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Critical Analysis of Spotswood as an example of organisational culture

Organizational culture is defined “a pattern of shared basic assumptions invented, discovered or developed by a given group learned as it learns to solve its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid, and to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems” Schein (1992).Robbins (2005:551) Mullins, (2006:495) “Organisational change aims at changing the behaviour of individuals and groups within the organisation, for a better ability to adapt to changes in its environment”.Robbins, S.P (2005) Organisational Behaviour.Heffron Florence (1989) Organization theory and public organizations the political connection Prentice H...

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Key Success Factors – Organizational Culture Essay

We want to define organizational culture as it is presented by two theorists, indicate levels of expressions of culture in an organization, and provide specific strategies or tools to modify organizational culture.Ott’s definition of the organizational cultureOn the other hand Ott (1989), in “The Organizational Culture Perspective” describe organizational culture as a social constructed, unseen, and unobservable force behind organizational activities.Robbins (1994) and others sustain too that the shared values determine in large degree what employees see and how they respond to their world (Robbins,1990; Robbins, 1994; Stoner and Freeman, 1992)When confronted with a problem the organizational culture restricts what employees can do by su...

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Societal Culture vs. Organizational Culture

According to Robbins and Judge, the role of culture in an organization is to define boundaries.Its function is to create distinctions between organizations, convey a sense of identity to its members, facilitate “commitment to something higher than individual self-interest,” enhance stability, and shape attitudes and behaviors (Robbins & Judge, pp.523-524.)For example, “U.S-based company Tyson Foods…decentralized its structure, giving more autonomy to managers overseeing operations in important developing markets like China” (Robbins & Judge, p.It’s been said that, “bureaucratic structures still dominate in many parts of Europe and Asia,” while U.S. organizations are frequently criticized for placing “too much emphasis on individu...

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Organizational Culture Assessment Analytical Essay

While these attributes can be achieved through implementation of the right organizational culture, determining an effective culture is quite difficult.Leaders should also work to integrate all stakeholders in decision making to tap into creative ideas and innovations (Judge & Robbins, 2011, p. 112).O’Reilly, C. (1989).It is therefore important for effective leaders to enshrine good communication mechanisms and organizational culture for the progress of the company.Organizational Culture and Leadership.

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Leadership and motivation case study Case Study

Organizational Behavior (12 ed.).Stephanie is inspired to meet the target without feeling any pressure and she describes herself as happy (Robbins, Judge, and Hasham, 2012).Stephanie feels appreciated and is very happy with her boss for being professional, open minded and proactive towards his team (Robbins et al., 2012).New York, NY: Pearson/Prentice Hall Publishing.Robbins, S., Judge, T., & Hasham, E. (2012).

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Emotions Essay

Finally, when we construct the organizational culture, we generally do not count emotional aspects but we could observe that through our interactions with others in organization we learn how to manage and interpret the emotions we experience.In deciding the emotional displays, culture norms of the region or geographical, social, economical status of the person and organizational norms plays a crucial role.So it has been quite obvious that cultures play significant role in framing organizational behaviours and expression of emotions.For fresher or junior level cadres it is absolutely a must to control their emotions to a large extent and focus on getting positive results in their jobs even under adverse circumstances which most of the tim...

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Workplace politics is a reality of life in every organization

This definition emphasizes the self-serving behaviour of politics and the involvement in activities that are not sanctioned by the organization (Robbins, 1976).Although, in most research, the relationship was not strongly negative, because as Vigoda, 2000 believe that organizational politics has negative effect on workplace, but very few people intend jobs with high security because of Organizational politics.If a group or individual’s self-interest or objectives serve the best interests of the organization, such behaviour is functional, (Robbins, 1976)(8).Bozeman (1996) found that the perception of organizational politics was negatively related to organizational commitment.This type of organizational politics may work against organizati...

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Individual decision making in organizations

Some managers rely almost exclusively on their dominant style; however, more flexible managers can make shifts depending on the situation (Daft, 2004; Robbins, 2000).Intuition is most useful to managers in uncertain situations where they are faced with insufficient facts and complex alternatives (Agor, 1989)... As explained in an earlier argument, intuition emerges from experience and comprises a ‘gut feel’ on the basis of this experience (Robbins, 2000).These factors can reside in the perceiver, in the object or target being perceived, or in the context of the situation in which the perception is made (Robbins, 2000).Intuitive decision making is defined as an unconscious process created out of distilled experience (Robbins, 2000).

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Organizational Culture and Management Essay examples

Organizational culture includes organizational qualities that give it a particular feel, climate or environment to the employees.Defining" culture" and" organizational culture: From anthropology to the office.In the other words, different types of organizational culture imply different strategies, structure models, compensation system, leadership styles and etc.Robbins, Stephen P. and Judge, Timothy A., 2011.Every organization have their own uniqueness of the culture, different structure, operating strategy, organizational learning, leadership style, rewarding system, and motivation which emerges clearly from the way in which management and employees understand organizational operations and behave in it (Wilderom, Glunk & Maslowski, ...

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Organizational culture Essay

Ethics is the code of moral principles and values that govern that behavior of a person or group with respect to what is right or wrong (Robbins, et al., 2003, p. 150).It is a management’s obligation to make choices and take action that will contribute to the welfare and interest of society as well as to the interest of the organization (Robbins, et al., 2003, p. 138).There are still some examples for the reference of socially responsible behavior such as providing training for workers, eliminating discrimination and reducing pollution (Robbins, et al., 2003, p. 407).1-19, cited in Robbins, et al., p. 154) claim that the content and strength of an organization’s culture also influences ethical behavior.In addition, Robbins (et al., 2003,...

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Essay on The Definition of Organizational Culture

The definition of organizational culture is ‘The shared values, principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act’ (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2013, p. 39).Successful companies have a combination of many factors, a defined culture, structure and employees that are committed to both elements.How do these interact with the culture?Organizational structure and culture are important elements in a company.Robbins, S. P., Decenzo, D. A., & Coulter.

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The Royal Military College as an Instrument for Molding Military Offices

Bibliography: WORKS CITED Robbins, Stephen P & Langton, Nancy.WORKS CITED Robbins, Stephen P & Langton, Nancy.It is the contention of this paper that at RMC there exist a deep culture, profuse with many subcultures important to the implementing of change, promoting cohesion and development of the institution as a whole.If organizational cultures are said to herald shared meaning and common perceptions held by its members, who distinguish the organization from other organizations; one need compare RMC to similar organizations and determine if RMC is indeed distinguishable.This is especially true when it come to battling the liabilities of culture.

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A Revolutionary Model of Leadership Case Study

New Jersey: Pearson.In addition, the organizational culture at Semco was remarkably transformed.Hence, when Ricardo decided to allow full employee participation in the management of the firm, he created a viable platform through which employees could demonstrate and exercise their inner abilities or talents (Robbins & Judge, 2015).Work and organizational behavior (2nd ed.).Ricardo Semler believes that most companies suffer from the “boarding school syndrome”, that is, treating workers as if they are children (Robbins & Judge, 2015).

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Transitional Leadership Essay

Religious practices and occasions are part of the organizational culture and employees are kept autonomous and happy to the maximum possible extent so that this results in a well-served customer.In fact, the customer-focused organizational culture will also mean that the employees in the organization will be highly motivated towards achieving the goals assigned targets since the organizational culture ensures autonomy, employee empowerment and flexibility.It all depends on the workforce and the mission and vision of the organization that determines the organizational culture.There can be different types of organizational cultures depending on the hierarchy, the business it is in and the scope of the organization, It is not necessary that...

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Did Toyota’s Culture Cause Its Problems?

Robbins, S & Judge, T 2012, Organizational Behaviour,15 edn, Pearson, Boston.This was evident in Toyota, when they reacted slowly to the safety concerns denying all allegations but later had to resort to recall (Robbins & Judge2013), thus following the top management’s decision.The Case Study “Did Toyota’s Culture Cause Its Problems?” illustrates the slow reaction to safety problems and the arrogant culture of Toyota regarding the issue of unintended acceleration (Robbins &Judge 2013).A Strong culture has great influence on the behavior of its members because the high extent of participation and intensity creates an internal climate of strong behavioral control (Robbins and Judge 2008, p. 554).Organizational Culture is define...

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Organizational Behavior–A Definition Essay

The best example that I have of Organizational Behavior, Culture, and Socialization being tied together in a work setting is when I worked for the Nutrition and Food Service (N&FS) Department a several years ago.Notes from prior Organizational Behavior lecture class from East Tennessee State University, 2000. .This is why the research on Organizational Behavior is more of a “systematic study” than just relying on “intuition” alone (p. 1).Robbins states that, “three major aspects of behavior” are focused on when examining the behavior of people in work settings.I learned in my prior Organizational Behavior class in undergraduate school, that Organizational Behavior is a “fractional field” of study because of the various disciplines ...

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Culture, Power & Politics in the Workplace

Organizational culture, power and office politics influence day to day operations as well as govern the atmosphere within the organization.Common Organizational Designs Most organizations fall under one of three organizational designs: simple structure, bureaucracy and matrix structure.“It’s fast, flexible, and inexpensive to maintain, and accountability is clear” (Judge & Robbins, 2007, p.546).Organizational Culture “Organizational Culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations” (Judge & Robbins, 2007, p.573).“It is characterized by highly routine operating tasks achieved through specialization, very formalized rules and regulations, tasks that are groupe...

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How do the four contingency variables influence organizations’ structure?

An organizational structure is a formal framework by which job tasks are divided, grouped and coordinated (Robbins, et al., 2003).Robbins, S. P., Bergman, R., Stagg, I., & Coulter, M. (2003) Management, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, Sydney .Current strategy frame-works include the following three types: innovation, cost minimization and imitation (Robbins, et al., 2003).As the change in strategies will lead to the change in organizational structure, a flexible organizational structure is in turn required.Innovation requires an organic organizational structure (Robbins, et al., 2003).

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Defining Human Resource Management: Function and Roles Essay

The four primary human resource management activities that provide organizational support include staffing, employee development, motivation, and maintenance (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007).Building a quality workforce for an organization takes time and effort from human resource management teams, largely because as stated by DeCenzo and Robbins (2007), “People, not buildings, make a company successful,” (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, p. 32).According to DeCenzo and Robbins (2007), “This means working with line management in analyzing organizational designs, the culture, and performance systems, and recommending and implementing changes where necessary” (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007, p. 34).DeCenzo, D., & Robbins, S. (2007).Human resourc...

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Organizational Behavior Concepts: General Electric Essay

An organizational culture also involves the expression of emotion, and by this venting of emotions organizational culture can assist employees in dealing with stress.“A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives” (Robbins, 2005).We will also uncover how successful GE has been in implementing organizational behavior concepts in the following three categories: (1) motivation, (2) group behavior, (3) organizational culture.Management by Objectives (MBO) is one example that exemplifies the application of objectives in order to achieve the final formulated outcome of the plan, goals (Robbins, 2005).Robbins, S. P. (2005).

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The collapse of Eddy Groves in Australia

Fig 3.1 Stages of Social Responsibility (Source: power point slides: Robbins S. et al 2006) .Each and every organization’s internal environment constraints managers in the way they behave, every person has a unique personality as well as each and every organization has its own way to operate and it is known as organizational culture (Robbins al, 2008).The organizational culture is considered as an organizational personality.The organizational culture can be defined as the system of shared meaning and beliefs held by organization members which determines in large degree, how employees behavioral act (Robbins al, 2008)... Social obligation can be explained as the obligation of a business to meet its legal responsibilities as wel...

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Organizational Change And Stress Management Essay example

Also, the existence of work stress can be either a healthy stress or a negative depending on how individuals in the organisation deal with it.Finally, he concedes that the impact of stress on satisfaction is far more straightforward compared to job related stress.Robbins, referring t... .However, the way each individual response to their stress may be differ from one another.Robbins begins the chapter with a strong discussion on the needs for the Organisational Change as such nature of workforce, technology, economic shocks, competition, social trends and world politics.

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What are the main factors/HRM procedures that have contributed to the success of Google?

(Robbins & Judge, organizational behavior: 579) In another ways is that culture might become a big barrier for the organization innovative into the new business environment.(Robbins & Judge, organizational behavior: 580) .In another hand, management wants to openly acknowledge and demonstrate support for the differences that these employees bring to the workplace” (Robbins & Judge, organizational behavior: 580)Strong cultures put considerable pressure on employees to confirm, they limit the range of values and styles that are acceptable.As Google becomes a public company after its planned IPO in 2004, it would be more pressure from investors to increase its profitability and revenues which might force Google to change its org...

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Nepotism in the Workplace

Unless these systems and processes for effective .Organizational Behavior.The extent of the damage thus wrecked shows in the long run on the performance of the organization.are implemented, nepotism, an illegitimate political behavior, will continue unabated.Stephen P. Robbins, 2002.

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Surving Greenscape at Hard Time Essay

com HR and Organisational Behaviour articles and links www.Buchanan, D & Huczynski, A. , Organizational Behaviour .Mullins, L. , Management and Organisational Behaviour| Week 10| Feedback sessionFeedback on LO3&4| | Learning outcomes Outcomes| Assessment requirements| LO1 Understand the relationshipbetween organisational structure and culture| Useful articles on strategic change by leading theorists www.Indicative resource materials Textbooks Buchanan, D & Huczynski, A. , Organizational Behaviour Mullins, L. , Management and Organisational Behaviour Brooks, I. , Organisational Behaviour, Individuals, Groups and Organisation Bloisi, W. , Cook, C. , and Hunsaker, P. , Management and Organisational Behaviour Journals Aca...

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Synergetic Solutions Report Essay

“To survive in market environments where change is the only constant, organizations need to be agile, flexible, and capable of adapting to change quickly” (Human Relations and Organizational Behavior, 2014).Organizational Behavior (14th ed).The internal forces of change within Synergetic Solutions are the culture, the organizational structure and increasing revenue.Changes in organizational patterns, may threaten the expertise of specialized groups” (Robbins & Judge, 2011, Chapter 18, p. 593).Realigning the employees into project teams and involving the employees by allowing them to voice their concerns would improve organizational effectiveness as well.

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What Is the Relevance of Organizational Behaviour to Practicing Managers Essay

In conclusion, organizational behaviour is crucial to practicing managers if they are to understand, predict and influence organizational events.For example, based on the correct method of motivation matches the individual, it will increase satisfaction, productivity, perceived organizational support and organizational citizenship behaviour, and in turn, reduce chances of absenteeism and turnover (Osterloh and Frey).According to Laurie J. Mullins, organizational behaviour is the study and understanding of individual and group behaviour and patterns of structure in order to help improve organizational performance and effectiveness.The upward communication flows to a higher level in the organization or group and is used to provide feedback...

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Foundations of Group Behavior Essay

(Robbins 2004, p. 164) Command groups are created formally and they are recognized in the organizational hierarchical structure.Robbins, Stephen P. , (2004) Chapter Eight: Foundations of Group Behavior, Organizational Behavior, 11th Edition [Internet].(Robbins 2004, p. 175) Cohesiveness can be increased by providing a broader span of time so that members spend more time; the size of the group should be reduced as smaller groups make interaction easy.(Robbins 2004, p. 181) One problem with this approach is opinions of members do not converge and the whole process may seem too mechanical.(Robbins 2004, p. 181) One obvious advantage of this approach is that one opinion from a member gives rise to a number of opinions and members also come u...

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Lessons for Undercover Bosses Essay

Effective managers must be excellent communicators and great human resource managers, which means they must know their employee’s needs (Robbins and Judge, 8-9).Certainly one way for executives and organizational leaders to learn about daily business operations is the practice of management by walking around and to a more extreme level would be going “undercover”.They are tasked with learning how individuals, groups, and structure define their organization’s culture and how to create a culture that improves the company’s effectiveness and success (Robbins and Judge, 10).MBWA gives managers a way to relieve day-to-day conflicts before they become organizational problems.Robbins, S. & Judge, T. (2013).

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Kudler Fine Foods Reorganization

This is a new concept and more research is in the future (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 394).This produces a positive culture, and motivates employees, so changes in the company for growth can continue (Robbins & Judge, 2011).This sets up the potential for conflict over allocation of limited resources such as departmental budgets, space, project responsibilities, and salary adjustments (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 430).This produces a positive culture and motivates employees so changes in the company for growth continue (Robbins & Judge, 2011).“Legitimate political behaviors refers to normal everyday politics—complaining to your supervisor, bypassing the chain of command, forming coalitions, obstructing organizational policies ...

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