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The French Reign of Terror Essay

Robespierre has unfortunately been reincarnated in the form of Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein and in time has become the most hated and strangely respected man in French history.After this decision, Robespierre and Saint-Just stated that they would put the matter before the public.He remembers the idea of persecution of civilians and parliamentarians simply because their opinion differed from that of Danton and Robespierre: “Bentabolle’s proposition requesting a report on my motion was rightfully argued against, since the freedom of opinion is the right of a representative of the people, and that without this freedom, the entire State would be oppressed.At this stage both St Just and Robespierre were becoming too fundamen...

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Revolutions Devour Their Own Children History Essay

Danton and Robespierre were famous for being bitter rivals and Robespierre had him executed, but Danton foreshadowed Robespierre’s own death.Nagy, the Hungarian revolution leader, was different from Robespierre and Danton.Robespierre and Danton were both sons’ of lawyers and would later become lawyers themselves as well as have a certain rivalry between them.Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt (Purcell).” Danton’s prophecy was proven true, first the Girondins fell then Danton and Finally Robespierre and all his followers.The Committee for Public Safety was established by the new leader of the Jacobins, Robespierre.

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Robespierre: Hero or Villain? Essay

From the time Robespierre became active and prominent in the National Assembly and the Parisian Jacobin Club, he was never considered much more than an average man; he was not regarded as one to sport the face of the Reign of Terror.Robespierre made the right to vote conditional on whether or not ones taxes were paid.Before his Reign of Terror eventually came to an end, both France and its people felt the Revolution that Robespierre brought; his followers and his power showed his true villainous ways.Maximilien Robespierre has always been known to be controversial and misunderstood.With Robespierre at the forefront, he became one of the most important men in the Revolution.

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Study On Robespierre The Tyrant History Essay

(Sherman 49) It can be argued that by the time of his death, Robespierre had become that which the original aims of the Revolution had railed against... Robespierre: Ruthless Tyrant.Robespierre was a superb orator and opportunist who appears to have used the Nationalist sentiments of the time to further his own interests and career and to justify the murders of all who stood in his way.Robespierre claimed that he was against absolutism, when in fact he was running a form of dictatorship, he used violence and terror to maintain his power.In his Justification, Robespierre states that Justice comes from a judiciary which is responsible to the people — however in his political actions he had justice dispensed according to nothing but his o...

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The Guillotion Essay

Robespierre mother died when he was only 6 years old.After listening to the address in pouring rainstorm, the king and queen left without acknowledging Robespierre in any way.Because of this, Robespierre assumed responsibilities at an early age.Robespierre quoted “Liberty cannot be secured, “Robespierre cried”, unless criminals lose their heads(225).Robespierre did not actually use the guillotin, but advocated the use of it.

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Jacobins Club Essay

Robespierre obtains it.In the evening, Robespierre went to the Jacobins with Couthon.Robespierre hasn't appeared there for over a month.Collot d'Herbois, Billaud-Varenne, Carnot felt threatened and made contact with other groups: the former representatives on mission recalled by Robespierre for having "abused revolutionary principles", the Committee of General Safety which did not accept to see its prerogatives in matters of the police cut down, the deputies of the Plain who undergo, while deploring it, the regime of Terror.The next day, 9 Thermidor, at the Convention, after a dramatic debate, Robespierre was ordered to be arrested.

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The French Revolution Essay

Robespierre and his followers escaped, but were later captured.Cries of "Down with the tyrant" were raised and Robespierre's arrest was decreed.Note that the largest stack is for the "People" or general public, rather than for the clergy or aristocracy, emphasizing one of the claims against Robespierre's regime.The frontispiece from this anti-Robespierre work, Almanach des Prisons, depicts the results of the Reign of Terror under Robespierre's leadership.On July 27, 1794 Robespierre was shouted down in the National Convention while giving a speech to answer attacks against his policies.

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The French revolution Essay

Revolution and Terror in France, 1789-1795 (Longman 1974) .France 1780-1815:Revolution and Counterrevolution (London 1990) .Sutherland, D.M.G.The establishment of the Committee of Public Safety was an important step in the rapid growth of unneeded violence in the revolution, and it was from its establishment that Robespierre, the ‘leader’ of the Terror and its violence first came to power.Townson, D. France in Revolution (London 1990) .

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Reign of Terror was during the French Revolution Essay

The leadership of Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre solidified the forces that enabled the government to practice its tyranny.Robespierre held fast to the abstract vision of democracy, popular and self-rule, and political virtue.To counteract Hebert’s influence, Robespierre instituted the Cult of the Supreme Being, a perfect example of the fanaticism gripping the time.Robespierre was clearly out of control and the National Convention finally arrested and executed him in 1794.Robespierre still believed that a just society in France was possible, but that the Reign of Terror was necessary in order to squelch any opposition.

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Maximilien Robespierre Great Man Or Master Of Terror History Essay

Rapidly, they had him and his associates arrested on a treason charge (“Robespierre Executed 2).The youth of Robespierre gives some clarity about his character, and his opinionated views of the government.Robespierre views of terror and virtue caused a disturbance within the other members of the Convention and they were frightened that they were on his death list next.Furthermore, Robespierre may have been a brilliant lawyer with good intentions in the beginning, but his power over others turned him into a despicable tyrant, which eventually led to his own demise.This justifies that hate was building in the innocent heart of Robespierre.

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How did Lenin and Robespierre’s views on revolutionary leadership differ?

Similarities are that they both ruled through dictatorships and called them republics and communists.Robespierre was a nationalist and Lenin was a revolutionary communist.Robespierre came to power as the head of the committee of public safety even though he had no other government experience.The main one was that Lenin was able to live out his term and die a peaceful death while Robespierre was executed.After the tennis court oath Robespierre began to rise in popularity in the Jacobins club.

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The 1931 noir film ‘M’ analysis

The film doesn’t request sensitivity for the executioner Franz Becker, yet it requests understanding: As he says in his own guard, he can’t escape or control the detestable impulses that overwhelm him.He made a film that has been credited with shaping two classes: the serial executioner motion picture and the police procedural.The film’s story was motivated by the vocation of a serial executioner in Dusseldorf.One of the film’s most dynamite shots is totally quiet, as the caught executioner is dragged into a storm cellar to be stood up to by the city’s collected culprits, and the camera demonstrates their countenances: hard, icy, shut, inflexible.In my memory it was a film that fixated on the executioner, the dreadful little Franz Becker...

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Maximilien de Robespierre Essay

In his biography of Robespierre, Hervé Leuwers thus showed that by speaking of virtue and terror, in his famous speech of February 5, 1794 (17 Pluviôse of the year II), Robespierre tried to theorize the revolutionary government (and not the Terror) based on Montesquieu's political theory, which distinguished between republican (with virtue as a principle), monarchical (with honor) and despotic (with fear or terror) governments; Robespierre therefore did not speak of the "Terror" of historians.Since 1949, Saint-Denis has had a stone bust bearing his effigy in Square Robespierre, opposite the theater, the work of A. Séraphin, with the inscription: "Maximilien Robespierre l'Incorruptible 1758-1794".During the Second World War, in the Resist...

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French Revolution Timeline Essay

Jean-Paul Marat, Jacques Danton, and Maximilien Robespierre were the radical leaders of the revolution they sent the king to trial and had him executed.It was important because they replaced Robespierre, however only classes with money could vote and elect members to government to equality was gone.• The trial and execution of the king.Robespierre was ordered to guillotine King Louis in 1793. .Why was the forming of the Directory important?

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Maximilien Robespierre, the Incorruptible Leader

Robespierre is revealed as a potential tyrant seeking more power, though he hated other tyrants; but the fact that Robespierre was once an incorruptible leader proves Robespierre as strong willed and determined.Many people after the French Revolution blame Robespierre for the lives lost during the Terror, but Robespierre is really a good man.“SWL” Maximilian Marie Isadore Robespierre.“Who2?” MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE * Politician.“Steven Kreis” Maximilien Robespierre, 1758-1794 20 Feb. 2004 .

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French Revolution Essay

After the execution of Robespierre, there arose what was referred to as the ‘Thermidorian Reaction’ which led to the creation of a new constitution.The revolution ensured that sovereignty was observed as absolutism was discarded which led to the replacement of monarchy with nationhood.This led to the execution of its own leader, Robespierre in July of 1794 .However the Revolution played a crucial part in European politics.In the year 1794, the Revolutionary activities were intensified and it begun executing those who were in opposition to its activities.

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The Reign Of Terror Essay

“Reign of Terror.” saw no room for mercy in his Terror, stating that “Terror is only justice: severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.” (TellingtIt ; ) .“TellingIt.” ‘TellingIt’ N.p., n.d.On that day, the Terror ended and Robespierre was overthrown.Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d.

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Summery of the History Channel Documentary of the French Revolution

Basically every one involved in the revolution got what was coming to them.I think that the French people during that time were insane.Maximilien Robespierre head of the revolution starts to lose his mind.Tied of the Reign of Terror the Committee of Public Safety arrests Robespierre.Finally after a few years of peace Napoleon Bonaparte becomes the ruler of France and takes control of the government.

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The Radical Journalist And Jacobin Jean Paul Marat Essay

These leaders must be held accountable for the way that they disrespected their opponents and created a toxic environment in the French Revolution that there can be no second opinions, and helped increase the speed towards which the Revolution descended into terror.“The clubs lost thereby their potential for expressing public opinion, a force which Robespierre argued…was embodied within the revolutionary government.” Robespierre did know right from wrong but what he did not see was how he ended up fighting on the wrong side.The most accountable group for the Terror is undoubtedly the Committee of Public Safety.This committee did a tremendous job at spreading fear and paranoia throughout the remainder of the Revolution and being everythi...

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The Downfall of King Louis: History of Modern Europe Essay

Girondins + Danton wished against the execution of the king.Robespierre, new Jacobin leader, not pleased with Legislative Assembly .In addition, French soldiers features (with many accents on the e) were journeying to Paris.Their arrival had become a sort of tradition, a celebration of the fall of the Bastille .The next day, on September 21, the new Convention (created by Robespierre) met for the first time .

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Death to the Death Penalty Essay

It was not until the Heian Period in Japan (794–1185) that people started questioning if death was the best penalty for a criminal and if it was fair or not because they saw different alternatives that were effective too (Source 1).In order to sentence a person to be executed, he or she must have committed a capital offence, which is a crime that is condemned with death in the United States.If you let the judge be the executioner, I think he would give a second thought about sending somebody to be executed.” What this proves is that the executioners are conscious that they are taking away someone else’s right to life and this is a disturbing feeling for any person.It is inhumane to cause so much psychological trouble in people’s mind, es...

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Maximilian Robespierre: A visionary?

Furet was an advocate of the idealistic notion of historiography preferring not to call Robespierre a dictator and rejecting the relationship between foreign War and internal counter-revolution.Although he was without doubt an overtly moralistic adherent of draconian revolutionary dogma, Robespierre dedicated his life tothe political ideals in which he believed; celebrated two hundred years afterthe event under the broader historical umbrella of ‘Revolution.’ As Hardmanconcludes (1999:215), he had that characteristic quality of the fanatic of never consciously doing wrong.Historical accounts that place Robespierre in the same context as characters such as Stalin are wholly inappropriate and display a lack of insight into the reality of r...

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Does a Revolution Always Have to Include Terror Essay

According to him, terror is the principle of despotic government and he thinks that because of this, the despot may govern by terror his brutalized subjects and subdue by terror the enemies of liberty.However, he also had radical ideas that were appalling and that weren’t necessarily correct.Even though these are only his opinions, his perspectives on the use of terror and ruthlessness led him to cause the Reign of Terror and ultimately led him to his execution on July 28, 1794.In his opinion, the people should be lead by reason and the people’s enemies by terror.This is his outlook on virtue and terror: “virtue, without terror is fatal; terror, without which virtue is powerless.” He says, “the characteristic of popular government is con...

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Terror and the French Revolution Essay

Victor Hugo, V.H (unknown) The French revolution the Terror, [The French revolution].Singapore, Guild Publishing.His actions reflected the judgement of the people and whilst his actions led to the death of roughly sixteen thousand people, it must be noted (to remain unbiased) that at that time France was in turmoil, the atmosphere in Paris reflected the atmosphere in Russia during the late 1930’s .The purges were com... ... middle of paper ... ...evolution Voices from a momentous speech 1789-1795.But what were the French celebrating, the capture of Bastille and the deaths of ninety eight people through a violent uprising ?It has been long debated the significance of the capture of Bastille and will continue to do so but the shockwaves i...

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Facts about the 1995 Se7en you never knew

He did and he did this for a section in which he doesn’t have a line.The dark films influenced by German expressionism .The main sense we get of the violence of our executioner is the technique for death in the principal casualty.Analysis of Leon the Professional starring Natalie Portman .In September 1995, another serial executioner film was discharged starring Brad Pitt – Se7en.

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History Questions and Answers on France Essay

Nevertheless, his popularity continued to decline until his execution at a time when few monarchists in France dared to protest.He became a leader of the Jacobins and was one of the first to demand the establishment of a republic and the execution of King Louis XVI after the Flight to Varennes (1791).2 Was Robespierre more a success or a failure than a revolutionary leader?Robespierre soon gained a reputation in the Estates General of 1789 as a lawyer who defended the interests of the poor.The dangers from war, internal unrest as in the Vendée, and economic pressures led to the victory of extremists such as Robespierre and the defeat of moderate revolutionary forces.

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Capital Punishment is Murder Essay example

Both consist of the intentional killing of a human being.On that day, the warden, "executioner," flips a switch sending approximately 2,800 volts of electrical current into the body of the convicted prisoner, thus ending the prisoner's life.How, I wonder, do these people feel about "justice being served?"Capital punishment takes the life of one person and uses another, "the executioner," to do it.Murder and capital punishment are synonymous.

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The reforms made during the reign of terror helped france. Essay

As a member of the Committee of Public Safety, he was an important fgure during the period of the Revolution commonly known as the Reign of Terror, which ended a few months after his arrest and execution in July 1794.His supporters called him “The Incorruptible”, while his adversaries called him dictateur sanguinaire (bloodthirsty dictator).His reputation has gone through cycles.As a member of the Estates-General, the Constituent Assembly and the Jacobin Club Oacobin leader during the Reign of Terror), he advocated against the death penalty and for the abolition of slavery, while supporting equality of rights, universal suffrage and the establishment of a republic.Influenced by 18th-century Enlightenment philosophes such as Rousseau and ...

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Role of Political Clubs on Frnech Revolution

Girondins, Hebertists, Dantonists, and finally Jacobins, with Robespierre, were all eventually sacrificed .They were against the execution of the king, however they did not manage to persuade other clubs to their ideas.Robespierre, the so called “Incorruptible” was the head of the country.France a short history of it’s literature and art from earliest times to the present, Henry Dwight Sedgwick,1930 .Members of the club included Mirabeau-a renowned orator, Abbé Sieyès (author of “What is the Third Estate?”, a later member of the Directory, conspirator with Napoleon during the Coup of 18 Brumaire, the original Second Consul during the Consulate, and then president of the Senate), Antoine Barnave (one of the most influential orators of the...

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Judgment of Paris Essay

In Paris execution is carried out by a guillotine, a terrible machine whose suspended blade falls on the culprit’s neck.Jacques Roux was once a public executioner whose profession was to behead criminals under the guillotine.Jacques Roux was once an executioner though he abandoned the profession.While he was an executioner, he never had a speaking part to do.Jacques Roux was once a public executioner.

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