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Freud and Klein, Jung, and Rogers Theories Comparison

This paper reports the same frustration as described in the previous footnote, from the specific perspective of clerics who may have received training in secular forms of psychological counselling.The dispute with Freud regarding whether analysis produced causal explanations or interpretations seems to me like it could be unnecessary.1 .. Fordham notes that the earliest application of analysis to a child of which he is aware was to a child aged 13 months, a process that was ‘hardly at all verbal’ (Fordham 1995, p145).As Fordham (1995, p79f) notes, Jung was dissatisfied with what he took to be the mechanical nature of Freudian explanations, and preferred to think of the process of analysis as one of interpretation, leading to understandi...

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My Experiential Challenging Essay

London: Sage Publications.Rogers, C. (1967).On becoming a person: a therapist’s view of psychotherapy.The essay has, therefore, performed a comprehensive analysis of the theory in relation to incident about child birth.Melbourne: Collins Dove.

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The Therapeutic Relationship Essay

Mearns, D & Thorne, B (1988) Person-Centred Counselling in Action – References .Whereas Person-centred theories focus on actualisation and awareness, Transactional Analysis (‘TA’) was originally aiming to ‘cure the patient’ (Eric Berne 1965).With my intrigued stirred this essay will be an exploration of the Therapeutic Relationship within Person-centred and Transactional Analysis primarily but touching on Gestalt, as well as its relation to me and my experiences of use within triads, in order to facilitate an effective and respectful relationship, which is comfortably bound by the BACP Code of Ethics.Rogers, C. (2003) Client-Centred Therapy – References .Rogers, C. (1994) On Becoming a Person – References .

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Cannibalism Among Dinosaurs

I could not find, within the text, any data or study that would lead me to believe the research conducted in Madagascar was flawed in any way.Nature, 422, 515-518, (2003).As stated in the articles, a great deal of information that we have concerning dinosaurs behavior is juts an educated guess.With that I did not feel that there were any embellishments made as well.This new research and discovery is important because it is data that shows us how dinosaurs may have acted back 70 million years.

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Free Essay on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter - The Sins

There is one worse than even the polluted priest that old mans revenge has been blacker than my sins .He has violated in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart, thou and I Hester never did so" (ch 17).And others say that even the little Pearl is the worst sinner , due to her anger and hatred towards the puritans.Others say that Roger is the worst one because he tried to destroyed someone else's life.88) Finally, the last sinner was Roger Chilingworth, or Roger Prynne.Despite all of these conclusions, I conclude with a thought that makes more sense to me.All sins are equal in God's eyes.

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Summer Reading Analysis

Roger is so upset about his wife’s betrayal to him, his thirst for revenge goes to the extreme.In The Awakening by Kate Chopin, two major themes are love and isolation in society.Overall, revenge/betrayal and isolation in society are the two biggest themes in The Scarlet Letter.In this long paragraph, Roger is saying that the reason he is living is to get revenge on Dimmesdale for Hester’s betrayal to him.This ties into the theme of isolation in society.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy Essay

In fact, it was no more effective than the placebo condition (Glass 1983; cited in Krebs & Blackman, 1988).Pescitelli (1996) cites one meta-analysis of psychotherapy effectiveness that looked at 400 studies, and person-centred therapy was found least effective.It is similar to other orientations such as CBT and psychodynamic therapy, with evidence indicating that all schools may be efficacious for clients with depressive, traumatic, schizophrenic and health related problems, but there is less evidence on the impact of anxiety disorders (Elliott, Greenberg et al., 2004).Rogers (1959:213) wrote: ‘that the client perceives, at least to a minimal degree, conditions 4 and 5 – the unconditional positive regard of the therapist for the clie...

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Self-Reflection Paper Essay

N.J., & Rogers, C. R. (1995).), Current psychotherapies (5th ed.,pp.Genuine hallmark emotions of a counselor who has opened him-or herself to emotional experience of the client-counselor relationship is aware of the client’s feeling and gives voice whether negative or positive this will help the relationship moved forward (Roger, 1977, pp.Building on the work of Allport and Raymond Cattell cotemporary researchers have used factor analysis to identify the five basic dimensions of personality.Roger in 1969 states “When I can accept the fact that I have deficiencies, many faults, make lots of mistakes, and am often ignorant when I should be knowledgeable.

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Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay

Roger: No, not at all.I hope that with my thorough evaluation of the origin, causes, symptoms, and treatments of post-traumatic stress disorder, I am able to help Roger overcome the symptoms that he is experiencing from his post-traumatic stress disorder and assist him with his therapy so that he can return back to a normal life.Me: I can completely understand why you feel that way, Roger.Roger: After I have my nightmares, I usually can’t go back to sleep I go jogging.After the interview with Roger, I was able to gain more insight about his situation and am able to confirm that he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Michael Moore's Roger & Me Essay

Since it is a real story, it is not telling some story of how things could be or would be, but how things really are.Fred Ross must evict numerous people out of their homes daily so that he has a roof over his head and food for himself.Roger & Me examines how Moore's hometown of Flint is affected when General Motors closes down a series of factories in order to set up production in Mexico.Michael Moore's Roger & Me Roger & Me is a documentary film chronicling the workings of one of the world’s largest corporations, General Motors, as it nearly turns its hometown of Flint, Michigan, into a ghost town.Roger & Me is a great documentary film.

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Literary Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter ' Essay

This shows the significance of this chapter as it creates the resolution of the novel, with Dimmesdale finally redeeming his holiness by confessing his sins to everyone in public.... decides to further his punishment on them for “the law” they broke.In chapter four, “The Interview”, Hester is currently behind bars and is then greeted by a physician, Roger Chillingworth, who is also her former husband as quoted, “Master Brackett, the jailer, thought fit to introduce a physician…His name was announced as Roger Chillingworth.” (Hawthorne 67-68).Even if I imagine a scheme of vengeance, what could I do better for my object than to let thee live – than to give thee medicines against all harm and peril of life – so that this burning shame may s...

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History of Rogers and his Person centred approach

This is done through a process called transference where the therapist takes on the role of important figures from the therapist’s childhood.In doing so the client is then able to choose new responses instead of being driven by past and until now unconscious choices.Another humanistic psychologist, Eric Berne, founded Transactional Analysis (TA).Freud theorised that personality is developed by the person’s childhood experience.One aim of psychodynamic therapy is for the therapist to interpret the client’s experiences, using the client’s dreams and free associations, in order to explain the client’s unconscious motives and bring them into consciousness.

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analyse and reflect in a critical way on my use of counselling:

.. Clients who have a strong urge in the direction of exploring themselves and their feelings and who value personal responsibility may be particularly attracted to the person-centred approach.Change is addressed in transactional analysis by creating a contract between the client and therapist – like the other therapies discussed motivation for change is seen to be centred within the client, and the client is seen to understand what is best for them.I chose this transcript for the purposes of the analysis because Mrs M. Krielaart and I shared a good working relationship as course colleagues, although prior to this session we could not claim to know each other well.Transactional analysis in counselling is usually focussed more tightly on...

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Leadership and Human Behavior Essay

In the following lines, I will like to highlight some cases that caught my attention.Describing her own management style, she said that, “I like to nip my conflicts right in bud and deal with them head on, straight on, not hide them under things.Secondly, I will examine different leadership style through analysis of some cases studies explored in class.Leadership Style Through the readings, analysis and class discussions of different cases studies explored in this class, I gained awareness of different leadership styles.Some people in the case described her as a “good thinker, hard worker, and she delivers what she says she is going to deliver”.

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Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Approach

Rogerian Therapy.Personality Theories.Counselling Resource.An Introduction to Person-Centered Counselling.An Analysis of Carl Rogers’ Theory of Personality.

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Revenge in Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter Essays

“At old Roger Chillingworth’s decease (which took place within the year).” (Hawthorne, 272).When Roger Chillingworth is first introduced to the reader, we see a kind old man, who just has planted the seeds for revenge.“Old Roger Chillingworth knelt down beside him, with a blank, dull countenance, out of which life seemed to have departed.I shall feel myself shudder, suddenly and unawares” (Hawthorne, 101) As the novel develops, Roger Chillingworth has centered himself on Arthur Dimmesdale, but he cannot prove that he is the “one.” Chillingworth has become friends with Dimmesdale, because he has a “strange disease,” that needed to be cured; Chillingworth suspects something and begins to drill Dimmesdale.He devoted his entire life to reven...

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A Tribute to a Mentor

After we returned from deployment, Sgt.He was and always will be a true mentor and his presence with live through any Marine he ever led.Rogers had been killed in the line of duty.He had only been in Afghanistan for two weeks, and it almost didn’t seem real.I knew how he inspired me, but it was not until I attended his memorial, that I saw how many lives he affected.

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Scarlet Letter Diary Entries Essay

Everything is perfect, except Roger isn't here.I've worn it to church once and got dozens of compliments on it.I've even got some offers from some of the 'better off' folk, to make dresses for them, but I declined.I miss Roger a little bit, and hope he comes soon.I keep wondering when he'll a... .

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A Critical Psychological Approach Psychology Essay

All of the three models are based on experimental psychology which is more concerned with scientific analysis of the individual, prejudice seen through the eyes of experimental psychology makes assumptions that prejudice is someone else’s fault and is particular to the individual, it assumes that prejudice is a problem but for a small number of people, it does not take into account that it is a common issue.The pamphlet specifically says that the BNP is not racist however the terminology used within the text and the findings of the thematic analysis suggests otherwise.For the second study I decided to look at the critical psychological approach of thematic analysis.As prejudice can be destructive and affect many areas of an individual’s ...

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Competing psychological theories of human behaviour

ROGERS, C, R (1967) A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy.New York: Delacorte.KIRSCHENBAUM, H (2007) The Life and Works of Carl Rogers.This theory looks at analysis of parapraxes, free association and dream interpretation, which can provide insights into the unconscious mind which in turn, can affect human behaviour.London: Hodder Arnold.

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Children of the Sea by Roger Michell Essay

One afternoon the Macoutes went into Madan Rogers’ house looking for her son, but Madan Roger started yelling and screaming “You already killed him, do you want to kill him twice?Throughout this story, I learned to appreciate more people and things in life, that you should not take anything for granted and that we should be thankful for who and what we have in our lives each and everyday.He can’t just give up on they’re future that he has planned out for them in Ville Rose.Reading “Children of the Sea” made me realize that not only I have been through some difficulties in life, but so can other people; and maybe even worse.The next day after Madan Roger was beat to death, the girl, her father and mother were finally going to leave Port-A...

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Psychodynamic Theory Founded By Sigmund Freud Psychology Essay

As well as his structure if personality broken into the ‘Id’, the ‘Ego’ and the ‘Super-ego’ and finally the stages into his conception of the ‘Psychosexual stages’.However Rogers expressed the process of ‘becoming a fully functioning person’ meaning how they become is all that is relevant.This essay has identified key aspects of both Freud’s Psychodynamic theory into personality and also Carl Rogers Humanistic theory.(Freud, An Outline of Psychoanalysis., 1949, p. 283) .The essay then focused on Carl Rogers Humanistic theory, explaining ‘The Actualising Tendency’, the three ‘Self’s’ and also briefly highlighted the work of Maslow as a continuation to Rogers theory.

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The severe limitations of rogerians approach to therapy

To return to the question, in my view and my experience, Rogerian therapy is both supportive and reconstructive.If a client is not ready to explore themselves honestly, to open up and challenge themselves, then change won’t occur.When a client is ready and wants to do this, working in the Rogerian way can have powerful life changing results.In order for either of these steps it is absolutely key that the client trusts and feels secure with the counsellor.The person centred values promote and encourage this by offering an equal non judgemental honest real relationship.

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Character Analysis of Lord of the Flies by Willaim Golding

Contents: About William Golding, a brief summary of "Fly King", a comprehensive summary and analysis, a list of characters, novels, chapters 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 Lord of Abstract and analysis linked to the Fly website, prose (both sides of people, relationship between symbol and subject, social stain, and killing and social collapse), author and reference book of ClassicNote, bulletin board, and Please test with.As the novel progressed, the children discovered the use of different items symbolizing different meanings.Freedom to live without parents is excluded in a society that does not enforce rules and laws.It is dark, wrapped in a vine, reminding a snake's little boy and planting fear.An analysis of Lord of the Flies by William Gol...

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Roger’s Chocolate Essay

External Analysis P. E. S. T Analysis: Political/Legal: * Legal issues regarding child labour in cocoa farms.* Keep existing customers happy with special discounts and customer loyalty programs.Competitor Analysis: Competition in the chocolate industry in Canada is led by some regional brands along with a few larger producers.Internal Analysis: Strengths: * Well-established and reputable Brand * Experienced Management Team * Rich history and tradition in Canada * Award winning recognition * Revenues * Loyal customers * Devoted Employees and Passionate Employees * Quality products & hand wrapped Weaknesses: * Production process – not efficient and no measuring capabilities * Demand forecasting – difficult due to seasonality of sales *...

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Beh 225 Appendix D Essay

Carl Jung is a psychologist that mostly studied the human psyche, dream analysis, and the collective unconscious.|TV Character |Jung |Rogers |Freud | |1.Cowgil, Charles.Rogers attempted to change the world of psychotherapy when he boldly claimed that psychoanalytic, experimental, and behavioral therapists were preventing their clients from ever reaching self-realization and self-growth due to their authoritive analysis.Complete the following matrix describing the characters’ personalities from the point of view of the three theorists, Jung, Freud, and Rogers.

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Person Centred Model Of Counselling Psychology Essay

This ‘weakness’ will be a target for me to achieve, and to only ask questions when appropriate, also as it is person centred counselling it is a practice of non – directive approach to therapy and asking questions could possible direct the client.Rogers (1959) also linked congruence to the other core conditions of empathy and UPR, he stated that for therapy to occur within the therapeutic relationship the wholeness of counsellor needs to be primary, but part of congruence must be the experience of myself and the client would need to experience empathy, congruence, and UPR.The client could also perceive some questions as being oppressive and insinuating that they should feel or think in a specific way, in other words, I could unintentiona...

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Individual Criminal Defense Case Analysis

(2007, October 20).Involuntary Manslaughter: A Recent Case and a Quick Review….The two cases analysis in which this paper identifies and examines the types of criminal defenses that were used.“Darwin Made Me Do It.” – Respect….(2013, Summer).

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I’m a 30 year old mother of one, young, free and single

Afterwards as I approach the buffet, we both grab the same plate.For weeks I was in utter shock, yet wanting to get in contact with Roger to tell him the news.When I look up its Roger Roberts, previously known as ‘podgy rodgy’ for obvious reasons.When I moved on to another group of friends, they began to ask why I was talking to scary spice from the spice girls, not realizing what on earth they were talking about I just started nodding, pretending to know what they were going on about.I was unable to hear from Roger, only being informed that he has changed his name to ‘George Clooney’ and not wanting contact with me anymore.

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The Scarlet Letter Essay

There is no doubt that Hawthorne utilizes the incidences in the lives of Arthur, Hester and Roger to illustrate that keeping your sin from the rest of the world is not the way to go, and that, to receive the most from life, like Hester, you must confess your sin.During Arthur’s death scene Roger has, “…a blank, dull, countenance, out of which life seemed to have departed” (Hawthorne 175).Roger Chillingworth’s character serves to represent the detrimental side effects that are conceived in a life as a result of continuing in sin without confessing.Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred!” (177).Roger is enslaved by his desire for revenge towards Dimmesdale, and in doing so, transforms ...

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