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Film Analysis: Metropolis Women

From Caligari to Hitler: A schological History of the German Film.However, according to Huyssen, the creation of Maria the robot, links technology and women directly.Ruppert, PeterTechnology and the Construction of Gender in Fritz Lang’s “ ” .On the other hand, Huyssen, sees it as pro- technology.Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1947 .

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Essay on Narrative Memories, Life History, And Identity

Trouillot argues that this social process of narrating history makes us all amateur historians, learning more of our training and knowledge from likewise amateur historians than from the more recognized academic channels (Trouillot 1995:20).Though we often think of our life narratives as sole... .This is not to devalue the importance of professional historians who are trained to uncover, evaluate, and report on the evidence of the past.These views on the social nature of narrative, particularly the emphasis on shared knowledge to construct a symbolic “space” of narration, binding narrator and audience together in shared understanding of the symbols used, are espoused by some of the leaders in the anthropological study of storytelling, in...

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Culture Theory and Popular Culture Essay

Hebdige, Dick (1979).Huyssen argues that “Pop in the broadest sense was the context in which a notion of the post-modern first took shape, and the most significant trends within postmodernism have challenged modernism’s relentless hostility to mass culture.Subculture: The Meaning of Style, London: Routledge.Andreas Huyssen in his 1984 introduction to postmodernism draws attention to this ‘high’ structuralist preference for the works of high modernism, especially the writing of James Joyce or Mallarme.‘Postmodernism, or the cultural logic of late capitalism’, New Left Review 146. .

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Language, Memory and Identity in the Discourse of the Immigrant

This difficulty of recollecting memory brings out the problem of separating what is real past from mythical pasts and, as Huyssen states, reality can become a myth as much as a myth can have a strong sense of reality.As I have already mentioned Huyssen, and as we can confirm in “Burn Sugar” and Amrik, memory is always fragmented, just like the language Philip and Miranda use in their texts.MIRANDA, Ana Amrik, Companhia das Letras, São Paulo, 1997.PHILIP, Marlene Nourbese.RAVETH, Graciela y Marcia Arbex, Departamento de Letras Románicas, PostLit/FALE/UFMG, Belo Horizonte, 2002, pp.

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History of Artist Expression in Comic Books

Iconic film critic Roger Ebert (a devoted fan of the Batman comic books), in his review of Batman and Robin, took a forlorn swipe at each of the films to date: ... Sabin, Roger.Putnam Publishers, 1974. .Taken from: htt .“Individualism and Marginality: From Comic Book to Film: Marvel Comics Superheroes” College Quarterly, Spring 2005 – Volume 8 Number 2.

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Portrayal of Women in the Movie (Film), Metropolis

Lang invents his females as technological objects that come to life at the hands, and visions of their male masters.For example, Rotwang creates this vamp to satisfy his own sexual desires, and to be able to control and dominate her every move.All of the women are seen as sexual objects, while the robot is mans technological fantasy creation.This is clearly seen when the robot, disguised as Maria, is put on the stake to burn.The world of technology has always been seen as being all men while the women were standing on the outside looking in.

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The Heroism Of Hester Prynne Essay

Hester Prynne possesses all of the qualities of a true hero in The Scarlet Letter.She illustrates the significance of Pearl in her life when Hester says these words to Governor Bellingham, Roger Chillingworth, the Rev.Hester proves that she is willing to make sacrifices for others when she does charity work and fights for the welfare of Pearl.These examples reveal Hester’s willingness to make sacrifices for other people.Another example of Hester’s loyalty is revealed by honoring her promise to Roger Chillingworth and keeping his identity a secret from the community.

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The Scarlett Letter

Hawthorn doesn’t waste a moment after the individual’s mention in his direct characterization of Roger Chillingworth.It is clear that the unclear reality of the medicine of the time too was fiendish in character and was never a sight to behold.The procurement of the detailed description that Roger Chillingworth is illustrated with is at the least fiendish.His grotesque qualities and repulsive nature seemingly repels all those around him; however, and miraculously at that, the people of the Puritan settlement welcome the pseudo-physician with open arms.This allows Roger Chillingworth to properly assume the role as antagonist and provide an overbearing darkness to the entire writing.

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Nursing Theories Essay

In addition, the Rogerian Journal of Nursing Science, which was founded in 1974, continues to promote research and application of Rogers’ theory (Parker, 2006, p. 161).So although, Rogers’ Science of Unitary beings has many cultural benefits for nursing, the theory remains unlikely to be used in practice until it gains wider acceptance.These two theories were chosen because they provide differing perspectives on how humans interact with the world, community and healthcare.While these theories have similarities, their differences as models for nursing and in clinical use provide great insight into how important theories are to nursing practice and research.As one of nursing’s leading scientists, Martha Rogers developed the “Martha E. Roge...

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Roy Rogers Restaurants Essay

What will the other franchisees say if they find out that Roy Rogers has allowed Towle to change the concept to meet his local needs?By contrast, Dairy Queen has minimal standardisation and consistency, which has lead to uneven quality and the lack a consistent image.There is always a tension between too little innovation (which can lead to failure to adapt) and too much innovation (which can lead to chaos).But McDonald’s has had a difficult time adapting to new market conditions in the 1990s.But, because Towle was so important and his request was legitimate, Roy Rogers allowed him to pre-package his salads in this urban location – maintaining a focus on salads, but without the space constraints imposed by a full salad bar.

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Immorality in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Essay example

Parry, Joseph D. “Interpreting Female Agency and Responsibility in ‘The Miller’s Tale’ and ‘The Merchant’s Tale’.” Philological Quarterly.80.2(2001): 133+.“Chaucer’s Fabulous Fabliaux: Laura Varnam Shows That Chaucer’s Miller’s and Merchant’s Tales Both Conform to and Transgress the Expectations of the Popular Comic Genre of the Fabliaux.” The English Review.Feb. 2007: 28+.Rogers, Shannon L. All Things Chaucer: An Encyclopedia of Chaucer’s World.

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The Scarlet Letter Essay

While Dimmesdale’s extreme depression most likely causes his fatal disease, Chillingworth’s vengeful attitude towards Arthur mutates him into a gargoyle whose sole purpose is to frighten away any joy that may exist in Dimmesdale’s life.Roger Chillingworth’s character serves to represent the detrimental side effects that are conceived in a life as a result of continuing in sin without confessing.Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred!” (177).Through the events that occur in the lives of the characters Roger Chillingworth, Arthur Dimmesdale and Hester Prynn, Hawthorne conveys his opinion that confessing and repenting sin is better than hiding sin.He also explains that, “…old Roger Chil...

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Ellis and Rogers’ views on psychological health

Corey stated that REBT is a confrontational therapy with advantages and disadvantages and that it must cope with the advantages and disadvantages that this brings.What defines the success of the theory is how well it caters to critical issues such as the influence of nature vs. nurture on the foundations of personality, the potency of reason in human behaviour and the possibility of fundamental personality change.Both Ellis and Rogers have contributed great things to modern psychology.REBT theorists should be aware that the human cognitive architecture is heterogeneous and in consequence, that it is less probable that the causes of our responses can be explained by using only a few cognitive constructs (Dryden, 2003) .In REBT therapy can...

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The Spire Love Triangle Essay

Rachel (Roger’s wife) is attentive to Roger, follows him around the country and worries about him being exhausted, yet he betrays her with Goody- even though she looks after him when he becomes an invalid.Goody is also abused by a male-dominated world, married off to the powerless Pangall, sexually exploited by Roger, shamed, and maybe frightened into dying in childbirth.His distress with Roger becomes clear, and at the end of the novel Goody is included into a blazing constellation.A violent brawl between Rachel and Roger causes the birth itself to be violent and bloody, and yet even though she becomes a second victim of the situation we never find out the degree of her own culpability.As Jocelin becomes more and more attached and at ho...

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Economics in Popular TV Shows Essay

“Opportunity Cost.” Principles of Macroeconomics.About 20 seconds later into the scene (1:31-1:37), Roger discovers he is extremely disappointed with the new addition to the Coffee pal creamers.After sampling the product, Roger realizes he has made a terrible mistake!Illustrating Opportunity Cost – (11:26-11:35).McFarlane, Seth.

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Critical essay: langston hughes Essay

San Francisco: Hill and Wang.The tone of the narration is both timid and angry, which expresses the feelings of Roger and Mrs. Jones, as culprit and victim, respectively.The anger of Mrs. Jones from being a victim of purse burglary is effectively described, and at the same time the timidity and desperateness of Roger to find an easy way to get his pair of blue suede shoes is well portrayed.The story then describes that the lady, Mrs. Jones, was strong enough to drag Roger by the collar and bring him to her home.She tells Roger to wash his face, drink some hot cocoa, while she explains to Roger that he did not have to steal someone’s purse just for the simple reason of wanting a pair of blue suede shoes.

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A critical analysis of Goodbye Lenin!

Hake, Sabine, German National Cinema (London: Routledge, 2001), 179-180 .[2] Clarke, David, German Cinema since Unification (London: Continuum, 2006), pp: 27 .Andreas Huyssen proposes that this “memory boom… is a potentially healthy sign of contestation” in our fast-paced world, “recover[ing] a mode of contemplation outside the universe of simulation and fast-speed information and cable networks” as well as stating “the basic human need to live in extended structures of temporality.” [2] However, Alex’s preservation act carries a positive potential in the context of the unification and the resulting disagreements of both the social and political structures of East German.Nora, Pierre, ‘Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Mémoire’...

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Summer Reading Analysis

In The Awakening by Kate Chopin, two major themes are love and isolation in society.Overall, revenge/betrayal and isolation in society are the two biggest themes in The Scarlet Letter.Roger comes back from a 2 year trip in disguise as a doctor, to find his wife in prison for adultery.This ties into the theme of isolation in society.In this long paragraph, Roger is saying that the reason he is living is to get revenge on Dimmesdale for Hester’s betrayal to him.

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The Scarlet Letter, Puritan Society Essays

...t Letter contrasted to the interpretations of the Puritan society they lived in at the time.Hawthorne portrays the characters in his novel using symbols and sensory images to contrast how the character’s developments embody holy redemption, and sin and evil.Roger Chillingworth was first thought of a saint, helping the town’s beloved reverend, but is a man devoid of any compassion, consumed with revenge, not justice, and seeks destruction of others rather righting of wrongs, turning into a manifestation of evil.Society defines Arthur Dimmesdale as a powerful and compassionate leader in society, but in private he has an vigilant moral sense that causes damage to his physiognomy and spiritual state.Chillingworth establishes a new life in...

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Essay on Literary Analysis: "A Worn Path"

"A WORN PATH': THE WAY OF DISPOSSESSION."“A Worn Path.” Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing.“TOWARD THE NORTH STAR: EUDORA WELTY’S “A WORN PATH” AND THE SLAVE NARRATIVE TRADITION” Roberts, Edgar V., Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, 4th Compact Edition, Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2008, print Sykes, Dennis J.Godley) (Greek historian C5th B.C.)"Welty's The Worn Path."

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Frédéric Back Essay

Member of the organization Artists for Peace, in 2010 he received a tribute prize celebrating his social involvement, in particular in his fight against nuclear power.A convinced vegetarian, he often quotes Marguerite Yourcenar: “Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends.He died in Montreal on December 24, 2013, at the age of 89, surrounded by his relatives.The book is published by Lanctot publisher.The profits from sales were donated to the organization Development and Peace in Montreal.

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Theories of Mental Health & Illness Within Sociology

Yarrow, M., Schwartz, C, Murphy, H. and Deasy, L. (1955); ‘The Psychological Meaning of Mental Illness in the Family’, , Vol 11 No.(1999); A , 2 Ed., Open University Press, NY US .(1979); , Longman, London UK .Zinberg, N. (1970); ‘The Mirage of Mental Health’, , Vol.(1973); ‘On Being Sane in Insane Places’; , Vol 179 Jan .

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Biculturalism in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club Essay

Frank N. Magill."Fasting of the Heart: Mother-Tradition and Sacred Systems in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club."The Joy Luck Club.New York: HarperCollins, 1991."Tiger Spirits."

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Discrimination And Empowerment Mental Health Social Work Essay

Word count: 3281 .Social workers must ‘swim against the tide’ and not collude with these attitudes no matter how deeply ingrained and embedded they are in society.It is this subtle and covert form of discrimination that can be damaging.It has focused on a more subtle, covert and indirect form of discrimination: institutional racism.To conclude, this essay has demonstrated that discrimination is far more complex than treating someone differently.

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A sample of 12 Angry Men essay

As a rule, a group should accept way of thinking of their leader; but what the difference between decision that was made by one person and group choice?The most important winning approach is to listen to each member and evaluate points of view.“12 Angry Men Movie Review & Film Summary (1957) | Roger Ebert.”, 29 Sept. 2002, .Wayne’s World .There is no doubt, the key thing is to disagree with false thoughts and accept new ideas.

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Exploring the role of empathy in psychotherapy

These consequences demonstrate that empathy is of great value and use in all helping relationships and should not be confined to the boundaries of psychotherapy (Rogers, 1980).A comprehensive understanding based on the exploration of empathy includes a process of the inner experiencing of another individuals world from that person’s perspective with a feeling of comfort in this world, which enables the therapist to move discretely through this world, vicariously experiencing what the client is experiencing with no elements of judgement.Empathy is related to the positive outcome of psychotherapy for a client, this can range from a person with severe psychosis to one with no clinical manifestations (Rogers, 1980).The role of empathy in psy...

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Satire Essay

In conclusion, George Orwells Animal Farm along with the play Loot by Joe Orton , Icarus Allsorts by Roger McGough and Five ways to kill a man have all successfully represented the universal concept of satire in great detail.Animal Farm has been based on the Russian Revolution, which became a totalitarian government, with animals representing the major figures and politicians of the time.Orwell’s aim when constructing Animal Farm was to expose the brutality and suffering within a totalitarian regime using three techniques, fable, allegory and satire.Discuss the ways in which Orwell uses these techniques to achieve his purpose.Totalitarian is the word used to describe a regime headed by a dictator, a dictator being a leader with supreme u...

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Conflict In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Pearl was a depiction of the conflict purity versus sin, Roger Chillingworth was a depiction of the conflict good versus evil, and Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale was a depiction of the conflict love versus hate.It is in this way that Roger Chillingworth's specific use in the novel is to portray the conflict good versus evil.(Hawthorne 140).Ultimately, Hawthorne shows that through conflicts difficult to overcome, the true nature of individuals breaks through the surface and shows itself to the world.There are three major conflicts each for which Hawthorne created a specific main character to illustrate: Pearl, Hester's illegitimate daughter, depicts the conflict purity versus sin, Roger Chillingworth, Hester's former husband, depicts good ver...

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What Has Lord of the Flies To Say About Civilisation and Human Behaviour? Essay

He would have thought about it, planned it and written it over a period of worldwide confusion and war.I think his vision of human nature and behaviour is too pessimistic.“Roger leads the way straight throught the castles kicking them over…scattering the chosen stones.I have a much more optimistic view on civilisation compared to Golding – perhaps influenced by the greater freedom of todays society and the absence of any personal experience of conflict.He was bound to have a gloomy view of life.

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Contrast between two theoretical approaches to psychology

Nevertheless, the outlining importance of both of these theories cannot be ignored.Freudian psychology is loosely based on individual and sometimes on extremely rare cases while the Maslow/Rogers humanistic approach has been seen as socially biased towards western societies and cultures.Despite the fact that they have been extremely significant to the development of the discipline, flaws in their methodological structures are apparent.In conclusion, theoretical approaches to psychology, the humanistic and the psychoanalytical have many strengths and weaknesses.Self-actualization being at the top of pyramid is only representative of needs of certain cultures or societies.

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