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Disasters In Tamilnadu Coastal States

Vinod K. Sharma (2006) describes the role of “National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC)”, which gives direction to the Crisis Management Group as deemed necessary.In order to meet the disaster risk posed by forms of disasters, a system of enormous task must be undertaken such as hazard analysis and dissemination to the community, identification of vulnerabilities to various hazards, eliminating or strengthening the vulnerabilities, capacitating the community for readiness and resilent to all types of hazard.The role of Government in disaster management is to provide a central, coordinated plan of action to address the damage caused by a disaster as well as the needs of the people affected... A report “Disaster Management in Tamil Nadu...

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FEMA Programs Analytical Essay

FEMA’s main strength is that the agency is the most well-equipped disaster preparedness agency in the country.The NRF has managed to bestow citizens with an active role in disaster preparedness.However, due to the NRF citizens are now actively involved in disaster response programs.Therefore, the agency has the ability to marshal the necessary resources in times of disaster.The role of FEMA is to coordinate the federal government’s involvement in disaster preparedness.

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Disaster in Franklin County Essay

Nurses must take an active role in participating in a disaster training program and emergency drills.The health care personnel also have the role of educating the community and addressing any physical or psychosocial needs the community might have (Disaster in Franklin County: A Public Health Simulation, 2006).The key to any recovery from a disaster is providing the community with the appropriate resources to help them rebuild their life.This is an excellent opportunity for the nursing personnel to gain knowledge and skills needed to serve their community efficiently and effectively during a natural or man-made disaster (Emergency Management Institute, 2013).They can help educate the community on safety hazards and find solutions to elim...

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Disaster management the role of students

Help in the preparation of the school disaster contingency plan.Aware the parents and community on various types of hazards and what are the preparedness measures to be taken.Plantation in the school premises.Boosting the morale of the community after the disaster.Senior students can help villagers in preparing the Village Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address, and phone number(s) of the contact person (s).Role Of Students In Disaster Management.What is the role of students in managing earthquake?A student should teach the illitrate people (villagers) how to be aware from earthquakes i.e the precautions to be taken when an earthquake occurs.He/she should help the sufferers of ear...

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Disaster Management Essay

Here, the community or the agency will have the resources ready and this will help the emergence team to respond fast and effectively.There are various types of disasters that can face any given community.Resources such as firefighters, police and ambulance among others forms the first wave of responders to a disaster to help save and put to a safe place those hit by the disaster.An emergency plan is important while dealing with disasters as it enables a community or an agency charged with the role of managing emergencies to better respond to any occurrence of such a disaster.Flirting with disaster: Public management in crisis situations.

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Strategies for Disaster Risk Management

If each individual in the community is familiar with ways of coping and precautionary measures, then the disruption by a disaster can be reduced.This “Community Base Approach” where community plays an anchor role with the support of Government, non-government institution agencies.Disaster preventive reconstruction aims to draw appropriate lessons from the natural disaster and to include disaster reduction criteria and measures directly in the reconstruction process.Due to frequent natural disaster taking place and large of life and economic losses, international community came to the point that by implanting “Community Base Management Approach” is a process in which at-risk communities are actively engaged in the identification, analysis...

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People Led District Disaster Management Essay

The Disaster Management Act 2005, mandates National, States and district authorities to develop policy, guidelines, plans for proper implementation of Disaster management plans to reduce adverse impact on communities and to facilitate timely and effective response.The Madhubani DRR project implemented by its partner organisation EFICOR in 30 villages in Madhubani was instrumental in development of pilot District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) along with support from SPHERE India.As mentioned above the thrust of development of DDMP is that it is being developed involving affected community, hence, the approach has been bottom-up, however at the same time, all relevant stakeholders, be it government departments or the NGOs and other actor...

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Role of micro finance in natural disasters

Along with these broad lessons, there are also clear bottlenecks that limit the role MFIs currently play in natural disaster response and mitigation: .A more thorough understanding of microfinance and disaster mitigation is needed for poverty reduction and disaster impact reduction... Reducing the Poor’s vulnerabilities to disasters and emergency situations is the role of micro-finance in disaster risk mitigation.To best reduce disaster impacts on a community, MFIs should offer a suite of flexible products to adapt to specific needs and situations.Microfinance cannot be a financial safety net to an entire affected community, but can play an increasingly constructive role in disaster preparedness and response as it expands its range of p...

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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response in Schools Essay

Disasters occurring at schools create a larger scale disaster because not only is there the disaster inside the school, but there is also a disaster created outside the school from all of the parents wanting answers that sometimes takes hours to produce the answers to.It is critical the school nurse knows his/her role prior to the disaster.The purpose of this paper is to outline the professional nurse’s role and how the nurse works with other responding personnel as well as the community affected in the event of a tornado that affects a school.The school nurse also plays an important role in the mental health support for the students and faculty involved during the emergency and in the recovery phase of the emergency.The Role of the Nurs...

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National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Policies

(d) Adopt a disaster risk reduction and management approach that is holistic, comprehensive, integrated, and proactive in lessening the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters including climate change, and promote the involvement and participation of all sectors and all stakeholders concerned, at all levels, especially the local community; .ISDR stated that nature degradation plays a big role to natural disaster occurrences and natural disasters have great impact to environment.One of the policies explicitly state that the country will adopt a disaster risk reduction and management approach that is holistic, comprehensive, integrated, and proactive in lessening the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters includi...

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Strengthening Community Resilience Through Disaster Risk Management Environmental Sciences Essay

The Community Disaster Action Teams and Volunteers should lead to the implementation of the community plan and motivate the other members of the community to support the activities in the plan.The community established a monitoring system for food security and livelihood and community early warning system largely based from their indigenous knowledge in combination with modern science.The multiple stakeholders such as farmers, fishers, women, laborers, youth and other members of the community that has special concerns and needs, with their differing perceptions, and interests are important to be considered in arriving in a broad consensus on targets, strategies and methodologies in the community.The project has five (5) components, these...

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Disaster Management

We, as teachers as responsible citizens of our country should be a part and parcel of the disaster preparedness drive taken up in the country.Senior students can help villagers in preparing the Village Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.These policies consist of long and short term prevention and preparedness measures and immediate response mechanisms.They also include appropriate administrative structures to manage disaster response, financial systems to fund and facilitate them, the mechanisms to ensure that policies and strategies are continuously reviewed and revised in the light of experiences within the country and in other parts of the world.Disaster management Information center where data base could be maintained on populat...

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Sharing Responsibility – Role of local and state bodies: Disaster Management Essay

This project discusses the roles that government andvarious agencies that play an important role in managing disasters.At the time of disaster various agencies both government and non – government organizations playa crucial role in preparing the society.Home Guards, Civil Defense, Volunteers of national Service Scheme, NehruYuva Kendra Sangathan too play a major role at the time of crisis.(4) Space technology plays a very important role in efficient mitigation of disasters.The state DMAP specifically focuses on the role of various governmental departments and agencies like the Emergency Operations Centre in case of any of the above mentioned disasters.

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Local authorities are better placed to respond to crises and disasters Essay

Whether the disaster response is well established at local level as opposed to central level of governance is subject to essential requirements such the generic role of the government and the ability to have appropriate leadership during, before and after the occurrence of any disaster both at national and at local levels.However, this is a single noble role of the local government as identified by Pitt, which for its success must depend to large extent on the central government’s responsibility to make and implement facilitating policies.It should be noted, “…if a consistently effective response to disasters is to be approved at the local level the realizable approach to the leadership role in time of crises is required” (Penning-Roswel...

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Emergency management

Facilities for injuries can also be structured from low risk to high risk depending upon the severity of the disaster.Each type of resource will require different documentation in order to utilize the contributions that can be given for the specific disaster.The documents can be resourced from FEMA or local and state agencies that are cooperating for quick and effective implementation of disaster relief.Specialized teams are formed by FEMA and coordinating agencies to assist in search and rescue and the reforming of the individuals and the affected area once the initial disaster is over.Training exercises can make the difference in response time and relief efforts within the community(s) that are affected by a disaster.

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Study on literature reviews and disasters

National Disaster Management Guidelines: Management of Floods... (GokhaleVasudha,(2008), Role of Women in Disaster Management : An Analytical Study with Reference to Indian Society.Harpended: Terra publishing ) The local communities at the time of disaster or before the disaster make groups for helping the people from suffering during the disaster.The data regarding each year’s flood damage, with totals, averages, and maximum losses from 1953 to 2005 in terms of human lives lost, cattle lost, population affected, monetary value of damage to public utilities, and total monetary damage loss, area affected, crops damaged, and houses damaged could be seen in National Disaster Management Guidelines: Management of Floods (National Disaster Ma...

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Community Participation In Disaster Management

These are some of the CBDRM examples which, as we noted and apparent feature in these cases, are highly participatory in nature, engaging various stakeholders in different phases of project management as resource base, while trying to address vulnerabilities and recognizing impacts of natural hazards with the goal of strengthening community resiliency.Though we have argued that community participation in the context of disaster management is imperative, there are still several debates under the context of participatory development that could somehow influence its successful implementation, hence, should be taken into account especially during the planning phase of the CBDRM.The community established a monitoring system for food security ...

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Crisis Management Essay

They are also actively involved in improving community tsunami training and education programs countrywide.Post crisis recovery strategies need to be in place before the disaster for best effect.Tsunami emergency management systems Due to the 2004 tsunami disaster, countries have amplified their systems for warning, planning and monitoring tsunami.As a result, many countries accessed their crisis management systems so as to be prepared in future against such a disaster.This was one instance where the media really played a crucial role in dispensing information.

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Natural Disaster Management

Before the Disaster Learn warning signs and community alert systems .Disaster preparedness starts at the local community level; if local resources were insufficient, it would branch out to the national level, and if needed, the international level.After the Disaster • Don’t return home until authorities express it is safe to do so • Help neighbors whom may need assistance • Use extreme caution when entering buildings • Inspect foundations for cracks or other damage and examine walls, floors, doors, and windows to make sure that the building is not in danger of collapsing • Watch out for animals, especially poisonous snakes, that may have come into your home with flood waters • Watch for loose plaster and ceilings that could fall .Du...

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Emergency Preparedness Essay

Although the Community Health Nurse was able to use appropriate resource to help the residents, she was faced with emergency situations prior to her being able to use those resources.Later the Community Health Nurse was able to provide support by offering assistance by phone through the disaster hotline, to support the residents and offer guidance of whom to contact for further assistance in matters that need to be attended further by individuals with certain specialties.Each member had a specific role in the Public Health Team.In order to meet the needs of the residents the Community Health Nurse used her resources of Environmental Health Specialist for the first household she visited, in order to assist in the cleanup of a spill.The Co...

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Crisis and Disaster Management

Coordination and Collaboration between Central Government and Local Authorities Although the role and actions of local authorities are predominantly critical in disaster response, it is important to recognize that all levels of governments are generally involved in disaster response (Col, 2007).Nevertheless, the central government has historically played a much larger role in pre-event planning and post-event recovery than in the management of a disaster in progress (Howitt and Leonard, 2006).One common feature of the disaster management system in Japan and United States is the layered bureaucracies that posses a big threat to effective disaster response.Heath, R. (1995) ‘The Kobe Earthquake: Some realities of strategic management of cri...

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WGU SZT 1 Task 4 – Disaster in Franklin County Essay

While interacting with the community during the post-storm phone calls, the nurse used multiple methods to calm the fears of those involved.As nursing practice expands further into the community, it becomes vital to understand the roles required in a disaster situation.Role of Public Health Personnel .An important part of aiding a community after such a disaster is understanding the long term effects on everyday life.By examining the actions taken, methods used and interactions with other departments, the importance of the community health nurse in maintaining the safety of the public is clear.

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The Role of Nurses in Responding to Disasters Essay

The simulation “Disaster in Franklin County, A Public Health Simulation” has helped me work through the response steps and how to apply my nursing knowledge to a disaster situation.Community training, specific to each nurse’s area, exist through American Red Cross chapters, community education opportunities offered at local school districts, and local medical facilities.Nurses play a major role in responding to natural or man-made disasters.They may play a role in inspecting shelter sites for health risks.For public health staff, some of their primary focus during a disaster is to communicate health related effects to government agencies, coordinate emergency and routine health care immediately after a disaster, prevent injury, and promo...

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Role of students in disaster management Essay

The first step is locating survivors, next is calling for help, then locating resources such as first aid supplies, transportation, food and water, and shelter for the survivors .The basic role of the student is AWARENESS of what to do during and after disasters.Disaster planning relies on volunteers who are willing to take responsibility even when there is no available outside help.Read more: Sharing Responsibility in Disaster Management .Students have a major role to play in managing disasters.

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Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction In Education Education Essay

Disaster risk reduction is defined by the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), a United Nations framework, as: “The concept and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyze and manage the causal factors of disasters, including through reduced exposure to hazards, lessened vulnerability of people and property, wise management of land and the environment, and improved preparedness for adverse events.” .Setting up school disaster management committees with participation from students, teachers, school administration and community members.More recently, the 2006-7 UNISDR campaign “Disaster risk reduction begins at school” aimed to promote the integration of disaster risk reduction into government...

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International Crises and Disasters: U.S Humanitarian Assistance, Budget Trends, and Issues for Congress

The future presents more efforts from the international community in coming up with more efficient ways of intervening in moments of disaster.The United States’ emergency management portfolio should focus on a future with better disaster management skills and personnel, since it is a building block in the effective response to international disasters.The international community including the US responded by offering emergency management services to Thailand.Hence, it is evidently clear that no country can stand alone in the area of disaster management; countries need each other during tough catastrophic moments.Therefore, it is evident that international disaster management is an area that requires huge emphasis on.

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Management and Organizational Theories: Pros and Cons

Information from hazard and vulnerability analyses can also have an effect on the community, but this pallid statistical information is likely to have less of an effect than the vivid first-person accounts described above (Nesbit & Ross, 1980).When disasters are rare, long removed in time, or have had minimal disruptive impacts, vulnerability threat likely to elicit little attention households, organizations, or the community as a whole.Hazard Exposure / Community Vulnerability .To the vulnerability of the community to hazards easier to remember and more likely to encourage.Potential impact of future disasters Hazard experience also shows an indirect effect on the planning, through the effects on community support.

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Global risk analysis Essay

World Bank disaster risk management series no.Also, the international community has donated an estimated US $7 billion for humanitarian aid to all the victims of the tsunami incident.The occurrence of natural disasters can be addressed by the international community not through humanitarian aid but by development programs in the context of risk management on disasters.As such, there is a need for the highly affected nations such as the developing world to cooperate with the international community in devising ways to manage disaster risk rather than merely giving humanitarian aids.Natural disaster hotspots: A global risk analysis- Columbia University and the World Bank produce new report.

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African modern management practice and indigenous knowledge systems

Chapter 24 of Agenda 21 takes into account the contribution that women make to sustainable development and makes a case for the protection and promotion of “the traditional methods and the knowledge of indigenous people and their communities, emphasising the particular role of women, relevant to the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of biological resources” (UNIFEM-UNCED, 1995).While technology is not the most important aspect of knowledge management, it does play a crucial role in facilitating communication and collaboration among knowledge workers in an organization.It has been argued that women, in particular rural women, not only play a key role in the maintenance of agro-ecosystems and livelihood security ...

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Introduction To Disaster Management

Disaster Management uses different effective technological tools to help the process of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.Within a community all the available resources, that can reduce risk level and disaster effects... GIS can play a vital role in the identification of resources and areas which are at risk... To expand Disaster Management organizations by creating awareness of disaster with government and public is done by innovative and interactive technology tool GIS.For example: .. the cargo of Hazard Management (HAZMAT) can be track by advance Vehicle-mounted hardware and when shipment carrying Hazardous materials deviates from its route centers of Disaster Management issues notification to management centers.

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