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Role Of The English Language In Malaysia English Language Essay

Moreover, as Mahathir mentions in his blog, the result of the poll might be somewhat subjective as well since it “was conducted in the English language and English language speakers might be biased in favour of English”.Nevertheless, the views collected, which represent the parents and politicians, have emphasized the fact that a lot Malaysians believe that it will be hard for their children to survive in the future with lack of proficiency in English and also reflected the fact that English speakers and the language itself do play an important role in the today and future society of Malaysia.If private companies prefer English and English language is also widely used in governmental departments although Malay is supposed to be the langu...

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The Role of English Language In The Modern Time

Believe that currently about 1 billion people, that is 1/5 of the population of our planet, in a varying degree, are fluent in English.In Russia, for example, the English language is studied in the order of 70 % of students in secondary and higher educational institutions.In our time, the English language plays a very important role in such spheres of human activity as science, technology, Economics, trade, sport, tourism.This language has become the language of international aviation and shipping.So we can say that the English language in the modern world performs a critical role in Europe in the middle ages played Latin.

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Why is English Important Essay

When William Caxton set up his printing press in London (1477) the new hybrid language (vernacular English mixed with courtly French and scholarly Latin) became increasingly standardized, and by 1611, when the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible was published, the educated English of London had become the core of what is now called Standard English.With the help of developing technology, English has been playing a major role in many sectors including medicine, engineering, and education, which, in my opinion, is the most important arena where English is needed.Role of English Language in Globalization .The role of English language in globalizing people all over the world cannot be just expressed in words; the influence of this...

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English Language in Thailand Essay

Furthermore, shortage of English teachers and instructors is apparent.Apparently, many Thai people can speak English rather well and many other are able to understand some English and the number of people who are willing to learn English is increasing.Teaching English and Living in Thailand .“Teaching English in Bangkok” .Therefore, English language plays important role for Thailand and Thai population.

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Global Development of the English Language

Hence, the English language gain maximum development because of different settlers of Europe was English speakers.The inner circle of the model is representing the English usage in traditional ways, where the people believe that this English language is their mother tongue.It is believed that this model plays an important role to understand the English and its usage in different countries and territories.Similarly, in 1952 (the time of Elizabeth 2) most people were using English Language to communicate with each other and hence, this growth of English Language tremendously increases because of expansion of colonial of England towards territories in the global world.With the passage of time, Italians also started taking interest to learn ...

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International English Essay

This is the reason behind the idea that at any rate the English language is the most commonly used language in the world – that even if you go to a foreign land, you can survive with regards to communication by using the English language (Cheshire 2007).It was also reported that most articles produced and published were written in English albeit only half of them came from countries which official language is English.The Old English language became a combination of the language spoken by the displaced primordial people and the language which was spread by the aggressor or the ruling class (Burnley 2000) Some say that it is either the displaced people or the aggressor that adapt to the kind of English language that was being used by the p...

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English as a Global Language Essay

Sometimes, “international English” and the related terms above refer to a desired standardisation, i. e. .Higher education, the legislature and judiciary, national commerce, and so on, may all be carried out predominantly in English.The expanding circle refers to those countries where English has no official role, but is nonetheless important for certain functions, notably international business.[2] Research on English as a lingua franca in the sense of “English in the Expanding .This use of English as a lingua franca by now includes most of the rest of the world not categorised above.

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Importance Of English Language Essay

Because it is an international language also a living language, and it is also important for our success.As we know, English is an international language.Private English medium schools play an important role in rapid growth of English.We should focused on English language.Medium institutions makes English as a compulsory subject and other subject conduct in English.

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English Language and Cultural Homogenization

In the process of globalization, the World Bank also retains the usage and role of English as the pioneer of educational policy along with other transnational corporations including the European Union (EU), while there are certain corporations that aid and provide funding projects in order to upgrade their business for the purpose of English and likewise, making use of English education for business purpose (Phillipson 2001: 190-92).According to Krishnaswamy and Brude (1998), the English language and its spread in the global world of developmental aspect after the two world war was that “It is almost as if God said, “Let there be language”, and there was English”, while it is also seen as a necessity and a form of key to success in the ...

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Important of English Language Essay

In such developing country like Indonesia, English has a vital role in all aspects of life, particularly in science and technology.As students, we learn English are intended to obtain various knowledge, to comprehend and understand the textbooks learned in English, to gain knowledge and skills, and to be ready enter to the university, as one of the test requirements for students of senior High School (SMA), etc ., As one of language in the world, English is considered and applied as international language.As global or universal language, English is not only enables us to communicate and interact with every people throughout the world, but also it could alter our life to be better.Furthermore, it can be used for developing relationships...

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English Dominance Essay

Since the United States and Britain dominate in the international organizations such as World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO) and so on, this has influenced such worldwide entities to use English as a major language of communication.The role of language in imperial expansion has been a central element of the europeanisation of the world” (Robert P) This view has continued to emerge in many forums where most nations (especially the non-English speaking) have constantly objected to the dominance of English because it has been seen as a way of “Europeanizing” others.(UNESCO) Up to 700,000,000 people speak English language across the globe, what this means is that almost all countrie...

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International Language Essay

I presented to support that having a single language as an international official language not only provides the opportunities for social mobility and modernity but also removes the probability of losing the national language the carrier of identity by helping people to be identified to the whole world as they are given voices.Above all, international language is important as a common language for people, without language, there will be absence of interaction between people, while there will be a link occurred to no communication to no trading and etc.English is used in specific contexts such as trade, business, etc.The domination of English has been proved as an international language all across with the coming of globalization in futur...

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English as a Global Language Essay

Braj B. Kachru (1995) has come up with the three circle model to represent English as a global language by categorizing the use of English as primary, secondary, and tertiary language.English as a global language provides an extensive communication system in the advent of globalization through overseas employment, tourism, international security and information dissemination (Crystal, 1997, 100).Figure 2 (Schitz, 2004) Based on Schitz’s analysis, the diction and/or accent of American English varies dependent of the regions within the American geography, but regardless of the diversity of the American English norms, generally, American English is a world standard because of its stature among the world’s nations.Technology in terms of comm...

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Kachrus Three Circle Model Evaluation

Although English native speakers visually do not have higher hierarchy since they are not placed at the top of the Three-circle Model, it still prefers the English native speakers in the inner circle.In the Kachru’s Three-circle Model, the Inner Circle Kachru’s model refers to the traditional bases of English, dominated by the mother-tongue varieties, where English acts as a first language (White, 1997).However, sometimes it is difficult to define which one owns English as the first language and which one knows English as a second language.Instead of categorizing the English speakers based on national identity, the revised model can be classified in terms of the English proficiency in international and regional varieties.It is important ...

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Three Circle Model of World Englishes English

account for the growing use of English, namely English as a lingua franca between speakers who do not share a first language (Mollin, 2006, p.41-42).However, sometimes it is difficult to define which one owns English as the first language and which one knows English as a second language.In the Kachru’s Three-circle Model, the Inner Circle Kachru’s model refers to the traditional bases of English, dominated by the mother-tongue varieties, where English acts as a first language (White, 1997).The Outer Circle consists of the earlier phases of the spread of English in non-native settings, where the language has become part of a country’s chief institutions, and plays an important ‘second language’ role in a multilingual setting (Rajadurai, 2...

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Role of a Teacher in English Language Learning

There is not doubt that the accurate development of the process of learning English through the Conversational English arises as way of given students a new opportunity to develop oral skills that will result into a successful tool for the future.It is important to emphasize that English is currently very important as an international language, and it is the main-reason to justify its teaching and learning to contribute to the student integral education.English programs were not a success because of the lack of materials and English Teachers; for that reason, the programs were given by people who spoke that language and they had materials brought from other countries (p.3).The investigation is build, as a main source, which analyzes the ...

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Importance of English Essay

Ladies and Gentlemen, As one of language in the world, English is considered and applied as international language.As global or universal language, English is not only enables us to communicate and interact with every people throughout the world, but also it could alter our life to be better.And Don’t Forget “English is a bridge for the future” Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it’s completely enough for me to this point.Looking at the above important roles of English, that is why English is very important to understand and to master by every people throughout the world since before.Thus, if we want to be a skilful scientists, linguists, and be able to compete with the other countries in the world, we must understand, master and learn the la...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of English

I think now we should make a dialectical thinking; need to learn both English and Chinese, absorb foreign culture and keep our tradition, have enough sense to face English as a global language.I just think it’s nothing can stop English as a global language and I can’t image what will happen after English achieves a global status .With English as a global language, more and more culture get impact, and linguistic diversity is in danger.The people who do not have English as a mother tongue will take longer to learn English and compared the difference with the mother tongue people, and will as consequence have less time to do other things.The advantages and disadvantages of English as a global language English become more and more common in...

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Language As A System Of Communication English Language Essay

Inspite of strong recommendations of NPE (1968), the university education has been continued through English and the noticeable fact is that English is preferred by many learners and the parents.At that time English played an important role in school curriculum.English (International language and 2nd language .Kothari Commission (1964) highlighted the role of English as a ‘Library language.’ (Gurav, 2002.Though the above expressions revealed that our national leaders, who were the product of English education, were supporters for English as a foreign or second language, English language has been in the position of controversy even after fifty years of the country’s independence.

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European-English language Essay

The combination of German and English is Denglish, Spanish and English is Spanglish, Dutch and English is Nederengels (Anderman & Rogers 2005).In the twentieth century, England took a very significant role in expanding the influence of the English language in the whole European region.American people honor and recognize the role of the English Pennycook, Alastair 1994, The Cultural Politics of English as an International Language, Harlow: Longman Group Ltd. Phillipson, R 2003, English-Only Europe?Such hospitability of the English language can be proved by appealing to the etymologies found in some English terms (Algeo & Pyles 2004).

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English as a Global language Essay

Therefore, English as a worldwide tongue is influencing negatively local languages and by default its survival due to the pressure of the English language in daily life in the communities.Rogerson-Revell, P 2007, ‘Using English for international business a European case study’, English for specific purposes, vol 26, pp.104.It can be seen then that there are some significant evidences to show that English language as a worldwide tongue can have negative effects in minority communities such as language loss and rejection of their own language.It can be seen that even though there are some positive impacts on having English as a global language for global and business communication purposes, it can be argued that there are several evidences...

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English Globalization

The future of the English language is very safe.The English language bridges and connects people.In this context, English has become the dominant international language with respect to communications, science, entertainment, radio and diplomacy, in a nutshell is the language of globalization.To the future business man and woman and corporation leaders let us speak English let us TEACH English, let everybody know the international language and expand it so in a future we can truly use the quote “GO ENGLISH, GO GLOBAL!English is important because it is the only language that truly unites all worlds.

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What Are the Importance of English Language in This Modern World

Furthermore, in the world that English is considered as the main language, English is now taking an importance part in the chance to take a job.Thus, the role of English language in the world can talk endlessly.People take pride in speaking English .if we don’t know English, we will leg behind the other.o and finally in possession of the English language, you always have the opportunity to talk with interesting people on various topics in English, make useful contacts and find new friends among foreigners.With English, you can always communicate with business partners to participate in international conferences, read international newspapers and magazines about the business.

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English Language As A Lingua Franca English Language Essay

English in its role as a means of international communication has recently been given a variety of names (cf.Labels include English as an International Language (EIL), World English, English as a global language, World Standard (Spoken) English, Euro-English, Globish, Lingua Franca English and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF).The ‘outer circle’ involves countries where English is not spoken as a mother tongue but plays an important role as L2 in administration, the media and education (e.g.Hüllen points out here (p. 313) that English in its role as an international language is used as a language of communication and not as a language of identification.In what follows in section 3, I will take these different opinions as a point of depart...

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Status Of English Language Education In China English Language Essay

Similarly, Zhang (2008) states that English teaching/learning becomes more and more popular in China; hence, a number of Chinese learners start to acquire English, and most of them want to be near-like English speakers.Pennycook, 1998 as cited in Zhang (2008) also emphasizes that English teaching in China is constructed as a superior language since knowing English is believed to have a better understanding of the world making English speakers not only to be better teachers but also to gain superior knowledge of world.To build up Chinese teachers’ ability in English, the ministry of Education has sent them to English speaking countries like the United States and the United Kingdom to have more trainings in English as well as to invite the...

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First Language and Learning English Essay

Therefore the impact of first language to learning a second language can be facilitative while it can also interfere with learning a second language such as English (Bialystok, 2002).Reading Recovery in English and other Languages.Several researches have reported that first language proficiency strongly predicts English language learning (Clay, 1993; Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998), moreover, a strong correlation between first language fluency and learning English was also reported (Hiebert, Pearson, Taylor, Richardson, and Paris, 1998).This literature review would present what has been known about the role of the first language in learning English as a second language in the context of classroom learning as well as how teachers can ef...

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International Training And Development

Language skills are very important for MNEs where English is not the first language: otherwise, there would be many translation issues.Language Training .. English is the 3rd language the most spoken in the world (after Mandarin and Hindi).These data show us that one-fourth (1/4) of the world’s population can communicate to some degree in English: 400 million people speak English as a first language, 300 to 500 million as a fluent second language and 750 million as a foreign language... As mentioned above, it has long been recognized that international assignments play a critical role in the conduct of international business.An expatriate fluent in the parent-company language and the language of the host subsidiary can perform a gate-k...

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What Is English As A Lingua Franca?

The emergence of China English contributes to the development and enrichment of English and spread the Chinese culture around the world, so it is necessary to develop China English with Chinese characteristics in lexis, sentence structure and discourse and become one part of the world’s Lingua Franca.In most of cases, English language teachers and learners desire native-like English identity in Expanding Countries, Especially for non-native English teachers.Kirkpatrick and Xu(2002) points out that the reason for learning English should be clarified before choosing the right English teaching model, if learning English is to communicate with native speakers, then the exonormative native speaker model will serve a good role, however, in fac...

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Cultural Assimilation Essay

The British declared marshal law over the country in the middle of the last century and in an attempt to curb the rebellion and insurgency, they decreed that English was to the sole language spoken.These experiences shaped Ngugi opinions about the role that language fills.Ngugi argument about Language serves two distinct purposes is true for International students as they use “English” language as a common medium of communication whereas use their “mother tongue” as a medium of expressing their culture.Suddenly Ngugi had to learn English and couldn’t speak the language of his people at school.He explains that, though Indian and British literature are written in English but they are distinct from one another and that just because they sha...

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Language A System Of Communication English Language Essay

rules are presented to the learners, deep analysis of the rules is done and rules are used for translating passages of English into Urdu ad of Urdu into English.In government sector schools, English is taught by B.Ed degree hold teachers who have studied English at B.Ed level as optional subject.English is the working language of international organizations and conferences.Students belonging to rural backgrounds and even other students are taught English in schools and colleges but they are still not able to communicate in English comfortably and confidently.At college level, English language is taught by the teachers who have done Masters in English literature.

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