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Transformation of the Philippine National Police Essay

Instant promotions During the program, Aquino lauded two police officers who were able to thwart criminals even without using a handgun.In his speech, President Aquino paid tribute to the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, saying it was the latter’s wish to fully equip the national police force.He told Roxas and PNP chief Director General Alan Purisima to grant promotions to PO2 Edlyn Arbo and PO2 Felipe Moncatar.Kung mayroon pong isang tao na tiyak matutuwa sa katuparan ng adhikaing ito para sa kapulisan, ito po ay ang dating Kalihim ng DILG na si Jesse Robredo.‘Yong mga ganyang gandang gilas palagay ko naman ay talagang naman yan ang definition ng meritorious promotion, see to it that these two are promoted,” Aquino said, ribbing Arbo ...

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Land Reform Essay

Budget allocation and utilization .Metro Manila .– work on a list of areas where there are CARPER enforcement issues, – review the PNP’s tasking and refer to the DOJ the proposed changes in 2009 guidelines, as it applies to DAR orders, – establish PNP outpost in critical areas where installed farmers are being harassed, and – establish a direct line of communication with the DILG.Aquino and the land reform advocates adopted the commitment made by Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo during a meeting with the farmers last June 12, 2012.

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Philippine National Police Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management Essay

Freeman (1982, 1995, and 1999) concluded that unemployment had the expected positive impact on crime, but the magnitude of the impact was modest.Gross National Income per capita may also contribute to the changes of Crime rate in the Philippines, since it determines the total value of good and service that an individual and includes the net factors from abroad.1% of the total population is either voluntary or in-voluntary unemployed.Thus, the existing studies on unemployment rate to measure labor market prospects of potential criminals may not be so insightful.The crime rate in the Philippines has been reduced more than 15 percent in the first three months compared with the same period last year regardless of the recent slew of high-prof...

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The multi-party system in Philippines

Projects of an outgoing public official are usually being snubbed, or worse sabotaged by the incoming official.However this in not being observed in the status quo (present situation).And as a third world country, we cannot afford to lose budget that if properly appropriated, would greatly contribute to the wellness of our country.A project that has been started and never finished only adds to wasted project appropriation, to the wasted public fund.And how does this affect us?

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LGUs Warned For Late Class Suspension Announcement Essay

The Senate also closed public assistance center yesterday.“He said judges have been instructed to report to the SC immediately any damage that may be wrought by the bad weather on court offices, equipment and records, and injuries that may be incurred by court officials and employees.She said DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo has vowed to remind LGUs of the new protocol.Valte said President Aquino is continuing to monitor the weather and flood situation, particularly in Metro Manila and nearby areas.Last year, the Senate was also forced to temporarily stop work due to typhoon Pedring.—with reports from Ellalyn B.

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Essay on The 15-Minute Family Interview

How to Do a 15 Minute (or Less) Family Interview [Video].Maximizing Time, Minimizing Suffering: The 15-Minute (or less) Family Interview.Family Health Care Nursing: Theory, Practice and Research.Journal of Family Nursing, 5, (3) 259-274.Along with several components of the 15-minute interview, the Friedman Family Assessment Model explains type of family, cultural background, Religion, social class status and social class mobility.

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Essay about A Couple Interview with Regina and Mike Smith

Keller, James F. Prest, Layne A., (1993) Spirituality and Family Therapy: Spiritual Beliefs, ` Myths, and Metaphors.A marriage is the creation of a new family by bringing together two distinct people from individual and very distinctly different backgrounds.Journal of Family Psychology Vol.After some discussion about background section, the interview... .Journal of Family .

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Interview with a Senior Green Card Holder Essay

Mrs. A shares certain household responsibilities with her son’s family, even if the responsibilities that are assigned to her are “limited to kitchen work.The rest of the benefits of her green card appear to fade into the background as her perceptions are typically accompanied by anxious feelings about loss of family in a new country.In exchange for the time and energy that she has invested in her family thus far, Mrs. A expects help from her family in times of need.A has a large number of friends across the United States, she believes that it is shameful to depend upon friends in stead of family.Therefore, Mrs. A’s references to the Indo-Pak culture, the importance of family over friends, and the Pakistani perceptions about American fam...

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Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working-Class Family

Most of her conclusions focus on gender within the working class; at times the comparison with the middle-class family is completely neglected, her conclusions in Chapter 6 are a perfect example.Lillian B. Rubin’s book, Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working-Class Family, provides many insights into the lives of the men and women who live in white working-class families.This could be because I’m new to the subject and the information is shocking to me, but I felt that it was odd that all the families were so similar and that they all seemed to adhere to common stereotypes-such as marrying young, starting a family young, drinking, unhappy marriages, etc.Lillian Rubin was raised in a white working-class family.All families came to her through...

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The Meaning of Work to a Working Mother

The women interviewed were of white British origin and came from a ‘nuclear family’.The range of women was limited as she only used white, middle class women belonging to a nuclear family.Rees accessed her sample through friends of the family or work associates.To increase reliability Rees should taped the interview, it would have enabled her to double-check the responses for inaccuracies.Taping the interview would increase validity because they can assess body language to gage whether the answers are valid.

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My Parent Interview With A Family Essay

My interview was with the mother and father on separate occasions.This family made me realize to talk more softly and evaluate conflicts with my child to understand him.This interview taught me that all parents raise their children differently.This section will discuss three subjects I learned in class in reference to questions and answers from interview.This family has a close and open relationship with each other.

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Life Experience of Children Living with Extended Family

IPA is used for exploration of lived experience of participant which in this research is to find out about experiences living in extended family.Furthermore, in individual interview, investigator could follow up with participants at that particular session if they have any doubts or unsure about what the participants say during the interview session.In the research, the first participant will be randomly selected with the fulfilment of the ‘living in extended family’ purpose and then followed by the second participant through snowball and the process goes on till the fifth participant.Furthermore, in order for the multigenerational to keep living, it has linked to long term relationships with family members and also coping the action of ...

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Intercultural Interview : Personal Interview Essay

Fani seems to have accepted the fact that money seems to be an indication of power in many white family settings in the United States, however in her family the individual t... .Does your family participate in organized religion?Extended family?I then asked her about who holds the most status in her family.How does your family view physical contact?

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Three Interviews Essay

For my first question, I asked my interviewees where good family values first begin.As a parent, my grandmother, Ruth, believes that “Our goal is to instill good values in children, such as honesty, integrity, and forgi...Each interview was like a puzzle.I put each of their answers to together and found what makes family values so important.Over the weekend, I interviewed a gang of three great generations while discovering what family values mean to each of them.

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Leading the Renaissance of Good Local Governance, Peace and Order in the Philippines

State of the DILG Report of Secretary Jesse M. Robredo First Semester, 2011 For the last 12 months, the Department of the Interior and Local Government has been a steady and reliable driving force behind President Benigno S. Aquino III’s strong and determined pursuit to restore good governance in the Philippines — a kind of governance that observes and adheres to transparency, accountability and responsiveness — and enhance the peace and order condition throughout the country in order to successfully sustain local economic development and poverty alleviation initiatives that his administration has slowly but surely put in place.A total of 4,202 names of PNP applicants were forward to NHA for pre-qualification purposes.From only 85 percen...

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Cultural Competence in Mental Health Treatment Essay

According to the senior immigrant, the attitude that her family has shown toward her illness in “a foreign land” is, indeed, praiseworthy.Even though Mrs. A has a large number of friends across the United States, she believes that it is shameful to depend upon friends in stead of family.Individualism is replaced by collectivism, as Mrs. A would like her family to look after her interests at all times.In the Indo-Pak culture, an individual must be protected and provided for by his or her family.She further believes that it is her family alone that she can rely on in the foreign land.

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The Interview Process Essay

For the food and medical assistance, I was able to gather the information needed from her in order to start some emergency assistantce for Vibhuti and her family immediately.One of Vibhuti’s strengths is her willingness to do whatever it takes to help her family and her eagerness to start right away with meeting her goals.I also made sure to keep direct eye contact with Vibhuti as well as give simple responses while she was talking in order for her to be aware that I was indeed listening to everything that she was saying, this also helped her to keep talking and telling me things about her and her family so that I could better understand the situation at hand.I can say that the interview that I had with Vibhuti went very well, not only f...

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Life History Essay

“What was your relationship with your family at that time?” .“How would you describe the personalities of the people in your family?” .“Were there any emotional problems in the family, or conflicts between family members?” .“What has your family been like over the years.” .“Were there any stresses in your family at that time?” .

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Essay about Comparison of Two Pieces of Media

television show would have been more effective.Television appeals to .There are also interviews with the family .such as 'The Guardian' are becoming a thing of the past, and are being .Dr Harold Shipman, a previously trusted family doctor, was found .

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Case Manager Interview Essay

As the interview continues the interviewer ask Kevin, “How could you be enabled to deal with crisis situations more adequately?” Kevin answered was again resources and working with different organizations.He went on to say the majority of his clients do not have that family support.He went on to state the lack of understanding of both family and community is a problem, which his agency is trying to address through educating both family and community.The interview came to a conclusion and the interviewer thank Kevin for taking the time out of schedule to meet with him.The second part of the question for this scenario, “If the patient were living at home with family would you do anything differently?” Kevin said yes they would involve the ...

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Symmetrical Family

“The symmetrical family” is the concept in my research, used by Willmott and Young.They have suggested that the modern family is symmetrical; by this they mean that couples have a more balanced arrangement of tasks such as the domestic routine, and carry out similar tasks.As the interview is an unstructured interview , results will be qualitative,therefore it will be harder to classify,because answers will be so varied.Unlike Closed questions in structured interviews ,which are usually leading questions,pushing the participant to a certain answer.Whereas, unstructured interviews allows the participant to express freely and lead the interview into concepts of domestic labour which is more important to them, such as emotional work,hence le...

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Family Violence in Thailand

From the news, research papers, and interview can show us the many examples of family violence, not only adult abuse on adult but also adult abuse on children in their family.The cases example from judge who is interviewed has indicate that the causes of family violence has four types ; Misunderstanding ,alcohol ,and being unfaithful Misunderstanding is causes of family violence in case one and case two.Beginning with government sector in Thailand, they campaign to reduce the family violence by legislate and promote the family law to punish the culprit and protect the victim that is attacked from the members among family.By the way, misunderstanding and distrusting within family also can cause the family violence because to be the happy...

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The Concept of Child Safety Essay

Educating those involved on good listening skills and how to be attentive during the interview process.These strategies will ensure an effective communication throughout the interview process.In an interview those involved in the interview process should speak clearly and in a professional way.An interview is a communication process which requires great communication strategies.These barriers affected the interview negatively thus making the interview process to be challenging.

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Family and kinship terms Essay

The term kinship, on the other hand, technically means the biological connection of an individual such as the kinship of the father or the kinship of the mother of a family.Another interesting observation that I collected from my interview is that Filipinos tend to consider a non-biologically related individual as family if they have been in touch or in communication with that person for at least a couple of years and that they would even attempt to help these individuals out to the best of their abilities, even offering the last of their food to such friend.In Philippine culture, the terms family and extended family can be used interchangeably, because their culture is often associated with a home that is inhabited by a married couple w...

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Using CFAM And CFIM To Conduct A Family Interview Essay

Some include family as the people they live with, some include their entire extended family, and some include friends, neighbors, coaches, and teachers.The names of the family m... ... middle of paper ... ...covery of their loved ones.All members of the healthcare team must attempt to provide family and client centered care in order to keep a good balance in the care of the patient.Wright and Leahey (2009), suggest that family centered care can be practiced through a simple 15-minute interview.This paper will use Wright and Leahey’s assessment and intervention models, along with the 15-minute interview to create a plan of care for the family dealing with this acute illness.

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Example Essay On Developing Communication Skills In Nursing Essay

Before conducting an interview, multiple things must be considered such as the people present, the environment and how much time is available to the nurse.Interviewing can be very invasive for a patient; this is why we need to consider their privacy in the hospital and around family.A good interpersonal relationship with a patient can also develop into relationships between the nurse and the patient’s family.These important nursing skills enable the highest quality of care for all patients in the nursing environment.Nurses largely affect society in the health care system by helping, supporting and caring for an individual, a whole family or even an entire community.

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Training a Multigenerational Workforce Essay

Workplace Engagement and Generational Differences in Values.Business Communication Quarterly, 76(2), 252-265. doi:10.1177/1080569913476543 .Having simple conversations around a table with family and friends provides essential family bonding, close connections, and learning from each other (Hand, 2014).Schullery, N. M. (2013).Journal Of Leadership, Accountability & Ethics, 9(6), 81-93. .

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Fundamentals of Counseling

The center offers counseling services to the whole family including marriage and family counseling, Children and adolescent counseling, and college and careering counseling.The interview faces almost similar challenges.From the interview, it is very clear that every interview was well prepared to become a counselor.Another common problem they face is that being pastor; their clients perhaps expect them to automatically solve their problems like family conflicts.Dr. Jane from Christian counseling holds a masters degree in marriage and family therapy.

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Used In Researching Audiences Media Essay

By using such a participation and observation method with interviews, Morley (1986) learned that the living-room politics heavily impact the family viewing reception so that it resulted in various viewing experiences for different family members.For men, family is a leisure field, while it is more likely to be a workplace for women.Then he used focused interview and group interview to investigate the diverse understandings from different groups.Moreover, due to the presences of other family members, as well as the complicated interview questions, Morley was confident to get to the real interpretation.He chose 8 topics and selected 18 households as a sample and the researchers personally entered in these families to interview the family m...

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School And Community Partnerships Are Vital Essay

In regards to poverty, she says that schools can help get families in touch with community organizations that can provide them with some of their needs.As a result, “sage funding” was put into place to help with smaller classes, but is now being cut from the La Crosse School District.The school that she teaches at engages families through a variety of activities and volunteer opportunities.She believes some of the challenges contemporary families are facing are the economy, healthcare, loss of employment, lack of basic necessities, and broken homes.As a result, she believes that the school her child attends is doing an effective job of communicating with parents and families because the resources are available to parents and families to ...

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