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12 facts you didn’t know about The Thinker by Auguste Rodin

When he decided to make The Thinker as a strong, athletic figure, Rodin supported the idea, of a process of thinking.During the lengthy creation, 37 years as you remember, Rodin thought about the idea to dress his statue up.Originally Rodin wanted to call the figure “The Poet.” Of course, the name supports a theory that Rodin made sculpture in honor of Dante.After that Rodin took the sculpture back and kept it in his house.Rodin is like The Thinker who has a deep mind and rich imagination.

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Love in Two Works of Art: A Compare and Contrast Essay

LOVE by Robert Indiana and The Kiss, by the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin are just two sculptures that demonstrate love.Although both sculptures, LOVE and The Kiss, are about love, they touch upon different aspects of love.The Kiss statue however, was carved out of bronze and marble.Unlike LOVE, The Kiss sculpture’s hard, grayish white stone color has a very chilling feel, but yet somehow is still one of the most romantic sculptures that some have ever seen.The materials and colors used in the two sculptures, as well as the aspect of love that they represent and the history behind the sculptures, The Kiss seems to be more romantic.

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Interview and Chatting with August Rodin Essay

The Real Rodin by Eric Gibson, 2003.Okay Mr. Rodin I have one final question for you!I learned that the hard way.Interviewer: I’m so excited to be able to conduct this interview with you and find out “what makes Rodin.” Okay let’s get started with one of your pride and joy sculptures and also my personal favorite “The Kiss.” This work shows the passion that can be shared between a male and female, and because this work is so life like its almost as though you can feel this passion being shared as well.August: My style was developed completely on my own without any training.

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An analysis of Auguste Rodin’s, “The Gates of Hell”

Rodin also portrays the human body realistically, creating the impression that evil desires and man’s struggle to overcome it is very real (Dudley & Faricy 263-264).Auguste Rodin, The Gates of Hell.Auguste Rodin, French (1840 – 1917), .Rodin uses lines to define his subject.However, Rodin is successful in portraying the chaotic struggles that man goes through as he find himself on the way to hell through portraying overcrowd surfaces, putting in opposing and varied   postures, combining small and big  sizes, depicting an  agonizing facial expression and use of downward flowing movement .

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”The Gates of Hell” And The ”The Gates of Paradise”

The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin and The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti create the spell on the architectural lovers by the graces of divinity and of life.The next is Kiss (Le Baiser), which was initially engraved along with other figures of Paolo and Francesca da Rimini.Romain-Normand Le Antoinette, The Gates Of Hell, Retrieved May 04, 2007 from the .According to some it looks like Dante looking down towards the characters of Inferno and some think that it is Rodin himself in meditation, immersed in his thoughts about his composition.But later Rodin changed its position because it was contradictory to the other suffering figures signifying own independent Joy and final doom.

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Analytical essay over “The Thinker”

I chose to write my analytical essay over “The Thinker” sculpture, designed by Auguste Rodin and currently located in Tokyo, Japan.Some say that the statue also displays signs of transcendentalism because it shows a man, no different from anyone else, closed off from society and only at peace with his own thoughts.However, now we can conclude that Rodin wanted to make it more complex and therefore, put it into more universal terms.The sculpture is nude, as Rodin wanted a heroic figure, in the tradition of Michelangelo, and to represent a strong intellect.I think that Rodin wanted the people viewing this to depict him as a normal, every day man who is in a deep self-mediation about his life.

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Impact of Jealousy on Relationships

A study done by Theresa Hurton (2011), who looks at the relationship between social network site Facebook and how it impacts college romantic relationships, found that there is a positive correlation between checking Facebook daily and presence of jealousy in romantic relationships.Other researchers have associated jealousy with low self-esteem (Bringle, 1981), low self confidence ( Bunk, 1997), low generalized trust ( Buunk and Dijkstra, 2000), low empathy for others (Radecki Bush, Farrell, & Bush, 1993), loneliness ( Rotenberg, Schewchuk & Kimberley, 2001), a need for approval (Salovey & Rodin, 1985,1989), neuroticism (Stieger, Preyss & Voracek, 2012), depression (Tarrier, Beckett, Harwood & Ahmed, 1989) and general...

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My Visit to Museum of Art

The museum was opened to the public in 1929.The museum includes the largest collection of Rodin’s works outside Paris, including bronze castings, plaster studies, drawings, prints, letters, and books.The Rodin Museum was the gift of movie theater magnate Jules Mastbaum to the city of Philadelphia.Auguste Rodin brought monumental public sculpture into the modern era.I was very happy to see this museum and, of course, make a picture near The Gates of Hell–the culminating creation of Rodin’s career, on which the artist worked from 1880 until his death in 1917. .

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Cubism and Henry Moore: A Comparison

The shattered fragments of cubist works deny the possession of energy, in favour of embracing spatial incongruity.Therefore, through the presence of uniformity, balance and the invigorating vitality in Moore’s works, he complements the surrounding air, by capturing the energy, absorbing it, and then allowing it to evaporate and disseminate into infinity.Similarly, Moore looked up to Auguste Rodin who is believed to be the “progenitor of Modern sculpture”.Moore has explicitly accredited Rodin at many instances: ..Vitality – another aesthetic aspect of the work of Picasso and Moore – is not achieved in cubist works because the works are to be seen as what they represent, and nothing more meaningful.

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Art Appreciation Essay

It is a room modeled after a Soviet apartment and has a miniature version of the artist flying thru the fog on the white board.This style of art is defined by a piece of performance art must be centered on an action carried out or orchestrated by an artist (Kyle Chayka, 2011).The performers use light, projectors, film, dance and other mediums to explain the Star of David.Lastly is Performance Art.Rodin applied his skill and creative imagination to craft and see the greater potential within the sculpture.

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What effect does appearance have on bystander effects?

According to researchers the inactions of 38 witnesses who heard and saw the ½ hour prolonged sexual assault and murder of Kitty Genovese, yet didn’t take any personal steps to intervene was an area of interest that needed further explaining (Darley & Latane, 1968; Finkel & Moghaddam, 2005; Latane & Rodin, 1969).Early studies by Latane and Rodin (1969) found that when presented with a scenario of helping a fellow human in distress, whether to help and intervene was dependent on many factors.A study conducted by Piliavin, Rodin, and Piliavin (1969) tested appearance on a behavioural level of either being ill or drunk.This was contrastingly different to when a person was left alone in a room and 70% of the participants investig...

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Ethical dilemmas Essay

This should always be handled very sensitively.Other challenges that face the most nurse educators are class preparations, how to keep in touch with the current affairs, cases of students lying or cheating in exams, dealing with death cases, and also wanting to be a role model (Rodin, Collins, 1991).This is to say they should be taught early enough in colleges or universities (Scott, 1998).Unless the higher authorities understand the educator’s needs then misunderstandings will always come in even in such a case (Denhardt, 1988).Once they are properly handled this will promote and give morale to the educators in question and also improve the stands of living of people (Rodin, Collins, 1991).

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Writing a brief response and answering questions

Content isn’t always what it appears to be as is the case in iconography.It seems you must know the content of Brancusi’s before being able to really see the piece for what it is.The Virgin Mary is shown in a very recognizable way, holding baby Jesus, with the crown on her head.The text says that the fire shows the people trapped in purgatory;, however some may see that as hell if they were unaware of the title of this piece, so I disagree that it is an example of iconography as the book states.It is a man and a women embarrassing sp in a kiss, in the nude, indicating it may lead further than that and unify them as one.

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Alexandre Onassis Essay

In 1965, he began to work for his father in Monaco for a salary of 12,000 dollars a year.In his memory, his father set up the Alexandre Onassis Foundation, which finances projects linked to Greek civilization.In 1967, he obtained his pilot's license and became president of Olympic Aviation, a branch of Olympic Airways created by his father.His parents divorced in 1960. .He died in January 1973 at the age of 24 in a plane crash, in a Piaggio P136 at Hellinikon International Airport where he was a passenger.

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Frise Beethoven Essay

For its author, it is indeed a total work of art, since it unites painting and architecture with music, this frieze occupying the top of three walls in a vast space within the building of the Secession.But it is the subject of violent criticism in the name of morality and a collector exclaims when he sees it: “Hideous!The Beethoven frieze was presented to the public for the first time in 1902, during this exhibition.After its spoliation by the Nazis, the Austrian state returned it to the Lederers, accompanying this restitution with an export ban, then finally bought it in 1972, after long negotiations, for 15 million schillings (almost a million euros).Klimt designed a set which consists of a seven-panel mural, measuring 34.14 meters lon...

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”The Thinker” sculpture by Auguste Rodin

This statue also shows signs of transcendentalism because it shows a man, alone from society, only surrounded by his inner thoughts.So I interpret this as a sculpture, of a man, reflecting on his life and the troubles he’s had which shows his true emotion.Many believe he is pondering about philosophy.The Thinker was a sculpture created by Auguste Rodin in 1882.The form of the statue shows a tense man who is in a trance.

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Paul Paulin Essay

Paul Paulin died in Neuilly in 1937. .In 1881, his passion for the arts, painting and especially sculpture, led him to produce works in plaster and then in bronze with a realistic approach.He also models a large number of two-sided copper or bronze medals representing personalities or close friends.He also sculpts statues of female nudes and busts of young women.In 1883, Paul Paulin met Edgar Degas who encouraged him to continue.

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National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Essay

At that time it was located in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni de la via Nazionale.The museum's collections also include works by foreign artists such as Alexander Calder, Paul Cézanne, Gustave Courbet, Marcel Duchamp, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque, Edgar Degas, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Felicia Pacanowska, Auguste Rodin, Vincent van Gogh, Yves Klein ... .The museum is part of the gallery which includes: the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum of Decorative Arts, the Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum, the Manzù Collection and the Mario Praz Museum.The 55 rooms of the museum thus present a total of 1,100 works.As early as 1912, the museum opened to works of the twentieth century.

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Portrait of Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso

Weeping Woman Series – Portrait of Dora Maar or Picasso’s Self-portrait?Overwhelming, an impression upgraded by her lively body that can’t be limited by the limits of the seat, Maar lingers in this photo like an agnostic goddess situated on her position of royalty.Portrait de L’Artiste Sans Barbe .Ceremoniously put on her head like a crown, it is trimmed with bright crest and laid out with a band of energetic red.12 facts you didn’t know about The Thinker by Auguste Rodin .

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Portrait of Madame Recamier analysis

Botticelli’s design principles of the birth of Venus .A house waiting for music, Hernandez – Tupelo Press – 2003 .Dainty dames of society: a portrait gallery of charming women, Willmott-Dixon – A & C. Black – 1903 .While dethroning Marie Antoinette as Queen of France, David enthroned the Age of Enlightenment as Queen and goddess in the person of Madame Recamier.Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam art analysis .

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Henry Adams

Sex was becoming something more than just a means of reproduction.Adams desperately wanted to learn about the new world of technology, the “dynamos';, yet he felt helpless to find this new knowledge and to comprehend it.People were no longer motivated by religion, being saved by God, and going to heaven; science, technology, money, and power had taken over the drives of man.Adams was overwhelmed by the technology of the dynamos.Suddenly Adams was far, far away from his Puritan custom-bound life.

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Essay on Health Policies Of Colorado 's Health Policy

As of 2012, private expenditure on healthcare in the United States was 53%, while 47% was the general government expenditure on health (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016).The nation as a whole is similar to Colorado because of the different plans available.Other popular private insurers in Colorado are Anthem, Cigna, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, and Kaiser Permanente (Brown, 2009)....oup Incorporated and the Humana Group are the largest private healthcare insurers in Colorado with a combined total enrollment of 287,706 in 2013 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016).... middle of paper ... .

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Concept of Drawing as a Medium

His approach to drawing as a sculpture, in his black drawings is visible in Rodin use of three dimensionality achieved by the use of chiaroscuro.To summarise Rodin used drawing to work out his sculptures using observations, the artist that I will now discuss differ in terms of their practice as it seems fair to say that now drawing is used as an excursion away from reality.The head mask consisting of a lattice of vertical and horizontal straps cross.Systematically the actions are prepared to measure spontaneous expression.It is interesting to find Rodin an artist from a traditional period within art, however Rodin felt it was necessary to go back to observation as his drawings became unknown.For instance, her Pencil Mask from 1972 (image...

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Substance Misuse Among Women with Eating Disorders Essay

Striegel-Moore, R., and Huydic, E. (1993).Eating Pathology among Women with Alcoholism and/or Anxiety Disorders.International Journal of Eating Disorders.Impulsivity or Comorbidity in Bulimia Nervosa.A Controlled Study of Deliberate Self Harm and Alcohol and Drug Misuse in a Community Sample.

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Social Psychology Essay Psychology.Psychology Review.(February 2012).Last accessed 14/02/2012.

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Body Image in African American Women Essay

American Journal of Public Health, 84, 1322-5.International Journal of Eating Disorders, 18, 59-69.Social Work in Health Care, 28, 61-73.Attitudes toward body size and dieting: Differences between elderly black and white women.Eating disorders and the cultural forces behind the drive for thinness: Are African-American women really protected.

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Art in Australia Essay

The museum's collections include Australian art; native Australian art (recent but traditional); the art of European traditions, from the first settlers until today; Western art, from the Middle Ages to the world but above all contemporary; oriental art, from south and east Asia, but especially traditional oriental art; modern international art; photography (international and Australian); international craftsmanship, from plates to clothing; the sculpture of Rodin to modern sculpture; as well as traveling exhibitions.In Paris, he led a social life with Nellie Melba, Auguste Rodin, Claude Debussy and Sarah Bernhardt, critic describing him as "one of the most Parisian painter".One of the museum's most renowned art objects is Blue Poles, by...

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Dialectic journal, Huck Finn Ch. 9-16

You’d ‘a’ ben down dah in de woods widout any dinner, en gittn’ mos’ drownded, too; dat you would, honey.’” Analysis: This part is actually ironic, because Jim is black, and Huck is white, and Jim has helped Huck a lot, possibly to the extent of saving his life.He nearly cried he was so glad, but he warn’t surprised” (108).Analysis: This is a good example of how Jim and Huck are coming together, and are closing the gap that was put up by Jim being black.Jim is very happy to see Huck, and they are becoming more like peers rather than being separated by race.This is sort of ironic because Jim was just talking about kissing Huck’s feet because he was glad he was back, but then Huck feels so bad for hurting Jim, that he could kiss Jim’s feet...

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The Power of Images Essay

Martin’s, 2000.The feelings of joy, passion, and relief are evident as they engage in the passionate kiss.Love is so strongly expressed as the sailor wraps his arm around her and dips her as they kiss.Every picture, whether it is a passionate kiss, a poverty-stricken family during the Depression era, or the look of sorrow on my grandfather’s face, ignites its own sentiment.Through my analysis of my most compelling photographs and the essays of Stephens and Brower, I have concluded that each picture evokes a feeling inside of me, whether it is a photograph of a kiss, a family in the mist of the Depression, or my grandfather.

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Passage Analysis 1532-1622) Sir Gawain and the Green knight is an Arthurian story about the adventure of Sir Gawain to find the Green knight.On his departure Gawain wears the belt as a sign of timidity.Gawain, amazed at her appearance, says: "God love you gracious lady"(Norton, p. Directly after the second kiss, Sir Gawain rises up from his bed and dresses for an extraordinary meal.Works Cited 1.The Norton Anthology of English Literature.Ed.M.H.Abrams,et.Gawain is ashamed for his acceptance of the girdle but the Green Knight forgives him.

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