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Pop Culture and Music Critical Essay

The title specifically prepares the reader for the interconnection between culture and popular music, as it is one entity that is a great part of human society and the music industry (Rojek 2011).The second part looks at theoretical perspectives, and how the society is “moved” into a certain direction that is dictated by the social views mixed with the unique nature of the popular music created.An extremely valuable point is made that a civilized society should not portray anyone as objects, especially in sexual terms (Rojek 2011).I liked the book because it presents the relationship between the culture and popular music clearly and without any aversions.It is a must for any society to realize that the exhibited changes can be directed a...

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Feminism In Celebrity Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Amongst which Rojek (2001), makes it clear that there is complexity between the achieved celebrity that is broad inn contrast to the ascribed celebrity.This will include looking at the work of writers such as Rojek, Marshall and Turner.(Rojek, 2001, p.18).However, Rojek, complicates this category by suggesting that: .Which includes celebrities who appear momentarily and then vanish from the public eye, “lottery winners, one-hit wonders, stalkers” (Rojek, 2001, p.18).

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Understanding The Media And Celebrity Cultures

Rojek (2001, p. 44) defined the notion of the post-structuralist approach as that ‘star image are inflected and modified by the mass media and productive assimilation of the audience’.Another proposal of structuralism is that ‘celebrity is the extension of what might be called fundamental types of character and embodiment in society’ (Rojek, 2001, p. 40).For understanding the impact of celebrity on contemporary society, Chris Rojek (2001, p. 29) provides three approaches: subjectivism, structuralism and post-structuralism.Rojek (2001) has similar point with Marshall, he believes that ‘mass- media representation is the key principle in the formation of celebrity culture’ (p.13).Guy Debord (cited in Rojek, 2001. p. 34) has suggested that i...

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Sociological Theories of Leisure: Marx and Weber

[28] If one takes the work of Rojek seriously, what implications for the tired and simplistic definitions of what constitutes work and leisure?edited by Chris Rojek.As Rojek states, “ [12] The assumption of what people experience during leisure is dangerous.This pleasure was leisure and inexorably, in both implicit and explicit ways, the subordinate classes were compelled to adopt this view because, as Rojek points out, [18] .Published by The new American library 1959 .. edited by Chris Rojek.

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The Communication of Meaning in Advertising Essay

Importantly, St John’s use of the celebrity recognition of Angelina Jolie plays an imperative part in decoding the brand’s intentions.Advertisements are one of the most important cultural factors moulding and reflecting our life today (Williamson 1978:5); and so, St John attempt to manipulate the active reading in a way that adds an enormous cultural appeal to its brand.Summarily, it can be seen how the functions of semiotic theory can exhibit the ways in which meaning is constructed within a text.In interpreting the meaning of any advertisement, one must acknowledge the assumptions D... .By drawing on a shared discourse of popular culture, the reader recognises signs of beauty, sophistication and power brought about by the presence of J...

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Sociological Perspectives in Leisure Science Essay

The development of leisure is traced from earlier than the 19th century (Rojek 2005).Leisure has been important to the society for very many centuries and it varies from culture to culture.However, regulated relaxation from human labour in the western culture began in the 19th century; from then on, the term as been developed through research in the dynamics of economic development.Leisure had started to garner meaning at this time (Rojek 2005).The development in markets and technological production eliminated the conventional leisure culture, but introduced conditions for habitual relaxation as a right.

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The Devil Makes Work by Clarke and Critcher | Review

Published by Macmillan 1985 pxiii .by Chris Rojek.edited by Chris Rojek.Published by Macmillan press 1989 p69 .Published by Routledge 1999 p6 .

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Juvenile Delinquency And Gangs Criminology Essay

According to Jensen and Rojek (2003), they stated that “social order could be maintained only if people had common beliefs in something greater than themselves”... One of the most common factors that contribute to the occurrence of delinquent behaviors among the juveniles is poverty (Jensen & Rojek 2003).The minority youth group are highly involved in crime and receives harsher juvenile justice system treatment than white youths.More studies have shown occurrence of discrepancies in law enforcement’s treatment of minority group.The major prominent forces that are sources of delinquency are the media, community and religion.

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What Are The Motivations Of Dark Tourists?

Dark Tourism: Understanding Visitor Motivation at Sites of Death and Disaster.Visiting places associated with death, pain and suffering is becoming increasingly popular.Rojek, C. 1993.7 October 2010 .. HLN, 2010 .Examples of black spots are the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim-Brzezinka, Ground Zero in New York and the location where Princess Diana got killed in a car crash (Rojek, 1993: 136-145).

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Is Gambling an Acceptable Form of Leisure Essay

It has presented evidence that the gambling is the dark side of leisure, by the increase crime when gambling appears.This essay has demonstrated the relation between leisure and gambling which is connected closely.Such as stand at the same time.In Western society, the consumption of deviant leisure is a normal part of leisure, as it conventionally enjoyed and albeit vicariously (Rojek 1999, p81).Casino is a dangerous form of gambling which is continuously played.

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Dark tourism: mediating between the dead and the living Essay

(Sharply, 2005) denotes that Dark tourism is not only becoming more popular but it also varies very much in their presentation of death.Besides the death and tourism matters, culture interests or just the desire for entertainment are some of the other reasons why thousands of people are pilmigraging in the dark tourism sites day by day (Stone, 2006).The other definition synched with Dark tourism is “the black spots” which are the commercial development sites of graves or the places where celebrities or famous people have been met with sudden or violent deaths (Rojek, 1993).School of Tourism, University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia .Hamzah Muzaini , Peggy Teo & Brenda S. A. Yeoh (2007) Intimations of Postmodernity in...

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Rresearch proposal Essay

Following this socio- psychological perspective, Kaplan (1960 cited in Rojek, 2005 p. 80) identified seven essential elements of pure leisure experience: psychological recognition of activity which is antithesis of work, identification of leisure with pleasure, minimum involuntary role obligation, psychological perception of freedom, inclusion of an entire range of responses from inconsequence and insignificance to weightiness and importance, general psychological recognition of play, identification of activity as being close to the values of culture.Rojek, C., 2005. Leisure theory: principles and practice.Secondary: Calagasan Nat’l High School 2007-2011 Tertiary : University of Cebu-METC 2011-2015 .Culture, creativity, and identity ar...

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Para Social Interaction Theories of Celebrities and Race

“The notion that para-social interaction is fundamental in engendering and reproducing celebrity culture is well established” (Rojek, 2006. p.397).In the modern era there are increasing numbers of celebrities of a variety of races appearing in popular culture.“In contemporary popular culture, advertisers and media attempt to define blackness.The theory of celebrity and mixed race looks at the key perceptions and ideologies surrounding mixed-race celebrities in a popular culture context.This point leads to the interesting inclination within popular culture to define blackness.

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Concept of Figuration: An Analysis

Criticism of the concept of figuration has also come from Rojek (1986).Problems of Involvement and Detachment in the Writings of Norbert Elias (4), 584-596. .Rojek, C. (1986).In E. Dunning & C. Rojek (Eds.).The principles of figurational sociology have been applied in a number of different areas, but one particularly popular area is that of sport.

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The dark tourism

Dark tourism sites and attractions are not only becoming more and more popular (Sharpley, 2005) but also vary enormously in their presentation of death.Beside the matter of death, interest in culture, history or simply the desire for entertainment are possible reasons why millions of people are visiting places of dark tourism (Stone, 2006).As I am investigating motives of people visiting dark tourist sites, I adopt the definition of Seaton because it is more detailed and better understandable than the definitions of Rojek, Lennon and Foley.It is still unclear whether thanatourism is still getting more and more popular because of the increasing amount and diversity of attractions, or because of the growing interest of people looking for t...

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Genesis Of Residential Treatment Centers Essay examples

(e.g., Scared Straight), and individual or group counseling sessions that lack clear plans to address offenders’ problems” (Andrews et al., 1990; Dryfoos, 1990; Jensen and Rojek, 1992) .... middle of paper ... .• The impotent poor those who could not work were to be cared for in almshouse or a poorhouse.Residents seem to responds better to the one-on-one attention as well as the support received from the community it encompasses.... care and rehabilitation for the whole child, not just the juvenile behavior.

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The role and effect of culture jamming

Additionally, celebrity culture also influences the career choice of students and their academic achievements.Meanwhile, journalists and media companies disclose more positive news but not only gossips, the celebrity culture is worth for our well being.According to Rojek (2001), celebrities can be classified by status, including ascribed (blood relationship), achieved (talented people and hard workers), and attributed (who are created instantly) celebrities.However, the problems which are made by celebrities or celebrity culture could be solved if mass media and celebrity industry select more disciplined players.Culture jammers provide another way to understand the world and critical analyse the modern commercial culture.

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Clubhouse Facilities For The Youth Physical Education Essay

Seremaban Clubhouse .These are the five youth facilities the youth find interesting to them.(Jensen& Rojek, 1998).Mantin Clubhouse ..Nilai Clubhouse .

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Contemporary Social Work Theory and Issues Essay

(2000), Handbook of Sociological Theory, USA: Springer Press.Ritzier, G, (1992), Sociological Theory, 3rd edn.Parsons, T. (1951), the Social System, New York: Free Press.New York: McGraw-Hill.Zimmerman, M. Perkins, D. (1995), ‘Empowerment Theory Research and Application’, American Journal of Community Psychology, 23(5), pp.

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Dark Tourism And Ethical Issues Tourism Essay

However, although this may be the case, it actually varies depending on the ‘sh .Moreover, as Stone (2009,a) states, the rights of those whose death is commoditised or commercialised through dark tourism represent an important ethical and moral dimension, which deserves depth consideration.Among the more established dilemmas of dark tourism is ethics and morality.In addition, management of dark tourism attraction is a sensitive issue which is difficult to undertake, and Tunbridge and Ashworth (1996) observed the misuse and abuse of sacred values for market benefit and entertainment purposes are more likely to occur at atrocity site than at other heritage sites.The main aspects of the results which were found in the data discussed in the ...

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The Ethics Of Dark Tourism

Johnston (2006) continues to explain that this has contributed to the mass replacement of indigenous people with tourists around the site, causing sanctification and trivialisation of the site, as the original culture of Machu Picchu was gone.This in turn reduces the risk of exploitation of the sites and the way different typologies of consumers think.By understanding the ethicalities of dark tourism, it will help in preserving its history and sites, so that it can then be better managed and better preserved and presented for the future.All these sites and many more which are similar, are what are called sites for “dark” tourism (Lennon and Foley, 2000), also known as Thanatourism (Seaton, 1996 – cited in Ryan et al, 2005) and ‘Black Spo...

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Does the Media Frame Social Reality?

Hodkinson, P. (2011) , London: Sage.Hall, S. (1997) , Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.Entman, R. (2007) “Framing Bias: Media in the Distribution of Power”, , vol.(1986) , London: Pluto.Marris, P. and Thornham, S. (1999) , Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising

Likability: Marketers recognise the value of using spokespeople who are admired: TV and movie stars, athletes, musicians, and other popular figures.Celebrity advertising has become increasingly popular amongst organisations with the attempt to get consumers to spend.O’Guinn et al (2008 pp 9) states that ‘advertising plays a pivotal role in world commerce and in the way consumers experience and live their lives as it is part of our language and our culture’.Although Ohanian (1991) recognises a popular individual’s ability to create awareness and initiate desire for an advertisement, Ohanian concludes that this may not necessarily change consumer’s attitude toward the endorsed brand and that ‘for a celebrity spokesperson to be truly effect...

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The changing role of sport

The conflict theory is all about deviance in sport and how people rebel against the rules.It also looks at how sports have become more developed, for example, rules and regulations have become strict to provide an equal opportunity for participants to win.The concept of the social bond is intended to reinforce to two edged character if figurations which may be both enabling and constraining (Rojek, 1985).An example of this is the drug abuse in sports, the athlete chose to do it but they know that there are consequences if they are caught.Figurational theory also shows how sports reflect the civilization process, whereas the conflict theory leads people to see sports simply as reflections of the economic forces operating in society.

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Ethical And Effective Practice With Service Users Social Work Essay

A good tool to facilitate this is the use of reflective diaries.However, cognisance has to be taken to ensure that the agreement does not become a set of non-negotiated tasks that service users have no possibility of achieving, combined with no reciprocal commitment or obligations by the worker as this does not address the issue of empowerment or oppression and can reinforce the power difference (Rojek and Collins, 1988).The use of effective supervision is another process where workload management, forum for learning and problem-solving should take place which should be supportive and enabling to the worker (Kadushin and Harkness, 2002).However, the worker’s role in supervision is often viewed as passive as the supervisor sets the agenda...

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Introduction to social work

Contract work does not get round these points by affecting an open and flexible attitude.” .Accordingly, Coulshed and Orme (2006 cited in Parker 2007:117) see its value in working with people at points of loss and bereavement, which they believe has resonance with the use of this intervention.Similarly regarding power base, Trevithick (2005) believes that the crisis intervention approach can be a highly intrusive method which is too direct and can raise a number of ethical issues such as making decisions on behalf of the service user if they are too distressed to do so themselves, which in turn may offer potential for oppressive practice on behalf of the worker.This poses the question as to whether crisis intervention is more of a “situa...

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What Are Popular Culture? Essay

Raymond Williams states ‘popular’ means: “well liked by many people" or “culture actually made for the people themselves (Storey, p.5).The Voice includes the definition of popular culture being what is popular, popular culture being what is considered the leftovers of what was determined as high culture, popular culture as high culture, popular culture being what is created by the people and popular culture as a struggle between the subordinate and the dominant groups.It accurately portrays the five of the six theories of popular culture noted by John Storey in Cultural Theory and Popular Culture.NBC’s The Voice as a cultural artifact is a direct example of Storey’s theory of six major facets of popular culture To begin, the first defini...

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Graffiti and Popular Culture Essay

Consequently, popular culture also embodies the characteristics, qualities, and features of a particular or a general popular belief, custom, tradition, object, or idea.The graffiti art as a cultural activity is a clear example of a popular culture being received yet decided to be rejected or accepted.Deducing from the generally acknowledged definition of popular culture, the popular aspect and cultural aspect of the definition of popular culture can be generated.As what Hall asserted, popular culture is dialectical process of resistance and agreement.In the task of discovering popular culture as a dialectical process, it is a convenient endeavor to first define the popular and cultural aspect of popular culture.

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Pop culture

It is also realized that the media not only spreads the popular culture but it is also responsible for the production of popular culture especially the culture of language through the coining of particular words and phrases which might rise social interests (Danesi, 2012).Managers and CEO’s of organizations therefore ought to notice the popular culture in their organizations which might influence the organizational productivity (Sinha, 2008).In conclusion, one would say that organizations that tend to adopt the popular culture that is trending among organizations in the same field tend to be predictable and hence providing higher chances for completion.On a closer look on what is popular culture, I came to ask myself, “Why do academics s...

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The Main Distinctions of Popular Culture and Its Growth Exploratory Essay

Thus, people should very careful when they distinguish popular and high culture.To get a better understanding of this issue, one should first look at the definitions of culture and popular culture.Moreover, those things that are often labeled are as popular culture, can later appeal to the elite.Finally, one can say that the distinctions between popular and elite culture become blurred.Yet, one cannot argue that popular culture was always distinct from elite culture.

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