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Benefits of interactive learning

It means that the teachers’ job not only stop in transfering knowledge or giving a test in the end of the lesson but teacher must have some activities to increase learning process in teaching such as teachers’ role awareness.To enhance the learning process and make students’ interaction, here There are some teaching procedures , first: by Yudhi arifani and Ali Saukah 2013 about Build Up Good Teaching Activities, by (Loucks-Horsley & Matsumoto, 1999), it is about Job-Embedded Professional Learning and by Jeremy Harmer about teachers’ role awareness.Those are some role for teacher to increase the process of the teaching and each teaching procedure has different way.Based on jeremy harmer stated that teachers’ role awareness is Some act...

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The Roles of a Teacher

They play a vital role in rearing and developing their students and in the process, impart to us lessons and knowledges to make us competent with the challenges of life.We respect people whose role is to guide us to the right path most especially when we are in need of help and guidance.Teachers share with their students the joys of getting good grades and the pride in winning competitions.As for me, all the significant and valuable impacts an ideal role can offer can be best achieved through the roles that a teacher plays.By being good character models, they call and encourage us to act the same and imitate their good characters.

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Teacher Importeace Essay

The role of teachers has become very challenging.The role of teachers becomes very challenging.Students must feel comfortable with the teacher and at the same time, teacher must encourage students.So the teacher should have the professional competence as well as good moral background in order to impart these values to students.The role played by teachers becomes a very important component and in fact it can be said that they are in way our nation builders.

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Introduction And Concept Of Npe Education Essay

School plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable and harmonious environment, catering various activities and programmes.A teacher should show a good illustration and love their job for the reason that teacher playing a crucial role in every one future.Moreover, self-confidence of a teacher with the attention and aptitude are the great weapon in impart knowledge and good moral values among students.First and foremost, the role of headmaster, can be considered as a head of the particular school.In this role, all decision and actions required to maintain order in the classroom, such as laying rules and procedures for learning activities.

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Ideal education Essay

A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting with creativity.The role of the teachers and parents is to help students finding their goals by showing the abilities and talents they have.Parents with active role assist the children with their nightly homework and studies.It is good if they have correspondence with teachers or attend the school occasionally but it is much better to discuss their children’s feeling about education.A good relationship between teacher and student come from mutual respect, trust, and honesty.

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Qualities of Good Teacher

A teacher is an individual who plays the most vital role in the development of any being.The following statements are suggestion on becoming a good teacher: .As a result during our survey, we can say that the teacher shows good attitudes to her students and also she shows that she an enthusiasm in her job being a good teacher.The survey is very effective to the learners so that they know how to evaluate their teacher and as well it is very important that the teacher is aware of what she is doing and she know if she is really a good teacher and if she does her job well.Teacher should show good attitudes of his learners because she is the role model of the young ones.

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Integrative Essay on Teacher Competency

Essentialism also states that the role of education is to prepare students for the real-world.Another theory is progressivism which, influenced by pragmatism, states that the teacher role is to guide rather than to direct (Harmon & Jones, 2005, p.47).A competent teacher is someone who is able to concretize this goal— by being a good example to students, by showing them concrete results, and by making them understand the value of education.This is because the role of a teacher is not merely to impart knowledge, but also to prepare students for harder challenges ahead.The role then of a teacher is to make use of these available teaching resources in a very creative and resourceful manner.

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Essay on My Philosophy of Education

The good teachers I had throughout school are what inspired me to become a teacher now.Progressivism is a good philosophy to be used in math and science classrooms.I attended public schools, so I got the good, the bad, and the ugly of every kind of teacher one could possibly have.If a child has a bad teacher from the start I believe their learning experience throughout their life will not be as good as one who has started off with a good teacher.I want to be that teacher who fills that computers hard drive with tons of information so that computer is ready for college and the real world.

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Team work in schools Essay

3.3 Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team.ROLE OF SENCO .Besides teaching, organizing the classroom, and communicating well with parents and students, part of the teacher’s role is to be a mentor to the teacher assistant in his or her classroom.When you work together there is consistency therefore if a member of staff is absent then other staff members can cover their role.In my role I find others coming to me for advice, sometimes work or of a personal matter.

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Pedagogy Expertise in Education Opinion Essay

The experience of joy felt by a teacher after making a difference in the life of a student is very fulfilling.A good teacher should be an excellent communicator both orally and in writing.It is the role of a teacher to ensure that students relate and connect well with each other by creating activities and sessions where students can socialize.A good teacher should go beyond textbook materials when explaining certain concepts to students.The other objective of special education teachers is to develop a good relationship with students and make them feel comfortable to ask for any kind of assistance without fear.

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Use of effective group work inside the classroom

Using group work enables the teacher a great deal to fulfil his lesson successfully since the teacher has all everything in his favour , i mean , effective classrooms , resources available , good leadership and good school environment .for example , if pupils are doing role play and they sing or dance according to the role , if the head teacher sees that , he can prevent the teacher from doing it .Of course not all the head teachers , but still there are some .Group work is really a good approach if it is well managed and well prepared by the teacher as it helps in developing problem-solving skills , social skills and communication skills .When students arrive from primary schools , they are able to ; Speak in turn , listen to others vie...

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The need for male teachers as role models

“To be a man you must see a man”, young boys need good men to help them become good men.The unfortunate trend in this present society is one that has left many families without a father and hence, confusion in the minds of these young children as to who to model or look up too, the male teacher therefore, might be that only positive male role model in their lives (MacDonald, 2007).Many educators at the management level are assiduously working at recruiting competent males; strong role models that can transform the lives of children and more importantly young boys they interact with.Essentially boys grow when they are surrounded by a strong male role model (Manfre, 2010).I think because there is a deficit in male role models at home and i...

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Education, Teacher Essay

Who knows the student may become the teacher and the teacher becomes the student.“Five Ways Good Teachers Change Lives.Teachers’ role in the community is extremely important, since it is the teachers who are the backbone of the educational system.The teacher has a role in the community also.”(Five Ways Good Teachers Change Lives) or other uplifting phrases such as a quote that I live by that says “Don’t give up just because of what someone said.

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Roles and Responsibilty of Teacher Essay

For a teacher, carefully chosen teaching strategies with good resources are the key ingredients to an effective and supportive learning session.* To learn about legislation, regulations and code of practice with in the circle of teacher’s role and responsibilities.“A teacher should also promote respect between students by encouraging trust, honesty, politeness and consideration.” (Gravells 2012 p.98) .As far as role of teacher is concerned, a teacher should plan effective, appropriate and coherent plans for learners.A teacher must try to have positive approach, praise performance, and good behaviour and be consistent and fair to everyone.

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Input, Interaction and Sla Essay

Therefore, after reading the article mentioned above, I think that the role of a teacher as a learning advisor is really important.As an English teacher, I always inspire my students to the new ways of learning such as dictation running, vocabulary guessing, board hitting, field trip writing, and so on which can give as much help as possible to those who really want to enrich their knowledge through English.By “deliver them well”, I mean the lessons are interesting and understandable to students.However, recently in the last meeting of a Listening course I’m in charge of, some students asked me whether I could help them with some more reference books for study outside classroom.When I read the article titled Shifting roles:From language ...

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Ptlls Ass 1 Essay

Explain how you are responsible for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment within your role and ways that you would promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others To provide a safe supportive environment, the teacher must ensure that the learners’ needs are met in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles and summarise your own responsibilities in relation to other professionals The teacher must understand where their role (in cases where they are not qualified to support the learner), their own limitations, and when to refer a learner to another qualified professional.A vital role of the teacher is to assess whether learning has taken place.W...

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Teamwork in School Essay

Good teamwork spirit among the school staff affects the student body positively.Recognition: Recognition for exceptional work by small rewards such as mentioning the name in assembly and meetings or simply saying ‘Good job’ provides enormous motivation for team members.Teaching assistants are experiencing a major role shift in working practice i. .As no person can be good at everything and working in a team provides a great opportunity for the school staff to learn from each other’s skills and talents.Acquiring Roles: When a task is set, each member of team acquires a certain role which is best suited for their personality, abilities and efforts to fulfil the task and achieve the goal.

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Dynamics of high school teaching: Cooperative learning Essay

Students with good discipline perform better and this is the main reason that makes teachers to be tougher while dealing with students.Seidman Irving, 1999, The Essential Career Guide to Becoming a Middle and High School Teacher, Bergin & Garvey.The teachers act as role models in guiding students to achieve their life time goals.Accordingly the role of a teacher in classroom promotes main phases of discipline such as prevention, motivation, intervention and management.The management role of teachers in classroom involves ensuring that each student follows what is taught in class.

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What is the role of a Teacher?

Even if teachers are considered to be role models I believe they still make mistakes.Teachers have the qualities to be or become role models for students.Often, there is a debate about if a teacher should be a role model for students.I believe that even if teachers do not like to be point out as being role models I certainly think they are.Are these attitudes of the mothers toward their kids related to what the role of the teacher should be with the students in the classroom?

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Successful tertiary education

It is not without reason that good teachers often train good students.At what age, in your opinion should children start learning a foreign language?In particular, in the current context where good students are aided by the availability of information and technology, teachers seem no longer the major providers of knowledge and skills.There are plausible arguments in favour of the student’s decisive role.First and fore, good students are more strongly motivated and more fully committed to study.

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The Teaching Profession Essay

A society consisting of good citizens, according to Socrates is a good society, and the highest end of every individual is to become good.A teacher to be effective must possess a sense of service as a professional teacher, dedicated to the job and wave that missionary spirit since the teacher himself or herself is one of the elements in making learning attainable.Can the teachers redeem themselves in their role of reshaping our society?This is the reason why a teacher should have a good stock of positive personal and professional attributes to be geared up for battle.The teacher takes the more crucial role in shaping the individual human person and the world.

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Teachers as Cultural Workers

Conclusion: Reading this book helps us to formulate our own ideas on education because we can be able to understand the importance of the teachers as role models of our students and as cultural workers of our communities.In this manner, the teacher’s role shifts to “the teacher as a learner” because with open communication, he will be educating himself from the ideas and background he learns and discovers from his students.He is right when he wrote that the teacher’s obligation does not simply mean communicating information to his or her students because the teacher’s role doubled as a parent once the students are in the classroom.That is a good point.Reviews of Paulo Freire’s Books [Electronic Version].

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A Good Teacher Needs to Be a Good Learner in Spirit

Are those teachers’ learners or have the desire to grow?” She then went on to question the available infrastructure that would enable a world class education system, “Everyone talks about teacher training.Whether Indians are going to be leaders or exploited?” He then went on to talk about the B.Ed curriculum that needs to be updated by bringing in the element of technology and be more interactive in order to generate curiosity and interest amongst both, the teachers and the students.I lost faith in the classroom because it was boring both for the teacher and the student.A good teacher needs to be a good learner in spirit, says Pratibha Jolly AVANTIKA SHARMA, GUNJEET SRA AND SUDHIR GORE NEW DELHI, JANUARY 27, 2012 | UPDATED 17:45 IST The ...

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The Importance of Teachers in Fostering Students’ Creativity Essay

The behavior of the teacher and whether or not they have assumed the role of leader has a significant influence on students’ creative thinking in the classroom.The importance of the school’s role in the development of students’ creativity has been highlighted in many studies regarding creativity.For example, engaging in collaborative activities and personal reflection could help them be a good leader.For example, the teacher must act as a positive role model, since the behaviors that the teacher displays shape the behaviors students develop.Finally, the teacher must put forward an effort to reward and foster students’ creativity through instructional activities.

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Philosophy of Education

Teachers that genuinely care for their students and provide good solid foundations are the reason I have chosen teaching as my profession.I want children to look back and think that I was the one teacher that was different than the rest.I would like to be the teacher that is a role model for inopportune children.I want to be a teacher so I can make a difference in children’s lives.Most of the teachers that have taught me in my time as a student have come across as positive role models to their students.

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Effective Role Model Behaviour

If another staff member had a query for the Teacher they would step in to help rather than the teacher as to not disturb the lesson and let the teacher continue with the lesson.Other roles would include:Discuss with the teacher what instruments are required and source them if kept locked away in another room/store, perhaps pre-book if another class uses them Re-arrange the classroom chairs/desks if required to create the learning environment Preparing and checking all instruments that would be used during the lesson are in working order and clean ready for use and are not going to cause injury due to parts being broken Making sure there are enough instruments for the attended class, and to make sure there enough copies of music sheets in...

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Roles and Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher

A good teacher ensures effective communication and an inclusive teaching practice.Teachers can then address individuals within personal tutorials reiterate the importance of boundaries, roles and responsibilities and reflected to ensure fulfilment is gained from both student and teacher.If a student confides in a teacher, the teacher must remain professional and not become over familiar or opinionated.When planning lessons a good code of practice is to begin with an introduction of the teacher and students.A teacher’s role is challenging but having an understanding and background knowledge of diversity, inclusivity, discrimination and safeguarding strengthens, supports and reassures a teacher’s professional role and their responsibilitie...

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Roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training Essay

It is vitally important to have a good working relationship within a setting because it reflects and promotes a positive environment.My role in respect of this will be to ensure that all classroom needs are met such as wheelchair access, can the person navigate easily round the classroom?(Wikipedia) There are a number of laws, directives and codes of practice that teachers have to be made aware of and implement in their role.It is also very important to remember the teacher’s role as a role model/mentor and that you only get one opportunity to create a first impression.The single most important attribute of a good teacher is that they are approachable in all aspects of the training.

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Roles and Responsibility in Lifelong Learning Essay

There should be a clear communication network from the teacher to the learners.Secondly the teaching role makes the teacher a role model as well and the impression they make on the learner has a huge impact on the learner’s life.As a good teacher I need to have detailed understanding of these theories and when to apply them.Personal relationship may lead to favouritism and erode the teacher’s sense of good judgement.The Chambers Combined Dictionaries defined role as ‘a part played in life, the function of a person or thing’.

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Teachers Speak Out on Assessment Practices

The results of the study suggest that teacher preparation and in-service professional development programs should include more to help teachers develop a deeper understand of the role of assessment in teaching and learning and more specifically the value of formative assessment.School administrators also have a role to play in building relationships in the school.The account of the role of each stakeholder is very thorough  and the suggestions offered are very practical and useful.Some examples offered were inviting guest speakers to give talks to the teachers and parents on building their relationships; organizing home visits for teachers and teacher volunteers at the beginning of the year to welcome the new students and get to know the...

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