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Role of engineers in Nation Building Essay

Engineers should equally know that it is their duty to develop and implement improved ways to extract, process and use raw materials; develop new raw material that can improve product performance and take advantage of advances in technology to harness the power of the sun, the gas, the earth, atoms and electricity to supply the nation’s power needs; analyze the impact of the products they develop or systems they design on the environment and the people; design ways of managing the nation’s waste, converting or recycling them to useful products.Engineers are the backbone of nation building and the purpose of engineering is to innovate, design, create and maintain products, systems and equipment for the benefit and wellbeing of humans.Whil...

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Role of industrial engineering in nation building

The Role of Engineers in Nation Building .In the early 20th century, the infamous failure of Ashtabula River Railroad Disaster drew the attention of engineering institute to confront shortcomings in technical and construction practice, nonetheless, ethical standards.Since then, it has become the foundation of almost every building in the world.Codes of engineering ethics consider public, clients, employers, and profession.As engineering rose to a distinct profession after the industrial revolution, engineers see themselves as either independent professional practitioners or technical employees of large enterprise.

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The Leadership Of Youth In Nation Building Education Essay

However, the current leaders should not neglect their role in guiding them (the youths) as well as lay the secure foundations that the youths will build upon [6].Youth leadership programmes will give emphasis on the role of youths in society and fostering national unity with a sense of common and shared destiny to develop the mutual trust and respect among different races in Malaysia at the young age and promote the well-being of the country.Greater awareness on the important role of youths in forging and promoting unity towards building a united Malaysian nation has been given priority in the leadership training programs ... Empowering youths towards leaderships enables all of us to get involved in nation building besides promoting nat...

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Participants in Construction Projects

Where services engineers’ design layout causes any structural problems, the advice of the structural engineer is sought.The production aspects of construction projects are undertaken by building contractors who are essentially commercial companies that contract to construct development projects.And all the design team members are playing the important role during the design stage.Traditionally, the design function in the construction process is the responsibility of an architect who is a professionally qualified person whose role is to interpret the client’s project requirements into a specific design or scheme.The participants to construction project procurement are the client (who is the initiator), the multi-disciplinary construction ...

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Contribution of an engineer to develop a country Essay

To enable engineers fully be part of the economic development, there should be broadening and strengthening the education of engineers and finding innovative ways to achieve needed economic development in all areas while conserving and preserving natural resources.Rather than being engineers that primarily design technologies to control or remediate pollution, I believe the environmental engineers will be interdisciplinary, system specialists who will bring together, coordinate and manage the entire specialist to solve complex environmental problems and promote sustainable development.Since it is likely that we will double the amount of housing and building construction in the twenty-first century (and buildings utilize a tremendous amou...

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The Role Of Education In A Country Education Essay

Therefore the education plays a great role in a country.So we should also give a time to study arts because it plays a great role in developing a country.So here the education plays important role to teach a child that what is right and what is wrong?Nowadays the nation gives a chances to the student to study about the agriculture which is very good process because if the new talent know the advantages of agriculture in the role of country then they can solve all the problems in the field of agriculture if they study the agriculture.So that’s the reason that tertiary level of education plays an important role in the development of country.

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Evolution of aviation during World War II Essay

Even though Germany was denied to build an air force by the Treaty of Versailles, nevertheless, they continued to conduct covert aeronautical research for secret rearmament plans during the interwar years.During the interwar periods, as aircrafts were already seen as an integral part in war victory, in-depth researches in aerodynamics and thermodynamics and other engineering technology related to flying was undertaken well into the Second World War.Moreover, the quest for greater speed and high altitudes was improved in the Second World War upon the invention of turbo jet engines as an alternative to the piston engines of the First World War.It can be said therefore that in spite of being banned to build military aircrafts, Germany was u...

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Shawinigan Water and Power Company Essay

Especially known for its role in the development of the hydroelectric potential of the Saint-Maurice river in the first half of the 20th century, the The company has experienced remarkable growth due to its sales strategies, its expertise in the transmission of electricity and the acquisition of regional electricity distributors such as Quebec Power and Southern Canada Power.In 1958, Shawinigan Engineering acquired a 20% stake in the capital of the Hamilton Falls Power Corporation, which had been formed by the British consortium Brinco in order to build a hydroelectric power station, the central Churchill Falls on the upper reaches of the river of the same name in Labrador.In particular, it has partnered with Atomic Energy of Canada Limi...

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Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Essay

Significant research on laser-plasma acceleration is being carried out at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.Since the mid-1980s, the SSRL has had its own injector, which allows it to be operated independently of the LINAC.SLAC also hosts a synchrotron radiation research unit, the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), which reuses the SPEAR ring where the J / Ψ meson and the tau lepton were discovered.SLAC is divided into several units; each of them conducts research with different objectives: .On October 15, 2008, the Department of Energy announced that the name of the center had changed, to become the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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Civil engineers will spend a lot of their time in offices working on the computer, designing, and making phone calls.The only thing about civil engineers is that they tend to take on a more business-like role, which includes things like drafting blueprints or other hands-off type of work.Earthquake engineers (which are a subset of structural engineers) see to the fact that structures can withstand hazardous earthquakes.Military engineers would design and build fortifications, trenches, roads, and bridges for military purposes, and civil engineers would design and build all other permanent structures.But after a few years of experience, most civil engineers will choose a single area of expertise.

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History of Civil Engineering Essay

* The Roles of Civil And Military Engineer in Ancient Times As stated above, civil engineering is considered to be the first main discipline of engineering, and the engineers were in fact military engineers with expertise in military and civil works.Civil engineers use this technology to achieve an efficient system of construction, including manufacture, fabrication, and erection.However, during peace time, they were concerned mainly with the civil activities such as building fortifications for defense, making bridges, canals, etc.Transportation Engineering (design of all types of transportation facilities/systems – streets/highways, airports, railroads, other mass transit, harbors/ports, etc.).Construction Management (combining engineer...

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All about Civil Engineering

Accordingly, a materials engineer’s job is highly varied: from choosing among a host of suitable materials to re-surface a road on one day, to designing a concrete mix for a large building on another, to participating in a research project to develop strengthening techniques for a damaged building column on a third .From the enormous platforms used to launch the Saturn V missile to the moon to the structural and environmental support systems design of the Space Station, the Civil Engineering profession has played a remarkable and profound role.To ensure access to clean safe drinking water, civil engineers design, build and manage the water intakes, the water treatment plants and the network of pipes that convey water to your tap.The firs...

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Mechanical Engineering

I would like to internalise all those aspects of pollution that affect the human beings and also work in collaboration with the fellow mechanical engineers in environmental control area to address as well as seek to end this alarming pollution.I have to strategize all my undertakings and consolidate my efforts as well as keep my interest for this area of mechanical engineering burning.There are areas like product design in which my cousin and my role model for this matter has a major in.As I believe, it is my obligation to pursue my future career with a lot of endearing efforts so that I can one day give back to the society and the nation at large.Technology is a very important development area that a nation should adopt in order to expe...

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Importance of civil engineering

Civil engineers were the first engineers and continue to be dedicated to the technology development for the goods of the general public and benefit the everyday lives of the people and the communities in which we live.Due to the increase in construction in our country, the demands for civil engineers are expected to go faster as well.Without the expertise of civil engineers, none of these incredible projects will be possible.As long as there are structures and facilities that need to be build or constructed, there will always be a demand for civil engineers.Civil engineers develop our society, they design and build an infrastructure that ensures safeness and enhances the life of people.

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Career in Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors working in this area are usually employed by Professional Quantity Surveying Practices, Consulting Engineers, Architects or other companies, practices, professionals or individuals retained by the end user to ensure that what is eventually built is what he actually requires.The principle role of the Quantity Surveyor working for the Contractor is to look after the financial interests of his employer.There was a time when they tended to be brought in, too late in the day, to cost someone else’s work and ended up being wrongly cast in the role of the spoilsport who said it was all too expensive.The role of the quantity surveyor has changed significantly in recent years.Whilst the primary role of a quantity surveyor remai...

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Role of engineers

6 D. Gambetta, Engineers, Terrorism, and Creationism, New Scientist, June 2009 7 D. Gambetta and S. Hertog, Engineers of Jihad, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, Paper Number 2007 – 10 .In one simple article more damage was done to the reputation of engineers than centuries of 3rd International Symposium for Engineering Education, 2010, University College Cork, Ireland bridge building and service to society.Unlike science, in engineering the environment in which engineers plan, design, build, manufacture, maintain and operate continually changes and so the engineer must be prepared within an ‘acceptable level of risk’ for all possibilities and outcomes.The development of the modern world has been dominated by science, engine...

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The Tower and the Bridge: The New Art of Structural Engineering’ Essay

Engineers and architects would be interested in reading the book because it contains many important concepts related to the points of their professional interest.At the same time, Billington provides a technical analysis of structural constructions so his account is interesting not only for historians or specialists in art but also for engineers and technically minded people.Important engineers and architects are shown in progress of their careers so that to demonstrate that their efforts are scaffolded one over another to achieve the common goal.The writer insisted that “the best engineers were precisely those who were the most aesthetically sensitive to the new forms arising out of the constraints of structural engineering” (Billington...

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Innovation in Engineering Technology

The rapid rate of increasing urbanization and industrialization is acting as a catalyst towards the growth of India.Engineering education in our country should be designed in such a way so that the engineers can fight with the trained manpower in solving technical as well as social problems.It highlights how all the things stated above can be bring to action in order to meet the challenges faced by engineers in our country.Other thing that effects quality education is capacity and competence building.It is the most favorable place for the Multi National Companies (MNC’s) to invest.

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The Building Industry 19th Century Construction Essay

However, in the 1930s the introduction of new materials like reinforced concrete and steel and the growing interest of architects in larger buildings redefined the importance of the civil engineers in the building industry (Bowley, 1966).These changes in demand meant that specialist engineers such as electrical and mechanical engineers’ role in the industry was suddenly enhanced.This developed a dependence on engineers, who had the expertise and knowledge to design large building (Bowley, 1966).The third section identifies the role of the public authorities and professional organisations involved within the industry, and their attitude towards innovation.Our understanding of the modern industry was limited to the structure of the industr...

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What Is The Role Of Engineers?

The role of engineering has suffered many changes over the last few decades, although its concept which is based on trial and error has remained an essential element of the scientific-technological method; where social, environmental and human factors define the most suitable solution to manage a particular issue.For that reason, the common commitment for engineers on energy solutions is provide better alternatives in terms of sustainability and development.Thus, engineer’s role is continuing reshaped according to the new challenges and necessities implicated by specialized disciplines on particular areas of technology (civil, chemical, agricultural, etc.).This new role of engineering, demands new practices based on social-environmental ...

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Malaysian Construction Industry Sector Economics Essay

This component is also necessary to analyze the extent to which these components play a role in the construction of economic cycles or more accurately the influence of the components in the construction of the economic cycle.What is the role of housing and how does it affect the industry requires an analysis of the housing in Malaysia and its contribution to the construction industry.Housing is a major sub-sector of the construction industry.Hence the development of the sector .This will not only demonstrate the workability of a building on the demand side but also allows estimates are made about the development of the construction industry based on current economic conditions and economic cycles related to the construction industry for ...

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The Eddie Stobart business Essay

Provide different activities to help fundraise .To take the opportunities, as the economy comes out of recession, building on our key competitive advantages, such as load utilisation and combining our customers.The work is narrowed down into departments .Build a positive building environment .Helps the staff understand what role they take part in .

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SWOT Analysis of Honda

Although this action has formed able-bodied in some cases such as Honda’s access into the ablaze barter division, area its Ridgeline won Barter of the Year, about in added cases such as the barrage of Acura success was met aboriginal by years of balloon and error.Ian will oversee a European-wide creative to balance Brand Building Campaigns and Product Launch campaigns.As part of a “root and branch” reform, Tom Gardner has been appointed to the role of Head of European Marketing, Honda Motor Europe (moving from Head of Marketing, Honda (UK), and Cars).Honda depends too abundant on their adeptness and adeptness to acclimatize already a artifact enters the market, and as a result, they generally accomplish hasty and adulterated decisions th...

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Role of a Highway Design Engineer

He/she should visit sites to keep check on the work in order to prevent any upcoming hazard in the future, affecting the lives of people.He should maintain checks on the highway road surface materials and design of it on regular basis.He needs to ensure that the designs given by him should be good enough and should work with the Euro-code.Once the design is agreed by the managers, and reaches the satisfaction level of the client and the people and the environmentalists, the design is preceded to the further stages.The engineer should be able to provide the given project with quality engineering design services along with the construction, renovation and maintenance of it.

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Blue Ocean Strategy, Is It Relevant to the Army? Essay

Instead, this principle shows organization how to aggregate demand, not by focusing on the differences that separate customers but by building on the powerful commonalities across noncustomers to maximize the size of the blue ocean being created and new demand being unlocked, hence minimizing scale risk.Proper planning at each level of command must be made to balance the Army priority between it main and secondary role and tasks.11.Fourth principle lays out the design of a strategy that allows organization not only to provide a leap in value to the mass of costumers but also to build a viable service provider to produce and maintain confidence growth for it.Using a visualizing approach that drives organization to focus on the big picture...

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Building Design Process

Alongside their planning duties, engineers are often turned to when a problem arises and are expected to resolve that problem as fast as possible in order to keep the project on-track for completion.With a structured plan everyone involved in the project knows there role and can continue with it whilst the rest of the project continues to progress, the Architect will maintain full control of the plan but has a better understanding of who is doing what and what is being done at what time.A Civil Engineer’s role in the design team is concerned with what is happening below the ground, the foundations and the final touches.Structural Engineers are employed by the contractor depending on the contract of the job and can work closely with the C...

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The fundamentals of science and process involved in automobile practice

This motivated me to choose Master of Engineering in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING with Co-Op internship from the UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR provides me an opportunity to enhance my profile in the industrial sector.It is globally professional which brings innovative to end to end logistics and mainly emphasis on quality, safety and time management.I started thinking how mobility in machines is being controlled by humans.This question strengthened my abilities to think more and bring innovation.After my under graduation was followed by 3months internship at FIAT and JEEP cars dealership namely RDC Motors Pvt.

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Free College Admissions Essays: The FIRST Engineering Competition

The skills that I have gained are those needed to work in an entrepreneurial business environment which I have selected as my career objective.I can both work constructively as a team member and provide leadership among my peers.As team captain, I set group goals and formulated strategies to achieve these goals.FIRST is a national engineering competition in which partnerships are formed between local businesses and high schools to design and build a robot-like machine from identical kits of parts supplied by FIRST.As a result of this experience I can work effectively on significant long range projects with highly focused goals.

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Statement of Purpose Essay

To keep myself fit, I play basketball and practice mixed martial arts.The various courses such as Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Strength of Materials, Building Materials and Testing, Analysis of Structures, Concrete technology, Design of Steel Structures and Structural Dynamics which have been part of my curriculum have helped me acquire the necessary skills to pursue my studies further in Structural Engineering.I have donated blood on many occasions.I was lauded for my outstanding performance in the Project Citizen programme that dealt in recognising citizen’s duties and creating awareness, in the year 2006-07.I intend to study Structural Engineering with a major focus on Structural Dynamics and Ea...

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Construction Economy Of Malaysia Economics Essay

The cost of building materials – .For the bank, they also believe the risk is low because of sustained delivery systems sell then build housing market, the importance of security in the two layers of bank guarantee, the guarantee from the developer and the buyer.List of building materials involved are brick, wood, cement, aggregate, floor and wall finishes, doors, windows, fittings mechanical and electricity, water supply and drainage equipment, roads, etc.They play the market sentiment for its own interests, as if in spite of the construction costs will increase due to the rise in world oil prices and building materials, the increase in house price was the inevitable and will take place according to the law relative to the market.This m...

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