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Maximilien Robespierre, the Incorruptible Leader

(Rude 167)” Unconsciously becoming a “cursed man” himself, Robespierre attempted to speed up the procedures of the Revolutionary Tribunal dealing with the enemies of the Republic; but for many of his colleagues, Robespierre showed mercy, believing that they were merely misled.As a prediction of the Reign of Terror, in which many were killed in public, Robespierre said that if people were tortured and murdered in public, “they will pervert in the citizens’ minds all idea of what is just and unjust,(Loomis 246)” which would result in terrible prejudices and cause the people to turn against one another.(Rude 165)” Robespierre saw the Kings as a threat to the State, so Robespierre declared that “Louis must die in order that our country may l...

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The Guillotion Essay

The Reign of Terror played a significant roll of the revolution.He also became a chief architect of the Reign of Terror.Robespierre was described as being physically unimposing and immaculate in attire and personal manners (Wikipedia/Maximilian Robespierre).About 300,000 ere arrested for resisting the revolution during the Reign of Terror.Years later, in 1789, Robespierre was elected to the estates- general”(225).

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Robespierre: Hero or Villain? Essay

Before his Reign of Terror eventually came to an end, both France and its people felt the Revolution that Robespierre brought; his followers and his power showed his true villainous ways.“Maximilien Robespierre, Master of the Terror.” _Maximilien_ .There is no doubt that Robespierre was a fantastic leader and had many different and effective ways to solve problems in France at the time; however, his description, “The Incorruptible” was not a name that would soon leave his presence.On the contrary, Robespierre took a firm stand in his beliefs.As soon as Maximilien Robespierre decided to react to enemies of the revolutions, mass execution being his choice of force; his implementation of the Reign of Terror was a villainous act striking t...

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Reign of Terror was during the French Revolution Essay

Ironically, Robespierre spoke out against tyranny and oppression and ascribed to Rousseau’s political philosophy.Robespierre soon became the dominant force in the Reign of Terror and in 1794, Danton was executed because of his views espousing the abolition of the emergency measures that Robespierre was clinging to.Therefore, the Reign of Terror left a scar on French politics that would lead to the Napoleonic years.Robespierre still believed that a just society in France was possible, but that the Reign of Terror was necessary in order to squelch any opposition.The Reign of Terror was a panic campaign, an example of what happens when a small group of men take control over a nation in a time of crisis.

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French Revolution

Robespierre rule was known as the Reign of Terror.There were many people involved in the French Revolution like Napoleon, Maximilien Robespierre, and Louis XVI.After the death of Louis XVI, the Reign of Terror began.Its impact was through big events like The Storming of Bastille, Reign of Terror, and Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.Robespierre governed France virtually as a dictator and he put the citizens in fear because if they did not remain true than they would be killed.

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Study On Robespierre The Tyrant History Essay

The economic situation in France during the Reign of Terror was untenable, Robespierre claimed he wanted to rejuvenate the system, but failed as he wanted to control every aspect of it.Robespierre claimed that he was against absolutism, when in fact he was running a form of dictatorship, he used violence and terror to maintain his power... Robespierre: Ruthless Tyrant.The government under the Reign of Terror was reduced from over seven hundred members to seven or eight members of the Committee of Public Safety.Robespierre was the type of man who could pay lip service to enlightenment principles while at the same time advocating the violation of one of its most fundamental goals: freedom of opinion.

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French Revolution Timeline Essay

It was important because they replaced Robespierre, however only classes with money could vote and elect members to government to equality was gone.It was formed and replaced Robespierre.Reign of Terror: 1793-94 .Why was the Reign of Terror important?What is important about the end to Robespierre?

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The Reign Of Terror Essay

The following day he was guillotined, officially marking the end of the Reign of Terror ( Reign of Terror, an event which lasted from September 5, 1793 – July 28, 1794, was a period of time burdened with bloodshed and rebellions with death tolls adding up to about 50,000 people ( Reign of Terror, also known just as “The Terror”, was a brief period of time in the French Revolution full of complete disaster and bloodshed.( ; TellingIt ; Mytholyoke ) Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre is most likely the most important figure in the reign of terror.“The Reign of Terror.” Mytholyoke.

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Revolutions Devour Their Own Children History Essay

Robespierre, the man who started the reign of terror and one of the men who had a major part in the rise of the revolution was guillotined along with other famous men of the revolution like Jacques Danton.By this period Danton fell out of favor with the Robespierre and his Committee of Public Safety, the revolution had become so suspicious it set out killing 100s of people believed to be against the revolution.Danton and Robespierre were famous for being bitter rivals and Robespierre had him executed, but Danton foreshadowed Robespierre’s own death.In the French and Hungarian revolutions they were Robespierre, Danton, Nagy and Mateler.Robespierre and Danton were both sons’ of lawyers and would later become lawyers themselves as well as h...

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Maximilien Robespierre Great Man Or Master Of Terror History Essay

Robespierre views of terror and virtue caused a disturbance within the other members of the Convention and they were frightened that they were on his death list next.Likewise, terror and virtue are different, but in the mind of Robespierre, they were especially common.He saw a universal connection between virtue, and terror, he commented, “…Virtue without terror is murderous, terror without which virtue is powerless.Numerous historians agree that the period between September 1793 to July 1794 was a massive blood bath of the deaths of the innocent, known as the Reign of Terror (“French Revolution”).Rapidly, they had him and his associates arrested on a treason charge (“Robespierre Executed 2).

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The Significance of the French Revolution Essay

Not only did it cause disastrous outcomes, including a Reign of Terror that was dehumanizing, gory, and unimaginable in this day and age, but more importantly, it set the tone for what a democratic government could potentially become, in terms of equality, liberty, and fraternity.In return, Robespierre got an impassioned fight to the death from his working class peasants, and in effect, mobilized the total war effort, using each individual efficiently and thus defeating the rest of Europe’s armies convincingly and effectively.Napoleon’s establishment of the Bank of France was also vital in that it created a body which served the interests of state as well as his government, thus solving problems posed by the unhappy Sans Culottes during ...

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The French Reign of Terror Essay

The Reign of Terror is synonymous with one man in particular: Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore Robespierre.The Assembly passed from Danton to Robespierre and the real collapse of Robespierres reign of terror came to an abrupt and grotesque end when he condemned his two friends Danton and Desmoulins ( The France of Victor Hugo).Another memoir that relates the opposite side of the field are from the Nationalist movement, those opposing Robespierre.But Robespierre did not go to the guillotine alone, nineteen followers were also sentenced, including Louis St Just and Georges Couthon (Age of the Sage, 2008) A moral question inevitably rears its head within the context of the story of Robespierre: at what stage does a good idea become a horri...

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The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution

The integral role of the reign of terror in the Revolution was made stronger with aberration which was a current that shaked the relationship between the nation and the state.According to Robespierre, the politics of aberration could be grounded on virtue, not reason, as it was the necessary preparation for insight into the national voice and that the finite terror was based on the desire to construct a space where an important identity might be exuded (140).In addition, the discontinuity was the radical change from established measures to highly moral ones and this decisive shift, according to Robespierre, crucially involved error to revolutionary politics.The conceptualized space was visualized by critic Maximilien Robespierre who reco...

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DBQ: Reign of Terror Essay

The unjustification also included the Reign of Terror causing an unnecessary amount of deaths and beyond what was called for.“historians estimate that between 20000 and 40000 people were killed by the guillotine during the Reign of Terror”(65).These events were unnecessary and the whole Reign of Terror was unjustified because it was a sin to kill, they went against what other through and what was right, and they went beyond what was necessary.“In mid- 1794 the Reign of Terror came to a rather abrupt end.These murders were sins, killed without reason or trial making the Reign of Terror unjustified.

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How did Lenin and Robespierre’s views on revolutionary leadership differ?

Lenin was a master at propaganda and he was able to convince the population that his leadership was necessary because of problems that needed solved, this is very similar to Robespierre who was only listened to because of the crisis France was in.The main one was that Lenin was able to live out his term and die a peaceful death while Robespierre was executed.After the tennis court oath Robespierre began to rise in popularity in the Jacobins club.Robespierre leaded by doing, he viciously attacked the views of the Girondists, Hebertists, and the Dantonists.Robespierre came to power as the head of the committee of public safety even though he had no other government experience.

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French Revolutionary impulse Essay

Subsequent philosophical ideas, such as limited popular sovereignty or checks and balances, were all highly influenced by the French Revolution and reign of Napoleon.While the rise of the Mountain and Robespierre, and the unfortunate Reign of Terror could understandably be seen as incredibly undemocratic, one must look past that to the goal Robespierre had intended: to create a society in which “liberty, equality, and fraternity” were emphasized, where the French people could rule as one and not be oppressed by the over-powerful nobility.The French Revolution’s effect was short-lived as a result of the rise of Napoleon’s empire and the Reign of Terror, putting an end to individual rights and liberal democracy.The same can be said about N...

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The reforms made during the reign of terror helped france. Essay

His reputation has gone through cycles.Mathiez argued he was an eloquent spokesman for the poor and oppressed, an enemy of royalist intrigues, a vigilant adversary of dishonest and corrupt politicians, a guardian of the French Republic, an intrepid leader of the French Revolutionary government, and a prophet of a socially responsible state.It peaked in the 1920s when the influential French historian Albert Mathiez rejected the common view of Robespierre as demagogic, dictatorial, and fanatical.Influenced by 18th-century Enlightenment philosophes such as Rousseau and Montesquieu, he was a capable articulator of the beliefs of the left- wing bourgeoisie.As a member of the Estates-General, the Constituent Assembly and the Jacobin Club Oacob...

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Does a Revolution Always Have to Include Terror Essay

According to him, terror is the principle of despotic government and he thinks that because of this, the despot may govern by terror his brutalized subjects and subdue by terror the enemies of liberty.A revolution doesn’t necessarily have to include terror and the popular government does not have to be ruthless to its people, because then the revolutionaries may lose their supporters (or they may even revolt) and the radicals might have to face more enemies.However, he also had radical ideas that were appalling and that weren’t necessarily correct.The famous radical leader’s attributes and beliefs led the country into terror and himself to his end.Even though these are only his opinions, his perspectives on the use of terror and ruthless...

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Summery of the History Channel Documentary of the French Revolution

Robespierre was executed, Marat was stabbed in his bathtub, the church got knocked down a few.In my opinion I enjoyed this movie it was very exiting and interesting to me.Tied of the Reign of Terror the Committee of Public Safety arrests Robespierre.Finally after a few years of peace Napoleon Bonaparte becomes the ruler of France and takes control of the government.Basically every one involved in the revolution got what was coming to them.

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DBQ French Revolution Essay

During this period of famine and panic, the peasants were finally heard and released from feudalism.The Revolution resulted in several negative outcomes as well as positive.The people were left in fear and the commoners were still left poor and had little food.It actually created a bigger war killing thousands of people.Negatively, the Reign of Terror broke out and its aftermath, which includes countless deaths.

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Outline French Revolution Debate Essay

Do you think he did a good job representing theFrench people?A.Described as an “incorruptible leader”B.Better leader than Louis XVIC.Became power hungry, declined at the end of his reign1.Was reason for Reign of Terror2.Killed people he was afraid ofD.Did a good job, kept the Revolution going and helped it along .Louis XVI did not have confidence in himself, which made it impossible foranyone to have confidence in himB.A mediocre leader could run any country into debt, but only a miserable leader could let a Revolution happen that is negative for the current governmentC.Many of the people doubted him many times, and he could not fool an entire country into thinking the current system (Old Regime) wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be fix...

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French Revolution Question Essay

“The White Terror” was the execution of those involved in the Reign of Terror.Aristocrats that left France during the revolution .The Directory was formed when Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety was formed.The Reign if Terror first started when the French set out to defend their political an social ideas.This consisted of destruction of terror and institution of the constitutional regime.

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The French Revolution Essay

The various stacks of heads are labeled as follows: "Clergy," "Parliment," "Nobles," "Constitution" (supporters of the Constitution), "Legislature," "Convention," and "People."The frontispiece from this anti-Robespierre work, Almanach des Prisons, depicts the results of the Reign of Terror under Robespierre's leadership.Cries of "Down with the tyrant" were raised and Robespierre's arrest was decreed.On July 27, 1794 Robespierre was shouted down in the National Convention while giving a speech to answer attacks against his policies.Robespierre and his followers escaped, but were later captured.

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French Revolution Discussion Questions Essay

One person could not make decisions independently and could not be without the consent of all.The goal was to initiate an ideal democratic republic where justice would reign supreme and there would be no differentiation between the rich and the poor.Robespierre wanted there to be no difference between rich and poor.Rousseau believes that in society everyone should be dependant of each other in all aspects of life.During the Reign of Terror, the Constitution previously implemented was suspended and the rights of sovereignty that the Revolutionaries had fought for all was revoked.

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Maximilian Robespierre: A visionary?

Robespierre ought not to be singled out as the instigator of a republic thathad long since divorced itself from reason and allied itself to terror, butmerely one proponent of a powerful but ultimately directionless revolutionaryzeal.Furet (1981:204) was keener to ally Robespierre with the wider eighteenth century Jacob in phenomenon, and he warned of the historical and ideological perils of, approaching Robespierre through Rousseau and seeing him as an admirer of the grappling with the constraints of public safety Robespierre is not so much the heir of Enlightenment as the product of the new system called Jacobinism, the beginning of modern politics.Although he was without doubt an overtly moralistic adherent of draconian revolutionary ...

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Theme of Resurrection in Charles Dickens’s Book, A Tale of Two Cities Essay

If terror is justice, would 30,000 men and women across France have lost their lives during the Reign of Terror?In Book Two, the theme of resurrection became more obvious to the reader when Carton saved Charles Darnay from death in his trial.Although Dickens theme of resurrection was very significant in the novel, one does still wonder why he chose that theme.The freeing of the doctor relates to the theme of resurrection because after eighteen years of living like a ... ... middle of paper ... ...kens showed how Doctor Manette was resurrected by his daughter and Mr. Lorry.Lastly, in Book Three, the most important resurrections occurred, which involved the resurrections of both Doctor Manette and Sydney Carton, and the resurrection of Cha...

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Role of Political Clubs on Frnech Revolution

Robespierre, the so called “Incorruptible” was the head of the country.France a short history of it’s literature and art from earliest times to the present, Henry Dwight Sedgwick,1930 .After the parties brawl for power, which was eventually one by The Jacobins, came the period of Terror.However The most prominent figure of this club has to be Maximillien Robespierre- the leader and founder of the club, and the man responsible behind the reign of terror.As soon as the Jacobins dominated the political scene with the backing of the Paris Mob and commune the so called reign of terror begun (more bellow).

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The Past and Present of Terrorism Essay

Terrorism Issue Taken up at UN".During the French Revolution it was used to describe a very violent and bloody period from 1793-1794 known as the 'Reign of Terror' (Terrorism, pg 18).Clutterbuck, R. Guerrillas and Terrorists.Aladdin Books, London, 1987. .Wayland Ltd., Italty, 1993. .

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The French Revolution Essay

Napoleon became Emperor of France in 1804, five years after the revolution ended, essentially reinstating a type French monarchy.He led military campaigns in Italy, Egypt and other countries and often had differences with higher ranking military officials.His military career, along with his popularity, had many ups and downs.In 1795, after the execution of Robespierre, a new constitution was created along with a new legislature.Napoleon abdicated the throne in 1814 to his son, and was sent into exile, which he later escaped and was finally defeated at Waterloo in 1815.

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Why has europe been dominant in history

10) Elizabeth I of England .Why I believe he is important to Modern European History is after his brutal reign he left most of the French people desperate for a strong monarch to take control and stabilize the country.This was important because it became the Church of England, the one still present today.Robespierre was one of the most well-known and most influential figures of the French Revolution.Elizabeth was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.

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