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Poker de Espanto en el Caribe

Entre las mujeres públicas de Puerto Cabezas consiguió unos treinta rifles que ellas habían salvado de las aguas del mar, y unos seis mil tiros; remonté con esa carga el río Coco, en el norte de la parte oriental del país, y organizó un pequeño ejército en las montañas de Las Segovias.La mayor parte de la población ocupa más o menos un tercio del territorio, el que está situado ente el sistema montañoso que da al Pacífico y ese mar; y aun esa tercera parte se concentra más bien en un triángulo formado entre Granada, al sur, León al norte y la capital, Managua.A esa misma hora Tacho Somoza escuchaba un recital que ofrecía la poetisa peruana Zoila Rosa Cárdenas en el Campo de Marte, siendo ésta la primera vez que un acto de esa naturaleza ...

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In Spanish – Personajes Essay

Esa tarde, despui?Una Mujer Negra – En la escena la mujer Negra se sienta sobre los pasos que se dirigen a Eunice cuando Blanche llega, y ella encuentra los gestos abiertamente sexuales de Stanley hacia Stella alegre.Shaw viaja con regularidad por Laurel.LA PROSTITUTA – los Momentos antes de que Stanley viole a Blanche, la pared trasera del apartamento de los Kowalskis se hace transparente, y Blanche ve a una prostituta en la calle siendo perseguida por un borracho masculino.n de Blanche en Laurel, Mississippi.

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Various Cause Effects Of Video Games Psychology Essay

Puzzle based video games give valuable practice lessons of time management, helps to sharpen specific skills needed to succeed in the game, encourages critical analysis and thought and improves cognitive abilities (Wolf, 2001, p17; Seller, 2006, p20).Even though clear correlation between violent shooting attacks by teenagers and interactive gaming has not been established in all cases, the increase in vocal abuse and insensitiveness towards crime itself are appalling.The revenue obtained by video game sales in US was $11M in 2008 with Wii console games at the top according to NPD statistics (ESA, 2009, p10).American Health Association’s research has given results stating that time spend by teenagers belonging to lower socio-economic stat...

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Rodolfo Furniture Store Essay

This will provide Rodolfo a better grasp of his financial statements and what may impact the favorably or unfavorably.This will offer Rodolfo the opportunity to focus on growing other segments of the furniture business capitalizing the growth potential of this new investment.Now Rodolfo can implement a well structure and followed budget.Rodolfo has to evolve with the competition and the technology.The second analysis that Rodolfo worked was the break-even point for the High-Tech option, which after the required investment and training came up to $1,835,650.

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Do You Think There Is Gender War Essay

As eminent in the book “Huevos y la Mujer Latina,” the situations prevalent within a particular community dictates the kind of gender war.As an important tool, it is applicable within diverse societal contexts (Segura 92).Segura, Camacho J. Huevos Y La Mujer Latina: The De-Masculinization of the Macho.The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the different kinds of gender wars.The book unearths some stereotype thinking and perceptions that people have had on gender and war.

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Abuso Sexual Infantil Y Sus Consecuencias en La Vida Adulta

Animaba a sus pacientes a que escribiera y hablara de las atrocidades vividas durante el combate.El motivo era que seguía la línea de toda la medicina militar.Esa enorme “ciudad de locos” llevaba tiempo siendo el centro de beneficencia de los más desdichados del proletariado parisino: mendigos, prostitutas y locos.S. Sasoo, un jóven oficial y más famoso paciente le respondió con gratitud t su psicoterapia fue considerada un éxito.Siguiendo una línea de tratamiento humanitario, Rivers había establecido dos principios que serían utilizados por los psiquiatras militares americanos en la siguiente guerra.

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Arthur Miller’s Essay

Due to analysis, I have come to realise that there is a vicious emotional cycle in place that erodes the already fragile relationship these characters share.It changes slightly so that Beatrice almost sides with Catherine and Rodolfo, I think purely for selfish reasons, as she has the most to gain from Catherine’s absence.He feels displaced, like Catherine is bestowing all her affection on Rodolfo.Here is a diagram and an explanation: Catherine and Rodolfo take Beatrice’s advice.In conclusion, Arthur Miller uses many types of tension in his play ‘A View From The Bridge’: climatic tension, dedicated to keeping the middle unknown; tension of discovery, to keep the play fresh with plenty of plot twists, and to keep the character’s personas ...

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Play Writes Skills as A Dramatist Essay

Eddie helps his Italian cousins Marco and Rodolfo by smuggling them to America so they can provide for their family.This will make Catherine think that Rodolfo is nothing but a man mouse and Eddie is a man.For example he says “I’ll teach you” to Rodolfo.The two immigrants are Marco and Rodolfo.Analysing A Scene from the play ‘A View from the Bridge’ Showing the P Play Writes Skills as A Dramatist  The paly which I analysis is by Arthur miller called “a view from the bridge”.

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Directing and Acting an Extract FromA View From he Bridge Essay

Rodolfo: Rodolfo reveals a huge amount about his character, especially when it is such a small section, but then again it shows how important this extract is to the play.We tried to make it as if Eddie is shocked at Rodolfo for even being there and that he was even lost for words until he regains his voice, tries to act all hard again and aggressively points his finger at him.I thought the real advantage to doing this section was that if we achieved an atmosphere of tension between Rodolfo and Eddie then it would look brilliant.He had always considered Rodolfo to be homosexual ‘ Yeah, but if he ain’t right, Mr Alfieri, you mean to tell me-‘.The two hardest parts to the extract was the two issues that Eddie had to perform on Catherine and...

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Filipino people Essay

A new Filipina was formed, a person moulded to the image and likeness of the perfect woman of the Iberian society of her one-day lecture, reflecting on the status of the pre-Spanish Filipino woman, as this helped me understand why we sometimes have this strange feeling of being different from how we had been brought up… that is, being meek, obedient and humble… in short, a good mujer christiana.This way, she possessed equal rights with regard to divorce according to law and custom.To summarize, the pre-Spanish filipino woman, the mujer indigena had an honoured position in the family and society, which was dispensed with by the Spaniards.

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Need of a Strengthened Species Act Essay

However, considering the current environmental challenges, the analysis shall look into the differing perspectives concerning the viability of expanding the tenets inscribed within the ESA.“The 1970s case of the snail darter (Percina tanasi), a small fish on the Little Tennessee River that was threatened with extinction by the building of a dam, led to an amendment allowing petitions for exemption from ESA requirements.References Desiderio, M. (2002) Chapter 27: ESA Reform: Facing Hard Truths.The suggestions made here, after analyzing the conflicting perspectives are technical enough to advance the force behind the implementation of ESA.More recently, critics have questioned the science behind ESA enforcement, arguing that healthy specie...

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The Play and how does Miller Achieve This Essay

This may be because Rodolfo has a very feminine character and a great desire to become an American citizen.Character Analysis In this section I will analyse Eddie’s and Alfieri’s, Catherine’s Beatrice’s, Rodolfo’s and Marco’s personalities and symbolic actions.Catherine The drama in the play is all focused around Catherine; the two men Eddie and Rodolfo both compete for her love.This is what makes Eddie act irrationally by transferring his love for Catherine into hate for Rodolfo.However, she has a very childish character which makes the audience wonder whether she really understands why Eddie is behaving so irrationally and whether Rodolfo really loves her.

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Becoming La Mujer And Selena English Literature Essay

Their sexual life became a sort of self-sacrifice, which they did not really want.As the matter of fact, the father’s law contributed to the development of serious psychological problems and problems in the sexual life of girls, main characters of “Becoming La Mujer” and “Selena”, Marisa Navarro and Selena respectively.On analyzing “Becoming La Mujer” and “Selena”, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the main character of the essay and the film, Marisa and Selena are, to a significant extent, similar and so is their experience in their sexual life and maturation.They had to break not only the law of the father but their own views, beliefs, and values.In this respect, it is possible to refer to “Becoming La Mujer” and “Sele...

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Principales Temas Essay

rica de la posguerra y las restricciones contra la homosexual como Allan.n. Han muerto o se han suicidado en un arrebato de pi??n entre fantasi??Hay distintos tipos de violencia: La violencia verbal(Stanley habla de forma brusca a su mujer y a la hermana de esta, Blanche.

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How Tension Is Created in the Play “a View from the Bridge? Essay

This is said in response to Eddie trying to belittle the brothers and imply their trade is dishonest, so when Rodolfo says “lemons are green” this makes Eddie look the fool and we already know that Eddie feels bitter about the two brothers, especially Rodolfo so when he makes him look stupid, automatic tension is created.Action, movement and gesture are additionally used to reveal tension in the household, for example when Eddie is talking about Rodolfo and how Eddie is different (and better) than Rodolfo, he has “unconsciously twisting the newspaper into a tight role…until it eventually tears in two…” This automatically creates tension as it is if Eddie has subconsciously been showing them all his true feelings of Rodolfo.It does so in ...

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Create atmospher Essay

Boxing is another manly sport that feminine Rodolfo can’t do, and Eddie knows this so takes advantage of this weakness knowing he won’t be able to defend himself so expects Rodolfo to be weak.Eddie seems fine and happy then all of a sudden fakes a punch and lands his right on Rodolfo, Rodolfo staggers.Then the atmosphere turns violent and tense, it starts out Eddie saying about how he could teach Marco how to box, then he turns to Rodolfo and then states ‘well come on, I’ll teach you’ instantly this seems an innocent gesture from anyone else but not Eddie, he knows what he is doing and just wants to get back at Rodolfo.Then miller writes in the stage direction about the paper ‘suddenly tears in two’ this doesn’t only show eddies frustrat...

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Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

The next scene involves Marco, Alfieri, Catherine and Rodolfo.She wants to stay with Rodolfo because she is the one she truly loves, but Eddie does not want Catherine to go with Rodolfo, and Catherine knows this and does not want to upset Eddie.Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, is he apologising because he’s not a man or because he is more than a man?‘ This is in regard to Rodolfo marrying Catherine.Rodolfo lunges at Eddie in anger, but Rodolfo is no match for Eddie, and Eddie merely pins him and then kisses him.

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Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

He loses his temper very quickly, he threatens Rodolfo and at one point you think he might actually hit Rodolfo.Eddie makes excuses and says that he hasn’t been feeling good since Marco and Rodolfo moved in.Eddie doesn’t have anything in common with Rodolfo because he thinks Rodolfo is different and that he isn’t right.Eddie is suspicious of Rodolfo’s interest in Catherine; he thinks that Rodolfo only wants to marry her in order to gain American citizenship.If it is this that Catherine finds attractive about Rodolfo, Eddie finds it repulsive and unmanly.

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A View from the Bridge: the Opening Scene Essay

It is in this scene Eddie’s patience runs out and in this scene he realises he has lost Catherine to Rodolfo.When Eddie breaks the silence, he tells Rodolfo to get out and tells him to “watch your step, submarine.In this scene, Catherine confronts Rodolfo over Eddie’s allegation that Rodolfo only wants to marry Catherine to be an American.It signifies Catherine’s choice of Rodolfo over Eddie as she loses her virginity to Rodolfo ?“They are like animals that have torn at one another and broken up without a decision, each other waiting for other’s mood” This description compare Rodolfo and Eddie as “animals”, suggest something dark, terrifying and primal in the situation, which makes the audience feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Smiles thankfully Essay

So Eddie issues the challenge directly to Rodolfo, saying that he will teach him how to box.This would annoy Eddie, as he is not receiving any support, she is also saying that Catherine is independent and chose to go with Rodolfo which would raise tension further.Eddie begins by happily showing him how to jab and allowing Rodolfo to land multiple punches, with one connecting and grazing Eddie’s jaw.Eddie says to Rodolfo “Did I hurt you kid?The song playing is ‘Paper Doll’, Rodolfo places his arms around Catherine, which would usually anger Eddie, however Marco distracts him.

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Red Hook district in New York Essay

Rodolfo does not try to manipulate the women in the play instead he helps them, he does this by giving advice and being supportive like what he tells Catherine after she asks him to teach her to be independent.Miller explores this through the rivalry between Eddie and Rodolfo where Eddie loses his life ironically to the same laws he had set on masculinity while Rodolfo lives on.Due to Eddie’s distrust of Rodolfo scenes of tension take place such as the situation with when Catherine finally makes the decision to leave home so Eddie, because he cannot express his feelings toward Catherine and Rodolfo, kisses them.Rodolfo must have a weak confident voice that begs for attention.While Rodolfo cannot live up to Eddie’s rigorous standard on ma...

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Dramatic Devices Essay

After he has stopped Rodolfo singing he tells Catherine to take her high heels off, this embarrasses and angers Catherine.From this we can see that if there was ever a problem for Rodolfo, Marco would help him and look out for him.Eddie can see that something is going to happen between Catherine and Rodolfo and we can see this from the stage direction with says ‘his face puffed with trouble’ this tells us that he does not want something to happen between Catherine and Rodolfo.Rodolfo irritates Eddie again by saying ‘especially when they are so beautiful’ and indicates to Catherine.Marco and Rodolfo clearly have a good brotherly relationship and Marco seems to have some control over Rodolfo as he seems able to tell him what to do.

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Language and Arthur Millers skills as a dramatist Essay

In conclusion, Eddie, although being a real man at the start, ends his life in a shameful and cowardly way.This brought his redeemed respect again to an all time low.In this part of the play, he also shows how he had planned the fight and was so obsessed that he brought a knife and fought like a coward.He quickly begins to feel extremely jealous of the immediate impression Rodolfo makes on Catherine.I feel that ‘A View from the Bridge’ is a very high-quality book with a interesting and deep story, giving it full marks in my view.

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The writer Arthur Miller Essay

Eddie says that he isn’t really Catherine’s father but he would have liked it if Rodolfo would’ve asked for his consent in taking Catherine out.The friction between Eddie and Rodolfo was set off due to their feelings for Catherine, Beatrice’s and Eddie’s niece.The correction that Eddie made to Rodolfo was not just for the sake of joy and satisfaction of knowing that he had accomplished pay back, no, there was a deeper meaning to Eddie’s purpose.Rodolfo was just mentioning how the freedom in America was so much better then the freedom in Italy.Rodolfo also cares about her but his love is different, his loves goes deep down into the chamber of his heart where a lies a place for one women in his life who he will never let go and love till d...

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Catherine’s respect Essay

Alfieri and Catherine visit Marco and Rodolfo at the prison, where they discus the situation and how to act now.Marco asks Rodolfo to be home early in the future, but Beatrice is aware of Eddie’s intention and she supports Rodolfo.But Beatrice stops him and yet again neutralises the action, and just then Rodolfo enters.Eddie again refers to Rodolfo as a kid, which suggests his disrespect and suggests that if Rodolfo is here for work then he should just work, and not ”fool around”.But both Alfieri and Rodolfo ask him to vow that he would not lay a hand on Eddie, let alone killing him.

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Moments of dramatic tension Essay

The tension once again is high and Rodolfo asks Catherine to dance to annoy Eddie.He also asks Rodolfo trying to see his reaction.Until now Marco had always been on his side by apologising for his brother, Rodolfo, but Eddie has now lost his only supporter.Everyone is impressed thinking that Eddie is making the effort to try to like Rodolfo, but then Eddie comes with a trick attack and lands a blow on Rodolfo.Rodolfo does not want to make anything worse so he says that it didn’t hurl him and only surprised him.

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A View from the Bridge Essay

Soon after they decided, they did not have enough time to move, as the officers came to pick Rodolfo and Marco up.This all leads to violence in which, “Rodolfo flies at him in attack”.” He kisses her to provoke Rodolfo and to see how she and he react.Two relationships between, Eddie and Beatrice and Catherine and Rodolfo both got disturbed due to the actions undertaken by Eddie which affected the characters.Eddie, at his point is jealous following what Rodolfo and Catherine have been up to and knows that he cannot have her.

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Catherine’s wedding Essay

When he gets home Rodolfo and Marco have moved out, into a flat upstairs with two new immigrants.Rodolfo comes in to warn Eddie about Marco, saying he’s praying in the church, and then he’s coming for Eddie.Alfieri gives him a second piece of advice, he says, “Even those who understand you will turn against you, even the ones who feel the same will despise you.” He is warning Eddie not to do anything, not to report Marco and Rodolfo and also not to do anything with Catherine.However I don’t think Eddie deserved to die, he was only doing what he thought was correct, he wanted Catherine, and got jealous that someone else could have her, he never meant to hurt anyone, he just wanted to have Catherine to himself and Rodolfo and Marco to go a...

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Catherine and Rodolfo Essay

In the second extract Eddie tries to prove that he is more superior and more important than Rodolfo and Marco.Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is gay.If Rodolfo does hit Eddie back, Eddie would use this as an opportunity to have a fight, this will make Rodolfo look weak and prove to Catherine that Rodolfo is in fact gay.Eddie wants to prove to Rodolfo that he is more superior and more of a man than Rodolfo.Eddie being the stronger man “thinks” that he can box with Rodolfo.

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Feelings towards Essay

Then Catherine is overcome with rebellion/revolt and asks Rodolfo to dance, causing Eddie to freeze and feel uncomfortable.” Thus making another dig at Rodolfo, implying that he has homosexual tendencies.Marco then issues a challenge to Eddie, asking him to say what Rodolfo has done wrong.This is another opportunity for Eddie to put Rodolfo down and he says that he should not be working on the boats but instead working in a dress shop.Rodolfo mistakenly takes this as a compliment and smiles thankfully.

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