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Government of Pakistan Essay

* Senate of Pakistan * National Assembly * Provincial Assembly Senate of Pakistan The Senate is the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of Pakistan.The President of Pakistan is merely afigurehead and Head of State who is a civilian commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces and holds ceremonial powers to fulfill the constitutional requirements; the President’s appointment and tenure is dependent, constitutionally, on the Prime Minister’s term.The Parliament of Pakistan consists of the President and two Houses to be known respectively as National Assembly and the Senate.In the general elections held in February 2008, the party of slain leader Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) won 123 seats in the Nati...

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Pakistan Elections Essay

Regardless of what TUQ achieved with this entire exercise, it is imperative that he certainly had an impact on pushing election commission for strict electoral reforms.All of a sudden, election commission approved rules of qualification for contesting elections and party elections etc.But one thing can be stated with conviction that these elections will be unlike all previous elections in Pakistan.This is slightly an idealistic statement; given the electoral process in Pakistan has its own dynamics.Thanks largely to vibrant electronic and print media in Pakistan.

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The authenticity of the elections

Once again the same old voice was heard in NA-4 election in KP.Pakistan has already faced stern consequences in the wake of rigging slogan raised in preceding elections especially in 2013 by PTI.These are institutions that have to play their role in rectifying the errors found in their departments.I really am afraid of the future of Pakistan and the coming elections.The major responsibility, with regard to conducting elections with transparency, falls on the shoulder of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

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How Today’s Managers Use Scientific Management Essay

The changing world realities also played a major part in ensuring that media is given space and opportunity to play its role.Amongst the non-party political influencers, media besides some organised civil society groups play an important role.The lawyers community has been very critical of this role of judiciary, and even today all the major bar associations of the country continue to question the credibility and legitimacy of courts.The Supreme Court Bar Association has for the first time in the country’s history published a whitepaper about the undemocratic role of the superior judiciary and continues to campaign for supremacy of the constitution and independence of judiciary.Role of media and freedom of expression .

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Independence Of Pakistan 1947 History Essay

Problem of Kashmir played a very important role throughout the political history of Pakistan till now.Role of Army in governance of Pakistan is very critical to examine.The election did not conform to international standards and journalists.On November 24, 2007, the Pakistan Election Commission confirmed the reelection of Pervez Musharaf as president.Despite Jinnah’s considerable popularity and public disaffection with Ayub’s government, Ayub won with 64% of the vote in a bitterly contested election on 2 January 1965.

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Pakistani legislative elections of 2018 Essay

The elected members must then proceed to the election of “reserved seats”.However, the regularity of the ballot is contested by the opponent Imran Khan who emerged during this election.A rule was added on the occasion of these elections, in order to counter the low participation of women in certain very conservative regions: at least 10% of the electorate must be female in each constituency, otherwise the winning candidate may have his election annulled.On July 30, the PTI announced that it had reached an agreement to form a coalition government, hoping to rally independent candidates, the Muslim League of Pakistan (Q), the Baloch Awami Party and the Grand Alliance democratic.The election then demonstrates a certain normalization of poli...

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Human Rights In Pakistan Essay

Partially in reaction to the excesses of the Zia regime and its allies, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) was formed in 1986.Despite official denials by government officials in Pakistan, there is little doubt that much of the weaponry used by the militants reaches Kashmir from Pakistan.(Nizamani 1998 317-37) While Pakistan has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, Pakistan have thus far refused to ratify those agreements (Malik 2007 117-28) More than half of Middle Eastern and North African countries have ratified the same covenants.Women’s rights, however, are restricted in varying degrees in Pakistan The poor women’s rights...

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Role of women in politics in Pakistan Essay

Role and Performance Assessment of Pakistani Women Parliamentarians 2002-07, Pattan, Islamabad.This had a damaging effect on expanding the role and representation of lower and lower-middle-class working women from rural and urban areas.Despite indicators that a growing number of women are entering politics and registering to vote, Pakistan’s political parties have done little in this election cycle to facilitate female participation in the political process.According to Farzana Bari “the fact that a huge number of women had taken active political role itself triggered social change, creating waves in the country’s barnyards where traditional power structures still dominate the social and political lives of people”(Farzana Bari,2009).Howe...

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An Overall Economic Analysis Of Pakistan Economics Essay

.. Pakistan basically relays on agricultural products such as cotton, rice and sugar cane for export earnings; but since the last three years when Pakistan suffered floods in Punjab and Sindh, the country has to import cotton and rice to satisfy requirements.The Securities and Exchange Commission has improved the regulatory environment of the stock exchanges, corporate bond market and the leasing sector.The Commission is headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.Pakistan has just signed a contract with MCI to provide E-mail in Pakistan by the end of 1997.The Pakistani military has played an influential role in mainstream politics throughout Pakistan’s history, with military presidents ruling from 1958-71, 1977-88 and from 1999-2008.

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Democracies And Dictatorships In Pakistan History Essay

Gen Pervez Musharaf ruled the country for a period of 8 years and during these eight years there was a massive increase in the GDP of Pakistan by 120%.The three years ruled by PML(N) and Mian Nawaz Sharif show that in these three years the GDP of Pakistan increased by 18.3% while the average growth rate per year was 4.3% per year.Unfortunately in Zia’s rule Pakistan was hit by three earth quakes in 1977,1978 and 1988 and the number of people effected were 1,022,000, 2,246,000 and 1,000,000 respectively which shows that natural disasters played a critical role in damaging the overall economic performance of Zia rule.Under the rule of Zia-Ul-Haq for the period of ten year the GDP of Pakistan was on the increasing trend during the ten years...

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Corruption in Pakistan Essay

The role of sound democratic institutions, including an independent judiciary and an independent media, along with active political participation, is crucial to the fight against corruption.In 2002 a parliamentary election returned civilian rule, yet the Musharraf presidency was extended for another five years.Pakistan is blessed with corrupt and fraud people from President to MPA all are corrupt who are sitting in Assemblies and Parliament and are said to be called the so called leaders of Pakistan.Corruption is there in Pakistani society and it cannot be controlled or stopped because of corrupt government and its Pakistan bad luck that after Liaquat Ali Khan Pakistan has been ruled by corrupt people.However, the Securities and Exchange...

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Can Democracy Succeed In Pakistan Politics Essay

Moreover, Pakistani political parties do not announce their “Party-manifesto” during the election campaign.In addition to this, voter turnout and system of election have further destroyed democracy.Feudal land lords have a major role in forming policies and they would never like to formulate those policies which are against their interest or are beneficial for the people.(petitioner, 71) Such type of election which is suffering such a low turnout is destroying the true spirit of a democratic state.In the National elections of 2008, the total voter turnout as recorded by the Election Commission was 41.11 percent of the total registered voters.

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Democracy Succeed In Pakistan Politics Essay

Furthermore, the system of election “First Past the Post” which is followed in Pakistan is not democratic.In addition to this, voter turnout and election system have further destroyed democracy.Moreover, the government can come back again after re-elections, for example “Pakistan People`s Party” and “Pakistan Muslim League” came into power many times.It is proved that democracy cannot succeed in Pakistan and instead of continuing the system of the state as a fragile democracy; Pakistan should either become a theocracy or a communist.Feudal land lords have a major role in forming policies and they would never like to formulate those policies which are against their interest or are beneficial for the people.

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Muhammad Ali Jinh Essay

For Mohiuddin, “Jinnah's death deprived Pakistan of a leader who could have improved stability and democratic governance… The winding road to democracy in Pakistan and the relatively straight one in India can, to some extent, be attributed to the Pakistani tragedy of having lost such an incorruptible and revered leader so soon after independence ”.Indian rulers were angered by Jinnah's attempts to push the princes of Jodhpur, Bhopal and Indore to join Pakistan even though these princely states did not adjoin Pakistan and were home to a predominantly Hindu population.In addition, the Governor General would initially be a powerful figure and Jinnah trust no one else to take on this role.August 11, which commemorates his speech of tolerance...

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Academic degree Essay

There are some councils and boards that will handle all the educational matters in these cases and they are known as the PMDC, Pakistan pharmacy council and Pakistan nursing council.3) High/Secondary Level of Education After passing grade 8 Examination which is conducted by the Punjab Examination Commission Lahore, Students are promoted to High/Secondary Level ie grade 9 to 10 which is also known Secondary School Certificate (SSC).At middle level single-sex education is usually preferred by the community but co-education is also common in urban cities of the Pakistan.The curriculum usually includes a combination of eight courses including elective subject such as (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer) as well as compulsory subject su...

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Education System in Pakistan Essay

Subject Taught at Intermediate/Higher Secondary Level of Education: At Intermediate level each group consists of three elective and as well as three compulsory subject of English, Urdu, Islamiyat(grade 11 only) and Pakistan Studies (Grade 12 only).2) Middle Level of Education After passing grade 5 Examination which is conducted by the Punjab Examination Commission Lahore, students are promoted in to Middle Level ie grade 6 to 8.The education system in Pakistan is generally divided into five levels:- 1) Primary (Grades one to Grade 5) 2) Middle (Grades six to Grade 8) 3) High (Grade Nine to Grade 10) Also known as Secondary 4) Intermediate (Grade eleven to 12) Also known as Higher Secondary 5) University (Undergraduate and Graduate degree...

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Coruption in Pakistan Essay

Political leaders are more prone to corruption as they need resources for financing their election campaigns and also for maintaining their social status.When the capitalist powers of the west decided to wage war against Communism and Afghanistan became the battlefield, a huge sum of money and ammunition came to Pakistan as Pakistan was to play the Frontline state role in the war against Russia.To minimize corruption in Pakistan, there is a need of comprehensive campaign on the media to bring awareness to the people.There is a tendency that candidates for legislative assemblies spend a large amount in their election campaign and in bribing the voters with a hope that they would be able to earn more.Civil society can also play a vital rol...

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Pakistan Essay

However, the president has often obtained the leading role, mainly during military regimes.While Bhutto is widely suspected of fraud in the 1977 election, a July military coup by army chief Zia-ul-Haq resulted in the execution of the prime minister in 1979.Islam has a truly essential role in Pakistan, the country having been created for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.Since the 2010 reform, its members have been selected by a judicial commission then chosen by a parliamentary committee and formally appointed by the President of the Republic.In the balance of institutions determined by the Constitution of 1973, the parliamentary system is monist and the Prime Minister holds the reality of power while the head of state has an honora...

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Politics in Pakistan Essay

See also: Category: Pakistan's bilateral relations .The people elect by direct universal ballot the National Assembly and the four provincial assemblies.The people also elect four provincial assemblies which form the federated legislative bodies: .For the National Assembly, the 272 directly elected members elect 60 seats reserved for women and 10 seats reserved for religious minorities.A judicial commission composed of nine members (the Chief Justice, the four oldest judges of the Supreme Court, a former Chief Justice, the Minister of Justice, the Attorney General and finally a lawyer appointed by the Bar of the Court) proposes first a candidate who must then be approved by a parliamentary committee composed of eight members (four from e...

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Women Rights in Pakistan Essay

After Independence, the first Commission on the Emancipation of Women was formed in 1955; the commission presented its report in 1961, but the government diluted several of its recommendations.This is one of the first times in Pakistan’s history that women are given greater role to play in legislation.The commission provided its detailed report in 2003.The effectiveness of the commission cannot be enhanced unless it gets independent in its working.Therefore, it should be made equal on such footing as that of Indian commission.

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A Overview Of The Kashmir Issue History Essay

The Maharaja created The Glancy Commission which confirmed grudge and proposed possible solutions in its report in 1932.In 2002 India positioned 700 000 troops and Pakistan 300 000 troops on both sides of the Line of Control, which is the internationally accepted shared border for both of them.The Indian subcontinent was divided into West Pakistan, India and East Pakistan.India was ready for an offence against the militants and Pakistan was ready to defend.A year later UNCIP (United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan) suggested a referendum in the Kashmir valley to clarify its status as it is explained in “Part 3: Kashmir Issue – Its Current Status”.

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Iqbal as a Politician Essay

British government sent a commission under Sir John Simon to introduce constitutional reforms in Indian sub-continent.But his friend Mian Abdul Aziz also wanted to stand for this election.The Simon commission finished its work in 1929 and submitted its report in the middle of 1930 to the British government.As Iqbal selected Jinnah to lead the Muslims and Jinnah articulated the case of separate homeland for Pakistan so brilliantly that even the Hindus and British could not stand in his way and gave way for the creation of Pakistan.Jeoffery,V.H.2003.Iqbal’s Vision and Pakistan today thoughts and facts Karachi:Royal book company.

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The early history of malaysia

The role of the Senator is also important especially in carefully going through the bills before their presentation to the Agong .The Yang Di Pertuan Agong is supreme as stated in the constitution: (refer to page 111) ..The party that wins the election at the parliamentary level with a majority, will form the Central government while the party that wins at State Legislative Assembly will form the State government.The Reid Commission was a royal comm.The party that wins should fulfill the party’s promises in the election campaign.

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Long March of Pakistan

The terms agreed to unanimously include a provision of 30 days for pre-clearance and scrutiny of nomination papers by the Election Commission per Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.The government would present two names for the caretaker prime minister with consensus.In the light of the agreement, the first week would be specified for evaluation of nomination papers of the candidates and the defaulter persons would not be allowed to start his or her election campaign.The government also assured that all efforts would be made to make the Election Commission more effective and useful.“No candidate would be allowed to contest election until and unless he meets the criterion of Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan.” .

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Devolution of Power

The problem of centralization of power has been the most crucial issue in Pakistan.If meanwhile the gardener changes, the next one may even uproot that plant finding it not to his taste.In our case, this is probably the time to write in ironclad clauses to ensure that it functions and performs the role of a watchdog.In order to ensure that the committee is elected in transparent manner, election of this committee should be handled by the Election Commission simultaneously with the elections of the Nazim.Deposit a stream of strong words and announcements made by the past rulers of Pakistan, nothing concrete has been done to introduce a proper economy revival plan.

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The Ideology of Pakistan Essay

Role of Press: The role of Muslim journalism was tremendous.They play a vital role in formulating foreign policy of Pakistan.Pakistan played an important role in establishing the close relations of United States with China.Forests have an important role in the economy of Pakistan.Education of the farmer plays a vital role in the agricultural process but in Pakistan mostly the people which are attached to the agriculture sector are not educated properly so they can not plain and try to increase the average yield per hector.

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Competetion Commission of Pakistan Essay

The Commission is a collegiate body and its main role is to make policy decisions and to oversee the working of the Commission.Before joining the Commission, Mr. Ansar was CEO at Furniture Pakistan, a subsidiary of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation.Prior to joining CCP, Mr. Qureshi was Senior Legal Advisor to the Infrastructure Project Development Facility at the Ministry of Finance,served as Deputy Legal Advisor at Pakistan Telecom Ltd (PTCL), and also held the position of Joint Director (Law) at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.In these different legal capacities, he provided efficient legal services to each private or public entity,to ensure compliance with the laws of Pakistan.He was appointed as Secretary...

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Role of Youth in Pakistani Politics Essay

The history tells us that political parties have always used the the youth to achieve their political targets but looking at the bigger picture, the role of youth in Pakistani politics has always been limited.Imran Khan has been back-rolling his election campaign on the base of youth favored policy and he has to be credited for his policies and thinking differently.So if we want to bring true revolution in Pakistan then our youth needs to participate and try hard to change this system.Read more: Current Political Situation of Pakistan Essay .He clearly suggested that youth of Pakistan were to be regarded as a major asset.

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Partition of India Essay

The princely state of Junagadh had signed its accession to Pakistan but, following riots among the Hindu part of its population, the Indian Army invaded the state.The Laccadive Islands, although far removed from Pakistan, were predominantly Muslim.The commission headed by Radcliffe decided to place the city of Lahore in Pakistan as the regional capital of Pakistan, and chose Amritsar to be its Indian counterpart, just across the border.In 1947, a partition of Sind could be considered, 2/3 of Sind joining Muslim Pakistan, and the remaining 1/3, corresponding to the South-East, with the region of Umerkot, mainly Hindu , joining India.Thus, Pakistan is created with two entities separated by the territory of India, West Pakistan and East Pak...

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Analysis of Migration Patterns in Afghanistan

The Independent Election Commission announced in October 2009 that its final results indicated less than 50 percent of the votes for Karzai.In Pakistan refugees were still welcomed from 1989-2001, but were not provided with the same level of services and facilitation (Monsutti, 2006).Afghan refugees have maintained ties with Pakistan and now cross-border labour migration between Afghanistan and Pakistan is increasing.MOWA works in an advocacy role to ensure that policies are implemented for both men and women.The incumbent President Hamid Karzai, was re-elected with 50 percent of the necessary votes, however, since the election there have been over 2,000 fraud allegations lodged with the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC).

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