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Leading Theories and Practices

He emphasizes that a person who choose to work in an environment parallel to his/her personality type are more likely to be successful and satisfied.According to Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey (2008), people are in a congruent work environment when their personality type matches the occupational environment (p. 66).Holland affirms that people of the same personality type working collectively develops an environment that match and rewards their type.People’s behavior is based by an interaction between personality and environment.According to Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey (2008), Super’s Archway model recommends that life role and self concepts are formed by our personal and situational determinants (p. 54).

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Social Learning and Trait Theories

This has alerted me to realize that how we behave within our social setting plays a big role in the development of either desirable or bad behavior in others within our environment, and especially children.Having learned the concepts of social learning and traits theories in the development of behavior and personality, my role is reinforced with helpful knowledge on how I can help individual’s develop desirable behavior through providing adequate learning experiences.Such processes would enable individuals within the society to reason logically when interpreting different aspects of their environment.Julian B. Rotter is one of the earliest psychologists who developed the theory that besides the earlier research done on behaviorism by the...

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Heredity and Environment on the Development of Personality

One also has to examine the interaction between genetics and environment for a clear understanding on personality development.Relation between maternal depression and antisocial personality, along with another study of suicidal behaviours, can clearly apprehend the role in which both genetic and environment factors play on the development of personality.Individuals, who are already born into a certain type of environment, unknowingly bring out or develop certain personality traits to blend in and fit into their environment.To get a clearer view this, it is better to locate an example of a personality and from then, examine the role environment and genes play on it.However, it does not mean that environment does not have any effect on the...

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Development of personality from adolescence to adulthood

Such information would provide a more holistic understanding of personality development and facilitate the understanding of how various environmental triggers affect personality.According to the classical psychometric theory or trait theory model of personality development, traits remain so stable in adulthood that they are essentially “temperaments” and are not influenced by the environment (Conley, 1984).(2006), the exemplar trait theory of personality development in adulthood is the five-factor theory of personality.One of which, is to cope with the environment which is part of the process of maturation where one makes decisions and adapt to role expectations.(2006) also addressed the question of how personality traits changes across ...

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Individuals That Indulge In Sociopathic, Criminal, And Antisocial Behavior—Nature Or Nurture Essay

Conclusion There has not been enough evidence to strongly conclude that genes play a more significant role in shaping the behavior of those individual who indulge in sociopathic, criminal and antisocial behavior as compared to the environmental factors.Neurochemicals in Sociopathic, Criminal and Antisocial Behavior According to Elliot, 2000 neurochemichals play a significant role in activating behavior patterns in a definite area of the brain.Some researchers argue that there is a genetic basis to criminal behavior while others argue that there is no enough evidence in the cases of adoption, twin births and family status to show that genes play a crucial role in the development of antisocial or criminal traits.The research concluded that...

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Nature vs Nurture Essay

Through the research I have done, it seems that heredity, as well as environment, plays an important role in humans?In certain cases, both heredity and environment could possibly play a roughly equal role in humans.?Heredity sets limitations and tendencies while environment takes over to encourage or discourage the development and operation of our inborn traits?Both heredity and environment affect one considerably; although, my research favors environment as having more influence on an individual.s environment plays a large role in his mental aptitude.

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Principles of Human Resource Management

It is also a given that Role description and role specification are required... Role sculpting does not exist within the organisation for which I work.Role description and role specification are done.The “new role” is monitored through performance management.A decision is then made as to the role of the employee (with employee engagement and employee consent [positive buy-in]).

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Research on nature versus nurture

Nature and Nurture both play a role in how a person’s personality develops.I know Nature plays a big role, because even with my dad not in the picture, for my early developing years, what he did pass on was through his genes.The nurture side argues that a person’s environment plays a large role.If environment was the key to our behavior, all our actions are would determined by our learning experiences.Now if environment didn’t play apart, I would be exactly like my parents.

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Nature vs. Nurture

Genes, environment and personality.Heredity and role of serotonin in aggressive impulsive behavior.Genes and Environment in Personality Development.The role of nature vs. nurture is relatively important, because the debate seeks to understand how a person develops factors such as personality, behaviors and intelligence.The role of inheritance in behavior.

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The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching Essay

With experience, an educator adapts to the environment, acquires beneficial teaching skills and implements knowledge for future generations to retain and apply.Dealing with a multitude of problems and juggling an array of tasks in a small increment of time may seem tedious, but the fast pace environment deters from a stagnant and monotonous occupation.As a team, educators impact society and reap immense emotional rewards from each role that comes with the profession.A positive environment, personal development and being a role model are rewarding aspects of the teaching profession that make diversity and the complexities of teaching not only manageable, but a more gratifying experience.Teaching is a learning experience that not only cont...

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Psychological Basis of Guidance and Counseling

Heredity and environment both play an important role in the development of personality.Describe the role of the home in the shaping of personality.We have also studied the various determinants of personality like genetic determinants, social determinants, the role of home, school and teacher, cultural and other determinants.On the other hand if he is authoritarian and over disciplining, he would create an environment of aggression, hostility and frustration for the children, thereby restricting the development of a healthy personality of the children.In addition the role of the school, parents, etc in the shaping of personality is discussed.

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The Uses of Drama and Enactment in Group Psychotherapy Essay

Generally, the dramatic expression produces a pillar of expressions that help to promote a coordinated attribute in the activity performance and role play of each towards developing the others social stability.Using Live Theatre Combined with Role Playing and Discussion to Examine What At-Risk, Adolescents Think about Substance Abuse Its Consequences, and Prevention.This creates a personified environment with which one person can have the feeling of the other or situation.(Cooper, Smith, Upton, 1994) Through the general implication of drama in psychotherapy is the affiliate benefits allied to the role it plays to group clients.This will however involve the use of adequacy in the role playing by the individuals within the psychotherapeuti...

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Individual’s Human Development Essay

In practical life, the one that plays a more dominant role for example, in crime control policy, is the one that centers more on the role of the biological setup of the person and the family with whom he grows up with.Temperament and personality depend for their expression on the joint contributions of heredity, environment (parenting strategies) and individual behavior (through the active selection of environments, particularly as the child grows older).The expression of this bias depends on one’s environment or experience: the child with a temperamental “bias” for a high activity level may in fact be easygoing and mild-mannered in a relaxed family environment.Even the most ardent genetically oriented human beings acknowledge that the e...

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Report for the introduction to personality

Bio-social approach to personality is a theory asserting that an individual’s personality is formed due to the interplay between both the social cultural forces and the biological dispositions.Psychologists use this term to refer to something that is deeper in meaning than the role played by a person e.g.This clearly shows that personality development is shaped due to interplay of several factors that are not only from genetics domain but also from the environment.Though theorists have never arrived at a harmonized definition of personality, generally personality is that pattern of unique characteristics and permanent traits giving a person a defined individuality and consistency in his behavior.This persona (mask) was used by the actors...

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Life Span Perspective on Human Development Essay

Ego development theory was created by Erik Erikson.It was believed that be more stable learning environment will help develop normal stages of growing up.Erikson believed our personality is formed from opposites such as dependant or independent, aggressive person or passive person, are just an example of a few.Freud beliefs were that every individual goes through five stages that further form your personality.3 years to five years is the intuitive versus guilt, 6 years to 12 years is the industry versus inferiority, 12 to 18 years identity versus role and then there are three more stages after that.

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Explain the factors to consider when planning a safe, but challenging environment for children

“The emotional environment extends further than the furniture and resources contained within a space, and looks at feelings and emotions of the children within the learning environment”.Not only the material objects within an environment, but the emotional and social environment accounts also.The role of the practitioner within a wider, multi-agency environment is to value and recognise the importance of this wider network for children.Wider community plays role in children’s development and learning.“The role of the practitioner has been identified as important in the provision of an enabling environment for children, with the practitioner holding an important role in the wider, multi-agency environment.” ..

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Role Modelling And Mentoring In Clinical Environment

The rationale for choosing role modelling in relation to my clinical learning environment is that it is one of the most powerful methods in which learning occurs in the clinical setting because of its affective inspirational overtones when observers interpret the behaviours of role models based on their own past experiences and personal objectives (Davies 1993).It is also through this partnership approach that students and mentors acknowledge each other’s role: the mentor is not only that student’s mentor, he or she is also an accountable and responsible nurse, patient advocate, member of the multidisciplinary team and he or she might be mentoring other students as well... Role modelling is an essential tool in demonstrating effective r...

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Character is Equally Genetics and Environment Essay

I am around children seven days a week; every day I am amazed at how much children’s personalities are influenced by the environment they are in.Heredity affects an abundance of your personality and behavior but the environment manipulates and molds the way we as a society, Urie Bronfrenbrenner and Child Development, MSW Updated: Oct 13th.I do not deny that genetics to play a role in what makes a person who they are.This controversy is commonly referred to as the nature verses nurture conflict or as I like to refer to it as genetics or environment.

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Human Development:Heredity, Environment & Parental Influence

Over the past few years, entered the human development issues in the countries’ policies , particularly the policies of development and growth , and is considered the environment of the human being is a key factor in the formation of the human personality , and analyze the currently widespread integration of environmental issues in the growth of human development , and analysis of the implications of the surrounding environment , mainly through the so-called human rights , while the effects of growth on the quality of the human environment are Ä shear curve of social and genetic effects .Also understanding psychological functioning for personality in family, school, and other social contexts such as parents, genetics and the environment ...

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Moving beyond nature versus nurture in forensic psychology

Walters (1992) analysed 38 twin and adoption studies in an attempt to clarify the role of genetics and environment on crime and found some support for the hereditary basis of criminality.Different patterns of antisocial behaviour have been studied to try and further understand the role of genetics and environment in the development of antisocial behaviour.In further exploration of familial factors, the role of environment has been considered in the field of personality disorders which attract much attention from both policy makers and the media, and of particular relevance to this essay is antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).Having very briefly examined studies which consider the role of nature or nurture in the development of antisoc...

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Essay

As reviewed in this paper, the MOHO and CBT frames of reference both view behavior as the result of the interaction between a person and their environment.Input is information from the environment; throughput is the processing of input by the internal cognitive structures of a human; output is the mental, physical, and social aspects of behavior; and feedback is information from the environment about the consequences of a behavior (1980).Cognition plays a major role in the selection of behaviors because people will repeat behaviors they believe will have positive outcomes (Cole, 1998).According to MOHO, a person interacts with the environment through engagement in occupation.Lazarus, as cited in Johnston (1987), explains the interaction ...

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Culture and Development

Culture plays a big role in influencing people.If a child is secure in their cultural environment, then they have an easier time adjusting to the education aspect of their development.I believe that someone’s home life plays a big role because this is usually all that a child sees.When children get to an environment where they can be encouraged and taught, then nurture is playing a part.If a child feels secure within their environment and their culture values education, they are more likely to socialize and go on to live a productive healthy life.

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The Outline For Urie Bronfenbrenners

For example, the family role in culture, how children should be treated, what they should be taught and the goals they should achieve... Family, teachers and community members play important role in raising children with applying values and customs to socialize them so they can contribute something to the society.After all, the environmental factors like age, cognitive and biological changing play a major role in human development.From the views of Barbour, Barbour and Scully (2011), children develop some attitudes by observing actions, hearing words and surmising the feelings of significant others in their environment.Even though some environment is out of family’s control, but they can do their best to develop their children necessari...

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Holistic Development Essay

Parents will help their children to develop in all the different five areas of development which are language development, physical development, cognitive development and social and emotional development.Role of the parents Parents are probably the most important people in a child life meaning they are the ones who majorly help their children with their development.Physical development has become more and more important in schools because of the growing rate of childhood obesity, so the role of the teacher in physical education has become more important than ever.For example if the children were really in to dinosaurs you could adapt on this to make the children’s learning more fun, helping them with all areas of their development throug...

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Personality Development: Nature vs. Nurture

Along with genetics, nurture has a role in determining how a personality is developed.Powledge (2014) stated in her article, “Experience and social environment have a role – probably a key role – in development.” Tabitha Powledge thoroughly studied the effects that nurture has on personality as well as the effects that nurture has on the force of nature.“For instance, the trait of extraversion, or outgoingness, often correlates around .50 for identical twins (Feist & Rosenburg, 2012).” Genetic makeup definitely has a role in personality, and some say that it makes up about half of the contributions to personality development.“The prenatal environment may play a role in shaping personality (Feist & Rosenburg, 2012).” By the moveme...

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Gender identity Essay

Testosterone is responsible for the development of major features found in males which included breaking of the voice, development of the genital organs and it also governs the distribution of fats in a person.Most of males who have feminine characteristics being dominant continue to behave like women despite their environment or psychological exposure.Children reared in a neutral environment learn from an early age what are the acceptable roles and behaviors of the two different genders.The biological factors influencing gender formation cannot be influenced by the environment in which a person is reared though they may lead to discomfort especially when the outside pressure is more on a person.Also, at very tender age, parents also pla...

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University of New Hampshire Essay

Some believe that is strictly our genes; others believe it is the environment; while others believe that is a combination of both, our genes and the environment.However, there is continued debate about which plays a larger role.Sandra Scarr and Kathleen McCartney proposed a theory of environmental effects on human development that emphasize the role of the genotype in determining not only which environments are experiences by individuals, but also which environments individuals seek for themselves.Therefore, instead of debating whether is it nature or nurture that determines development, the question has been reformulated to which factor is more important in determining development?A theory of genotype influences environment effects.

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The Role of the Teacher Essay

We will now return to some of the literature, theory and practise associated with the role of the teacher in the learning environment.The contrary positive effects of negating this form of teacher role are given by the findings of Broadfoot, who suggests that: “Many pupils have found the opportunity of talking with their teachers on a one-to-one basis about achievements, experiences, needs and appropriate future targets a rewarding and helpful experience that has a positive effect on their motivation” (Broadfoot et al, 1988).Further, their role in providing group cohesion and productivity from within the group dynamic is given as essential to a cohesive group.This shows that the role of teaching is significant in the nature of learning E...

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An Exploration Of Life Orientation Teachers Role

According to Renck Jalongo (1991), the highest purpose of teaching is to promote those types of learning that encourage children to continue to learn, not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom and throughout life (Renck Jalongo, 1991:3 – ‘ROLE OF TEACHER’ BOOK) – This is lifelong learning.Hence the envisaged role of in the context of this study, especially Life Orientation teachers as mentors – “mediators of learning, interpreters and designers of Learning Programmes” (DoE pg.The Life Orientation curriculum in particular is geared towards both critical and personal development of the learner, as is seen in the learning outcomes table in section…… – it is the role of the teacher to ensure that this development takes pla...

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Professional Philosophy And Occupational Therapy

He also stressed that medical focus, rather than an occupational focused may have resulted in therapists looking at remedying performance components rather than addressing occupation itself, but (Molineux, 2004) said it will be highly problematic as it will lead to issues of role blurring, role overlap and role ambiguity.ANALYSIS AND ADAPTATION OF ENVIRONMENT .The therapist also employs analytical methods to determine client interaction between occupational role and social life relationships.The founders of occupational therapy the likes of George Barton, Fleanor Clarke Slage, Adolph Meyer etc based the new profession on their own personal experiences of the health enhancing effects of engagement in purposeful and meaningful activities (...

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