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Aligarh Movement Background: Arrival of British Essay

In order to achieve that objective SSAK emphasized that Muslims must acquire modern knowledge and they should learn English language which was the language of the rulers.In addition to these efforts to promote modern ideas modern knowledge in India amongst the Muslims SSAK devoted directly directly to promotion of Education what is often describe as the education movement.Unless, they go through the educational process whereby they learn modern education they will not be able to play a role under the administrative and the political system the British colonial authority had established and they will be left behind and pushed to the periphery of the system.•This college was combining the two types of education where the Muslims were getti...

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Dalit Discourse in Indian Education Dhanaraju Vulli Essay

Documented the demand and importance of English language in the position paper in connection with the National Curriculum The Indian government has been following three-language Framework (2005) as they stated: “English in India today is a formula in Education as the National Commission on Education symbol of people’s aspirations for quality in education and fuller 1964-1966 recommended.dimension of this process is one where English is seen as neutral Accordingly, “the divide between the English medium schools and inevitably spreading globally.The last part discusses the response of the Dalits towards the English education and how they attack the upper caste nature towards role of mother tongue in the Indian education .In an attempt to l...

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The Introduction To Indian Writing In English English Literature Essay

Indian English Literature is an honest enterprise to demonstrate the ever rare gems of Indian Writing in English.If we dive deep into the works of the Indian stalwarts of English fictions, it is revealed that their works are not an imitation of English literary pattern but highly original and intensely Indian in both theme and spirit.Moreover the Indian English writers use it with enviable ease and gaining mastery of a foreign tongue to articulate the vagaries and vicissitudes of an individual’s consciousness in a realm of its own aptly substantiate the expansiveness and verve of the Indian English writer.Over the years, the world of feminist ideologies began to influence the English literature of India.Thus, his roots and early educatio...

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Background Information On The Aligarh Movement History Essay

By implementing his thoughts of educational uplift of muslims sir syed took many practical steps .In Muradabad sir syed set up a school in 1859 in which English and Persian was taught .The British had held the Muslims responsible for the war of Independence and, therefore adopted a cruel policy to punish them for their role in the war of Independence.The Muslims didn’t learn English.Muslims were also lagging behind in the education because of their conservative approach toward the English and Modern Knowledge.On the other hand Hindus quickly superseded the Muslims in the educational field by adopting English.

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Influences Of Spice Trade In British-India

First was the language, many Indians were conversant with the English language, because the British colonialists intended to export their values and culture by teaching the Indian population their language.Spice colonisation happened mostly in South East Asia areas and India during the Classical period to Middle Age and until the modern colonialism, by Greece, Roman Empire and the Vikings to Western European countries.However, after India independent they wanted to illustrate that India had a living artistic tradition, although the natives were unaware of it, and they considered it to rescue it from oblivion.This great instruments, the railways, postal services significantly affected the developmental course of modern India.Law in modern...

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Bilingual Education In India

Consequently, English as a second language should be promoted by the Government as a means of currently valued domain of higher education, powerful and ticket upward mobility.In education, the trend seems to be toward replacing English with modern Indian languages.Base on this evidence, 22 official languages are recognized as an associate official language, which are language of power in India, in particular, Hindi and English.The official three-language formula is increasingly replaced by bilingualism with English and Hindi or with English and a regional language as the medium of instruction because of giving access to better jobs.In addition, teachers should explain to them the role of each of the varieties; the standard variety is for...

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Art Is The Expression English Literature Essay

In the openion of Markandaya : “The role of observer which every traveller assumes is a good training for any writer-It makes-a good starting point, and I believe, it was my starting point.” (Quoted by Elena J. Kalinnikova, India – English Literature – A Perspective , Vimal Prakshan, Ghaziabad,1984,p.149) .” ….one of the most notable gifts to English education to India is prose fiction for though India was probably a fountain head of story – telling , the novel as we know to day was importation from west.M.K.Naik remarks about the significant contribution of Raja Rao to Indian novel in English: “Raja Rao has also brought to the Indian novel in English many elements in which it had been previously deficient: an epic breadth of vision, a...

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World Civilizations Essay

Another invention of the Modern Age that played a large role in the advancement of Europe was the discovery of coal.The peoples of India were forcefully occupied by the British crown this forced the melding of the two cultures more so of the English customs onto the natives of India.Before the Modern Age the Enlightenment only existed in the minds of those that would write it, it was because of the Modern Age that allowed for the coming of the Enlightenment.What role did rational thought play in the Modern Age?The Columbian Exchange was able to come about as a direct result from the advancements of nautical technologies and the Enlightenments role in the colonization of the world.

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Features of Twentieth Century Literature Essay

Ms Moore undergoes a transformation as compared to other English men.E. M. Forster, Joseph Conrad and James Joyce are three prominent writers of the twentieth century, who applied modern techniques and themes in their novels.The action of each work takes place against the backdrop of Empire Heart of Darkness has the morbidity and pathos of modern literature, as it shows the gruesome face of mankind..”Near the same tree two more bundles of acute angles sat with their legs drawn up…… his brother phantom rested his forehead…….. ” Imperialism and colonization is one of the modern themes in 20th century English literature.The white man plays a worse role than the barbaric who according to Marlowe’s observation probably don’t even know the con...

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The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers.We do have many Indians becoming more and more famous in the English Language and in the English Literature.For a good number of students, English is their first language and it is easier for them to communicate, read and write in English than in Indian languages, including their mother tongues.Though there have been English as a subject in the educational system for nearly ten years in the school life, their knowledge of English is very poor and insufficient.The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English.

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Language Is The Blood Of The Soul English Language Essay

The ‘modern’ leaders of that age in India also substantiated English language and stated it to be the main mean towards victory.Internet has also plays a vital to promote and to spread the English language throughout the globe and more and more people are exposed to the English language and the English has become also the language of the internet as well.The English Christian missionaries arrived in India from 1813 and they also established schools at primary level for Indians in which the language of instruction was local language and also they taught English.Though there have been English as a subject in the educational system for nearly ten years in the school life, their knowledge of English is very poor and insufficient.The English ...

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Language Policy in India

Another step up this hierarchy would be to learn Hindi, and perhaps some basic English.The choice of English would have allowed for Congress to “have reached a moderate score (it would have gotten rationalization without indigenization); the bureaucrats would have received a high score (they would be fully secure in their language investments); and the state elites would have a moderate score (they would have their language in use, but only in the cultural and family realms, not in the business or technical realms)” (Laitin, 429).Modern Governments concern themselves so intimately and so extensively with all aspects of social and even individual existence that inevitably in a modern community the question of the linguistic medium becomes...

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Disposition Of Indian Readers Towards Indian English Fiction History Essay

Indian Fiction in English in the 18th and early 19th Centuries: The literary-historical connections between Indian mass-nationalism and the Indian – English novel have always been qualified in critical studies, by an awareness of a substantial body of Indian writing in English stretching back to the 1860s, a largely overlooked tradition that was well-established by the turn of the century (Tickell, 2005).The popularity that Indian English literature has achieved in just more than a century is commendable when one compares it with the long history of English literature in the West and regional language writing in India.After India’s political independence in 1947, the ambiguous and controversial position of English did not provide an atmo...

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Globalization in China and India

Urban development in its major cities is evidenced by the tall and modern buildings, presence of billion dollar companies, and millions of jobs that has made its way in the 21st century from big American corporations as seen in the example of Bangalore (Friedman, 2011).He believes that it is necessary for all of Indians to do well if India is to succeed globally.Culturally China today is a combination of tradition and modern culture.Globalization has been and will continue to play an important role in the transformation of cultures and bringing of different people together (Haviland, Prins, Walrath & McBride, 2008, p.12) .Globalization in India: effects and consequences.

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‘Divide and Rule Policy” in India Before and After the Independence

They took upon themselves the responsibility to build a modern, open, plural, culturally rich, prosperous and powerful India.Reports of that period confirmed the active role played by Brahmins in National movement.It compelled them to introduce modern education in India.On one hand, to counter Brahmins hold in education and other areas, they slighted the role of Brahmins as Indian intelligentsia and reformers and on the other, portrayed them as oppressors and exploiters of others, especially the poor and minorities.Intention of introducing modern education – The intention of introducing modern education was, as Lord Macaulay said, “To form a class, who may be interpreters between us and millions of whom, we govern, a class of persons, In...

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English Language Essay

Considering then for a moment the absence of English from India, exchange of professors, doctors administrators, and students will cease.But along with the spread of Hindi, English will continue to be used in one way or another and it will play its due role in the nation.The ability to clearly write in English is also of key importance, as many forms of business communication, from emails to presentations and marketing to important business contracts, are written in English.English has emerged as the global language of trade and commerce in the past few decades, affecting many key aspects of business in the modern world.They should not forget that it was the knowledge of English that helped India gain freedom.

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The Role of English Language In The Modern Time

So the United Nations (UN), on the basis of the real distribution and use of languages in the world (based on the total number of speakers and the number of countries using one or another language), has selected their official languages of the following 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic.In our time, the English language plays a very important role in such spheres of human activity as science, technology, Economics, trade, sport, tourism.In Russia, for example, the English language is studied in the order of 70 % of students in secondary and higher educational institutions.Knowledge of English language is becoming the norm for scientific and technical intelligentsia in most developed countries.So we can say t...

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International English Essay

This paper would discuss the role of the English language in different countries and in the international community.The Old English language became a combination of the language spoken by the displaced primordial people and the language which was spread by the aggressor or the ruling class (Burnley 2000) Some say that it is either the displaced people or the aggressor that adapt to the kind of English language that was being used by the protagonist regions then.It was also reported that most articles produced and published were written in English albeit only half of them came from countries which official language is English.The fifth century, however, marked the new shift of the English language from Middle English to Early Modern Engli...

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Effects of Globalisation on Indian Society Essay

The modern elite wanted to reconstruct the social structure on modern foundations of law, individual merit and secular education.India thus became a welfare state.They surveyed the land, settled land revenues, created a modern bureaucracy, army, police, instituted law courts and helped in the codification of laws.This included, on the one hand, classes whose power was associated with the traditional sector and, on the other, newer classes whose power was associated with the growth of the modern sector.The British colonial authority was responsible for the introduction of the modern state in India.

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Feminism in Indian English Literature

Indian fiction in English has emerged as a separate entity for the study of the rapid change and development in social, economic, political and psychological facets of Indian society.Though no Indian writer writing in English can be absolutely free from being conscious of the Western reader, he can at least avoid designing his work specifically for a Western audience.The rise of the novel in India was not purely a literary phenomenon.He may write for a Western audience as much as for an Indian audience but he must write as an Indian with India in his bones, of course, but without a conscious or deliberate effort to make his work distinctively Indian.The rise of novel and appearance of it in nineteenth century India as it did in eighteent...

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Language As A System Of Communication English Language Essay

(Telugu as Mother tongue in Andhra Pradesh) .. English has been used as a second language in India not a foreign language.He said, “Indian languages have suffered psychologically and otherwise because of English, yet they have gained a great deal to form contacts with the wider world……..however, English cannot be in India, anything a second language in future.” (Gurav, 2002.It is taking care from Section 31A above that the role of municipalities in ‘managing’ education is restricted.At that time English played an important role in school curriculum.By the time India became independent, English had already consolidated its position in the school and university education.

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Analysis Of Marriage As A Cultural Difference English Literature Essay

The people of India are very good in keeping networks among various groups and also within the people of a particular group, hence once it is known that there is a search for a spouse needed for a particular groom, then word of mouth plays important role in connecting with potential spouses.The English also consider raining on a wedding day to be a sign of Good Fortune ahead.This can be any person in the society like a Barber who often plays an important role particularly in parts of north India.Old English wedding tradition also calls for the bride to carry a horseshoe, streaming with ribbons, for good luck.” The traditional practise is that the couple exchange vows outside the wedding chapel doorway, so that anyone can watch the ceremo...

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English Literature and Background Essay

Department of English University College of Arts & Social Sciences Osmania University, Hyderabad Paper II Unit 1 Indian Writing in English—I Background Indian Nationalist Movement; Use of English for political awakening; Reform Movements; Rise of the Indian Novel Poetry (Selections from Indian Poetry in English.Department of English University College of Arts & Social Sciences Osmania University, Hyderabad MA (Previous) Semester I—(Papers I to V) Semester I—(Papers I to V) Paper I Unit 1 History, Structure and Description of English-I a) Indo-European Family of Languages b) Descent of English: Old English, Middle English and Modern English a) Language as a System of Communication b) Levels of Language Description: Phonology and M...

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Children’s Literature in India

Because of its nature, children’s literature in India cannot be put into a neat compact section, nicely labeled, sealed, and stamped.Literature for children in English forms a separate section and remains quite different both in form and content from its counterparts, Hindi and the regional languages.Unfortunately children of small town and rural India neither have access, nor can they be expected to appreciate the strange unfamiliarity of a Blyton or a Rowling.To entice them to read, attractive books in English as well as in their mother tongue, with stories drawn from local and contemporary setting, need to be made available.For young readers, national literatures play a crucial role in developing a sense of identity, a sense of belong...

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Imperialism in india Essay

(2)The most Important of these three could arguably be the English language, because while other countries dre trying to learn English many Indians already know the English language and are then able to trade and establish commerce with the majority of the world since English Is rapidly becoming a common language for business.imperialism of India it could be reasonably argued that India benefitted more in than Britain in the long run.Another great contribution of Britain to India Is an Infrastructure which was most likely built by Indians but overseen by Brltlsh engineers(4) The Infrastructure provided a connection between all the people and united them, and infrastructure would also facilitate trade within India and to the borders to tr...

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Histroy of English Language Essay

Of all the world languages, English has probably the vocabulary which is the most copious, heterogeneous and varied, at the same time this also one of the reason that learning English as second language becomes difficult.A study of the history of the English language, therefore, unfolds the panorama of English history-both social and political.History of English language will explain, why learning English as a second language is difficult without proper instruction, even though basic components are same.The Christianizing of Britain in 597 brought English into contact with Latin civilization and many Latin words were added to the English vocabulary.In short the English language reflects in its entire development the political, social and...

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Influence in India

English is a stress-timed language, and both syllable stress and word stress, where only certain words in a sentence or phrase are stressed, are important features of Received Pronunciation.The Indian accent is a “sing-song” accent, a feature seen in a few English dialects in Britain, such as Scouse and Welsh English.Given the huge number of languages in India, English serves as a useful common language for communication, especially in government, civil service and the judiciary.Indian English or South Asian English or Pigeon English or Hinglish is an informal term referring to several ‘incorrect’ varieties of English spoken primarily in the Indian Subcontinent.Any of the native varieties of English produce unique stresses on the languag...

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Indian Literature Essay

Eighteen of these languages now have official status in India, as does English.Indo-Aryan languages dominated northern India in ancient times, and Sanskrit became the major language of Indian religious and philosophical writing and classical literature.No longer spoken widely, it is maintained as a literary language in modern India, meaning that people still use it for written works.Muslims also introduced Islam to India, and Islamic philosophy and traditions affected Indian literature.This mythology has influenced Indian texts, from ancient epics in the Sanskrit language to medieval poems in the various languages of different regions to modern works in English.

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The Ancient Indian Educational System Education Essay

However, given the cultural and linguistic diversity of India, it was only the higher education dealing with science and technology that came under the jurisdiction of the central government.The system of higher education is however more or less uniform across the country and taught mostly in English.The central government of India formulated the National Policy on Education (NPE) in 1986 and also reinforced the Programme of Action in 1986.The government also held powers to make national policies for educational development and could regulate selected aspects of education throughout India.In 1901 the literacy rate in India was only about 5% though by Independence it was nearly 20%.

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An overview of the modern school education system in India

In this regard we must admit that ancient Indian system of education played a major role in making students realize their duties and responsibilities and emphasized on the necessity of discipline for an orderly social life.In 1901 the literacy rate in India was only about 5% though by Independence it was nearly 20%.The convocation addresses from ancient time throws significant light on the qualities required to be developed in the students which are not very different from the qualities that modern educational systems are trying to impart.The government also held powers to make national policies for educational development and could regulate selected aspects of education throughout India.The system of higher education is however more or ...

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