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Computers – A Boon or Curse Essay

Dear friends can you imagine the world without computers.Computers thus have saved our precious time, energy, space and improved the living standards and life of mankind.Today we enjoy such a comfortable life, don’t we owe this to computers.Thus there is no field untouched by computers today.Look at the way the computers have a role to play in our life.

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Evolution of the Office Worker Role

Eg: account department use special software to carry out their work, punching machine used in offices to mark the register of employs is linked with computers in hr department.Computer play biggest role in evolution of office work.In each and every office environment we can see patterns of computers in all departments.“In most offices of the 1990s, personal computers are linked to one other through internal–and often external–networks.As computers replace the typewriter, servers replaced the bulk files, punching machine/card machine replaces the huge register, email and voice mail eliminates stackable “inbox” and telephone massage slips and many more.

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer

The Internet has also made the youth of today quite lazy, especially in terms of their education.With the arrival of the World Wide Web, the popularly of computers exceeded all conceivable limits.Today, we use computers to store and manage data about people and companies, to diagnose and cure diseases, to book tickets, to teach, to gather information about anything under the sun, to create animation movies and produce special effects, to provide quicker and better quality service to customer in business, to communicate with people anywhere in the world using email, chatting or video-conferencing.The importance of computers in today’s world can hardly be over-emphasized.There are several advantages and disadvantages to the use of computer...

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Computers In Daily Life

Computers in the entertainment industry, movies today are using more and more computer generated animation to do what stunt people did before.Computers in law enforcement, today computers are being used in law enforcement to check records of people who are arrested for all types of crime, and to make sure that they are who they say they are.But on the other side of the coin a lot of people say that computers are not all that great, that computers don't help children learn in school, that computers are making life more complicated and that the World Wide Web is just a farce.As for making life better and easier look at all the things that are so much easier today, change is always a hard thing to get used to but the world goes around and a...

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Role of the computer system in different environment

CD-ROMs can be installed onto most desktop computers and massively multiplayer online games can be played with people from all around the world online.Here are role of computer systems in different environment.Today, computers are used for communications and weapons guidance in most armies.Role play, action and driving games are amongst some of the most popular out there as they allow users to immerse themselves in a virtual world that is both enjoyable and fascinating.For instance, drones wholly depend on computers for functioning and control, and a wide range of weapons, including incredibly accurate missiles, also depend on the use of computers to function.

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Computers: Past, Present And Future

New programs come out all the time, they are constantly creating new things for the computers we know today, and I am sure the fifth generation is on its way with something bigger and better!Computers and the Future .For me, computers will continue to be a part of my everyday life.Now, I know how to do a fair amount of what they have listed, but I have a lot of learning to still do, and as a future educator, I know that computers will play a vital role in all that I do in and out of the classroom.Role of Computers in the Past .

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Bill Gates Speech Essay

Gates is considered a role model to many people, in many different ways.Under gates leadership Microsoft’s mission has been to improve software technology and to make it easier, cost effective and more enjoyable for people to use computers.So they began developing software for personal computers.He has many accomplishments that have made him into the successful businessman he is today.All this due to his co-founding the multi-billion dollar company that is Microsoft today.

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Our Reliance on Computers

The computer’s role in the world continues to grow in importance even as we sometimes take it for granted.“The society in which we live in has been so profoundly affected by computers that historians refer to the present time as the information age.” (Presley, 16) Comments like this show how computers have changed how we live, work, and play.The Apple computers spawned the personal market of computers.Without computers, efficient data storage as we see it today would cease to exist.Most people today take for granted the fact that computers process their numerical calculations for them.

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The History and Future of Computers

But sometimes the development of technology is not always good, such as computers being used for the improvement of Chemical weapons, or for the advancement of World domination.Some say that computers aren’t the way of the future, while others say that computers will bring civilization to a new era , a more complex, and magnificent place, where our wildest dreams will become a reality.Some time ago when computers were still new, people said that there wouldn’t be that much need for them on the market, experts said that people wouldn’t have enough time, to sit down and use a computer, while others said that computers will never ever be small enough for families to own.Computers today, are much smaller than previous computers to come on th...

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Is Society Becoming too Dependent on Computers Essay

Computers will for instance, be able to control vehicles and other devices.Computers are used to store vast amounts of information, and even replace humans in factories throughout the world.These devices play a huge role in our lives one way or another.It is true that computers bring a lot of benefits however they also enhance the potential for unimaginable chaos.As humans we must take heed of the power of computers and try to maintain our role in the world as the ruling beings and ensure that we are still in a position where we are able to control technology as it will be all too easy to suddenly discover that technology is controlling us.

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Developement Of Computers

The first major interest began with the onset of World War II.advancement of computing, the world would not nearly be the way it is today.1,000 times faster than previous computers.Since the ENIAC, computers have become more complex, and what once .Computers were looked at as a way to simplify large workloads into .

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Changes in School Essay

For example, it is an advantage for her to integrate computers in her classroom for learning.The changes going on today create an opportunity and a necessity for a transformation in the education system and in the way children are taught.There is one role in education that has been forced to keep up with changes brought about by the information age, computers and the changes in society.The teacher also commented that the role of parents throughout her time in teaching has changed as well.As part of the changes the role of schools and education will also be different both in the educational system and in the society.

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A Debate On Male And Female Gamers Media Essay

A hunter is one of such games that have been said to portray difference between sexes this is because its men oriented in that no culture in the world which advocate for female hunting.This factor came into existence as from back 1980s up to the current or todays world.According to Tavani 2010, computer industry has promoted or contributed to gender difference which exists even today.The contribution of gender bias and the reason unto why the bias is of moral significance have been the role or the work of game developers and designers.The policies will also en courage women to become involved in computer games and technology as being able to utilize computer benefits based on high levels of literacy (Henry & Cassel, 2000) .. Game de...

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The History of Computers in Education

Computers in Schools.As stated in the book Computers in Schools, If you are an educator or are planning a career in education, if you are apparent concerned about how computers relate to your child education, or if you are simply and interested bystander observing educational processes, you need to know more about the use of computers in education (Bramble 19).The next step after the administrative use of computers was using computers for instruction.Computers began to emerge more and more in the 1950, but it was still uncommon to see computers in schools.Due to the wide use of computers in schools today, and in society ingeneral, some colleges, such as The College of New Jersey, require future educators to take a course on Computer Lite...

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Management Accounting Essay

Crunching number is a job better left up to the computer systems.Management expects the accounting department in addition to its role processing transactions to serve as the central information hub and purveyor of all sorts of data stored on the computers.With the introduction of the PC accountants need to step up and prove that their role is still necessary focusing not only on balancing the books but serving as a center of information for the organization.Accountants in the future must be able to adapt to change, take risks, and do more thinking and analyzing than number crunching and reporting.In the future I think that this is what management accounting will be all about.

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Global Engineering Challenges Essay

The role of engineers in society today can be seen everywhere in your daily lives, when you put gas in your car, the chemical engineer designed the fuel to run in an engine that was designed by an engineer that is in a car frame designed by another engineer.To mimic human movement, facial emotions, skin texture would entail much more powerful and intelligent computers and may need engineers to design computers so powerful that they can think and reacted for him or her in order to manipulate and process the complex information needed or a real virtual reality.The role of engineers is to design vehicles that lessen drag as much as possible so it will use less fuel.The first role for engineers would to design more advanced learning computer...

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The Role Of Science And Technology On Society

The role of a guardian body, as it were, of the world’s scientific community is essential to guiding fundamental issues in technology and nudging new scientific research in the 21 .This should help urge scientists to participate more in policy making with government with clear goals as to what their role should be.In addition with several other specialties, computers with networks connections can provide effortless access to vast resources of information, covering almost every topic within the knowledge of human beings, as well as the computers have the capacity to communicate with the other users through out the world.In an age of extreme global environment change the role of both disciplines should be to predict rather than observe an...

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Bill Gates: Leadership and Management Style

To unify a large organization of people with diverse responsibilities, Dell believed that each individual needed to understand his or her role in contributing to overall success.According Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2010) Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell today emphasized the critical role of information technology (IT) and Dell chairman have an entrepreneurial though leadership by helping the organization to maintain the successful of company and his achieve that for long term benefit.Thus, he have committed in the meeting with customers and staying in contact with Microsoft employees around the world by email.Much of his time is devoted to meeting with customers and staying in contact with Microsoft employees around the world through e-mail...

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Computer Addiction

Many children spend hours a day on computers, so much so that computers have become a primary source of entertainment for them , as well as a convenient baby-sitter for parents.It goes on to propose some ways in which designers, researchers and educational policy makers might draw on the growing body of research in the field to create learning resources and environments that go beyond a sugar-coating of ‘fun’ to the full engagement that computer games seem to offer so many children today.Constant Gaming is a mental illness which causes the excessive use of computers to the extent that it interferes with daily life.This review is intended as a timely introduction to current thinking about the role of computer games in supporting children’...

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Uses of Computer in Field of Business Essay

Nearly every area of the medical field uses computers.hacked into US military computers .The students can solve different kinds of problems quickly and efficiently by using computers.Computers are also playing very important role for the entertainment of human beings.Today computer is playing very important role in every field of life.

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Rethinking Teaching In The Digital Age Education Essay

ICT or digital age resources today offer great opportunities in education sector and especially to our schools for the beneficiary role they provide in information, learning and research.This also means a considerable shift in the role of the teacher and in all structural aspects of the school system.The role of ICT in education can be seen as learning about, learning with and learning through ICT.Learners have active, reflective role in this digital age.Computers can be seen as a universal construction material, greatly expanding what people can create and what they can learn in the process.

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Impact of Computers on Children

Computers will replace jobs, as well as take the place of many other important items.As for what the future beholds of children and their usage of computers, I believe that more is definitely to come and it can only get better as revisions are made to improve technology.The influence computers have had on the recent and current generations has increased throughout the years, and the level of dependency that we have on these complex machines has increased as well.Children will be using computers more, and possibly even be starting at a younger age.Impact of Computers on Children Children growing up in this generation are experiencing a greater impact from computers than in the past.

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Computer Industry

Nowadays, computers come equipped not only with a mouse, but also a host of different devices.Outside the classroom, computers provide people with greater flexibility and freedom, and also allow them to organize their time in a more productive way.Computers are also important in the collection, organization, storage, retrieval and interpretation of information.Laptop computers enable business-people who travel to have access to important information at the touch of a key.In the film industry, computers are used to create graphics for scenes which would have been inconceivable in the past.

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Using Computers

First of all, today young people have opportunities to use many varied types of computers and the internet that may evolve their skills.Finally, using many varied types of computers and the internet offers a wide range of leisure opportunities.They can make new friends from the whole world.AsselUsing computers and the internet develops important skills in young people.They can get in touch with their friends and send them e-mail messages, picture-cards and photos.

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The Evolution of Technology

Today our world has known a huge transformation in modern technologies as it is surrounded by us mostly everywhere today and everyday it’s getting developed.And this is a very serious and important situation because nowadays we see that cell phones are in the hands of children as little as 3-4 years old, today children are facing also isolation because for example, I pads, I phones, video games and computers makes children to watch and face them for hours, this makes them isolated from the world outside and they will lack contact with other people in normal daily living and this is just the opposite of the older generation where they had more time outside with their friends and had creativity and also physical activities were done, now v...

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The effects of video games in our society Essay

Many people would say that video games are quite harmless but a question that has arisen quite a lot is that first person view shooter games can have quite a big effect on people as you are playing the role of the character in the game.Effects of computerized gaming have a wide range on young people today and like anything else the effects you get out is in the way they are used.Learning how to use these pieces of software can be quite a challenge and lead to other advanced areas of video games and ultimately go towards skills they could use in later life.Video games have much wider effects than violence allot of games support a virtual world where a player has to use his or her spatial logical or knowledge to advance in the game.Games c...

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The Future of Computers in Education

It seems reasonable to begin a discussion of the future of computers in education with considerations of the current problems of education.Technology plays a major role only in cognitive learning.The key to achieving effective learning is to use the interactive capabilities of modern computers.They could be used in the conventional institutions of today, or in new forms of institutions derived from ones that already exist, or they could imply new institutions, particularly based on distance learning.Computers are placed around the perimeter of the dome, each with large screens touching neighboring ones.

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The Internet Essay

Cultures of Internet: Virtual Spaces, Real Histories, Living Bodies.Its roots lie in a collection of computers that were linked together in the mid-1960s to form the US Department of Defense’s communications systems.The use of technology today has helped make life a little bit simpler and has changed our way of thinking.New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1999.The Internet Today the use of technology is tremendous.

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Video Games as a Outstanding Hobby

There are so many different genres in gaming today and modern games have mixes of different genres which makes it difficult to present its own category.•Massive Multiplayer: These games usually take place online where thousands of other players all interact in the same virtual world.“Military Training is just a Game” Wired News.In 2004 Blizzard Entertainment designed a massive multiplayer game called World of Warcraft which as attracted over 6 million players today.In fact they are one of the most popular leisure activities in the world.

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Essay about Internet Service Providers

The List -- The definitive ISP buyer's guide .Since the Internet has gotten more and more popular, making an informed decision on one's ISP has increasing importance.High-Tech Dictionary .In today's ever increasingly technological world, the Internet plays a big role.By using the guidelines outlined in this paper, the consumer should be able to make this decision and get exactly what they need to tap into the dynamic resources the World Wide Web has to offer.

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