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How Tension Is Created in the Play “a View from the Bridge? Essay

He does this to make up for Rodolfo’s earlier comment where Eddie felt as if he was being made a mockery of, and this gives Eddie a chance to show off his physical strength against Rodolfo.It does so in the way that Eddie doesn’t want to be outsmarted by Rodolfo because he doesn’t want to look as if Rodolfo is superior to him.After this Eddie starts to openly criticise Rodolfo in front of the household, but more especially it’s directed at Catherine, so Eddie can convince her that Rodolfo lacks any type of masculinity.As we know Rodolfo and Eddie were not having a nice conversation before when Catherine suggested dancing, and Rodolfo was very weary of Eddie’s behaviour.What does create tension is when Beatrice defends Rodolfo when Eddie ...

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Create atmospher Essay

Boxing is another manly sport that feminine Rodolfo can’t do, and Eddie knows this so takes advantage of this weakness knowing he won’t be able to defend himself so expects Rodolfo to be weak.Eddie seems fine and happy then all of a sudden fakes a punch and lands his right on Rodolfo, Rodolfo staggers.Then Catherine ‘rushes to Rodolfo’ this will seriously anger Eddie as it seems Catherine has already made the decision to go with Rodolfo instead.Then the atmosphere turns violent and tense, it starts out Eddie saying about how he could teach Marco how to box, then he turns to Rodolfo and then states ‘well come on, I’ll teach you’ instantly this seems an innocent gesture from anyone else but not Eddie, he knows what he is doing and just wan...

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Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

Alfieri tells Marco that there is a chance that Rodolfo can stay and marry Catherine, but he will have to go back to his country, but as long as he promises not to try to kill or in any way harm Eddie, he could possibly get bail.The scene changes back to just before the wedding, Eddie will not permit Beatrice to go to the wedding, Catherine is outraged, and tries to persuade Beatrice but they are interrupted by Rodolfo who shouts, ‘Marco is coming, Eddie’ He knows that Marco will kill Eddie, but Eddie will not move, no matter how much Beatrice tries to persuade him.The next scene involves Marco, Alfieri, Catherine and Rodolfo.Just before the immigration officers arrive, Eddie realises what he has done and screams at Beatrice and Catherin...

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Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

The tensions being explored in this scene are the ones between Eddie and Rodolfo and also the tensions between Catherine and Eddie.Both Eddie and Rodolfo are like animals torn at one another and broken up without decision, each waiting for the other’s mood.Rodolfo has no responsibilities and has a more frivolous, light-hearted attitude towards life.Eddie is suspicious of Rodolfo’s interest in Catherine; he thinks that Rodolfo only wants to marry her in order to gain American citizenship.He loses his temper very quickly, he threatens Rodolfo and at one point you think he might actually hit Rodolfo.

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A View from the Bridge: the Opening Scene Essay

It signifies Catherine’s choice of Rodolfo over Eddie as she loses her virginity to Rodolfo ?The incident in this scene: Rodolfo and Catherine sleeping together is the final push that sends Eddie over the edge and promote him to report the cousin to the Immigration Bureau.“They are like animals that have torn at one another and broken up without a decision, each other waiting for other’s mood” This description compare Rodolfo and Eddie as “animals”, suggest something dark, terrifying and primal in the situation, which makes the audience feel uneasy and uncomfortable.Throughout the first act, Arthur Miller tells us of Rodolfo and Marco’s arrival and sets up the steps leading to the play’s climax ending.In this scene, Catherine confronts R...

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Smiles thankfully Essay

Eddie begins by happily showing him how to jab and allowing Rodolfo to land multiple punches, with one connecting and grazing Eddie’s jaw.This would annoy Eddie, as he is not receiving any support, she is also saying that Catherine is independent and chose to go with Rodolfo which would raise tension further.Eddie, still keeping up the friendly act, now reverses the roles and tells Rodolfo to block a few punches.Eddie says to Rodolfo “Did I hurt you kid?This time Rodolfo initiates the dancing with his newfound confidence.

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Red Hook district in New York Essay

Miller explores this through the rivalry between Eddie and Rodolfo where Eddie loses his life ironically to the same laws he had set on masculinity while Rodolfo lives on.Rodolfo must have a weak confident voice that begs for attention.While Rodolfo cannot live up to Eddie’s rigorous standard on masculinity Marco can.When Eddie Carbone comes to ask for legal advice about how to handle Rodolfo, Alfieri notices, through Eddie expressing his feelings through actions, that the entire business is corrupt.Eddie reacts with both anger and jealousy, which he tries to hide behind a shield of over-protectiveness, in which he tries to accuse Rodolfo of firstly trying to gain an American passport and then Eddie attacks Rodolfo’s masculinity, especia...

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Dramatic Devices Essay

Towards the end of the scene Rodolfo and Catherine are mostly talking to each other and Catherine seems quite smitten with Rodolfo.The family are awaiting the arrival of Beatrice’s two cousins Marco and Rodolfo who have illegally immigrated to America to seek a better life and to earn money to send home to their families Before the arrival of the two cousins the family are just living normally.After he has stopped Rodolfo singing he tells Catherine to take her high heels off, this embarrasses and angers Catherine.He firstly stops Rodolfo singing ‘look, kid; you don’t want to be picked up do ya?’ The reality is Rodolfo probably would not get picked up but Eddie did not want him to sing because he did not want Rodolfo to please Catherine.M...

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The writer Arthur Miller Essay

Eddie, who has tried his best to put Rodolfo down and outshine him, has been slagged off in front of Rodolfo, who he really despises.Later on in the scene, Eddie was having a conversation with Marco about how Catherine comes home late now since Rodolfo started to take her out.Later on, Eddie gets his opportunity get his own back on Rodolfo for the correction that he made earlier which caused Eddie a lot of embarrassment.Eddie says that he isn’t really Catherine’s father but he would have liked it if Rodolfo would’ve asked for his consent in taking Catherine out.This was an opportunity that Edddie just could not resist and let pass by, he snapped at Rodolfo and said, ‘It ain’t so easy here either, Rodolfo, like you think.’ Eddie is not ju...

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Catherine’s respect Essay

She stated that he ”poisons decent people” in reference to Marco and Rodolfo and she said that ”in the garbage he belongs.Eddie again refers to Rodolfo as a kid, which suggests his disrespect and suggests that if Rodolfo is here for work then he should just work, and not ”fool around”.Catherine spends her last moments sobbing with Rodolfo while Eddie flings himself at Marco.Marco asks Rodolfo to be home early in the future, but Beatrice is aware of Eddie’s intention and she supports Rodolfo.Then Eddie wishes to further test his manly hood and embarrass Rodolfo in front of Catherine by teaching him how to box, and in the process getting to hurt Rodolfo as well.

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Moments of dramatic tension Essay

Once Eddie hears about it he talks and implies Rodolfo’s homosexuality but Rodolfo takes it as a compliment.Until now Marco had always been on his side by apologising for his brother, Rodolfo, but Eddie has now lost his only supporter.The focus goes back to fishing and it is soon revealed that Rodolfo can cook.Eddie and Rodolfo then begin to spar and I believe that the audience are now at the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen.He also asks Rodolfo trying to see his reaction.

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A View from the Bridge Essay

This consequence was created when Eddie did a very unintelligent thing of phoning the immigration bureau to report the two illegal immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco.Two relationships between, Eddie and Beatrice and Catherine and Rodolfo both got disturbed due to the actions undertaken by Eddie which affected the characters.This all leads to violence in which, “Rodolfo flies at him in attack”.” He kisses her to provoke Rodolfo and to see how she and he react.This way Rodolfo and Marco would not get caught and would remain safe whereas the other illegal immigrants wouldn’t.

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Catherine’s wedding Essay

And they spit on him in the street, his own father and brothers.” Now that Eddie has informed immigration about Marco and Rodolfo he thinks that will happen to him, so he’s nervous people will find out it was him who informed immigration.However I don’t think Eddie deserved to die, he was only doing what he thought was correct, he wanted Catherine, and got jealous that someone else could have her, he never meant to hurt anyone, he just wanted to have Catherine to himself and Rodolfo and Marco to go away.My wife.” Eddie winds up Rodolfo and Rodolfo tries to defend Catherine, he tries to attack Eddie but Eddie is much stronger than him.In attempt to cover up his kiss with Catherine Eddie gets Rodolfo and he, “pins his arms, laughing, and s...

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Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is gay.If Rodolfo does hit Eddie back, Eddie would use this as an opportunity to have a fight, this will make Rodolfo look weak and prove to Catherine that Rodolfo is in fact gay.He punches Rodolfo when he is “teaching” him how to box.Eddie being the stronger man “thinks” that he can box with Rodolfo.Eddie wants to see if Rodolfo would hit him back.

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Feelings towards Essay

Marco then issues a challenge to Eddie, asking him to say what Rodolfo has done wrong.He begins to create new problems, however he disguises them so that these problems are perceived as concern for Rodolfo; ‘I mean suppose he gets hit by a car, where’s his papers, who is he, you know what I mean?” Thus making another dig at Rodolfo, implying that he has homosexual tendencies.This is another opportunity for Eddie to put Rodolfo down and he says that he should not be working on the boats but instead working in a dress shop.Eddie says that Catherine was never out on the street till twelve o’clock at night before Rodolfo came.

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Catherine financially Essay

The fact that Rodolfo has no responsibilities means he has lot of time to go out with Catherine and have fun, this creates competition for Eddie, the very fact that Catherine likes Rodolfo makes Eddie frustrated and jealous.At this point in the play Eddie is making fun of Rodolfo, and trying to say in the nicest way possible that Rodolfo is gay.The idea that Catherine is growing up so fast in the play is emphasised when Beatrice’s cousins (Rodolfo and Marco) come to stay, especially with Rodolfo in particular.Eddie then invites Marco and Rodolfo to see a fight with him and uses this opportunity to ‘teach’ Rodolfo how to fight.They are all regarding him now; he senses he is exposing the issue and he is driven on’ I think this stage direct...

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A View from the Bridge. By Arthur Miller Essay

This is what Eddie actually wants to do to Rodolfo.Eddie is amazed by Catherine’s straightforwardness and as he dislikes Rodolfo, he poisons Catherine’s mind against Rodolfo and tried to turn her against him, by coming up with excuses such as, ‘He don’t respect you’.When Rodolfo falls down, Catherine rushes to Rodolfo’s side which horrifies Eddie as he clearly sees where Catherine’s loyalties lie as she shouts ‘Eddie’, which displays her anger.Eddie believes that he can prove himself right to Catherine by fighting Rodolfo.Eddie then tells Rodolfo, ‘I’ll teach him again.

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Katie and Rudolf’s wedding day Essay

To that Eddie replies, “It’s not Rodolfo that’s stolen my name, It’s Marco” He then demands to see Marco.Immigration arrives at the house and both Rodolfo and Marco are arrested.Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, which I thought was a nice gesture but in my opinion Rodolfo wasn’t in the wrong.Before, he made his feelings known without being too upfront and obvious, but now he seems to erupt like a volcano and makes his hatred for Marco and Rodolfo known.Eddie is defiant and ignores Alfieri’s advice and ships Rodolfo and Marco anonymously to immigration.

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Rodolfo Furniture Store Essay

Rodolfo has to evolve with the competition and the technology.At the same time Rodolfo will also have visibility through a balance scorecard on how each department is moving against each of their projected tasks.With the implementation of this new technology Rodolfo will still be in control while also allow him to delegate more to his team.This database decision will allow Rodolfo too effectively direct and adapt to the constant economic, financial, and competitors changes.If at any time Rodolfo identifies any negative deviation or liability, an action plan has to be presented to ensure that we comeback to plan before the next period.

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Melodramatic stage Essay

This new crisis has taken a categorically different turn; Catherine is becoming more and more mutinous and Beatrice is advocating Rodolfo and Catherine.After the dance, Eddie Carbone infuriated by his indignation delivers an atrocious dialogue to the whole of the household about Rodolfo.For example, Eddie’s furore and ire against Rodolfo are disclosed, when Eddie rolls the newspaper in to a tight roll and then it tears in two.Eddie realising her indignation keeps his temper under control, as he wants to show Rodolfo who is the person in jurisdiction of the house Marco who has been without intervention listening to the whole matter gets up in a censurable way and asks Beatrice and Eddie to tell Rodolfo, if he has made any mistakes.Eddie s...

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What Is Socially Responsible Purchasing Management Essay

2008 cited by Mont and Leire (2009) .. A survey conducted by CIPS Australia discovered that “many Australian companies ‘talk’ about their commitment to CSR more than they actually implement it” (CIPS Australia) In some organizations SRP initiatives needed to be agreed by the board of director based on its cost and benefits to the company (Whitehouse 2006, claimed by Mont and Leire (2009).Mont and Leire (2009) mentioned a study of Welford and Frost (2006) that fire-fighting style (solving problem as they come) of management in Asia.(Mont and Leire (2009).(2002) found that the competitive advantage can benefit them in term of improving supplier performance or finding new alternative suppliers, new innovation, new marketing opportunities a...

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Poor Vinny Essay

He punched him and it must have hurt because Rodolfo staggered.Rodolfo made Catherine happy, that was good enough for me.He accused Rodolfo of being homosexual, he even kissed him to try and prove it to Catherine.Eddie didn’t take it very seriously, or else he wouldn’t have told on Marco and Rodolfo.He betrayed Marco and Rodolfo and he betrayed the Sicilian Code.

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Masculinity in “A View from the Bridge” Essay

Show me!” In my view, Eddie is trying to show that he’s a better and stronger man than Rodolfo; he wants to prove to Beatrice and Catherine, that Rodolfo isn’t the man they think he is.Afterwards he asks Rodolfo “Did I hurt you?” In my opinion, Eddie is waiting for Rodolfo to reply “Yes”, so Catherine and Beatrice sees such a weak person he is, but Rodolfo replies “No, no.” This shows the toughness that belongs to Rodolfo that we haven’t seen before in the play.He used to be the king of the household before Marco and Rodolfo came along, and during that time, he was losing his respect due to the treatment he gave them, an example of this is when Eddie phoned the immigration office.However, Eddie tells Rodolfo that “But as long as you owe ...

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A view from the bridge by Arthur Miller

Eddie, seeing the appearance of both Catherine and Rodolfo in front of ‘the bedroom’ loses all sense of reasoning and starts to follow his instincts.‘ his remarks and questions are bitter and barbed which shows his hatred and dislike of Rodolfo and makes the audience feel uncomfortable.He first commands Rodolfo using imperatives to ‘pack it up’ and ‘bet outa here’ and seems to be losing control over the situation as he is trying to get rid of Rodolfo but not of the real problem – his unnatural feelings for Catherine.It reveals his inner self conflict with his reasoning and instincts and shows his external conflict with both Catherine and Rodolfo.Eddie’s emotion is shown to be unstable and is on the verge of breaking as he ‘stands there w...

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View From A Bridge Essay

At the start of Act 2, Eddie becomes frustrated at both Catherine and Rodolfo.You’ll be quiet Rodolfo’.He then moves onto Rodolfo and kisses him ‘and suddenly kisses him’.In the final scene, Eddie is so emasculated that he has nothing to fight for; he feels in power when he pulls out a knife and tries to kill Rodolfo.We see this as there is a tense moment after Eddie tells Rodolfo to stop singing.

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Provoking play Essay

Immigration arrive for Marco and Rodolfo.‘ As immigration take away Marco and Rodolfo Marco spits in Eddies face.He also wants to show he is much stronger than Rodolfo, he wants to prove something to himself and to almost scare Rodolfo.Rodolfo comes and warns Eddie, he warns him that Marco is coming and suggests ways of solving the argument-Eddie ignores him bluntly.Catherine, Rodolfo and Marco have moved upstairs.

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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay

Rodolfo: Rodolfo reveals a huge amount about his character, especially when it is such a small section, but then again it shows how important this extract is to the play.The first hard task we had to overcome was to make the first scene, the love scene between Rodolfo and Catherine to look serious, and to look like they mean what they say, with love and affection.The two hardest parts to the extract was the two issues that Eddie had to perform on Catherine and Rodolfo while at the same time having to have a fight scene.He had always considered Rodolfo to be homosexual ‘ Yeah, but if he ain’t right, Mr Alfieri, you mean to tell me-‘.We as a group had to first agree on the various roles we were to play, Haakon agreed to play the part of Ro...

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Tonnage of the world Essay

Beatrice asks Eddie “what’s he got to learn that for?” and Eddies response is that “…somebody’s liable to step on his foot or sump’m.” Beatrice then tells Rodolfo to “go ahead,” as Eddie’s “…a good boxer…” and that he could learn from him.An example of direct anger being when Rodolfo was hit by Eddie, causing him anger as a result of Eddie’s action towards him.This shows us that Rodolfo is standing up to Eddie, as when he first sang the song, Eddie told him to stop, in case he got “picked up.” Instead, he decided to dance to it, which is a safer option and may make Eddie a little bit angry.An example of indirect anger was when Rodolfo was hit by Eddie, causing Catherine anger, but not directly from Eddie towards her.In the boxing scene, ...

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Catherine and Rodolfo running Essay

This brings out Eddie’s feminine side and shown his hidden true feelings to Rodolfo.As it can somehow define the way Eddie does not want Catherine to be with Rodolfo.” this relates and concludes to Eddie’s kiss scene with Rodolfo.First response he makes is the fact that his niece has lost her virginity to Rodolfo, and at this he realises that he has lost Catherine sexually to Rodolfo.Eddie does realise he has lost Catherine sexually to Rodolfo and he tries his best to reclaim her.

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A view from the bridge Essay

This will create tension between Eddie and Catherine because she doesn’t want him to pester her all the time or to ruin her time with Rodolfo, also Beatrice will wonder why he cares so much about Catherine and Rodolfo and not as much about her, Rodolfo will wonder why he cares so much about Catherine as well, this will create tension between them all.As soon as Rodolfo and Marco arrive Eddie takes a sudden dislike to the cousin, Rodolfo, unlike Catherine who flirts with Rodolfo, much to Eddie’s distaste.But now, if anyone wants to do anything, they just go ahead and do it, without asking for Eddie’s permission first, Rodolfo takes Catherine out without asking Eddie’s permission, showing how Eddie has lost the control in the house.Rodolfo...

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