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The purpose of the documentary film Step into Liquid Essay

To achieve this, the documentary employs a range of strategies and documentary film conventions to shape the viewers response.By using low camera angles when filming children surfing, the viewer is encouraged to have a positive response; the children are not seen as vulnerable.The presentation of a diverse range of people enjoying surfing and others who surf as a lifestyle stipulates to the viewer that anyone can surf, anywhere; that ‘surfing isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that.’ By filming in water below or behind the wave, the documentary involves the viewers, drawing them in.By having the camera behind the water the viewer is involved and almost experiences the feel of being surrounded by water, stepping int...

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Control Room | Documentary | Analysis

The second scene, when the statue of Saddam Hussein being removed on the square and when people shown to us, are very cheerful about it, in my opinion, gives a very strong evidence of what director was trying to say in this documentary.In my view, the editing of the shots and conversations, along with interviews, wounded pictures of children, played a key role in this documentary.The way in which the camera is used, its many movements and angels of vision in relation to the object being photographed, the speed in which it reproduces actions and the very appearance of person and things before it, are governed by the many ways in which editing is fulfilled.The people who are being filmed are meant to forget, that the camera crew is there, ...

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Differences Between Documentary and Fiction Film

Its aim is to film events, on camera, as they happen.Third spectator play vital role by impose the pictures by them.While the former is a documentary in all respects, there can be a debate over whether the latter can be categorized as a documentary.The filmmakers themselves are usually seen on camera attempting to raise the consciousness of the audience themselves.The process of the filmmaking is defined by their performance in the acting by transmigrate the required role.

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Documentary Analysis Of Control Room

By the end of” Control Room” documentary, viewers make their own conclusion.The second scene, when the statue of Saddam Hussein being removed on the square and when people shown to us, are very cheerful about it, in my opinion, gives a very strong evidence of what director was trying to say in this documentary.That is probably, the essential part in order to understand and make your own `truth` about this documentary film.In this particular documentary film, I have focused on the details of the opening scenes in the different aspects, whether it is a sound, camera angels or emotional influences, and if to pay attention, it is easy to see and understand the scenes and the way that the director expresses the key moments by using very sad m...

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The History Of Documentaries Film Studies Essay

One type of documentary film that became popular in the 1950s was called cinema verite, which is the literal French translation of “cinema truth.” Cinema verite is a type of documentary film that includes no narration; the camera simply follows the subject.“Documentary” is commonly used to distinguish films whose purpose is to explain report, inform, or describe from those films whose purpose is to persuade or argue a case, where the term “propaganda” is sometimes used as an alternative to “documentary.”  Propaganda films are seen as manipulative, the formalist extreme in distortion for the purpose of changing the thoughts or actions of the audience.Indeed, the commercial success of these documentaries may derive from this narrative shif...

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Analysis of Michael Moore’s Treatment of His Subject Matter within the Documentaries Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911

The four main camera techniques used to capture images for .within the documentary.desired effect, to inform and explain his view.· ‘Verite’ camera work - continuously hand held shot.Typically, a documentary .

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Boys Alone Essay

He makes us want to watch on a there is a war developing, he portrays the boys as out of control, he says ‘the boys decide to play a game of hunt the hedgehog, the camera men decide to intervene.The documentary opens with the camera showing the house where the boys will be staying, it used techniques that show the calmness and tidiness of the house before the boys arrive, such as a low angle show to make the house look big, and a slow panning shot to sow the calmness.Camera angles and editing enphasize things that we already no and that the narrator is telling us.In Boys alone the audience attention was sustained by using the reactions of the characters, the flow of the story line, the narration and the good camera angles.The narrator me...

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The Genre Of Documentary Photography

John Tagg (p.172, 1988) argued that “It is not a question of the struggle for truth but, rather, of a struggle around the status of truth and the economic and political role it plays”.She further explains that “the two attitudes underlie the presumption that anything in the world is material to the camera”.One of the best examples of how documentary photography shed light on the social injustices around the world is the Magnum Agency.The main characteristic of documentary photography is the appetite for social subjects that go beyond the simple story in the newspaper, becoming increasingly subjective but at the same time holding a grip to actuality and truth.The camera was there.

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Maya Martin-Westheimer

Throughout most of the documentary Nasht portrays Hurley to have been a morally dubious man, however the documentaries positive resolution immediately refreshes responders view and making them reassess their opinion on Hurley.The documentary argues that although Hurley was culturally insensitive, it was a relocation of the cultural ignorance naiveté of the colonialists and their dominant perspective at the time.If I could live my life over again I would do it all exactly the same.” As a result of ending the documentary with a sincere voice over, Nasht effectively humanises Hurley giving him a unapologetic and resilient persona, highlighting that he was a ordinary man who forged his own destiny, making mistakes along the way.Rediscovery o...

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Portrayal Of Reality In Documentaries Film Studies Essay

In Triumph of the Will, the camera is no longer limited by what one character can see or know, and the eye of the story does indeed move freely in time and space (This was authorized by Hitler).The form of the documentary plays a significant role in the relationship between reality and spectators.Furthermore, the camera set-ups create two fundamental, related effects: disorientation and animation.In the boundaries between documentary and fiction, as the opinion by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson: .From the filmmaker’s “vision” in documentary and fiction, the documentarists use their personal point of view about the historical world to manifest their purpose ranging from Riefenstahl records the fascinating ceremony for giving Hitler a...

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Outline the arguments about the reliability Essay

This suggests that documentaries with hidden/secret cameras may have more credibility as being ‘real’.As most viewers see a documentary as a serious programme, normally tackling a serious issue, they assume the programme will be factual and informative and this gives it certain credibility.This document can be seen as biased as they are only really concentration on one side of the argument, they are telling viewers right from the start about police officers being suspended for racism and they are setting out to ‘catch’ officers being racist, this gives the viewers a ready-made conclusion in their heads that they police force definitely are racist.Feature documentaries such as one on animals and wildlife for example are well researched an...

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Relationship Between Documentary And Reality Film Studies Essay

The experts in direct cinema alleged that the occurrence of the camera and filmmakers did not impact on their subject matter.Documentary has always had an awe inspiring outcome on its audience the relationship between documentary and reality is debateable as most documentaries do integrate particular fictional elements to elevate the visual effect and entertainment value of their film.In order to explain documentary further Bill Nichols identified six documentary modes .The documentary filmmaker gathers, structures and edits the material in a manner that changes it from a simple record of actuality into a form which we can refer to as documentary dialogue.Consequently Broomfield’s films focus the role of the documentarist and the ways in...

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Direct cinema Essay

For there to be direct cinema, portable cameras are needed, allowing the camera to work on the shoulder.In fact the direct is born from a desire to say and act in the world, without mediation, while having an acute awareness of the fragility of this position and the ease with which a camera can produce distortions, lies, manipulations.From a technical point of view, the appearance of the Éclair-Coutant 16 mm portable camera at the end of the 1950s, and its improvement in the following years, is an important step for the future of direct cinema.In France, the film Chronique d'un été directed by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin, released in 1961, is the manifesto of the cinema-verite which wants to overcome the fundamental opposition between rom...

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The Film Salaam Cinema Film Studies Essay

Most importantly, he gives viewers an insight into a society and culture that many know little about.As a result, viewers are able to take on the role of an observer, watching how Makhmalbaf engage with the subjects, provoking them to act in a certain way.Despite that, Makhmalbaf has employed most conventions in his film.The performative mode of representation recognises the emotional and subjective aspects of a documentary (Girish, 2006).As such, Salaam Cinema is a documentary film that presents the audition of Iranians who have dreams of becoming actors and actresses.

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Production Report Of 5 Minute Documentary Film Studies Essay

Although Catherine had provided us with her original proposal and treatment as a source guide to how she had originally planned the documentary, she felt that in order for the audience to identify and be morally invested in Nick, the documentary had to dig deeper into his character.The problem arose during the editing stage when we were recommended that we use some of the additional training footage for the body of the documentary.Our documentary also featured many different shot taken from many different camera angles, particularly those of the action sequences.As the gym was covered by many mirrors along the walls, the shot also featured the reflection of Nick’s front view onto the camera.By situating most of our filming at locations t...

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Mockumentaries And Documentaries

They have used the skill of archival footages as they captured real images by using lightweight camera.The crews were captured in the frame, not behind the camera.In spite of the similarities in terms of its documentary codes, a mockumentary can never equal to a documentary.A handheld camera work and head shots convey a realistic sense of an historical truth.There are similarities between documentaries and mockumentaries as mockumentaries use all the documentaries codes and conventions, such as that turn a mockumentary into a documentary, be determined to show the film as a documentary even though it is not a documentary.

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Reality TV is a huge success to the television industry in the 1990s Essay

Once chosen, the diarist is trained in the use of an S-VHS camera and packed off to shoot their story, with support from the Unit should it be needed.Many are glad to show their private life in front of camera.The audiences have opportunities to join the programme and play a crucial role in deciding the result.Camera is no longer simply ‘fly-on-the-wall’ to observe and record, but closes to the object to become active ‘fly-off-the-wall’.In any case, under these circumstances one can never expect a totally natural performance from the character with the presence of camera.

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The codes and conventions of documentary film-making

In this form, the interviewers questions are edited out, leaving the interviewee seemingly to talk more freely and openly: the camera framing also creates a sense of intimacy between the person talking and the audience.Each decade brought with it lighter and easier to use camera equipment, as well as film stock which could be used in a wider variety of lighting conditions.Interviews are central to all modern documentary films.‘Documentary’ has come to mean a single film or programme (sometimes part of a series) which concentrates on a single subject, and is presented in a factual way.Interviews can show both the interviewer asking questions and the interviewee responding, or more commonly just show the interviewee talking almost directly...

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Morgan Spurlock's Film, Super Size Me Essay

Roadside Attractions, 2004.Spurlock has a hand-held camera follow him around for one month as he goes on a strict "McDiet" in which he only eats and drinks items sold by McDonalds.In Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me, audiences are informed and shown the dangers of consuming fast food everyday.This documentary style film shapes the perception of the spectator through the use of visual and narrative techniques.As a documentary, Super Size Me, incorporates many different elements of the style including filming people in uncontrolled situations, removing biases, and provoking responses.

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European television Essay

It is a hybrid of documentary and soap-opera.‘Non-professional broadcasters’ became a leading role in making these programmes.Docusoap combines documentary and drama.While Bradley D. Clissold considered that ‘during the years that it aired, Candid Camera (US, 1948- ), arguably the first ‘Reality TV’ programme, proved itself to be one of US TV’s most memorable, enduring and popular shows’ (Holmes and Jermyn, 2004: 33).Once chosen, the diarist is trained in the use of an S-VHS camera and packed off to shoot their story, with support from the Unit should it be needed.

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The Codes and Conventions of Factual TV Programs

It is also filmed using multi-camera’s to ensure they deliver high quality live broadcasts and because it can be filmed or taped much quicker then a single camera.Assuming that this documentary is shot at that point in time the scenery and settings are left to be filmed exactly how they are and the costumes and attire of the children are their own.Single camera and multiple cameras are both as commonly in documentaries however in the ‘Invisible Children’ I would say single camera was used to be able to capture more quickly.The camera also shoots back and forth between the different presenters all of whom are presenting something different, this is done to not bore the audience and to also get all of the stories shown in time as some migh...

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The Man Who Ate His Lover

In this Documentary they also use people who knew Miewes when they were younger and they interviewed them and had a look at what they had to say about Miewes and his life growing up.In this essay I am going to be talking about the way the media conventions are shown in this Documentary ‘The Man Who Ate His Lover’.* Lighting in the interviews and the camera angles .There are loads of different codes and conventions that are used in this Documentary such as: .The Documentary kept and showing a little video footage of the camera walking down a hall way towards a room at the end of the hallway and this was being shown getting closer to the door as the story was going through as it talked about Miewes putting people in the cage which he talk ...

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GCSE Media Studies

The main aim of a documentary is to inform and entertain the audience about the topic but a TV documentary is exciting and entertaining compared to reading the same information in a book.When I make my own documentary I will thoroughly research the subject matter and collect as many facts about it as I can.I will have a middle-aged educated man to be my narrator as this will make it more convincing and the audience will believe it and I will include some key characters in my cast who I feel will suit the role the best and present my information the way I’d like it to be presented.Most of the people in the documentary were black and this could possibly give the wrong message to other races about his life.At one point in the documentary we...

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Analyze the Traditional Documentary and the Docusoap

I have put this in to give the audience an idea of the place in which the documentary is set.This is when someone in the docusoap, for example a late aeroplane passenger, is running and the cameraman is running alongside him or her with the camera.When people watch my documentary I want them to think a lot of different things about the school.I would produce my documentary as a docusoap.The title of my documentary would be “Do you do that at home?” I have chosen this title because it is catchy and is something teachers say to pupils when they are doing something they shouldn’t be.

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“The Corporation” by Mark Achbar Essay

Then at the end of the interview, not knowing that the camera is still rolling, he stands up and says ‘ok guys, enough bullshit’, contradicting everything he had just said.As corporations can be presented in many ways, depending on the values and attitudes of the documentary makers, it can be concluded that documentaries are not necessarily completely true but rather offer its representation of reality.Montage is used in the documentary to present corporations as being selfish and inhumane.The use of metaphors in the beginning of the documentary is an example of figurative language.The technique selection of detail plays an important role in influencing a particular point of view towards an issue.

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Evolution Of Photography Over The Centuries

Much of Evans’s work from the FSA period uses the large-format, 8×10-inch camera.Camera of calotype.He got his photos with flash, because for him the flash was a way to come to places that normally the camera without the help of it couldn t do it.But while the camera obscura was more a device of exploring physical laws, the first permanent photograph, close to the modern concept we have today about photography, was taken in 1826 by Nic phore Ni pce.The artist and theorist L szl Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) gave a new aesthetic role to photography, described as a “new vision” rooted in the technological culture of the twentieth century.

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General ethics in film making

The camera is obviously apparent and always acknowledged.Scenes are sometimes staged and the camera is used to provoke subjects.(1) It was written, produced by, and stars the English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role of a fictitious Kazakh journalist traveling through the United States, recording real-life interactions with Americans.This lean shooting style allowed filmmakers to change locations and camera angles easily and spontaneously, which resulted in a degree of intimacy never before seen on screen to date.They are expected to treat their subjects in a fair, open and straightforward manner, honour professional commitments, and act to clarify any confusion about the subjects role or responsibilities.

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Objectivity In Photography

It has been always asked by observers of a documentary on what is real.In this case, if he would have been a photographer using knowledge or intelligence to perform or work effectively, it reveals through the camera the intended opinions; different from the situation he/she is in and capable of doing.Lack of objectivity means the works are self centered and one can not be able to interpret what has been done the photography or documentary as an audience or an observer.A photographer is just like the camera a tool to help the society systematic cultural, reality and a psychological investigation.In addition we should not fail by using the tools of trade ‘camera’ as a tool to sale or trade propaganda.

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Documentary Film Analysis of Tough Guise Essay

Step 5 Talk about the sound effects, camera work, interviews, special effects .•Which part of the documentary do you like most?•What are the drawbacks of the documentary?•What happened in the documentary?•Who/what is the subject of the documentary?

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Documentary photography

The next day, in a journalistic first, both The New York Times and the Washington Post ran front-page camera phone images that were taken by citizens, not by photojournalists.75 In describing the emerging citizen journalism trend, Dennis Dunleavy of The Digital Journalist writes, “The future is here, now.“Professionalism,” however, connotes more than being in the right place at the right time with the right camera.One recent example is the release of the Nikon D2x camera.With each successive generation of camera phone improving in resolution and quality, the gap between the professional’s tools and the citizen’s tools is closing, just as the ubiquity of those tools is increasing.There were no working photojournalists aboard the London bu...

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