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Roswell Affair Essay

Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner suggest a top-level cover-up of the UFO recovery, based on documents such as the Majestic 12 Group archives.In the mid-1990s, the United States published two reports concerning, on the one hand, the debris found and about which communications were made in 1947 and, on the other hand, the communications made on the recovery of extraterrestrials.The recovery of anthropomorphic mannequins described by witnesses is revisited by Corso who adds many strange elements: “... (he) opened the force box and saw a non-human creature floating in a large glass container.He concludes that the testimonies regarding the recovery of extraterrestrial corpses likely came from backhanded reports of military accidents involvin...

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Roles And Duties Of Police Officers Law Essay

Each aspect is equally important, and if criminal justice officials maintain all aspects properly and legally then justice has been served.When officers or investigators go outside the rules set forth by the Fourth Amendment, they are acting illegally and the evidence will not be considered in court.An organized approach assures: a thorough and legal search is conducted, expeditious processing without compromise, proper scene documentation, proper methods of technique for evidence recovery, all pertinent evidence recovery, proper handling and packaging, proper distribution points for evidence analysis, and proper safety precautions are followed”(p.2).“Crime scenes are given no special considerations under the Fourth Amendment.Evidence at...

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A Day of Future and Hope

As I joined the session discussing the 12 step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I began to realize many things.The 12 steps recovery program was not merely designed to stop a person from drinking alcohol; it serves as a guide towards a new way of life.All I know is I was truly inspired by the stories and horrified at the damage alcohol can do to one’s life.I cannot quite express what I truly felt while I was at the AA meeting.I feel glad that there are warm and generous people (most of whom are previous alcoholics) who give their time to inspire others and save them from the dark world of alcoholism.

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How Accurate Is Eyewitness Testimony Essay

Because of their knowledge of human behavior, abnormal psychology, and psychological assessment, psychologists are sometimes asked by the courts to evaluate a person and provide the court with an “expert opinion,” either in the form of a report or testimony.Issues That Impact an Individuals Testimony A specific look at how memory functions and how suggestion operates llustrates why participation in unregulated lineups creates unreasonable risks of misidentification.Courts today continue to allow into evidence suggestive identification testimony.The “unavoidable” ones can make eyewitness testimony devastating in the courtroom and can lead to wrongful convictions.Currently, courts consider the admissibility of identification testimony unde...

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Treating Substance Abuse: A Discussion of Two Prominent Methods Essay

There have been many critics of the AA and the 12-Step Treatment: because it employs religious aspects, because it is rather difficult to create a research model to determine the effectiveness of 12-Step and because of the low recovery rate perceived among members.However, it is not the therapist per se but the dynamic and mutual efforts of both therapist and client that can bring about changes in the individual and lead to recovery.There needs to be a sort-of classroom set-up where the teacher (leader/s) evaluates individual progress and effort and balances this with the over-all group progress so that it would be more or less homogenous in recovery levels.However, success in recovery is also in conjunction to the individual’s personal ...

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Policy Process of Welfare Reform Essay

In October of the same year, the Senate made ... .Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was praised for replacing AFDC with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)....shown in the years after the reform was passed were due to the booming economy and we have to look at the impacts of the reforms now during bad times in the economy to see if the reform actually did what it set out to accomplish.The federal government noticed the increasing dissent within the states, and begun to allow the experimentation of attaching restrictions to their welfare programs.Following his inauguration in 1992, Bill Clinton fulfilled his promise to “end welfare as we know it” by signing the Personal Responsibility and Work Oppor...

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Hamlet's Antic Disposition Essay

Here its value is at once obvious, since it casts its light backward as well as forward and enables us for the first time to see these relations in proper perspective and as a connected whole.In a word, its recovery means the restoration of a highly important piece of the dramatic structure.- and recalling Falstaff's apostrophe to Prince Hal: "Shall the blessed sun of heaven prove a micher and eat blackberries?Indeed, the manner in which it eases the general working of the plot is strong testimony in its favor.For the moment, however, let us confine our attention to the matter in hand; and see what it tells us about Hamlet's relations with the daughter of Polonius.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group Report Essay

The main idea to their approach was to recognize alcoholism as a disease and to realize that recovery could be maintained through working with others who were experiencing the same problem, alcoholism.Forsyth, D. (2014).Corey, G., Corey, M. S., & Haynes, R. (2014).Jacobs, E. E., Masson, R. L., Harvill, R. L., & Schimmel, C. J.Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.

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Digital Forensic Computers Forensic Forensic Models Information Technology Essay

In this phase tasks performed related to the acquiring and collecting evidence in acceptable manner in which concern data is together base on the accepted methods utilizing a variety of recovery techniques, then the task is identifying the digital components from the acquired evidence, and finally in this phase the tasks are transporting, storing and preserving of data such as creating a good quality case management and ensuring an acceptable chain of custody... Digital forensics is the branch of forensic involving the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices due to incident of computer crime occurrence.The finding from analysis phase are documented and presented to the authority with expert testimony.Encase is we...

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An Introduction to the field of Forensic Psychology

An Ethical dilemma encountered by a Police Psychologist would be Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, Standard: 1, Subsection: 9.01 Bases for Assessments (a) Psychologists base the opinions contained in their recommendations, reports, and diagnostic or evaluative statements, including forensic testimony, on information and techniques sufficient to substantiate their findings.In order to achieve this goal, peculiarly if the individual has a mental disease; requires treatment by a psychiatrist.After several visits to the correctional facility’s physician, correctional facility officials refused to adhere to the doctor’s request, that Gamble be allowed to certain privileges to accommodate his injury and recovery.Subseque...

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Debate Case Study

There is no specific timeline for all bodies to repair and recover from a persistent vegetative state.She has a good friend to whom she had discussions with regarding this issue, but because of an erroneous court ruling, was the conversation was disregarded and Michael Schiavo was allowed to make decisions regarding his wife’s right to life issues.Her body could no longer repair itself.Terri was a devout Catholic and per her parents, would want to continue life sustaining treatment.Decisions about LSTs are taken away from the family only if it is unclear as to who should be the family surrogate or if the appointed family surrogate has a conflict of interest and may be unable to act in the patient’s behalf.

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Stigma Against Methadone Essay

With education, understanding, and eventual acceptance, society will see that there are significant changes taking place in the recovery field at this very moment and there will continue to be changes as time moves forward.Healthcare providers who work in methadone clinics and assist addicts in their recovery are subject to judgments as much as the patients are, even among fellow healthcare providers.Patients must have emphasis on the fact that they are not “junkies” just because they take part in methadone maintenance.The best way to advocate for methadone treatment is to have patients appear publicly to provide testimony that methadone is not just a drug to replace another drug, and that long term maintenance provides stability and opp...

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Effects of Hedge Funds on the Global Financial Crisis Critical Essay

From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery.Williams, Orice M. Hedge Funds: Overview of Regulatory Oversight, Counterparty Risks, and Investment Challenges: Congressional Testimony.16 Juliet Chung, The Wall street Journal.19 Ibid 20 Ibid 21 Ibid13 Ibid 14 Padma Desai, From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery, (NY: Columbia University Press, 2011), 111.

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Internet Research Agency Essay

On February 16, 2018, the press announced that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor in charge of investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, indicted three Russian entities and thirteen individuals of Russian nationality for interfering in the elections, by deceiving voters to get them to vote for Donald Trump while harming Hillary Clinton's candidacy.During the ruble crisis, we were responsible for sending a flood of positive messages about the recovery of our economy ”.The links between the IRA and the Russian government are not yet formally defined.The persons named by the indictment are also linked to the IRA.Some say the IRA may have been founded by Yevgeny Prigojine, an oligarch whose Concord company is...

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Great Depression vs Great Recession Essay

“There’s a lot more safeguards in place,” said Keith Hembre, chief economist at First American Funds.That has swelled the supply of money.During the Great depression the money supply swelled, throughout the recession the Federal Reserve has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy with new lending programs the bank had never tried before.I feel that it would take a variety of factors to let the United States go back into a depression, with policies in place such as unemployment insurance, social security payments and larger government at the federal, state and local levels keeping money flowing into the economy even as consumers and businesses pull back on their own spending this would be depression would be an unlikely event.I think...

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Annotated Bibliography for Persuasive Speech Essay

It focuses on the main points of how silicone is used illegally in procedures, what complications occur with it’s use, and stories of those who have suffered from this illegal procedure.Salazar, Cristian.This non scholarly online source provides information on the illegal use of silicone in certain plastic surgery procedures.This source is up to date being published in 2010. .(2010, January 1).

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Capital Punishment and Complainants Essay

Vidhyadhar’s testimony fully established the charge of professional misconduct against the appellant.The appellant failed to lead any evidence to displace the testimony of Vidhyadhar to the effect that the appellant had solicited a brief for himself from them and they had not executed any power of attorney in his favour for the purpose of the sale of their land.Such acts do not only affect the lawyers found guilty of such acts but erode the confidence of the general public in the prevalent judicial system.It is more so, because today recruitment to the Bench is from the Bar starting from the subordinate judiciary to the higher judiciary.You cannot find honest and hard working judges unless you find honest and hard working lawyers in thei...

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Keep an eye on and punish Essay

The success of this system helping, the second consequence of its implementation is its adoption by institutions other than the only prison, starting with the workshop, where a few foremen are now sufficient to control hundreds of workers: they now wander in straight aisles from which they overlook the employees seated at an individual table and all visible from afar.We also find prison methods in schools, boarding schools or barracks, where beds are gradually aligned, schedules more strict, exercise and repetition valued.Foucault thus introduces a problematic around the police and a grid of the population on the model of surveillance in the days of the plague.But also, this device makes perceptible an essential reversal: whereas through...

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Сhurch rules and Jesus

I give you Jesus, who said I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live .Silver and gold, I don’t have, but what I do have I’ll give to you- In the name of Jesus, get up!I give you Jesus, the Bread of Life, and supplier of water, if we drink, we’ll never thirst .I give you Jesus, the Word of God, made flesh and lived among us .I give you Jesus, Lion of the tribe of Judah, .

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Steroids & Athletes

Figure 5 .·                     Oxandrin®  (oxandrolone) .·                     Anadrol®  (oxymetholone) .·                     Dianabol®  (methandrostenolone) .Faster recovery from exercise.

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Phan Thi Kim Phuc Essay

This questioning drew many reactions, including from the victim, and from photographer Nick Ut who said that "the photograph was as authentic as the Vietnam War itself.Erna Solberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister, who saw his account censored, pointed out in this regard: "What Facebook does by deleting photos of this type, however good their intentions, is to falsify our common history".Considered a living testimony to the horrors of war and a symbol of pacifism, Kim Phúc was appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador on November 10, 1994. .After a debate within the news agency and a series of individual decisions, it was finally decided to publish it because of its exceptional journalistic interest, but avoiding the close-up of the burned child...

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Daubert Standard

If the expert testimony was not obtained by the scientific method, then the judge has the right to reject the testimony.This would occur if the testimony is based on an unusual or controversial topic.It is crucial that the trial judge assesses the expert’s testimony on if it is not only scientifically valid, but also if the testimony can be applied to the issues properly.Expert testimony is important in any trial, but determining whether or not the testimony is admissible can lead to other problems.Testimony by Expert Witnesses.

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The Difference between Lay testimony and Expert Testimony

One topic that an expert testimony is more important in court is sexual assault.In this case, the testimony of an expert witness is more important than lay witness as expert witness is pre qualified by courts based on their expertise and experience with sexual assault cases.Furthermore, if the witness testimony is not based on scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge within the scope of rule 702, lay testimony is allowed.Wiehl explained that in some ordinary situation, an essential element depends on the proof of a set of facts that can only be proven by eyewitness testimony.In this topic, lay testimony is more important in court than the expert testimony as opinion testimony, which admitted in court served as evidence concer...

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Introducing Evidence Essay

Here, there were statements made that could inculpate Blair, leaning towards reliable.While testimonial statements were not explicitly defined, the Court provided that testimonial statements almost always include “ex parte in- court testimony or its functional equivalent- that is material such as affidavits custodial examinations, prior testimony that the defendant was unable to cross-examine or similar pretrial statements .In addition, Blair had no reason to think he was being subjected to police interrogation.This would require the declarant to be unavailable and the accused have had a chance to confront the witness against him.A witness was defined as one who bore testimony, and the court adopted a distinction between testimonial an...

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Eyewitness Testimony, Helpful or Hinderance

Beliefs and data on the relationship between consistency and accuracy of eyewitness testimony.This reinforces the point that there is an abundance of outlying factors that can contribute to the accuracy of an individual’s testimony, and these factors must be recognized to identify inconsistencies in testimony rather than ignore eyewitness testimony altogether.Jacqueline and Wolfgang (1986) referenced one of the earliest empirical studies of gender differences in eyewitness testimony, that of William Stern (1903-1904) with the opinion that “women’s eyewitness testimony was less accurate and less resistant to the influence of misleading information than men’s” (Pg.Age differences in eyewitness testimony.Eyewitness testimony.

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Situation Assessment of Various Response Teams Essay

Effective responses to disastrous events are always geared towards minimizing the impacts of the event and to aid in the realization of the best possible recovery plan.The main aim of incident response is to ensure a rapid and effective recovery from a security event.This way, the preparation, reaction and recovery process of the disaster event is effectively carried out devoid of impediments (Comfort, 2004).These factors ensure that emergency operations fulfill the projected aims and objectives of alleviation, reaction and recovery (Comfort, 2004).This way, successful response to an event, the recovery from that event and prevention of its reoccurrence is guaranteed.

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Addictions: a Disease of the Brain

Relapses are unfortunately sometimes part of the recovery process and the treatment does take time.One treatment that comes from a group of addiction recovery experts goes as following: • Admit you have a problem.In NIH medline plus.The science of addiction.Retrieved December 8, 2012, .

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Bearing Witness Is Not Proving Philosophy Essay

For Derrida, it is the way that a testimony both reveals and conceals itself during the act of testimony.A testimony that is certifiable proof is no longer testimony.Nevertheless, as Derrida also reminds us, the word “testimony” comes from testis, from terstis, meaning the third.As Derrida shows, testimony itself-both the word “testimony” and the act of witnessing” is untranslatable between languages.This does not make the testimony false, but it increases the poetic experience or “possibility of secrets” of the testimony.

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Eyewitness Testimony Accuracy

(2003)  Eyewitness Testimony.It is possible that the testimony of the mother in favor of her son that her son was not present at the time of the killing is less reliable compared to the testimony of a disinterested person testifying that he actually saw the accused at the scene of the crime.“Eyewitness Testimony and Face Recognition” Retrieved on January 8, 200 7 from .Factors such as the degree of attention, the degree of intoxication, stress, fear, eyesight or hearing impairment must be considered in determining the reliability of his testimony If the witness was driving or was doing something else at the time of the event then it is possible that he may not have given proper attention to the event making his testimony less reliabl...

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Oral or written argument Essay

In case I would find no logical controversions, I would consider the words of such witness as a valid testimony.My decision can not be bases solely on the testimony of mentally infringed individual, yet his or her testimony may be usefull for clarification of some circumstances.Works Cited: .This relates to the testimony before the court as well.In case the experts recognize, that the person is principally able to provide a valid testimony, I would further doubt his or her possible words and ask myself a second question: how critical the person’s testimony is for the case and how can it influence my view of the case.

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