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The Character of Emilia in Othello

Without her character, this game can not unlock C.The dramatic purpose of Emilia is in Othello of Shakespeare, Emilia is considered one of the secondary roles.I will use many techniquesImportance of Emilia in Shakespeare 's Othello Among Othello' s Moorish people, Shakespeare combines destiny and a fatal trait defect.Even Bianca is considered a corrupt woman, but it is consistent with the traditional role of male service.Other characters in the play know the specific details of the event being developed, but Emilia is the role of using this knowledge to benefit the drama.Character of Othello Emilia In William Shakespeare's play "Othello", the definition of a woman in the Renaissance is very important.

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The Significance of Emilia in Othello Essay

In Act IV, scene ii there are two occasions where Emilia curses the person that has tricked Othello into believing Desdemona has been unfaithful.These two instances when Emilia calls out the evil doer (not realizing she is actually referring to her husband) also builds on the dramatic tension that is ultimately released when Emilia tells the truth and exposes her husband in Act 5, scene ii.This is particularly evident in Act IV, Scene iii when Desdemona says to Emilia that she cannot believe that there are women who would be unfaithful to their husbands; “ Dost thou in conscience think, tell me, Emilia, That there be women do abuse their husbands In such gross kind?Emilia sees how upset Othello gets about Desdemona not being able to prod...

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Free Othello Essays: The Character of Emilia

I cheated easily and weak people (such as Casio and Rodrigo) easily but I felt the threat of Othello, the most powerful and gentle general in this land.These characters are Desdemona, his wife Othello, Emilia, his wife Iago, and Bianca are Casio lover.- Othello's Isago Talent William Shakespeare's "Othello" is a tragedy that shows the overwhelming power of fraud and the damage it can bring.He played an important role in Shakespeare's play "Othello".In Shakespeare, she was named Emilia, the wife of Othello girl Iago, the waiter of Othello's wife Demona.

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Custom Written Term Papers: Othello’s Feminine Roles

Alvin Kernan’s “Othello: an Introduction” explains Desdemona’s role as a model of faith and chastity for the protagonist who converts to a belief in her after her death: His willingness to speak of what he has done – in contrast to Iago’s sullen silence – is a willingness to recognize the meaning of Desdemona’s faith and chastity, to acknowledge that innocence and love do exist, and that therefore The City can stand, though his life is required to validate the truth and justice on which it is built.This is the initial reference to the role of women in the play – the role of wife.In “Historical Differences: Misogyny and Othello” Valerie Wayne presents Desdemona’s reaction to Iago’s verbal expressions concerning women’s role as sexual obje...

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Character Flaws in Shakespeare’s Plays

Other characters in the play know the specific details of the event being developed, but Emilia is the role of using this knowledge to benefit the drama.Emilia is a unique character and he concentrates all his knowledge around the Moorish Othello character.Shakespeare thoroughly expressed the importance of tragic defects in Othello's playImportance of Emilia in Shakespeare 's Othello Among Othello' s Moorish people, Shakespeare combines destiny and a fatal trait defect.Without her character, this game can not unlock C.A tragic defect can occur as a positive personality trait, but it falls into a loss of its role.

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Tough Love in William Shakespeare’s play, Othello Essay

Without Emilia, Shakespeare could not have exposed his view on women’s roles and marriage, and the storyline for his tragic play Othello could not have been achieved.Emilia and Iago’s position on marriage can frequently be uncovered though their reflections on both men and women.Iago first introduces Emilia as a whore and cheater, which foreshadows the later tragic dénouement because he later accuses Desdemona of being a whore resulting in her death.Desdemona and Emilia can be perceived as a foil to each other because of their different beliefs for women’s roles in marriage.The foil of Emilia and Desdemona, as a result of their opposing views on marriage and physiognomies of women, helps Shakespeare portray his message of women and marri...

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Othello – Female Stereotypes

Shakespeare reinforces sexist, female stereotypes in “Othello” by ending the lives of Emilia and Desdemona for challenging the female convention.Furthermore, while Iago continues to make crude, sexist jokes in front of Desdemona and Emilia, Desdemona counters back with her retort, “Oh, most lame and impotent conclusion!By acknowledging William Shakespeare’s sexist presentation of his female characters, readers are able to make their own opinions on the credibility of Shakespeare’s claim that a woman who defies her gender role deserves to die.Shakespeare portrays Emilia as a pessimistic and foolish character while Desdemona is portrayed as a misleading and noncompliant one.She even suggests to Emilia to ignore Emilia’s own husband.

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Othello Analysis

The flag of Othello, Iago brought Othello's death, as he was not chosen as Othello's lieutenant.He got angry with Othello (his commander) - in order to move forward, Iago formed a violent and hostile view of the above character; this sentiment quickly destroyed his will, And he created later I plot a conspiracy to destroy OthelloIn the first act, Othello and Brabantio made a brawl, and he came to kill him, but b!Othello of William Shakespeare followed Moore Sero and its associated downfall.In any case, I 'm always trying to use Othello, and he can easily believe the lies of Iago.In this scene, for the first time Emilia not only stood with her husband but also acknowledged and revealed his negative motive for everyone in Desedimera's livi...

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“Othello”: Women Breaking Through Societal Roles

In 2.1., Iago is talking to Desdemona, while Emilia is present, about how Emilia tends to talk back to him a lot, to which Desdemona responds “Alas, she [Emilia] has no speech”, meaning that Emilia rarely speaks, which confirms Emilia’s attitude of docility.He is calling Emilia a “fool” for speaking out, saying that she should know better, but this will not affect Emilia in the future.When Iago tells Emilia to “Hold your peace”, Emilia defies him and says, “No, I will speak as liberal as the north”.Another one of the women in Othello is Emilia, Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s servant and confidante.In 4.2.170-174, Emilia is cursing whoever it was that made Othello think Desdemona was unfaithful, not knowing that it was Iago, and Iago attempt...

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Free Othello Essays: Women as Victims in Othello

Throughout their conversation Iago's attitude towards Emilia has no respect.Iago's language towards Emilia gives an impression that she may be a victim.Desdemona, though the most obvious victim, is less of a victim because of the love showed to her from her Othello.Iago likes to dominate Emilia and in many respects uses her quite badly.Emilia is an interesting character and certainly much more than a doormat - look at Act 4, Scene 3.

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Othello – Trust Between Lovers Essay

” (Act 3, Scene 3, line 306-308) (Act 3, Scene 3, line 316) The trust between Emilia and Iago contribute to this tragedy, because Emilia chose to trust Iago and pretended to know nothing about the handkerchief, which leads to betrayal towards Desdemona.However, if Emilia chose the right way and told the truth to help Desdemona when Othello was questioning her, the tragedy might not happen.Trust plays an important role in Othello, because it started as trust and ends with trust.This line also shows that Othello feels anxious because of the lost of the handkerchief that has a magic history involving his parents.Near the end of the play Emilia and Iago’s trust broke when she revealed the truth, everything in the play started with trust and ...

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The Female Characters Of Shakespeare 's Othello Essay

Desdemona is loyal to her husband Othello, Emilia obeys Iago and Bianca is truly in love with Cassio.Shakespeare’s anti – feminism is being reflected through the role of women and how they are portrayed in the play.Similarly, Emilia is Iago’s possession however, Iago shows little love for his wife.Emilia is Iago’s “seat”; she is objectified and deprived of her humanity.Iago is very possessive of Emilia throughout the play and he says “… the lusty Moor/hath leaped into my seat …” (2.1.283-4).

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Marriage and Power in Othello Essay

This proves to be true in Othello.Marriage and Power in Othello There is more to Shakespeare’s Othello than just the characters in the play.It almost seemed as if he had so much love and trusted D... ... middle of paper ... ...Iago and Emilia is as much as a mystery as are the motives of Iago.Desdemona: But while I say one prayer!- Othello then proceeds to strangle Desdemona.Emilia is a quiet character, however at the end she admits to what she knows, and ultimately it gets her killed.

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Essay on Shakespeare 's Othello - Role Of Women

a) The senator tells Othello to “use [her] well” (I.iii.288) during the meeting at the Duke’s place.The three women, Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca play a vital role in the play.When Emilia exposes Iago as the man behind the whole thing, Iago attempts to shut her up.C. Emilia stood out because she had the audacity to express her personal feminist views and began to question the authoritative male figures.He was able reconstruct a similar society.

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Custom Written Term Papers: The Role of Women in Othello

The Role of Women in Othello At the beginning of Othello two men stand and discuss the fate of a woman.Othello has managed to obtain something they could not; Desdemona.Emilia and Bianca are also mistreated in this way.Each one is shown in relation to a particular man, (Othello, Iago and Cassio) and is contrasted with the other women, which reveal how the stereotypical version of womanhood impacts their lives, (in Desdemona and Emilia's case, their deaths).In "Othello" women are ... ... middle of paper ... ...e: Reflections Chiefly on the Tragedies.

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Othello: The Feminist Critique

She is a minor character, but plays a big part in making Othello think that Desdemona was having an affair.But again, Desdemona tries to go against this by saying that she wants to go with Othello when he goes to war, and she does not want to stay with her father or wait for Othello alone at home.The story of Othello would not have been as good a story as it is, even if it is a tragic one, if it were not for the important roles played by these women.Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca are characters that show a different side of women as being independent and outspoken, and not merely obedient or submissive, whether in the public sphere or in the privacy of their own homes.Emilia is an obedient wife, but she shows her growing dissatisfaction wh...

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Sensibility comparision Essay

Othello and Iago’s treatment towards Desdemona and Emilia and Willoughby and Edward’s treatment toward the Dashwood sisters are illustrations of they can be compelled to behave a certain way because their thoughts are driven by the beliefs of society.Othello is driven to kill Desdemona because of his role in society and what society might think of him if they were to find out that his wife has cheated on him.Jane Austen depicts how a balance between sense and sensibility allows women in the eighteenth century to not only be a part of society but also have a more dominant role as a woman.Furthermore Emilia also chooses to follow her role in Venetian Society in spite of her being an arguably stronger character than Desdemona.In both cases ...

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Emilia & Documents Essay

Emilia is only a secondary character in the play but her role is crucial one.However, Emilia has other functions in the play.Emilia is a woman of the world and her understanding of the real nature of men and their affairs is more realistic and mature than that of Desdemona.The only character to perform a complete transformation of character over the course of Othello’s action, Emilia progresses rapidly from her early role as coarse and subservient foil) to Iago(as depicted earlier) into a resolute and effective defender of Desdemona’s virtue.So Iago exploits this role of Emilia.

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Gender Discrimination in Othello

The conversation between women characters (between Emilia and Desdemona) also symbolizes the social generalization about women and their status in the society.When Desdemona insists that she believes Emilia would not do any such thing, Emilia becomes more explicit.The commonsensical realism of Emilia provides a refreshing contrast to Desdemona’s unpractical idealism.Another important point raised by M.R.Ridley is that although Shakespeare has created weak female in the play to emphasize the gender inequality and their minor status in the contemporary world, Emilia symbolize a reaction to that gender discrimination in the last scenes of the play.The only character to perform a complete transformation of character over the course of Othell...

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A Comparison of the Three Female Characters in Shakespeare’s Othello

Each of these women, Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca, has a distinct symbolic role in the play.She is Iago’s husband, and, as Victor Hugo noted, Emilia has a practical and shrewd sense about her that is more apparent than Desdemona’s (Hugo).Othello eventually takes the position of Othello’s lieutenant from Cassio, and gives this honor to Iago (Othello).Emilia urges Desdemona to confront Othello, and when she learns of Iago’s treachery, she reveals him, even though it costs her her life (Character).She tells Desdemona, ‘”‘Tis not a year or two shows us a man: / They are all but stomachs, and we all but food; To eat us hungrily, and when they are full, they belch us.”(III.iv.98-101) Anna Jameson has said that Emilia is an example of a woman f...

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Men in Othello Essay

Desdemona is described as being a “fair wife”, by Emilia the voice of truth, “So come my soul to bliss as I speak the truth” and Bianca is the representation of a powerless woman.It is Desdemona’s naivety that makes her vulnerable whereas Emilia is able to stand up to Iago at the end at a price.To a modern audience she would be perceived as a pragmatic role model for women, however in a Jacobean society, Emilia would be seen as trying to encourage women to go against their husbands.When Emilia, Iago and Desdemona discuss Othello’s description of Desdemona, “that cunning whore”.On many occasions Iago dehumanises Emilia referring to her as a “strumpet”.

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Women vs. Men in Othello Essay

The women of this play fail to comply with the well-known social norms of their gender role.Some scholars suggest that Othello and Iago “assert their authority by addressing situations from a position of concealed power”(Zott).Many scholars continually argue that Othello consists of a male dominated society in which the women play an insignificant role.Emilia “combines sharp-tongue honesty with warm affection”(Neely).Shakespeare presents the reader with three main women characters: Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca.

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Othello’s Tragic Flaws Essay

Emilia explains to Othello that he has fallen into Iago’s trap.Overall, the tragic flaw of loyalty that Emilia expresses is her downfall.Othello may subconsciously realize the mistakes he has made, but he does not want to believe Emilia and face the truth.Othello, Iago, Desdemona, and Emilia would be unrealistic, boring, and static characters without these flaws.Othello, Iago, Desdemona, and Emilia each display a tragic flaw.

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Othellos Downfall Essay

In Othello, the Venetian society, moulded on the ideology of Elizabethan England, place women in their position.Emilia defends Desdemona’s honesty, claiming “I heard each syllable that breath made up between them” and that there was nothing suspicious going on between the two of them.Through the use of the willow song in the Othello, it truly re-enforced Desdemona’s grief as it would stir up the audience to feel the sadness of her as a victim and feeling empathetic towards her.In act 4 scene 2, Emilia and Othello discuss of Desdemona and Casio’s relationship.Down to her very last breath she remains true to Othello saying “commend me to my kind lord”.

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Female Characters in William Shakespeare's Othello Essay

In Act 3, scene 3, Emilia has discovered Desdemona’s handkerchief and brings it to Iago in which Iago call his wife “foolish” and a “wench.” Emilia stands up to Iago by defending Desdemona’s keepsake by questioning Iago why he wanted her to steal it in the first place, and then finding out his cruel intentions, “What will you do with’t, that you have been so earnest t... ... middle of paper ... ...owever, after looking at Iago’s harsh portrayal of Bianca, he clearly does not understand the situation Bianca is in, and thus Bianca shares the secret life of a female as does Desdemona and Emilia and therefore indirectly, establishes the female bond.The women of Othello have different characteristics, yet all share one common bond.However, ...

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The Importance of Emilia in Shakespeare's Othello Essay

The character of Emilia has only eight short parts in the play and of those parts only two are with the lead character of Othello.Emilia assures Othello of Desdemona's true love and faithful manner.Emilia is now the only character to have direct interaction with Othello, Desdemona and her husband and be knowledgeable of her hu... ... middle of paper ... ... got to be assumed as a fateful event.(Shakespeare, Act IV, Scene II, page 1107) replied Emilia.Emilia is telling the truth.

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“Shakespeare: A 17th century progressive” (Analysis of Othello)

It is in the character of Emilia that we find the counter to this argument.Women during the time of Othello were expected to be servile to their fathers and then after marriage to their husbands.The senses Emilia is referring to are the sensual ones, the physical and lustful desires that all human beings have.Desdemona, in marrying a black man, has stepped far outside the boundaries of her societal role.Emelia was not servile to her husband, she was willing to cheat on him and in Act V, Scene II speaks out when both Othello and Iago wish her to be silent.

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Gender Roles and Racism in Othello Essay

Desdemona remained subject to Othello all the way to her death, even covering for Othello by telling Emilia that she had killed herself, rather telling Emilia Othello had killed her.She also appeared intelligent and was even willing to stick up for herself and defend her love for Othello against her own father."Gender and Race in Othello."“Othello is unique among Shakespeare's great tragedies....racism through the racial slurs and making his main character, Othello, spiral downwards into the stereotypical moor.

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Othello Study Guide Questions Essay

Emilia tells Cassio that Desdemona is already talking to Othello on his behalf.3.When does Emilia realize that her husband is behind all this?5.How does Emilia react to all this violence?Othello and Desdemona could talk to each other, or even Othello and Cassio, and Othello could realize that he is being lied to by Iago.Emilia knows her role as a woman and as Iago’s wife, which is probably why she hasn’t spoken up until now.

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A Feminist Analysis of Othello Essay

Wayne, Valerie.“Historical Differences: Misogyny and Othello.” The Matter of Difference: Materialist Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare.Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1991.In the essay “Wit and Witchcraft: an Approach to Othello” Robert B. Heilman discusses a scene which occurs late in the play and which is sexist: When Othello summons Desdemona and dismisses Emilia, “Leave procreants alone .(331) In the opening scene, while Iago is expressing his hatred for the general Othello for his having chosen Michael Cassio for the lieutenancy, he contrives a plan to partially avenge himself (“I follow him to serve my turn upon him”), with Roderigo’s assistance, by alerting Desdemona’s father, Brabantio, to the fact of his daughter’s elopeme...

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