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Personal performance manifesto

• Partnership between institutions and other stakeholders should not be corrupted to suit some individual interests but pioneer the development of performed art to a more stable and recognized status in the society.We need to understand that ‘art should be valued for its own sake and not for any social purpose or cultural function, formalists adamantly opposed all instrumental notions of art: works of art should be judged not only on inherent aesthetic properties, but any contextual purpose or function it may serve is moreover considered a defect’ (Montano 2004:7).Performance played the role of a medium of expression.John Dewey, Art As Experience, New York: Minton, Balch and Co., 1934, p. 195. .Matching a role and matching specific ski...

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Art and Culture

Art will continue to be an avenue of great expression for centuries to come.“The Feminist Art Movement began with the idea that women’s experiences must be expressed through art, where they had previously been ignored or trivialized.” (Napikoski, L. 2011 ) The artists of this movements work showed a rebellion from femininity, and a desire to push the limits.Architecture, sculpture, and painting has been around for ages, then photography made its way on to the art scene in the 1820’s and has taken leaps and bounds to establish itself as fine art The evolutions of styles are also examined.The role of ethnic minorities and their influence on the various arts is examined.Role of Diversity in the Development of the Arts .

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Capitalism, Modernism and Postmodernism

Art has become centred on its own image, role and place within society, because it has somehow lost its utopian role of mirroring the world, as if capitalism has perverted its function: “If the unreality of the artistic image mirrors the unreality of its society as a whole, then it is to say that it mirrors nothing real and so does not really mirror at all.” [5] .Capitalism has turned art into a commodity, and after analysing this claim, the characteristics of modern and postmodern genres will be analysed, so as to understand literature’s role.Art and literature have been influenced by some characteristics of late capitalism, such as virtual reality based on mass consumerism.He seems to focus on its ideological role, which is, more than...

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Comparing Dostoyevsky and Voltaire's Views on the Role of Art in Humanity

The comparison of the authors’ views on the role of art in society falls from their overarching views on leading satisfying lives.Both of these writers understood well the impact their artwork could have on society.Despite their differences, the commentary on society present in the works of both authors caused them great trouble and – necessary in living a fulfilling life or not – it’s clear that great art drastically affects those who view it.As such, comparing their views on the role of art in humanity is beneficial.There is hardly a better way to do this than by creating art.

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Contemporary Chinese female art and artists Essay

They will continue to explore and find a new way to express their art and voice for women, and the quality of female art will also get more abundant themes.But, indeed, they play an important role during that period, especially for photograph art and portrait paintings.Observe the female art movement in the western society and Chinese society, there is no gap between them.Contemporary Chinese art frequently referred to as avant-garde art, sustained to expand ever since the 1980’s as an improvement of contemporary, post-Cultural art developments.Most people have forgotten the essence of life and the simple things that make us live along with the many troubles of humanity and theses contemporary Chinese female artists, through exploring mo...

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Plato the Republic Essay

Plato’s republic will be very simple, and will not allow hardly any new art.Throughout The Republic, Plato keeps the same narrow mind set by not seeing the good in art.Also having villains in art it allows the children to be able to recognize what is bad, and who are bad people.Meaning that the roles that the person play in films is not the role they play in their everyday life.Poetry is an art that is supposed to felt, and it supposed to bring out the bad part of the soul, because it is the part that needs to be expressed.

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Minoan and Mycenae Civilization Comparison Essay

Many factors, such as technology, trade, geography, art, military, government, and society, changed or continued with each civilization.Fourth, the Mycenean cities were heavy fortresses while Minoans were surrounded with art of everyday life.Their societies differed in principles, in which the Mycenaean’s society was influenced by military advancements, and the Minoans society was affected by technology, art, and trade.The evidence of Mycenean cultural influence on Minoan art and trade is a strong indication.Both appreciated art.

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Roman Sculpture Essay

(Art) In addition to statues, Roman Emperors were also portrayed on coins, which is where modern-day society got the idea of putting out presidents on coins.Roman statue effected and played a role in literature as well such as Julius Caesar.(All About Ancient) Most sculptures roles in society were to be public meeting places for important events.Roman sculpture effects life and plays an important role in Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, and modern-day society.(All About Ancient) Many of architectural buildings today are based off of old roman art such as the United States very own capital building.

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Art & History Essay

Japanese Tea Culture: Art, History, and Practice.The spiritual role of masks in Melanesian societies is also very important.Ritual or mythological symbols may be embedded in art to amplify their divine meaning and vice versa – art meaning may be used to increase the appeal of rituals.African art was for a long time interwoven with religion, which resulted in direct impact of ritual forms and traditions on African works of art.There is no denying the importance of the fact, that the theme of duality played important role in Aztec architecture and Aztec Great Temple (Temple Mayor) is a vivid example of this.

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The Art of Criticism Essay

There are many specialized parts to this machine, all of which have a specific role to play.The only morality in this society deals with the relative functions of the members of said society.In the republic, however, this is done through the censorship of art and literature.This is why the censorship of art will ruin the republic.Thus, the censorship of art, unto itself, will cause the negative effects mentioned above.

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Youth and Spirituality

The ART OF LIVING plays a crucial here simplifying the complex meanings of life for the youth and helping them cope with the changing society.Further, being a part of Art of living and coming in touch with spirituality has taught the youth of today the art of giving back to the society.A very little role of media influence is seen in this scenario.The role of the family in the decision making for their child is very much prominent.Role and value conflicts .

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Relationship Between Food And Art English Language Essay

As this module has shown throughout the term is that art pieces have social meaning and they structure a part of the society.In order to analyse if this connection is feasible, it is important to discuss the notion of food and its role in the society, an aspect that can be easily linked to the idea of artwork.This essay will examine the relationship between food and art by asking if food can be thought as an artwork, and if so, the commonalities it shares with other art pieces.Food can be related to this last idea of fine art, as well as theatre, music or dance(Anson,2006), an idea that can also be known as minor art.Whit both examples it has been shown how art also has a role in the society influencing different aspects of such.

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Which Comes First: The Art or the Artist? Essays

Surely this must change if art is ever to be the fulcrum it has the potential to be.The approach of the year 2000 seems a good time to think about the way the role of art and the artist has changed through history, and how modern art is interpreted by a modern audience.During the Wats;on festival held at Carnegie Mellon University, Elaine King was asked to speak on the future of art.In other types of art, clear facts can be asserted with security, public reactions are clearly documented, skills can be appreciated, and art is clearly recognized as such.She asserted that art was being created for "artists, art critics, curators and collectors."

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Art Deco and fashion

Lussier, author of the book, Art Deco Fashion, talks about a collection Paul Poiret created in the early 1900’s when art deco interior was in demand, Lussier described the collection as a and then goes on to say it was a .The combination of the Jazz Age and the new styles of clothing coming from Haute Couture linked together to change women’s role in society.By focussing on one period of time and place — one can see how women’s fashion in the 20th century was affected by the Art Deco movement – in the influence of forward thinking designers who took on the long thinner silhouettes reflecting the new interior and exterior trends emerging in France.As the Art Deco movement was a period of time which saw the great war, the war was a facto...

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Depictions of Paranoia in Art Exhibitions

Also, the conception of mass-produced art, which can be disseminated through video also serves a similar purpose – to allow for a larger audience to be incorporated into art, not as passive but as active components.Similar to the collage techniques of the futurists, the pop art movement could be seen as both an attempt to contemporize art and furthermore to erode or, at the very least, to change the perception of the artist and how he or she relates to the world around him.The intentionally crude collage nature of the work which juxtaposes images sharply, quickly and crudely also serves to denounce the role of the artist as talented, serving instead to perceive the artist as a facilitator to bring about other artists.Because of Warhol’s ...

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The Difficulties in Problematizing Popular Culture and the Society in which it Operates

At a certain time in the history of popular culture, especially those art forms which were mechanically produced to reach thousands of people, it laid the foundation towards the democratization of culture in which the people themselves and not only royalty can wonder at the sight of beauty and creativity of art and culture.On the other hand, the exposition on the writings of Benjamin and Adorno, both Marxist thinkers, will show the patent difficulties in defining what exactly the role of popular culture is, in contemporary society.The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.He also surmised that such art forms, even popular culture then and now, would pass from its previous radical state of emancipation towards a decadent epoch...

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Popular Culture. Madonna Argumentative Essay

In the modern society, the presence of media plays important role in transforming peoples’ cultural lifestyles.In other words, culture encompasses all arts of a society including meals, work, religious convictions, sex, family as well as sports.Madonna has been on the forefront in swaying the tendencies experienced in the ever-changing cultures of the entire society.Moreover, the struggles amongst different genders of the society are major aspects of popular culture that end up changing the way of life.In addition, the pop star played a major role in enabling the abandonment of cultures that perceive women as dependent on the males and the manners in which the women ought to behave.

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The Significance of Art in Chopin's The Awakening Essay example

As Edna awakens to her selfhood and sensuality, she also awakens to art.Edna seeks occupational freedom in art, but lacks sufficient courage to become a true artist.One form of art which is predominant in The Awakening is piano playing.Women traditionally viewed art as a hobby, but to Edna, it was much more important than that.After her awakening experience in Grand Isle, Edna begins to view her art as an occupation (Dyer 85).

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Concept Of Art In The Victorian Era

Art is only for art’s sake, that is, art justifies itself and does not need a purpose, be it moral or rational because art is a purpose in itself: “It is of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or spring-time, or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon.Unlike Victorian art which was required to be rational and moral, the Aesthetic Movement cultivated beauty in art.She will be confronted with the most dramatic moment of her life when she discovers that, in fact, Dorian has never loved herself, but her art, that he always identified her with the art she performed and fell in love with the latter: “You have killed my love!The characters’ revelations about soul, their pursuit of pleasure and their treatmen...

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The Chinese Qing Dynasty Essay

During the same time, the handicraft and art industry managed to grow rapidly than during any other period (Wills 239).The population grew enormously thereby making the society productive than ever before.The dynasty brought new changes in different sectors such as religion, art, governance, and economic activities.The collapse of Qing Dynasty left the society civilized and economically stable.The rules of the dynasty played a huge role towards the establishment of the country as it is today.

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Essay on Postmodern Art in Andy Warhol´s Silvier Liz as Cleopatra

Walter Benjamin, a German literary critic and philosopher during the 1900’s, strongly believed that the mass production of pieces has freed art from the boundaries of tradition, “For the first time in world history, mechanical reproduction emancipates the work of art from its parasitical dependance on ritual” (Benjamin 1992).The earliest forms of art had made it’s mark in history for being an influential and unique representation of various cultures and religions as well as playing a fundamental role in society.Through works such as “Silver Liz as Cleopatra,” Warhol had single handedly gave new meaning to art by exploiting a recognized figure of mass culture for the consumption of society.However, with the new era of postmodernism, art s...

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Position of Women in Society Essay

There is a somewhat limited view of women in antiquity and art provides some of the answers to the mystery of women’s roles and place in society.It is particularly valuable in the study of Latin as there are many areas which are rounded out by information provided in art.They will also be able to utilize and appreciate information gained through art and other disciplines.The student will further expand the project in the form of an interactive presentation which involves other disciplines to support the premise in the research paper or expand the understanding of the class regarding the position of women in society.Students will engage in writing a research paper examining the role and position of the woman in each story.

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Benin Bronzes Essay

How the society lived is now sourced from research to Benin itself and it uses oral and visual evidence to its role in reflecting the plaques and properly interpreting them.Its research gives oral and visual evidence a role in reflecting the plaques from Benin and properly interpreting them.(2008) ‘The Art of Benin; Changing Relations Between Europe and Africa One and Two’, in Brown,R,E (ed.)Defining its concept of art with the study of primitive forms from less developed continents drew Benin’s sophisticated art into sharp focus, dividing Benin from the unsophisticated forms of African art that they were studying.Contemporary art galleries started to eclipse primitivism and gave the new definition of art a fresher sense of meaning.

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Marcel Duchamp’s Influences on Modern Art

For example, if it is asserted that Duchamp’s role was to reposition items of artistic worth and to place them into the political space of a gallery, this highlights the political rather than the aesthetic role of the gallery and the artist in measuring items of subjective worth.Duchamp’s role was precisely the opposite role as those artists concerned about formulating an ideal form of subjective expression – Duchamp was more concerned about the political role of the artist and the institutions that serve to create art, rather than of the production of art itself.In addition, Rauschenberg’s boxes are more expansive in their approach to the role of art in the society that surrounds them; in a manner similar to Duchamp’s readymades, Rausch...

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Egon Schiele: Influences on and Impact in Art

[…] It makes all the difference in the world whether he is observing his own body as an act of direct, emotional self-knowledge or whether in his imagination he is slipping into someone else’s role and experiencing his own self as that of another person.” So, that Schiele depicts himself as a variety of different people doesn’t necessarily mean that he is living up to a certain artistic function; in a sense, glamorizing the role of the artist as a suffering person.So, the implication here is that Schiele was indeed acting a specific role of artist, that he was assuming a specific “pose of suffering” that was in many ways an act of fulfilling his societal role as an artist.Which Schiele is the real Schiele?” Schiele seems to instinctively...

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Value of Art in Society Essay

“The awareness that comes from art will only lead to a better society if the people take action based on the ideas they discover in art.As soon as people could embrace the idea of valuing art for art’s sake and appreciating it, then art could start to enhance their social life.In 1967, when the NEA, National Endowment for the Arts, was created, artists could finally express their art in a way for people to “value art for art’s sake.I feel that society could potentially be moved positively by art if they would allow themselves to appreciate it, and from there, take action.” What this meant was people could finally look at art and value it for its beauty as an aesthetic object.

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Modern Expressionism Essay

While many consider art to be only a form of entertainment, it is apparent that our social values are reflected through art in a much more comprehensive way then through any other form.Museum and its Social Role LACMA museum brings to light some relationships and discrepancies between ideas of art, design and other forms of cultural production.Groys (2009) states following about museums social role in today’s society: Today’s museums are in fact machines designed not merely to collect, but also to generate the present through their comparison between old and new, between identical and different.” The social role of art as described by Rockmore in the above statement is very apparent in exhibits at the LACMA Museum.Rockmore (2008) states ...

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Black Art, Chicano Art And Feminist Art Essay

Being a male dominated society, art can be used to try to advocate equality.In the early 70s, a growing women’s rights movement brought up the creation of Feminist Art groups.As part of the Spiral group of black artists, Bearden sought in 1960’s to contribute through his art to the Civil Rights Movement.In the late 60s and early 70s, Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro established Women’s art programs in California.The painting named Your Body as a Battleground by Barbara Krueger is one of the images that were designed as posters for defending women’s rights to decide to have an abortion if they so wished in the US.

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Redefining Gender Roles

McEnroe, John C. “Gender and Representation” Critical Perspectives on Art History.Another female artist that creates genderless art is Jenny Holzer.She discusses the artist, Suzanna Veladon, and how she disobeyed the conventions of gender roles in art.By becoming a model, Suzanne Valadon entered the world of art.She disregards gender roles in art by communicating through text and image in a genderless tone.

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Society 's Influence On Society Essay

One work of art that not only is controversial, but also set a chain of events to unravel, is the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.Art has been influenced by the current events taking place in the artist’s time period and from the views of society as well as the views of the artist.The incident has brought up the issue of freedom of speech and censorship in our modern society, with oppositions arguing for self-censor or no censorship at all.At the end of the day, we will always influence art and art will always influence us.It’s no question that society influences many works of art, but art holds a great influence on society itself.

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