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Atom Heart Mother Essay

The name of the group does not appear, nor the title of the album (except on certain versions).After the group asked him for "something simple," Storm Thorgerson says he simply got in his car and drove into the countryside to photograph the first thing he saw.The album was remastered in 1994: the edition contains in addition to the album, a sheet of two breakfast recipes (humorous recipes) one in English "Bedouin" and one in German making reference to Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast track.The piece is also performed on stage in France, in 1972, in the background music of a Roland Petit ballet, with the members of Pink Floyd playing in the background of the dancers.The second side of the album features four songs, three of which are very cal...

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Gnossiennes Essay

The solo piano versions of the first three Gnossiennes are without time signature or barlines.Les Gnossiennes is a solo piano work in several parts by Erik Satie composed between July 1889 and January 1897. .This part of the Son of the Stars was reused in the first movement of Three Pear-Shaped Pieces.The third, fourth and fifth Gnossiennes have also served as sound illustrations for at least three other cinematographic works: .Le Fils des étoiles, music for the stage (composed in 1891) contains a Gnossian in the first act.

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Essay

The trio with which Nick Cave toured in 2006 included three members of the Bad Seeds: Martyn P. Casey, Jim Sclavunos and Warren Ellis; bassist Susan Stenger could also be seen on stage.The frontman, Nick Cave, moved from Melbourne, Australia to London in 1980.For these gigs without the complete Bad Seeds, the band consists of Nick Cave on piano and a variable team of three other musicians on bass, drums and violin.Nick Cave and the group of Bad Seeds composed the song Crazy Love by Marianne Faithfull, released on her album Before the Poison in 2004. .Martyn P. Casey has been the band's bassist since 1991; Warren Ellis has been playing violin with the band since 1993; Conway Savage has been a keyboardist since 1991, and Jim Sclavunos has ...

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Digital Music Essay

Some of the very early music tools for the computers were these fabulous programs called sequencers, and their inception were based on the principle of the piano roll, where there is a paper grill, punched with holes, that let the air move in certain direction, triggering a key in an automated piano and mechanically perform a predetermined song.Please note that these programs recorded the performance executed on the keyboard, not the music.These messages were the events that the sequencers recorded from the performance: Note on, note number, note velocity (the strength of the key stroke), note duration, and note end (when the finger released the key).... middle of paper ... .There are a number of current programs that have to be in this ...

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Tears for Fears Essay

Roland Orzabal - the real "leader" of Tears for Fears - gives this name (which the we can translate into French, keeping the rhyme, by Tears for Fears) to his training echoing the psychotherapist Arthur Janov and his theory of the primal cry.Roland and Curt also thank those who follow them since the release of their first album, thirty years earlier.However, another reason circulates to explain this absence, and highlights the fact that Roland Orzabal in particular, was not very enthusiastic to participate in this type of event (as for the Mandela Day of 1988).This group - signed by the famous British label Pye Records - produced an album, Acting My Age, and notably a single Elvis Should Play Ska (related to Elvis Costello) which narrowl...

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Musical Instrument Digital Interface Essay

The master keyboard allows you to generate a sequence of MIDI notes by playing on a keyboard similar to that of a piano.This allows, for example, to play a piano sound using a guitar, or the synthesizer with a trumpet.Different characteristics correspond to specific uses: the number of octaves, a heavy touch (to approach the touch of a piano), or have the functions of velocity and pressure sensitivity ( after-touch).They are recognized by proprietary software Apple QuickTime and vanBasco's Karaoke Player, or by free software Kmid and PyKaraoke for example.In this context, the designers of synthesizers Dave Smith (Sequential Circuits), Ikutarō Kakehashi (Roland), and Tom Oberheim (Oberheim) meet during the NAMM in June 1981 and reflect on...

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Hans Zimmer Essay

He also has a custom built Bosendorfer grand piano.” (CNN Worldbeat cited by IMDB, no date).As a relatively young composer and with some of the biggest and long-awaited Hollywood blockbusters ever to be produced in the pipeline, such as the sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’; ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, his success can only intensify with time.It is argued here that in his work Zimmer forces his audience to confront the demons on screen whilst creating an opportunity for escapism which is what cinema represents.The Roland MKS-20 synthesiser was used for piano sounds about which Zimmer jokingly quoted “It didn’t sound anything like a piano, but it behaved like a piano” (Zimmer cited by Wherry, 2002) showing the unpredictable nature of digital synth...

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Kurt Vonnegut

Hayden Thomas .Roland Weary: An anti-tank gunner who gets captured with Billy.Vonnegut's first-hand experiences of this, one of the darkest episodes in human history, would later provide the basis for his most influential work , Slaughterhouse Five (1969), though it would take him more than twenty years to come to terms with his wartime experiences and complete the novel.When Billy is injured in a plane crash, she dies of carbon monoxide poisoning on the way to the hospital.She is completely devoted to Billy.

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A favourite product, service, or organization (PSO): Piano Essay

Looking for a Piano (Or Zen and the Art of Piano Buying) .Decline Stage is the period when sales fall off and profits drop.Maybe for some people a piano is just a piano.We do not need an experienced piano technician to help us evaluate the piano.The difference between digital piano and electronic piano is major about the technical issue of sounds producing.

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A Romance Wrapped in a Science Blanket

Through the use of voice and movement, the dramatic pauses show the tension between the two in certain scenes, evidentially in the snapshots where Roland and Marianne tell the opposite that they cheated on them.Dramatic irony is used as Roland says “if you come get a drink with me, you never have to see me again”, this tells us that in each dimension, no matter what outcomes they have in each of the different dimensions, they will always end up together.In the production, Marianne and Roland go through the scenes and go through the time like it’s unlimited like most people do.The stage also symbolized the contrast between their jobs; Marianne being a quantum physicist and the stage was like a constellation of stars and the thought of spa...

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Wilson’s The Piano Essay

The Piano Lesson.Fences and The Piano Lesson each received the Pulitzer Prize for Wilson, which sealed his name in the annals of American literary history.In his goal to purchase the Sutter land that was once owned by his ancestors’ masters, Boy Willie wants to sell the piano and in the process avenge his father’s death.Slavery, in the text, is represented by both the Yellow Dog and the old piano; Boy Willie and his determination to sell the piano and purchase the old slave land is his interpretation of how his family can exact revenge, while Berniece and her staunch decision to keep the piano is an affirmation of the sacrifices made by their ancestors, an acceptance of the past and the promise to remember all values learned.On the other...

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Christendom and The Song of Roland Essay

The Song of Roland is a historical text that also involves fiction.“At this point”, Robert Harrison state in introduction to The Song of Roland, “history leaves off and speculation begins”.The Song of Roland cannot be consider as a religious text, however, the poet uses religion for formation of national identity, military propaganda and for promoting feudalism in proto-Europe.Both historical accounts give little detail of the battle in which Charlemagne’s (Holy Roman Emperor) army face a minor setback while returning back to France and in this event some important warriors were killed, among them was Roland, the most courageous.Religion plays a crucial role in The Song of Roland and becomes the reason of criticism.

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Multi-instrumentalist Essay

In the 1960s, free jazz saw the birth of musicians, such as Anthony Braxton or Rahsaan Roland Kirk, who claimed to be full-fledged multi-instrumentalists.This is the case of Nicolas Hotman, Joachim Bernhard Hagen, or Niccolò Paganini.On the breathtaking 1990 Amarok album, this number rises to more than fifty (if we count the most unexpected ones like toothbrush, glass of water…).Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Lindemann) who masters most of the instruments has participated in many different groups.Many musicians can play most instruments.

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Maurice Ravel Essay

His setbacks at the Prix de Rome did not prevent Ravel, as early as 1901, from asserting his musical personality for good with the Water Games for piano, a Lisztian-inspired piece which was the first , earned him the label of impressionist musician.In 1935, at the suggestion of Ida Rubinstein, Ravel made a final trip to Spain and Morocco, where he played the piano with some difficulty, then retired definitively to Montfort -Amaury.Composed simultaneously and premiered a few days apart in January 1932, the two concertos for piano and orchestra appear to be the synthesis of Ravelian art, combining classical form and modern style borrowing from jazz; but these two works are striking in their contrast.That year he completed six piano pieces ...

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Flute Essay

This invention, the origin of which is impossible to trace, was notably developed by Theobald Boehm in the 19th century.John Coltrane will only have tried it once in To be.Musicians like James Moody, Gigi Gryce, Frank Wess, Eric Dolphy, Herbie Mann, conductors like Count Basie, Quincy Jones and Gil Evans have established it as a jazz instrument in full fledged.The folk metal band Ithilien combines traditional instruments, such as the flute, with a touch of modern metal.Little in demand during the first forty years of jazz history due to a modest sound volume quickly muffled by the brass sections and on the other hand in direct competition with the clarinet , it was only from the 1950s that it aroused the interest of jazzmen.

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Prejudice in The Song of Roland Essay

Victims of treachery, those killed included Roland of Breton (Burgess 10).I. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992.The Making of the Middle Ages.Just as the Christians fought the Muslims fueled by this prejudice and greed, the historical pattern has been shown to recur frequently throughout history -- whether the slave issue of the nineteenth century United States or the Nazi treatment of Jews in the twentieth century -- man takes the unknown and distorts it into hatred rather than seeking enlightenment.The Song of Roland.

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Development of the piano from the romantic era to the classic era Essay

Through the classical into the romantic era, the piano has significant changes.The piano most commonly called the piano instruments caught the hearts of many both amateurs and professionals.Cristofori developed an instrument named the gravicembalo col piano e forte, translated as the “soft and loud keyboard instrument.” This name sequentially shortened to pianoforte and subsequently to just piano.In 1822, the Erard brothers untested the most prominent of all piano measures: the double escapement action.The Classical Piano: The Infuluence of Society, Style, and Musical Trends on the Great Piano Composers.

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Funk Essay

Prince is one of the artists who, throughout his career, has taken up the funk torch, particularly on stage by adding musicians like Maceo Parker or bassist Larry Graham, one of the fathers of the slap technique.However, the origins of funk can be traced back to the 1950s, when the idea for these rhythms came from bars in New Orleans that were poor and only had a piano to entertain customers.It is true that we are no longer dealing with classic funk (example: The Godfather of Soul James Brown) but modern Vulfpeck, groups making the influence of the past of this genre survive while nurturing a certain modernity.Funk has evolved over time.

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History of Art Music Essay

For instance, Haydn made numerous piano sonatas, total of sixty-two to exemplify the work on piano.Both the piano and the violin are now louder, but the piano is less piercing, the violin more.Fortepianos, a prototype of the modern piano today had not made any significant contribution to the world of keyboard playing, since it was immediately replaced by a more complex sounding-machine—the modern piano.Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas: A Short Companion .During the middle of the baroque period, operas were in its foundational stage, and in ensembles, keyboards played secondary roles to the grand operas being established that time.

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US Tennis Open 2018 Essay

season (1/8 final at Roland Garros, final at Wimbledon) and could equal Margaret Court's title record in Major (24).The former becomes the first Portuguese player to achieve this performance while the latter becomes the second Georgian player to reach this stage after Irakli Labadze in 2006. .Alexander Zverev, world no.4, is looking to reach for the first time in his career the last four of a Major while Dominic Thiem, finalist at Roland Garros in June, must revive after three consecutive defeats.This is the first time in US Open history that the No.He will nevertheless have to count on his eternal rivals, the reigning champion and leader of the standings Rafael Nadal, winner at Roland Garros and Montreal, and world No.

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Frédéric-Chopin International Piano Competition Essay

Since 1957, the Frédéric-Chopin International Piano Competition has been part of the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva (of which he is one of the founders).Candidates admitted to the competition after the selection tests (around 80 successful candidates, each after having passed an audition of about twenty minutes) are subjected to two or three eliminatory stages depending on the edition before being able to hope to reach the final, stage at the during which they must perform one of the concertos (No.It is also one of the rare piano competitions devoted to a single composer.From the start, the jury was mainly composed of great piano teachers and a few guest concert performers (Marguerite Long, Wilhelm Backhau...

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History of Jazz Concert Report Essay

The venue was a little odd because it wasn’t positioned around the players, so many people couldn’t see the stage from their tables or stools.A tucked away stage with six musicians squished onto it all playing their hearts out transformed the boring restaurant into something so much more alive.Luckily, even though we arrived slightly late, we were able to get a booth seat with a great view of the stage.I thought they were charismatic on stage, sounded great and improvised together perfectly.On the opposing side, the second saxophone player was unbelievably young and seemed to have not quite come into his own stage persona yet.

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Lil Richard’s Music Career and Influence Essay

He then went to Atlanta and met a singer by the name Bill Wright, whose hairstyle, stage makeup and performance attracted Lil very much.Westview Press, 1996, 14-23.He loved stage performance.The rock and roll piano style of Fats Domino that grew out of the distinctive sound of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues also influenced Lil Richard.She was Richard’s favorite singer whom he admired, and she provided Richard with his first ‘paid gig’ in 1945 when she invited him to sing on stage.

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Open era Essay

The domination of the Swiss is however contested by three Americans: Lindsay Davenport, number 1 in 1998 and 2001, winner of 3 major titles; Venus Williams, who achieved the Wimbledon - US Open double in 2000 and 2001; Jennifer Capriati who, after 10 years of career, finally won a Grand Slam tournament with a double Australian Open - Roland Garros in 2001. .In 2010, Rafael Nadal achieved a feat with a Petit Slam thanks to his three consecutive coronations at Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.The American Martina Navrátilová definitely took over Chris Evert from 1983 and beat her 6 times in 8 Grand Slam finals, only Roland Garros resisting her.The only one to challenge this hegemony is the Swede Mats Wilander, who defeated Lendl in...

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Gunslinger: Battle Between Good and Evil Essay

King lets the readers see that Roland allows his heart to get the best of him, when he lets his love for Susan interfere with his plans to keep the Good Man from taking control.Roland realizes that lying and manipulating Eddie is not right, but Roland feels that in doing so he is only helping Eddie, and in turn help himself.Here King goes into matters of the heart, when he lets his readers learn of the love Roland had for Susan, the woman Roland loved before she died.King uses Roland, Eddie and Susannah to provide several different cases of the internal and external struggle between good and evil.Roland decides that his love for Susan will only hurt his purpose, and he sacrifices love for the greater good.

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Edvard Grieg Essay

From his collaboration with Henrik Ibsen was born the stage music of Peer Gynt, in 1876, which enjoyed extraordinary success, which he failed to repeat in a similar attempt with Sigurd Jorsalfar to Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.He was brought up in a family of musicians; his mother, a pianist, his first piano teacher gave him his first lessons when he was five and introduced him to the classics and the romantics, mainly Carl Maria von Weber, Frédéric Chopin and Felix Mendelssohn.He gives him a taste for traditional Norwegian music, being himself passionate about the history, legends and folk melodies of his country.His piano concerto, played by Raoul Pugno, and the suites of Peer Gynt which he conducted himself were very well received.During the...

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Leaving Home Evaluation

In the last scene we responded very sympathetically towards the ghost of Roland when he sees his fianc� with another man it was done so that when he comes in his fianc looks like she’s running to greet him and instead the other man has come back from work and she hugs him instead.The first 2 monologues were used in the normal way (one person standing up and talking aloud and the last one in the form of a dream were Roland is at a funeral (because the audience do not know its Roland they assume the funeral is for him) and he then asks what’s happened and someone shouts your mothers dead then another person repeats it and the other 2 characters repeat it in unison until Roland wakes up screaming.They used every part of the stage at one p...

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Multinational Strategies, Structures, and Learning of Pearl River Piano Analytical Essay

Therefore, Pearl River Piano still does not stand a chance of succeeding in the US market.Labor costs in the US market were so high and manual labor force was rare as opposed to the situation in China (Peng, 2009).In spite of all these limiting factors to the company’s effort to enter into the US market, Mr. Tong’s ambition to make Pearl River Piano a world- class piano producing company was not swayed.It present the following disadvantages, it could results into lack of trust between Pearl Piano and the local producer and conflicts over matters such as strategies, resource allocation, transfer pricing ,ownership of critical assets like technology and brand names (Lymbersky, 2008).Pearl River Piano is a local company.After a complete ana...

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An Analysis of Roland Barthes’ Death of the Author Essay

In Roland Barthes’ essay “The Death of the Author,” Barthes asserts that the Author is dead because the latter is no longer a part of the deep structure in a particular text.According to Barthes’ notion of the “cut-off hand,” a text’s origin is language itself (Barthes 1468).Thus, the Author is alive and well because the text cannot exist without the Author, the mixing of signs is the Author’s art, and the reader’s meanings forming abilities are nourished by the Author.These contexts – history, biography, and psychology – can only be set by the Author.Moreover, “linguistically, the author is never more than the instance writing, just as I is nothing other than the instance saying I: language knows a ‘subject’, not a ‘person’” (Barthes 14...

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Michael Chang Essay

The Swedish, who has fallen back to 45th in the world and is playing his last season, thus takes a resounding revenge on Chang and this Roland Garros final lost in 1989.Chang is regularly beaten in the first rounds of Grand Slam tournaments by the new rising generation: Roger Federer at the Australian Open and the US Open, Andy Roddick at Roland Garros.Earlier in the year, he lost his title at Roland Garros at the quarter-final stage, against Andre Agassi who beats him in four sets (6-2 6-1 4-6 6-2).Finally, in December, during the semi-finals of the Grand Slam Cup, he repeated his feat at Roland Garros and once again managed to beat Ivan Lendl after losing the first two rounds (victory 2-6 4-6 6 -4 7-6 9-7).In 1994, Chang won 6 titles i...

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