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Rodolfo Furniture Store Essay

The second analysis that Rodolfo worked was the break-even point for the High-Tech option, which after the required investment and training came up to $1,835,650.If at any time Rodolfo identifies any negative deviation or liability, an action plan has to be presented to ensure that we comeback to plan before the next period.The first analysis that Rodolfo encounter was the break-even point for the current situation, which once completed came up to $1,498,800.Now Rodolfo can implement a well structure and followed budget.This will allow Rodolfo to delegate to his directorship to self-measure the progress or lack of their areas to ensure that Rodolfo’s company achieve and exceed the company goals.

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Arthur Miller’s Essay

It changes slightly so that Beatrice almost sides with Catherine and Rodolfo, I think purely for selfish reasons, as she has the most to gain from Catherine’s absence.Due to analysis, I have come to realise that there is a vicious emotional cycle in place that erodes the already fragile relationship these characters share.In Arthur Miller’s view, Eddie “posses or exemplifies the wondrous and human fact that he too can be driven to what in the last analysis is a sacrifice of himself for his conception, however misguided or right, dignity and justice.Interestingly, with regard to the opinions, each member of the family represents a different opinion; Eddie represents the negative extremity (by wanting Rodolfo gone), Catherine the positive ...

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Play Writes Skills as A Dramatist Essay

Eddie helps his Italian cousins Marco and Rodolfo by smuggling them to America so they can provide for their family.This will make Catherine think that Rodolfo is nothing but a man mouse and Eddie is a man.The two immigrants are Marco and Rodolfo.This incident suggests that Eddie is trying to embarrass Rodolfo in front Catherine.Marco has a wife and two children and Rodolfo is single.

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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay

We also thought that at this time Eddie would be ready to leap at Rodolfo so we made sure that he couldn’t by making Natasha stand in between the two, acting as a sort of a barrier.The first hard task we had to overcome was to make the first scene, the love scene between Rodolfo and Catherine to look serious, and to look like they mean what they say, with love and affection.I thought the real advantage to doing this section was that if we achieved an atmosphere of tension between Rodolfo and Eddie then it would look brilliant.Rodolfo: Rodolfo reveals a huge amount about his character, especially when it is such a small section, but then again it shows how important this extract is to the play.We tried to make it as if Eddie is shocked at...

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The Play and how does Miller Achieve This Essay

There are many questions left unanswered at the end of the play.This may be because Rodolfo has a very feminine character and a great desire to become an American citizen.When Eddie fails to win Catherine over he attempts to get revenge on Rodolfo even if it means him betraying the Italian-American community and Marco whom he has nothing against by snitching on the two brothers to the immigration bureau.Rodolfo Unlike Beatrice and Catherine, who talk together about their thoughts and feelings, Rodolfo reveals little about himself.This hatred is fuelled by him thinking that Rodolfo is gay and has no real feelings for Catherine.

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“Chicano” Mexican-American Movement Essay

In 1967 appeared the most influential Chicano Literary Magazine, El Gallo, initiating the publishing house El Quinto Sol (The Fifth Sun).El Quinto Sol emphasized the Chicano culture, language, themes and styles and a Mexica/Aztec identity and promoted the Spanish Language.In 1970 El Quinto Sol instituted a national award for Chicano Literature, Premio Quinto Sol (Fifth Sun Award) which gave the winner $1000 and published their winning manuscript.The fifth sun referred to the Aztec belief in a period of cultural flowering that would take place some time in the future, in a fifth age that coincided with the rise of the Chicano movement.It first saw the light in print in angry journals or newspapers such as El Grito Magazine or El Gallo New...

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The Struggle of Power Essay

“The Golden Carp and Moby Dick: Rodolfo Anaya’s Multiculturism.” Melus Summer 1999: 24- Academic Search Premier.Before pulling them up, Antonio must explain why he is going to use each herb or root so it will understand and not be angry.Through her knowledge of cures, Ultima uses the power she possess to help others.“Jason’s Indiana: Mexican Americans and the Denial of Indifenous Ethnicity in Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima.” Critique Winter 2004: 45- Academic Search Premier.Kanoza, Theresa.

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“Chicano” Mexican-American Movement Essay

I am Joaquin, written by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in the 1960’s elaborated a version of cultural nationalism that would typify what is called Movement Poetry.It first saw the light in print in angry journals or newspapers such as El Grito Magazine or El Gallo Newspaper.It gave Chicanos a sense of place.El Quinto Sol emphasized the Chicano culture, language, themes and styles and a Mexica/Aztec identity and promoted the Spanish Language.In 1970 El Quinto Sol instituted a national award for Chicano Literature, Premio Quinto Sol (Fifth Sun Award) which gave the winner $1000 and published their winning manuscript.

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How Tension Is Created in the Play “a View from the Bridge? Essay

What does create tension is when Beatrice defends Rodolfo when Eddie is trying to prove it point that Rodolfo is the cause of Catherine staying out late by saying “Well, he didn’t exactly drag her off Eddie.This is said in response to Eddie trying to belittle the brothers and imply their trade is dishonest, so when Rodolfo says “lemons are green” this makes Eddie look the fool and we already know that Eddie feels bitter about the two brothers, especially Rodolfo so when he makes him look stupid, automatic tension is created.Action, movement and gesture are additionally used to reveal tension in the household, for example when Eddie is talking about Rodolfo and how Eddie is different (and better) than Rodolfo, he has “unconsciously twisti...

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Create atmospher Essay

Eddie seems fine and happy then all of a sudden fakes a punch and lands his right on Rodolfo, Rodolfo staggers.Then Catherine ‘rushes to Rodolfo’ this will seriously anger Eddie as it seems Catherine has already made the decision to go with Rodolfo instead.Marco asks Eddie what has he done and Eddie tells him about being late In and Marco say to Rodolfo ‘you come home early now’ Eddie loves how Marco can embarrass and be dominant over Rodolfo.Then miller writes in the stage direction about the paper ‘suddenly tears in two’ this doesn’t only show eddies frustration and strength but also could symbolise Eddie and Catherine’s relationship, it shows if Eddie keeps on pushing her and twisting their relationship and eventually it will break an...

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Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

The next scene involves Marco, Alfieri, Catherine and Rodolfo.Just before the immigration officers arrive, Eddie realises what he has done and screams at Beatrice and Catherine to get Rodolfo and Marco out of the house, but it is too late.She wants to stay with Rodolfo because she is the one she truly loves, but Eddie does not want Catherine to go with Rodolfo, and Catherine knows this and does not want to upset Eddie.Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, is he apologising because he’s not a man or because he is more than a man?When Eddie gets home and realises that Catherine and Rodolfo have slept together; Eddie goes mad and his immediate reaction is to tell Rodolfo to pack his bags and leave.

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Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

Eddie doesn’t have anything in common with Rodolfo because he thinks Rodolfo is different and that he isn’t right.Rodolfo has no responsibilities and has a more frivolous, light-hearted attitude towards life.Both Eddie and Rodolfo are like animals torn at one another and broken up without decision, each waiting for the other’s mood.He is usually very nice to her but lately since Rodolfo moved in, he has been very unsupportive of her and he is trying to get her to change her mind about him because Rodolfo is not like him.The tensions being explored in this scene are the ones between Eddie and Rodolfo and also the tensions between Catherine and Eddie.

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A View from the Bridge: the Opening Scene Essay

Throughout the first act, Arthur Miller tells us of Rodolfo and Marco’s arrival and sets up the steps leading to the play’s climax ending.It is a turning point in the play because it is the first time Catherine and Rodolfo sleep together, symbolising Catherine’s transformation from a “little girl” to a grown woman; and Catherine’s ties with Eddie have finally cut as she chooses Rodolfo over Eddie.The incident in this scene: Rodolfo and Catherine sleeping together is the final push that sends Eddie over the edge and promote him to report the cousin to the Immigration Bureau.“They are like animals that have torn at one another and broken up without a decision, each other waiting for other’s mood” This description compare Rodolfo and Eddie ...

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Smiles thankfully Essay

Eddie, still keeping up the friendly act, now reverses the roles and tells Rodolfo to block a few punches.This time Rodolfo initiates the dancing with his newfound confidence.” Eddie enjoyed embarrassing Rodolfo and wishes to do it again.” to which Rodolfo replies “No,no, he didn’t hurt me” flashing a smile towards Eddie.This would annoy Eddie, as he is not receiving any support, she is also saying that Catherine is independent and chose to go with Rodolfo which would raise tension further.

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Red Hook district in New York Essay

Another factor that makes Eddie distrust Rodolfo is that Rodolfo does not live up to Eddie’s views on masculinity.Rodolfo must have a weak confident voice that begs for attention.While Rodolfo cannot live up to Eddie’s rigorous standard on masculinity Marco can.Due to Eddie’s distrust of Rodolfo scenes of tension take place such as the situation with when Catherine finally makes the decision to leave home so Eddie, because he cannot express his feelings toward Catherine and Rodolfo, kisses them.Rodolfo can cook, he is a tailor, he can sing, he likes films and Eddie feels that all this is feminine so he thinks that Rodolfo is gay “the guy ain`t right”.Miller does this by putting Rodolfo and Eddie into direct conflict.

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Dramatic Devices Essay

From this we can see that if there was ever a problem for Rodolfo, Marco would help him and look out for him.From the scene where Marco and Rodolfo arrive we can foresee that something is going to happen and there is going to be problems, especially between Rodolfo, Catherine and Eddie.He firstly stops Rodolfo singing ‘look, kid; you don’t want to be picked up do ya?’ The reality is Rodolfo probably would not get picked up but Eddie did not want him to sing because he did not want Rodolfo to please Catherine.Rodolfo irritates Eddie again by saying ‘especially when they are so beautiful’ and indicates to Catherine.After he has stopped Rodolfo singing he tells Catherine to take her high heels off, this embarrasses and angers Catherine.

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Language and Arthur Millers skills as a dramatist Essay

The stage directions state at a point, “He looks at [Catherine] like a lost boy”, when she reveals her feeling for Rodolfo to him, but he is unable to admit it to everybody else.This is since, although he is generous to offer his home to two of his wife’s cousins, Marco and Rodolfo, he believes he is Superior.In my analysis, I have shown how Arthur Miller portrays this in an effective and skilful way, which shows his brilliant ability as a writer.This brought his redeemed respect again to an all time low.He quickly begins to feel extremely jealous of the immediate impression Rodolfo makes on Catherine.

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The writer Arthur Miller Essay

Later on in the scene, Eddie was having a conversation with Marco about how Catherine comes home late now since Rodolfo started to take her out.He might even be trying to create a guilty conscience inside of Rodolfo.Eddie says that he isn’t really Catherine’s father but he would have liked it if Rodolfo would’ve asked for his consent in taking Catherine out.Eddie, who has tried his best to put Rodolfo down and outshine him, has been slagged off in front of Rodolfo, who he really despises.Rodolfo was just mentioning how the freedom in America was so much better then the freedom in Italy.

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Catherine’s respect Essay

It seems definite that Rodolfo will be free from the law after marrying Catherine, as then he will be an American.Eddie again refers to Rodolfo as a kid, which suggests his disrespect and suggests that if Rodolfo is here for work then he should just work, and not ”fool around”.Alfieri and Catherine visit Marco and Rodolfo at the prison, where they discus the situation and how to act now.But Beatrice stops him and yet again neutralises the action, and just then Rodolfo enters.Catherine spends her last moments sobbing with Rodolfo while Eddie flings himself at Marco.

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Moments of dramatic tension Essay

Rodolfo does not want to make anything worse so he says that it didn’t hurl him and only surprised him.It then becomes clear what Eddie’s intensions were, he wanted an excuse to take his anger on Rodolfo out.He also asks Rodolfo trying to see his reaction.Once Eddie hears about it he talks and implies Rodolfo’s homosexuality but Rodolfo takes it as a compliment.The focus goes back to fishing and it is soon revealed that Rodolfo can cook.

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A View from the Bridge Essay

This all leads to violence in which, “Rodolfo flies at him in attack”.Eddie, at his point is jealous following what Rodolfo and Catherine have been up to and knows that he cannot have her.Eddie gets dominant over Catherine by grabbing her and stopping her from following Rodolfo to her bedroom.At this point Eddie kisses Rodolfo to show Catherine he is gay and to show her that Rodolfo did not prevent this from happening.This consequence was created when Eddie did a very unintelligent thing of phoning the immigration bureau to report the two illegal immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco.

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Catherine’s wedding Essay

When he gets home Rodolfo and Marco have moved out, into a flat upstairs with two new immigrants.Rodolfo comes in to warn Eddie about Marco, saying he’s praying in the church, and then he’s coming for Eddie.Then Rodolfo shouts at Eddie to let go of her, Eddie asks if he wants something and Rodolfo bursts out, “Yes!However I don’t think Eddie deserved to die, he was only doing what he thought was correct, he wanted Catherine, and got jealous that someone else could have her, he never meant to hurt anyone, he just wanted to have Catherine to himself and Rodolfo and Marco to go away.Marco and Rodolfo can be put on bail until their court hearing, but Marco has to promise he wont hurt Eddie.

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Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

The first of which was when Eddie and Beatrice are waiting on Catherine and Rodolfo to return home from the cinema.Eddie wants to prove to Rodolfo that he is more superior and more of a man than Rodolfo.Eddie being the stronger man “thinks” that he can box with Rodolfo.Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is gay.If Rodolfo does hit Eddie back, Eddie would use this as an opportunity to have a fight, this will make Rodolfo look weak and prove to Catherine that Rodolfo is in fact gay.

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Feelings towards Essay

Then Catherine is overcome with rebellion/revolt and asks Rodolfo to dance, causing Eddie to freeze and feel uncomfortable.Rodolfo realises this and refuses to dance however Beatrice and Catherine soon persuade him.Marco instantly tells Rodolfo that he must come home early now.Eddie says that Catherine was never out on the street till twelve o’clock at night before Rodolfo came.” Thus making another dig at Rodolfo, implying that he has homosexual tendencies.

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Catherine financially Essay

Eddie then invites Marco and Rodolfo to see a fight with him and uses this opportunity to ‘teach’ Rodolfo how to fight.The fact that Rodolfo has no responsibilities means he has lot of time to go out with Catherine and have fun, this creates competition for Eddie, the very fact that Catherine likes Rodolfo makes Eddie frustrated and jealous.At this point in the play Eddie is making fun of Rodolfo, and trying to say in the nicest way possible that Rodolfo is gay.The idea that Catherine is growing up so fast in the play is emphasised when Beatrice’s cousins (Rodolfo and Marco) come to stay, especially with Rodolfo in particular.Eddie comes home drunk when, for the first time, Catherine and Rodolfo are alone.

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A View from the Bridge. By Arthur Miller Essay

This is what Eddie actually wants to do to Rodolfo.In conclusion, at the end of Act One, Eddie’s love for Catherine has become aggression towards Rodolfo.Rodolfo is only going to marry her just so that he can become an American citizen, which deeply hurts Catherine and almost poisons her mind against Rodolfo.Eddie believes that he can prove himself right to Catherine by fighting Rodolfo.When Rodolfo falls down, Catherine rushes to Rodolfo’s side which horrifies Eddie as he clearly sees where Catherine’s loyalties lie as she shouts ‘Eddie’, which displays her anger.

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Katie and Rudolf’s wedding day Essay

At this point I felt exceptionally upset as Katie and Rodolfo had found love and Marco was working to feed his family.When Eddie visits Alfieri regarding legally preventing Rodolfo seeing Katie, Alfieri advises him to ‘let them be’.Eddie is defiant and ignores Alfieri’s advice and ships Rodolfo and Marco anonymously to immigration.Luckily Rodolfo was allowed to stay in the country as he was getting married to Catherine and becoming a citizen.To that Eddie replies, “It’s not Rodolfo that’s stolen my name, It’s Marco” He then demands to see Marco.

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Melodramatic stage Essay

After the dance, Eddie Carbone infuriated by his indignation delivers an atrocious dialogue to the whole of the household about Rodolfo.Eddie seems to be the only person secluded trying to what he thinks, protect Catherine from Rodolfo.This new crisis has taken a categorically different turn; Catherine is becoming more and more mutinous and Beatrice is advocating Rodolfo and Catherine.At this point in the play, audience know that Eddie Carbone is very prophylactic towards his niece and he despises Rodolfo.Eddie realising her indignation keeps his temper under control, as he wants to show Rodolfo who is the person in jurisdiction of the house Marco who has been without intervention listening to the whole matter gets up in a censurable way...

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Poor Vinny Essay

Rodolfo made Catherine happy, that was good enough for me.He shouldn’t have told on Marco and Rodolfo, it went against everything Eddie believed in.He punched him and it must have hurt because Rodolfo staggered.I remember once Eddie was teaching Rodolfo how to box, Eddie saw this as a very manly thing to do.Eddie didn’t take it very seriously, or else he wouldn’t have told on Marco and Rodolfo.

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Masculinity in “A View from the Bridge” Essay

There is a lot of discussion during the play, asking is Rodolfo just looking after himself, by wanting to marry an American.He used to be the king of the household before Marco and Rodolfo came along, and during that time, he was losing his respect due to the treatment he gave them, an example of this is when Eddie phoned the immigration office.You have Eddie and Marco, who are two extremely strong men, and you have Rodolfo, who is extremely keen on more feminine activates.Where Eddie and Marco are much more macho than Rodolfo, unlike Eddie and Marco, Rodolfo sees sewing, cooking and singing as manly.Although Eddie isn’t the biggest fan of Rodolfo, we learn at the end of the first act that Rodolfo is the kind of man that Beatrice and Cat...

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