilities is not any more dangerous than regular household waste, some types do represent a higher risk to health.With proper management and the use of well-known solid waste management tools such as segregation and recycling, the portion of a hospital’s waste stream that poses risk to human and environmental health need not be cause of public fear.It is essential that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of generation, approximately treated and disposed of safely.The purpose of this study is to have a practical ...

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The Nature Of Biomedical Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Since the mismanagement of biomedical waste can be dangerous to the public, the government (Ministry of Environment and Forests) has provided uniform guidelines and code of practice for the whole nation regarding the management handling of biomedical waste in the ‘Bio-medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules,1998.It is recommended for biotechnology waste, waste sharps.Though he stated that the medical centre of SVC was not performing advanced medical treatments and thus the composition of their centre’s biomedical waste would differ a lot from that of a hospital, still he had the knowledge of the waste generated in hospitals and how is it managed.Disposal of bio-medical waste till such time when proper treatment and disposal facilit...

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Vegetable Waste Disposal and Management in Cebu City Public Markets Essay

Implementation of ordinances, collection system and communication campaign for proper waste management and disposal in the market must be a joint effort of the government, market vendors, buyers or consumers and other private sector.According to a research made by Ballados (2010), waste generators adopted poor solid waste management practices in terms of waste segregation, collection and transport, waste disposal and recycling due to lack of awareness on proper and effective ways of managing wastes.Her research findings showed that the waste generators do not practice waste segregation.Furthermore, in developing countries such as ours, organic wastes take up a dominant fraction of the municipal solid waste stream.In the Philippines, orga...

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The life style of common man

Once re-saleable waste components have been separated from waste they are considered to be raw materials: .. Increases in population and migration into cities have created serious environmental problems including inadequate solid and liquid waste management, lack of safe water and minimal pollution control.This can be controlled by making roadside dustbins or proper disposal of waste at home.The cart goes from street to street picking up the waste and is again not a proper system for waste collection.Waste management is the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials.If proper waste management is practiced, this waste could be converted into useful products.

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Solid Waste Management

Kumar V and Pandit R K (2013) Problems of Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities.Though solid waste management now exists in metropolitan cities but it is far away in semi-urban and rural areas creating all environmental and health hazards to the residents of those areas.No new plan of any residential, commercial area should be passed until and unless it has proper place for disposal and treatment of its waste.It may be stated that modern urban living brings on the problem of waste because of everything in packaging and fast food products which increases the quantity of waste and changes its composition with each passing day as apparent from the trends.Viz D (2012) Urbanization and solid waste management in India: Present practices and ...

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Root Causes Of Excess Waste Output

Furthermore, it is not only the utilization of these products that lead to waste generation, but the waste released during the production process, resource acquisition, and unwanted by-products are also leading components of waste in the UAE (Schneider, 2012).The reports tell that construction and demolition waste from Abu Dhabi city itself constitutes 85% in the whole Emirates and more than 50 percent in the total daily quantity of waste in the city (The Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi, 2011).This would compel organizations to adopt recycling and reusing as one way of managing their waste (Abu Dhabi Imposes Waste Management Fees, 2012).Furthermore, stricter policies and proper implementation by employing inspectors and contract a...

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Waste management in the Philippines Essay

Recognizing the importance of the environment’s immediate recovery and effects of improper waste management to the Philippines, there is a need for understanding and reformation of attitudes and concern towards the protection of environment.9003, or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, paved the way for a shift from indiscriminate waste disposal to institutionalized proper solid waste management at every household and community.You should not carry out waste management through landfills if you cannot ensure proper safety means.Proper disposal of waste material helps keep the environment free from disease causing pathogens and keeps it green.There are methods of proper waste management that will help you keep your environment clean....

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E-waste management practices Essay

One way of having a proper e-waste management is the creation of an e-waste tracking system that provide users to keep track of the e-wastes disposed by Internet cafes in the City of Dumaguete.In 2008, an e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) was established to help establish an sustainable environmentally sound e-waste management system for the country (Waste management world, 2013).Disposal of e-waste is an emerging global environmental and public health issue, as this waste has become the most rapidly growing segment of the formal municipal waste stream in the world.In view of the issues caused by e-wastes, a proper e-waste management is a great challenge especially to those places that are not aware of the hazards of those wast...

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BioMedical Waste Management in an Indian Hospital

Literature search show poor knowledge, attitude and practices of biomedical waste management among staff and have reported that there is urgent need to train and educate all the staff, in order to adopt an effective waste management practice.Bio medical waste collection and proper disposal has become a significant concern for both the medical and general community.According to Bio-Medical Waste (management and handling) rules, 1998 of India, Bio Medical Waste (BMW) means any solid, fluid, or liquid waste including its containers and any intermediate product which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining there or in the production or testing of biological...

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Benefits of Medical Waste Management Methods

Lack of lid on medical waste storage tools is dangerous to health because it is easy to be accessed by insects which transmit diseases and also medical waste is unsightly because it contains waste which may cause repugnant.The effectiveness of medical waste management practices was highly affected by inadequate staff and time spent in management of medical waste which resulted into poor cleanliness of some health facilities.WHO (2005) suggested that for cost effectiveness and efficiency medical waste equipment it is advisable to purchase item which qualify the National standards for management of medical waste or approved by World Health Organization such as safety boxes and other waste containers and protective equipment.Knowledge of he...

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Level of Awareness of Improper Waste Disposal

This category of waste is composed of both hazardous (infectious) and non-hazardous wastes (also referred to as general waste) (Basic principles and concepts of waste management, n.d.).Waste management encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials, from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations (Waste management, 2013).I.Meaning of Improper Waste Disposal Improper disposal means having no proper waste management systems, which ensures safe disposal of wastes.You can describe the solid waste from general housekeeping as residential waste, refuse, household waste or domestic waste.III.Definition, Principles and C...

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Investigatory Project Essay

Solid waste management is one of activity where community participation is key to success.By this time we are all aware by the fact that in our modern time where nothing is free except from the pollute air that we breathe; with this problem we are the one who can blame because as a person our responsibility is to taking good care of our environment or even our surroundings, but as we can see most of us are not knowledgeable on how to handle this kind of problem, on how to maintain cleanliness and orderliness of our community especially the segregation of garbages and the proper disposal of it.There are cities in the Philippines that are applauded because of their solid waste management systems executed.Because there is no garbage collect...

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The State Of Waste Disposal In Colombo Environmental Sciences Essay

The waste collection periods also vary and some households areas waste is collected every other day, in certain other areas waste is collected only twice a week.Considering the all type of approaches to implement the proper and suitable waste management system to the Colombo city was not success due to the unevenness and negative attitude of the residences.Considering the dumping and disposal of the domestic solid waste are very difficult to monitor and guide to the proper disposal system rather than the bulk waste generated by commercial and government organizations.During further analysis, it is revealed that shortcomings in storage facilities, inadequate resource for collection and transportation and unawareness of the public on waste...

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The Intel Corporation Waste Management Plan in the Workplaces Case Study

The Intel Corporation does not have a mechanism of tracking waste associated with packed take-way foods and beverages in a bid to ensure their proper management through appropriate disposal approaches depending on the type of waste.Located in Hillsboro, in Oregon, two dining facilities (Jones Cafe 5 and Ronler Acres Cafe 3) owned by the Intel Corporation are incredibly concerned about proper waste management practices coupled with derivation of best approaches to garbage reduction.Waste recycling especially steel waste, plastic waste, and aluminium cans underscores another important cost-saving waste reduction opportunity.Table 1: Waste reduction rate at Ronler Acres Cafe 3 and Jones Cafe 5 Source: Intel Corporation (2010, p.6) Amid the ...

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Waste Management in Australia Problem Solution Essay

State Government of Victoria 2014, Council waste and recycling services.However, the best option for this company is to burn the waste oil and chemicals.This company can dispose this waste in various ways.A company that produces a quantity of waste oil and cleaning chemicals should follow the right waste disposal rules to avoid pollution.Waste oil and cleaning chemicals contains hazardous substances like Lead, Cadmium, and Chromium that are toxic to humans and other biotic organisms.

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Waste Management Case Analysis Essay

Saving money is the biggest incentive for a consumer and by doing something so simple, the customer will save money and so will Waste Management.Many companies are aiming to have zero waste in the future, which is an issue for Waste Management, as it would slowly drive them out of business.Once mandates are enforced, Waste Management can offer further incentives to its customers to separate their trash and begin recycling.Partnering with one of these companies will allow Waste Management to increase revenues while effectively reducing the amount of trash in landfills.Waste Management Inc. is an industry leading waste disposal company that is beginning to focus its efforts on reducing the amount of trash put in landfills and create a rene...

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The Ewaste In Thailand Information Technology Essay

It aims to have a comprehensive e-waste management for the communities based on the proper the 3R theory (reuse, recycle and recovery) and to promote electronic manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly products in order to meet the international standard and to acquire a negotiation power to the world market.In comparison to in formal voluntary form in the Thai society, this scheme is appeared to be more practical in a proper way of waste separation such as the take back scheme from one mobile phone companies.Some repairing shops are proved that they have met the standard by granted a license from the authority that they will provide the proper process of repairing.Furthermore, under the legal strategy, the Pollution Control Dep...

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Waste Management Awareness of It Students in School

Waste, however, is very subjective; one person may deem an item to be waste whilst another might see it as a resource.The problem of effective solid waste management has to do with poor social services delivery efforts which cause unnecessary delays in solid waste clearance.It is believed that the waste disposal habit of the people, corruption, work attitude, inadequate plants and equipment among others are the major factors militating against effective solid waste management.The poor state of solid waste management in barangay, or most especially in the cities or even other places is caused by inadequate facilities, poor funding, and poor implementation of policies as well as wrong lifestyle.The dynamic nature of consumer/end user produ...

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Literature On Solid Waste Management In Nigeria Environmental Sciences Essay

It has also been suggested as providing alternative means of practicing proper waste management apart from collection and disposal.They found that the major component of solid waste is organic waste (40-64%) which is wetter, corrosive with high density (Ogwueleka, 2009)and agree that composting will be an adequate solid waste practice to reduce the waste especially (Iman et al 2008) with the removal of government subsidies for the sale of fertilizers creating a market for it.According to UNEP (2005), the logical starting point for the proper management of solid waste is to reduce the amounts of waste managed, either informally within the generator’s site or formally (externally) by another entity once the waste is discarded by the genera...

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Environmental Challenges Ghana Faces and Suggested Solutions

Some of these challenges are lack of proper waste management, deforestation, pollution, land or soil degradation, desertification and resource depletion among others.Most of the arable lands (land that can grow crops) are being degraded due to poor agricultural practices in Ghana such as overgrazing, plowing vulnerable soils, over fertilizing and irrigation without proper drainage systems.In Ghana, sustainable development can be enhanced through strategies such as incorporating environmental protection training into each sector’s activities, encouraging the practice of organic agricultural production in model farms and gardens, planting of trees (greening), encouraging attitudinal change on waste generation and waste disposal and encoura...

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Hospital Waste Management Essay

Hospital waste management is one of the most critical and yet underrated kind of waste management .The growing number of hospitals and the unhealthy eating habits of the people has contributed to the rising number of patients in hospitals.The collected waste is disposed into two distinctive bags namely red color for Bio-hazardous waste and yellow for non- hazardous waste.The waste collected in Red and Yellow bags will be further segregated based on the composition of that particular waste.National Guidelines for Implementing the Biomedical Waste Rules Each state or territory in India is responsible for implementing India’s Biomedical Waste Rules, and State Pollution Control Boards in states or Pollution Control Committees in the territor...

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Literature Review On Material Management Construction Essay

Therefore, the need for a proper material management system becomes mandatory.Besides, the proper site plan is very important to the construction site.There are few steps which can implement the material management to construction site which is planning, purchasing, logistics, handling, stock and waste control.The suggestion that will give strong impact on the material management process is the top management of contracting companies should encourage their development using materials management systems in their construction project.It is necessary to have a proper guard in the entrance to keep track of all visitors to the project.

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The Philippine Environmental Policy

The Natural Resources Management and Conservation under Presidential Decree 1152, aims to give the basic management and conservation of the Philippines’ natural resources.It is the responsibility of the Department of Local Government and Community Development to formulate and set guidelines for the proper waste management in their respective areas.It is the Title Five or Waste management, and it aims to promote recovery, recycling and re-use of wastes to maintain the stability of the environment.Proper disposal area of these wastes is also tackled in the title, where the location shall follow the existing zoning land use standards and pollution control regulations.1152 or known as The Philippine Environment Code are several sections that...

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The Phases Of Materials Management Process Construction Essay

– The line sewer was added for drainage and waste purpose.Use materials properly, store new materials properly, handle and cut them carefully for maximum use or minimum waste.Therefore, materials management is an important process in project management as it can help a project to reduce expenses and complete on time.Waste Materials .Scrap materials: Examples; waste materials.

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Occupational Hazards among Sanitary Staff in Hospital

Job responsibility of participants included dusting and cleaning wards ( =41, 39%), collection of hospital waste ( =32, 30%), segregation of hospital waste ( =18, 17%), and disposal of waste material ( =15, 14%).All healthcare facilities needs to prepare their own policies to ensure proper management of hospital waste and provision of staff safety.Available literature also suggests that for appropriate management of hospital waste and safety of hospital staff, continuous training programs needs to be organized.In developing countries, there is scarce awareness and knowledge about proper management of hospital waste.With regard to separate collection of hazardous waste from non-hazardous waste, 47 (44%) of the respondents said that th...

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Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Waste Essay

Landfilling of hazardous solid or containerized waste is regulated more stringently than landfilling of municipal solid waste.One option for remediation is to completely remove all the waste material from the site and transport it to another location for treatment and proper disposal.Deep-well injection is relatively inexpensive and requires little or no pretreatment of the waste, but it poses a danger of leaking hazardous waste and eventually polluting subsurface water supplies.On-site remediation may include temporary removal of the hazardous waste, construction of a secure landfill on the same site, and proper replacement of the waste.Violations, like dumping hazardous waste in town dumps to avoid paying the fees charged by waste tran...

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Waste management in India Essay

State of municipal solid waste management in Delhi, the capital of India, Waste Management Volume 28, Issue 7 , 2008, Pages 1276-1287 .How the system works is that these waste pickers and waste collectors gather waste from the residential areas, commercial areas, streets and landfill sites and they sell them to the dealers these dealers range from small, medium and large dealers.Because of the increase in the MSW the municipal body will face a lot of problem after composting and incineration they would still have to deal with a lot of waste and this waste would generally go to landfill sites.According to a survey Delhi generates about 7000 tonnes/day of municipal solid waste and this municipal waste is to ride about 17000-25000 tonnes...

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Current Environmental Laws In The Philippines

For example, some resort owners are not following the rules and regulations of our environmental laws just like the proper measurement of the establishment, the proper disposal of their garbages and many more.For me, the summarization of all the current environmental laws and policies are mainly composed of the proper ulitization and management of all the aspects of our natural environment.The proper utilization of these natural environment and natural resources,will not only benefits ourselvelves but also we are also ganing respects from others.The Hospitality and Tourism Management which is the mother of all indutries specifically the tourism industry must know the proper usage of our environment and the proper management of our natura...

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Sources Of Municipal Solid Waste In Delhi Environmental Sciences Essay

Recycling and re-use of MSW is done in a widespread manner where waste pickers are employed as well as there are self employed waste pickers who collect the waste and sell them.The workers as well as the waste pickers are not provided with proper health and safety equipment like boots and gloves.The Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 and Amendment Rules, 2003:- bio-medical waste should be treated according to the standards of schedule v. .The population of Delhi is 13.9 million they produce 7000 tonnes/day of municipal solid waste at the rate of 0.500 kg/capital/day and accordingly the population as well as the MSW in increasing by 2026 the municipal solid waste generated will increase to 17,000-25,000 tonnes/day.The...

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Garbage: The Never Ending Problem

Such ventures are beneficial not only to the pig raisers, but also to the municipality who would otherwise have to dispose of the waste in a landfill.” Here it is seen that income can be generated by converting waste into pig feed.Take for example the city of Manila, according to Stratbase: “The city of Manila has a P412-million contract with their sole waste management contractor Leonel Waste Management Corporation for this year.One major contribution the Philippine government established pertaining to proper disposal of garbage was Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.In Article 2 Section 3 Letter L of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 “Ecological solid waste management ...

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