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Managing and Organising Meetings Essay

First on the list is to ensure a room has been booked and if it hasn’t to book a room for the appropriate time and ensure there is sufficient parking available for the Councillors and any external officers.The Email despatch is sent out after 12 noon the following day in order to give the Councillors and members time to read the reports before the public and press.m. nd continues on after lunch with an informal workshop for Councillors.When I plan and organise a meeting I have to ensure everything is taken into consideration in order to help guarantee the meeting runs smoothly and everything is as the Councillors and officers expect it to be.The Councillors also have access to hot drinks and water from the member’s area close to the comm...

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Analysing Post Apartheid Gender Inequality In South Africa Politics Essay

These issues enforce the perceptions that women are not capable of serving as councillors and damage the potential contribution of women councillors.This resulted in massive confusion for the people on the ground and when elected councillors were introduced in 1995/96, the lack of a clear definition led to tension between the newly elected councillors and the traditional authorities, as neither were clear as to what role they would play and considered the other institution to illegitimate.When the ANC came to power and the new democratic constitution was enforced many South Africans believed that the newly elected councillors would take over the function of land allocation, the government indicated that it would become the responsibility...

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The Principal Psychological Perspectives Children And Young People Essay

This approach will also empower people in being control of their lives and be the best they can be, as the person centre approach ensures people are safeguarded and have a voice to be heard and have a better future.Furthermore humanistic also openly supports the idea that people have a free will and are capable of choosing their own actions towards growth and fulfilment of their own potentials as their roles are focused on how people can be helped to fulfil their potentials and lead more satisfied lives as the main strength of the humanistic approach is to emphasize the role of the individuals and the subjective meanings to them.This would also help them by how they view themselves and would start to think positively about themselves suc...

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Women in Positions of Power in Northen Ireland

Mnay of the women councillors interviewed felt that they werenot taken seriously because of their sex and this was a hugedisincentive to continuing to take an active role in politics.Women in Northern Ireland have played a leading role in anti-povertycampaigns, a significant political role which tends to be overlooked bymedia, church leaders and politicians.As Monica McWilliams states: “the role which both the Church andState play shapes not only the more traditional thinking behind some ofthe major institutions, such as the education system or the judiciary,but it also responsible for the extremely conservative ideology forwhich the Province has become infamous” (Hughes 1991, p91).They have had to fight for equality of opportunity in th...

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Effect Of Corporate Parenting On Looked After Children Social Work Essay

It emphasized the key role that chosen members would play.It will discuss and explore the role of corporate parenting in general with the exposed group: looked after children as this is relevant to practice experience as it is based upon 80 days work placement.Corporate Parenting’ is a collective responsibility of the Council, with Councillors having a distinct role to play in ensuring that the outcomes and life chances of looked after children are maximized ( The Role of Councillors as Corporate Parents May 2005 Scrutiny Review Group).Improving the role of the corporate parent, as part of children’s trusts, is key to improving the outcomes for children in care.The function of the Corporate Parent (Councillors) is to make sure that the s...

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Management Competency Framework Essay

Challenges where appropriate.This particular framework applies to those who report to a Divisional/Service Manager and have an operational management role (which includes managing others), or where the professional /technical role requires regular operation at this level.A Blaenau Gwent Manager is not Satisfied with maintaining the existing arrangements and performance of the service .Manages change effectively and is willing to take calculated risks.Is creative and innovative in seeking to continually improve the service.

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How Influential was Dudley on the Reign of Elizabeth 1st

However as in most cases of her proposed marriage this match never happened, partly due to a divided cabinet of councillors and partly because of her affection for Dudley.Although Elizabeth’s favourites often opposed Burghley’s influence, his role as chief adviser was never seriously challenged.His loyalty in this task won Elizabeth’s confidence.A master of discretion, Cecil as a royal servant assumed an official mask and learned ‘to walk invisible.’ His contribution to policy-making was his intuitive appreciation of the national interest, which he strove to convey to the Queen.As a statesman Cecil saw that his duty was to give the Queen his best advice and then to carry out whatever policy seemed expedient to her.

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Japan Political System Essay

These are the main features of a liberal democracy.Legislative power is vested in the National Diet which consists of an upper house, named the House of Councillors, and a lower house, named the House of Representatives.A half of members from the House of Councillors are re-elected every three years by parallel voting system.Furthermore, Japan is better to describe as a democracy rather than a monarchy.The political power of a country is being separated into different constitutions, which means all rulers, such as legislature, executive council and judicial courts, control the government.

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Japanese Government

Councillors must be at least 30 years old, compared with 25 years old in the House of Representatives.The House of Representatives is the more powerful of the two houses, able to override vetoes on the bills imposed by the House of Councillors with a two-thirds majority.The Upper House or the House of Councillors is the successor to the pre-war House of Peers if the two houses disagree on the matters of the budget, treaties or designation of the Prime Minister, the House of Representatives can insist on its decision.Legislative Power is vested in the Diet, a bicameral body composed of a House of Representatives with members elected to four-year terms and a House of Councillors whose members serve staggering six-year terms.It has several ...

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Own role and responsiblities Essay

Councillors are available for learners with personal problems and learning support staffs are available for learners who need support with their English and Mathematics.Designing: My role is to take into consideration the length of the course and the number of sessions available and then plan and design the course in such a way that the syllabus is completed efficiently in the available time.Identifying Needs and Planning: My role is to initially assess the learners and find out their preferred learning style, using Fleming (2005) aural, visual and kinaesthetic definition in conjunction with Honey and Mumford (1992) learning style.My role and responsibilities as a QCF assessor/ trainer for the Apprenticeship in Health Level 2 and 3 is to...

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Importance of Dialogue in The Tempest

Dialogue is the main way in which we find about the character of Antonio: he uses his razor sharp wit with Sebastian to tease the king councillor Gonzalo, and at the end of the play we see his attitude towards Prospero, even when he is forgiven for past wrongs, he is still quite stubborn and unrepentant.The dialogue between Prospero And Antonio in the last scene also shows friction between the brothers since that incident, sixteen years before.In fact, it is only the magic 'hand' of Prospero who stops them, again in the role of educator, and in this case, protector.Prospero in the role of mentor and educator is seen here; he has taught Alonso not to be politically expedient; for the sake of a quick foreign alliance he gave up h...

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Reflection Of The Role And Responsibilities Of The Teacher

Holtrop, (1997), uk would discuss ground rules regarding health and safety and appreciating other student’s personal opinions.As a teacher I think that I would be able to follow the necessary development plans to stay focused and achieve the maximum learning potential for each student.Holtrop (1997) suggests that” obviously teachers wear many hats, friend, councillor, judge, mentor, hundreds of roles for different classes, students and extra-curricular duties”.Wayt, (2008), uk

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Reigh by Elizabeth I Essay

Reducing the number of privy councillors allowed policy making to be more efficient and created a form of collective responsibility and corporate decision making within the council, thus Elizabeth had solved the internal problem of her gender as her changes to the privy council also meant that no individual could exert huge amounts of influence over her and the fixed membership assured Elizabeth of the councillors loyalty, a issue which caused the downfall of Somerset in Edward VI’s reign.Although I believe Elizabeth did solve her external problem to a small extent, as relations were improved but would still be another 14 years until Elizabeth could feel secure from threats to English stability.Elizabeth then went on to reduce the number...

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To what Extent was there a Struggle for Power between Elizabeth I and her Parliaments?

For example, during the Parliament of 1601 Cecil, an influential councillor, whispered something in the Speaker’s ear, after which the speaker arose and closed the sitting without letting a member read a bill against Monopolies, as he had previously promised.It is also important that it was often a councillor who laid the committees report before the commons.JE Neale has emphasised the role of the ‘Puritan Choir’ in the issue, pressuring Elizabeth to take a strongly Protestant successor and pushing for the execution of Mary who was a Catholic.Neale, however does not acknowledge the Privy Council’s role in the matter, saying that the Commons took the lead and that the Lords, in fulfilment of their promise to the Commons had drafted their ...

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Reflection on Personal Development and Self-Awareness

The life of a councillor will always be a work in progress, there is no such thing as perfection, but one should always be as self aware as possible, and continue completely and honestly with their personal development.This is the path to self awareness, and its only by self awareness one gets to know what are the strengths and weaknesses they poses that can achieve better results in their role as a councillor, and with their clients.Thomas R. Verny 1982, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, Published July 15th 1982 by Dell.USF Urban Education & Social Justice 1994. .But it’s vital for both, especially the councillor, that they remain emotionally detached at all times.

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Japanese and U.S Systems of Governance

: Oxford University Press, 2006. .Jurisprudence .this is different fro the Japanese whose history is quite related the two models are therefore effective in the areas where they are employed.Understanding Democracy: A Hip Pocket Guide.the House of councillors the ratifies the bill making it a law.

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Initial Teaching Assignment Essay

Every learner is different and giving them opportunity to share their ways and knowledge and including these skills to improve their learning and adding to their new career in a positive way encourages diversity.Understand own responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment.Being reliable is paramount to learners giving them a sense of belonging and security that I would always be there to discuss any issues or concerns with them, especially if the issue is a delicate one.I myself am always looking to learn and gaining skills from learners is another way of learning and promoting diversity.These may include N.S.P.C.C, medical teams including GP’s, health visitors ect, councillors, learning support workers, banks...

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Challenges Faced by Managers in the Public Sector

The role of the manager did not change in the 21st century rather the method of carrying out the above mentioned roles are different, for instance the manager has to organise work differently, communication is more sophisticated such as, the use of internet, mobile telephones and e-mail.The role a manager plays is dependent on the level of management position although each level has its challenges.These councillors represent different political fronts.The senior manager is involved in decision making, strategic management planning and control, the manager, at this level of management is expected to have an understanding of all areas of the organisation to enable sensible handling of any given situation Hanagan;(2008).At the senior level,...

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Current Legislation Guidlines Policies And Procedures

Policies and Procedures – All settings working with children and young people must have the following: Arrangements to work with the local safeguarding children board A policy for the protection of children that states responsibilities and is reviewed annually A duty to inform the ISA of any individual who is a threat to children Up-to-date training on safeguarding for all staff, governors and volunteers Effective risk assessment of the provision to check that all safeguarding policy and plans work A named senior member of staff in charge of safeguarding arrangements.Local safeguarding children’s boards, with powers to make sure that social services, the NHS, education services, the police and other services work together to protect vuln...

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How important was Wolsey’s administrative ability in his rise to power

Even Wolsey’s ruthlessness in attaining what he wanted would cause Henry to like him due to his determination.Events such as the deaths of Empson and Dudley and the resignation of Bishop Fox and Archbishop Warham luckily eliminated many of the senior figures in both government and the church which would have prevented Wolsey’s rise to power Wolsey ‘enjoyed the full support of the state’ (Randell); this quote from Randell shows the half-truth.However, Henry’s favour would ultimately decide how much power Wolsey would be allowed.This shows that Henry’s backing was an important factor as when Wolsey fell out of favour with Henry, his power started to slip, no matter how good Wolsey’s administrative ability was.In conclusion Wolsey’s adminis...

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Mickey and Eddie Essay

I also feel that this particular situation gives the audience a real understanding into how difficult the job of a police officer can really be as they are often put in compromising situations in which quick instinct decisions have to be made.However in the middle of her explanation Mickey makes his final outburst screaming that because of being with her he’s ended up with no career or money whereas Eddie has managed to become some great councillor; Mrs Johnston then tries to calm Mickey down and t this point his voice raises, as does his hand and gun and he screams It should be me, at this point the gun goes off and Eddie’s killed.Another improvisation we re-enacted was the ‘kids play’ scene.I felt particular sympathy for the police off...

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What are the main differences between the views of the Nationalists and the Unionists in Ireland today

Up to 2001 the Red Hand Defenders were responsible for 8 deaths.6 of its victims have been civilians, 1 was a member of the Ulster Defence Association loyalist paramilitaries and 1 was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.Labour is represented by; 20 Teachta Dala, 5 Senators, 1 Member of European Parliament and over 100 national councillors.The main Paramilitary group in Northern Ireland is the Red Hand Defenders.Fine Gael is represented by; 51 Teachta Dala, 15 Senators, 5 Members of European Parliament, and 290 national councillors.

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In His Domestic Policy Between 1515 and 1529 Wolsey Promised Much But Achieved Little

Wolsey’s second plan of reform came in 1526, in the form of the Eltham Ordinances.Again, this was a clever plan by Wolsey, they were kept out of direct influence with Henry, and Wolsey could maintain his position at Henry’s side.On many an occasion he had promised to do things, but never actually do them.Wolsey seemed to have a severe disorder in the way of actually taking action after he had claimed he would do things.He played an important role in finance and the Parliament.

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The final scene of Willy Russell’s Essay

The tension keeps building up while Edward starts realising what is going on and why his audience is in chaos etc, at this time there will be a drum beat getting loader and loader by the minute and then it will suddenly stop to a halt when all the councillors and Edwards audience are gone from the stage.In conclusion, I believe I have described the way I want the last scene to be directed.I have talked about what sort of lighting I want and at what times.2-Directing the play from when the councillors hurry off until just before we hear the Policemen arrive, the stage will be set out as of the following.The bodies of Mrs Johnstone’s two sons will remain in the centre of the stage, and she will between her words from time to time come up t...

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Resposibilities and Relationships in the Lifelong Learning Sector Essay

When planning a lesson ensure there is plenty of variety as students are more likely to behave well if they are stimulated and are not bored.If in doubt about the boundaries of their role a teacher should seek advice.Students may choose to confide in their teacher about personal issues and, although a teacher should be understanding and sympathetic, it is important that they maintain a professional role.Present the aims and objectives and share the session plan explaining the purpose and reason for studying it.The student could be referred to a councillor, pastoral staff or support staff depending on the issue concerned.

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Essay on Evaluation Of An Inquiry Cycle

(Carrington & MacArthur, 2012) A summary of the information that ... .This gave the students the ability to feed-forward and back to me.Both students did not have male role models in their lives and the councillor indicated that all they needed was some attention they were crying out for it, as a result of learning this information I made the extra effort in class to show some more attention to those students.The focusing group of those two students taught me that by connecting with the learning community that you can help a lot more students that you think you can.I found out that this was an ongoing issue.

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Essay on The Role of Marmelodov in Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

In Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel, Crime and Punishment, Marmeladov is a minor character whose story is told in only a few short chapters of the first two books, and yet, Marmeladov plays an important role in the novel.He had once been "a titular councillor" (12), a low level government worker.Both men "could have endured everything... even shame and disgrace" (543) but instead hoped that God would forgive them because they suffered so much.Dostoevsky was concerned with the suffering of those who lived in poverty.With destitution comes a loss of hope which, with alcoholism, turns into a vicious cycle of loss of self worth and destruction of the spirit.

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How Far Was the Monarchy Stronger in 1603 than in 1485?

England was, despite this, in fact stronger in 1603 as an institution.Consequently it can be said that despite the weaknesses that were still present in 1603, the monarchy does seem to be stronger in this period.This leads to two rebellions and the councillors went against Henry’s wishes.In certain aspects such as religion it is clear that a Tudor revolution had taken place.Although England was generally stronger its position with regards to foreign affairs seemed to have declined by 1603 as England had lost its main ally Spain who had now established a partnership with France.

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What Do I Have to Offer This College Family Essay

As we say in Jamaica “Wi likkle but wi tallawah”, meaning big things come in small packages.Throughout high school I also tutored my friends in order to ensure that leisure time was not affected by poor academics.I am extremely confident a team player, athletic and energetic young woman and I have dreams of one day helping everyone around me see that they too can be apart of this world holding only a positive outlook for their lives and being calculative about consequences.I also have no doubt that I will not be a silent student as I intend to be a production member of the university family.I am trained as a peer councillor and intend to use my skills for self upliftment as well as the maintaining of the mental well being of those I enco...

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Theory assessment Essay

The teacher should be able to relate to individuals to develop a good personal teaching relationship and to understand what gets the best results out of each student to maximise learning outcome.Once these targets are met the end product is passed on to the awarding bodies for certification.Structured by lesson plans and course criteria the simple fact that individual students can be so diverse due to background, ability, age, and motive for learning makes the role of a teacher unique each and every day.As a railway trainer assessor it is my responsibility to ensure support and guidance is available to help support students with various needs and personal issues, any apprentices who report a problem to me it is my duty to speak to the re...

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