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Sin Tax Bill Essay

The RH Bill has not been certified as urgent by President Benigno Aquino III and will take three days before it is put to a vote for third and final reading.“Enactment of this bill will not make anyone less Catholic or religious,” she said.The earliest that the measure can be put to vote for third reading is on Monday, said Gonzales.Gabriela Partylist Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Luz Ilagan voted for the passage of the bill but said that she did so “with reservation.” They are co-authors of the RH Bill but said that they were wary of provisions which they felt promoted population control.Gonzales said that their staff has been working to prepare the amended version of the bill for easier transmission to their members.

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Reproductive Health Bill Essay

It can be argued, in fact, that in guaranteeing information on and access to “medically-safe, legal, affordable and quality” natural and modern family planning methods (sec.Through this will, it will ensure the health of the women, which can be put to risk with pre-existing condition such as diabetes or pregnancies with not much gap or spaced-closed together.During the present 15th Congress, the RH Bills filed are those authored by House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman of Albay, HB 96; Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin, HB 101, Akbayan Representatives Kaka Bag-ao & Walden Bello; HB 513, Muntinlupa Representative Rodolfo Biazon, HB 1160, Iloilo Representative Augusto Syjuco, HB 1520, Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan.Prevents unwanted pregnancy ...

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House passes RH bill on second reading

This allowed Deputy Speaker Erin Tañada to cast his vote in favor of the measure.Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez, a staunch opponent of the RH bill, did not help his group’s cause when he abstained.The anti-RH bloc also missed the vote of Fuentebella, who was asked to preside over the proceedings.Every woman needs access to basic health services, information on reproductive health.” Pangasinan Representative Kimi Cojuangco, who has strongly supported the bill, said that she voted for its passage “for all the women in the Philippines who cannot afford quality health care.” Even Muslims backed the RH Bill, according to Muntinlupa City Representative Rodolfo Biazon, who said that a fatwa was even issued in support for the measure.He voted agains...

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How Tension Is Created in the Play “a View from the Bridge? Essay

It does so in the way that Eddie doesn’t want to be outsmarted by Rodolfo because he doesn’t want to look as if Rodolfo is superior to him.Action, movement and gesture are additionally used to reveal tension in the household, for example when Eddie is talking about Rodolfo and how Eddie is different (and better) than Rodolfo, he has “unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight role…until it eventually tears in two…” This automatically creates tension as it is if Eddie has subconsciously been showing them all his true feelings of Rodolfo.As we know Rodolfo and Eddie were not having a nice conversation before when Catherine suggested dancing, and Rodolfo was very weary of Eddie’s behaviour.He does this to make up for Rodolfo’s earlie...

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Create atmospher Essay

Then Catherine ‘rushes to Rodolfo’ this will seriously anger Eddie as it seems Catherine has already made the decision to go with Rodolfo instead.Then the atmosphere turns violent and tense, it starts out Eddie saying about how he could teach Marco how to box, then he turns to Rodolfo and then states ‘well come on, I’ll teach you’ instantly this seems an innocent gesture from anyone else but not Eddie, he knows what he is doing and just wants to get back at Rodolfo.Marco asks Eddie what has he done and Eddie tells him about being late In and Marco say to Rodolfo ‘you come home early now’ Eddie loves how Marco can embarrass and be dominant over Rodolfo.The quote ‘that’s why the water front is no place for him (Rodolfo)’ Eddie is making Ro...

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Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

‘ This is in regard to Rodolfo marrying Catherine.Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, is he apologising because he’s not a man or because he is more than a man?Alfieri tells Marco that there is a chance that Rodolfo can stay and marry Catherine, but he will have to go back to his country, but as long as he promises not to try to kill or in any way harm Eddie, he could possibly get bail.When Eddie gets home and realises that Catherine and Rodolfo have slept together; Eddie goes mad and his immediate reaction is to tell Rodolfo to pack his bags and leave.She wants to stay with Rodolfo because she is the one she truly loves, but Eddie does not want Catherine to go with Rodolfo, and Catherine knows this and does not want to upset Eddie.

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Homosexuality In Modern Day Society | Religious and Societal Views

According to House Bill 1245, authored by Rep. Rozzano Rufino “Ruffy” Biazon, it is the amendment of the country’s Family Code to limit the marriage to natural born males and females only.We have a great part on this issue, as well as it has a big impact to us, not only to us, but also, to the society.– unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sexual intercourse (“unprotected” means not using a condom) .And as for my contribution, I am one of the few people who respect their lifestyle, because we are all created equally in the image and likeness of God.It’s just simply because that my principle for this situation is that “god created only men and women” nevertheless, third sex is written in the bible.

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Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

Eddie makes excuses and says that he hasn’t been feeling good since Marco and Rodolfo moved in.Eddie is suspicious of Rodolfo’s interest in Catherine; he thinks that Rodolfo only wants to marry her in order to gain American citizenship.If it is this that Catherine finds attractive about Rodolfo, Eddie finds it repulsive and unmanly.Eddie doesn’t have anything in common with Rodolfo because he thinks Rodolfo is different and that he isn’t right.The tensions being explored in this scene are the ones between Eddie and Rodolfo and also the tensions between Catherine and Eddie.

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A View from the Bridge: the Opening Scene Essay

Throughout the first act, Arthur Miller tells us of Rodolfo and Marco’s arrival and sets up the steps leading to the play’s climax ending.In this scene, Catherine confronts Rodolfo over Eddie’s allegation that Rodolfo only wants to marry Catherine to be an American.It signifies Catherine’s choice of Rodolfo over Eddie as she loses her virginity to Rodolfo ?The incident in this scene: Rodolfo and Catherine sleeping together is the final push that sends Eddie over the edge and promote him to report the cousin to the Immigration Bureau.He confronts his feelings by kissing Catherine and humiliates Rodolfo with the shocking kiss.

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Smiles thankfully Essay

This is simply creating a smoke screen, so that Eddie can vent some of his frustration and jealousy against Rodolfo.” to which Rodolfo replies “No,no, he didn’t hurt me” flashing a smile towards Eddie.” Eddie enjoyed embarrassing Rodolfo and wishes to do it again.This time Rodolfo initiates the dancing with his newfound confidence.The song playing is ‘Paper Doll’, Rodolfo places his arms around Catherine, which would usually anger Eddie, however Marco distracts him.

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Red Hook district in New York Essay

Eddie reacts with both anger and jealousy, which he tries to hide behind a shield of over-protectiveness, in which he tries to accuse Rodolfo of firstly trying to gain an American passport and then Eddie attacks Rodolfo’s masculinity, especially when he teaches Rodolfo how to fight (sarcastically).Rodolfo does not try to manipulate the women in the play instead he helps them, he does this by giving advice and being supportive like what he tells Catherine after she asks him to teach her to be independent.Another factor that makes Eddie distrust Rodolfo is that Rodolfo does not live up to Eddie’s views on masculinity.While Rodolfo can saw and sing which makes him gay in the eyes of Eddie, Eddie has no other skill other than being a laborer...

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Dramatic Devices Essay

‘(enthralled) leave him finish, it’s beautiful’ Eddie sees this and dislikes the fact that Catherine is giving Rodolfo so much attention.From the scene where Marco and Rodolfo arrive we can foresee that something is going to happen and there is going to be problems, especially between Rodolfo, Catherine and Eddie.The family are awaiting the arrival of Beatrice’s two cousins Marco and Rodolfo who have illegally immigrated to America to seek a better life and to earn money to send home to their families Before the arrival of the two cousins the family are just living normally.Marco and Rodolfo clearly have a good brotherly relationship and Marco seems to have some control over Rodolfo as he seems able to tell him what to do.After he has st...

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The writer Arthur Miller Essay

He might even be trying to create a guilty conscience inside of Rodolfo.Eddie says that he isn’t really Catherine’s father but he would have liked it if Rodolfo would’ve asked for his consent in taking Catherine out.This was an opportunity that Edddie just could not resist and let pass by, he snapped at Rodolfo and said, ‘It ain’t so easy here either, Rodolfo, like you think.’ Eddie is not just clarifying the fact that it is not that easy in America, but he was also implying that it is not easy specially for him, he is having to pay the rent, the tax, the bills and having to spend extra money out of his own pocket to feed Rodolfo and Marco.The correction that Eddie made to Rodolfo was not just for the sake of joy and satisfaction of know...

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Catherine’s respect Essay

Alfieri and Catherine visit Marco and Rodolfo at the prison, where they discus the situation and how to act now.Then Eddie wishes to further test his manly hood and embarrass Rodolfo in front of Catherine by teaching him how to box, and in the process getting to hurt Rodolfo as well.It seems definite that Rodolfo will be free from the law after marrying Catherine, as then he will be an American.Marco asks Rodolfo to be home early in the future, but Beatrice is aware of Eddie’s intention and she supports Rodolfo.But Beatrice stops him and yet again neutralises the action, and just then Rodolfo enters.

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Moments of dramatic tension Essay

Rodolfo does not want to make anything worse so he says that it didn’t hurl him and only surprised him.He also asks Rodolfo trying to see his reaction.Everyone is impressed thinking that Eddie is making the effort to try to like Rodolfo, but then Eddie comes with a trick attack and lands a blow on Rodolfo.Eddie and Rodolfo then begin to spar and I believe that the audience are now at the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen.It then becomes clear what Eddie’s intensions were, he wanted an excuse to take his anger on Rodolfo out.

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A View from the Bridge Essay

Eddie, at his point is jealous following what Rodolfo and Catherine have been up to and knows that he cannot have her.This consequence was created when Eddie did a very unintelligent thing of phoning the immigration bureau to report the two illegal immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco.This way Rodolfo and Marco would not get caught and would remain safe whereas the other illegal immigrants wouldn’t.This all leads to violence in which, “Rodolfo flies at him in attack”.I would want my audience to feel more sympathy for Marco rather than Rodolfo.

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Catherine’s wedding Essay

My wife.” Eddie winds up Rodolfo and Rodolfo tries to defend Catherine, he tries to attack Eddie but Eddie is much stronger than him.When he gets home Rodolfo and Marco have moved out, into a flat upstairs with two new immigrants.Rodolfo comes in to warn Eddie about Marco, saying he’s praying in the church, and then he’s coming for Eddie.And they spit on him in the street, his own father and brothers.” Now that Eddie has informed immigration about Marco and Rodolfo he thinks that will happen to him, so he’s nervous people will find out it was him who informed immigration.Then Rodolfo shouts at Eddie to let go of her, Eddie asks if he wants something and Rodolfo bursts out, “Yes!

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Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

Eddie being the stronger man “thinks” that he can box with Rodolfo.Eddie intimidates Rodolfo.Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is gay.He punches Rodolfo when he is “teaching” him how to box.Eddie wants to prove to Rodolfo that he is more superior and more of a man than Rodolfo.

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Feelings towards Essay

This is another opportunity for Eddie to put Rodolfo down and he says that he should not be working on the boats but instead working in a dress shop.Rodolfo mistakenly takes this as a compliment and smiles thankfully.Then Catherine is overcome with rebellion/revolt and asks Rodolfo to dance, causing Eddie to freeze and feel uncomfortable.Marco instantly tells Rodolfo that he must come home early now.Rodolfo realises this and refuses to dance however Beatrice and Catherine soon persuade him.

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Catherine financially Essay

This tells us that Eddie does not even realise that he is obsessed with Catherine, but when he sees her with Rodolfo he gets very upset and takes his anger out on him, and this is mainly shown in the play when Eddie and Rodolfo have a boxing fight.The fact that Rodolfo has no responsibilities means he has lot of time to go out with Catherine and have fun, this creates competition for Eddie, the very fact that Catherine likes Rodolfo makes Eddie frustrated and jealous.They are all regarding him now; he senses he is exposing the issue and he is driven on’ I think this stage direction is crucial in showing us how jealous of Rodolfo Eddie is, as he is twisting the newspaper when Catherine and Rodolfo are dancing.The idea that Catherine is gr...

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A View from the Bridge. By Arthur Miller Essay

When Rodolfo falls down, Catherine rushes to Rodolfo’s side which horrifies Eddie as he clearly sees where Catherine’s loyalties lie as she shouts ‘Eddie’, which displays her anger.For Eddie, this demonstrates to Catherine that Rodolfo is weak and feminine while he is the stronger and masculine one.Eddie is amazed by Catherine’s straightforwardness and as he dislikes Rodolfo, he poisons Catherine’s mind against Rodolfo and tried to turn her against him, by coming up with excuses such as, ‘He don’t respect you’.Eddie was trying to put Rodolfo out of picture as he was ‘stealing’ Catherine away from him.The newspaper represents Rodolfo and he is therefore tearing Rodolfo and getting rid off him.

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Katie and Rudolf’s wedding day Essay

Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, which I thought was a nice gesture but in my opinion Rodolfo wasn’t in the wrong.Immigration arrives at the house and both Rodolfo and Marco are arrested.At this point I felt exceptionally upset as Katie and Rodolfo had found love and Marco was working to feed his family.Eddie is defiant and ignores Alfieri’s advice and ships Rodolfo and Marco anonymously to immigration.Eddie tried to explain his actions to Katie by saying that Rodolfo was trying to use her for a passport.

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Rodolfo Furniture Store Essay

At the same time Rodolfo will also have visibility through a balance scorecard on how each department is moving against each of their projected tasks.If at any time Rodolfo identifies any negative deviation or liability, an action plan has to be presented to ensure that we comeback to plan before the next period.This will provide Rodolfo a better grasp of his financial statements and what may impact the favorably or unfavorably.With the implementation of this new technology Rodolfo will still be in control while also allow him to delegate more to his team.Now Rodolfo can implement a well structure and followed budget.

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Melodramatic stage Essay

After the dance, Eddie Carbone infuriated by his indignation delivers an atrocious dialogue to the whole of the household about Rodolfo.However, Carbone household is once again under strain, as Eddie Carbone the prophylactic, unpretentious character soon finds out that he is Un-proficient to control his indignation, covetousness and detestation towards Rodolfo.For example, Eddie’s furore and ire against Rodolfo are disclosed, when Eddie rolls the newspaper in to a tight roll and then it tears in two.Eddie realising her indignation keeps his temper under control, as he wants to show Rodolfo who is the person in jurisdiction of the house Marco who has been without intervention listening to the whole matter gets up in a censurable way and a...

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Poor Vinny Essay

Eddie was always trying to put Catherine off Rodolfo making fun of him because he cooks and sings.He thought Rodolfo was only marrying Catherine so he could be an American citizen.He betrayed Marco and Rodolfo and he betrayed the Sicilian Code.He accused Rodolfo of being homosexual, he even kissed him to try and prove it to Catherine.He took this chance to hurt Rodolfo.

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Masculinity in “A View from the Bridge” Essay

Even at home Rodolfo sings, and this really goes under Eddie’s skin, as he says “if you came in the house and you didn’t … know who was singin’, you wouldn’t be lookin for him you be lookin’ for her.” This shows us that Rodolfo isn’t shy about singing.He used to be the king of the household before Marco and Rodolfo came along, and during that time, he was losing his respect due to the treatment he gave them, an example of this is when Eddie phoned the immigration office.Although Eddie isn’t the biggest fan of Rodolfo, we learn at the end of the first act that Rodolfo is the kind of man that Beatrice and Catherine are looking for.When Catherine (Eddie’s niece) falls in love with Rodolfo, Eddie loses his cool, and reports Marco and Rodolfo...

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A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller

Miller conveys Eddie’s inner conflict as he struggles to reason with his instincts and foreshadows future conflict between him and Catherine and Rodolfo as the kissing is symbolic of his peripeteia.Eddie’s emotion is shown to be unstable and is on the verge of breaking as he ‘stands there with tears rolling down his face as he laughs mockingly at Rodolfo’ this conveys the idea of a maniac who has lost all senses.The audience is presented with Eddie’s irrational state of mind combined with his unhealthy love for Catherine and hatred and jealousy towards Rodolfo.It reveals his inner self conflict with his reasoning and instincts and shows his external conflict with both Catherine and Rodolfo.He first commands Rodolfo using imperatives to ‘...

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View From A Bridge Essay

Marco does this to challenge Eddie’s manliness – this is one of the first signs of Marco standing up for Rodolfo and opposing Eddie.Eddie did not mind Rodolfo singing; he just wanted to be a killjoy and knock his confidence to show Marco and Rodolfo who is dominant in the house.You’ll be quiet Rodolfo’.We see this as there is a tense moment after Eddie tells Rodolfo to stop singing.At the start of Act 2, Eddie becomes frustrated at both Catherine and Rodolfo.

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Provoking play Essay

‘ As immigration take away Marco and Rodolfo Marco spits in Eddies face.He also wants to show he is much stronger than Rodolfo, he wants to prove something to himself and to almost scare Rodolfo.‘ And still continues to push with another excuse that Rodolfo isn’t right for her.Immigration arrive for Marco and Rodolfo.Catherine, Rodolfo and Marco have moved upstairs.

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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay

Rodolfo: Rodolfo reveals a huge amount about his character, especially when it is such a small section, but then again it shows how important this extract is to the play.There were some really obvious places to use silence to develop the tension, but we choose to focus on when Rodolfo walks back into the Main room to discover Eddie, drunk.I thought the real advantage to doing this section was that if we achieved an atmosphere of tension between Rodolfo and Eddie then it would look brilliant.He had always considered Rodolfo to be homosexual ‘ Yeah, but if he ain’t right, Mr Alfieri, you mean to tell me-‘.I think on a weaker point, that we failed to make the situation with Eddie and Rodolfo tenser then i think we could have managed.

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