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Adoption of Islamic Banking Essay

Islamic banking is also playing a very important role in resource allocation, mobilization and utilization.According to banking statistics, the growth rate of Islamic banking has outpaced the growth of traditional banking in the past decade.It may be concluded that although Islamic banking is a good alternative to the conventional banking system, it should not replace the conventional system.Evolution of Islamic The first modern experiment with Islamic banking was undertaken in Egypt.In considering the adoption of Islamic banking by conventional banks, what kind of benefits may be drawn from such adoption and the challenges they are going to face in undertaking such?

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Islamic Bank of Britain vs. Dubai Islamic Bank Comparison

The aim of conducting this research is to discover the factors and causes’ troubling Islamic banking in United Kingdom as one of the major Islamic bank has accumulated losses for a considerable period of time, although its entrepreneurs are from the Gulf where Islamic banking has been growing and prospering.Islamic Bank of Britain vs. Dubai Islamic Bank (A Comparative Study) .. Islamic banking is very different as opposed to conventional banking, as it works on the principles of Islam and Sharia which entails avoiding interest and gives more preference to invest in a business and in sharing of profit and loss.To manage this risk the following procedure is respected: .. Dubai Islamic Bank was formed in 1975 and is considered to be the f...

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Analysis of Islamic Banking in the UK

Two with such Muslims who already customer of the Islamic banking which will facilitate the research through providing the information why they did take up Islamic banking, advantages and disadvantages of this system and as well about the scope of Islamic banking in UK.The main objectives of this proposal is to find out the opportunities for development and growth of Islamic banking in UK and challenges which are currently faced by Islamic banking in the world and United Kingdom specially.The main objective of this research proposal is to investigate the basic understanding of Islamic banking in community and in banking sector because without basic understanding it is difficult to develop this financial system, whether there is any oppor...

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Growth of Islamic Banking in the UK

To describe the different financial contracts, which Islamic banking offers .. To compare the major differences between Islamic and conventional banking system.In accordance with the philosophy, culture and merit of Islam, the Islamic banking is describe as banking which is manage besides the conventional governance and risk management rules by the principle set down by Islamic Shariah.Islamic banking has not a big network in UK and Islamic bank of Britain has only eight branches in whole UK which is not enough to fulfil the requirement of Muslim customers.The main belief of Islamic banking and finance is to discover the range of Islamic financial tools for investor and businesses that how they all collaborate without interest and what ...

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Influences of Western Imperialism in the Middle East

These secular nationalists proposed the end to the “Islamic project” because they argued that the Qur’an acknowledged the accommodation of Western thinking and institutions (Tibi, 1997).Prior to its declaration, the Turkish Grand National Assembly the Islamic structure in the legal system.Soon, many organizations formed theories on Islamic modernity based on the teachings of European philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx (Tibi, 1997).The reversal toward Islamic theocracy initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini banned women from employment, education, and other professions and relegated them to their previous roles as cloistered and isolated housewives.Its European-style democracy serves as a role model to exemplify the compatibility o...

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Diversity within Society Essay

On the whole, it is obvious immigration has brought significant benefits to Britain.Pop music is another indicator of the multicultural nature of Britain today.One particularly striking aspect that affected Britain tremendously is new food.In Christianity, fish is eaten on Good Friday as a way of celebrating Jesus whereas in Islam and Hinduism, pork is out of the menu as the pig is seen as a dirty animal.For some people these days, the Indian dish, the curry especially, is a favourite meal and most popular in Britain.

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Ethnic minorities in Britain

Islam encountering globalization, 24. .Desh Pardesh: the South Asian presence in Britain.Desh Pardesh: the South Asian presence in Britain .Not only those who, on universal human rights grounds, object to elements in Islamic traditions and current rhetoric, but also those who challenge conservative readings from within, can more easily be classed as Islamophobes.Islam & Jihad: prejudice versus reality Bangladesh: The University Press, 2002. .

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Evaluation of the Viability of the Sukuk

The Islamic finance industry has grown by about 15 percent on average over the last three years, with more than US$500 billion now lodged in Islamic banks, mutual funds, insurance schemes (takaful), and Islamic branches of conventional banks (Jobst, Kunzel, Mills, & Sy, 2008).Researchers (Hamwi & Aylward, 1999) already has recognised that over the last decade, Islamic banking and finance has experienced global growth rates of 10-15 percent per annum, and has been moving into an increasing number of conventional financial systems at such a rapid pace that Islamic financial institutions are present today in over 51 countries (Sole, 2007 pp:1).The fast growth of Islamic banking and finance raises different important questions: Is th...

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Islamic economic doctrine Essay

The second proposition is that the early history of Islam, The Islamic Golden Age, would prove the superiority of the Islamic economic system over any other.Mawdudi therefore advocates a "Muslim way of life" encompassing the key areas of life in society: politics ("political Islam"), law ("Islamic constitution") and economics (" Islamic economics ").However, new empirical studies hypothesize that "the structure of Islamic finance products is based on Islamic prohibitions.Islamic Economics is not specifically Islamic .In 2004 the first bank in accordance with Sharia law was created in Great Britain: the Islamic Bank of Britain.

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The Growth of Islamic Financial Services in UK

According to Clive Briault (2007) currently Islamic banks are facing the same challenges as conventional banking but there are some risks which are affecting Islamic banks only.According to FSA briefing notes (2006) FSA approved license for the 1st fully Shariah compliance bank Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) in 2004 and this bank sells Islamic products in consumer market.As mentioned above that proposed study is exploratory in nature, so secondary data collection method will be best because Islamic banking and finance is very hot topic in the west especially in UK and many Muslim and Western scholars are trying to figure out the future of Islamic finance.In 1980’s Middle East Muslim countries again tries to put in practice the Islamic fin...

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Sudanese Islamic Banking System Commerce Essay

The history of banking in Sudan started in 1903 which the first bank operated in Sudan was the national bank of Egypt in 1903 and plays the role of central bank in Sudan up to 1956, and followed by Barclays bank in 1913.In addition, during the period from 1985 to 1988 the new government issuing rules to open conventional banks; however it led to conflict between Islamic banks and conventional banks and this period characterised such as increase the private banks in banking market.The Islamic principles claim the Islamic banks to operate give an important role to social issues and developing economy as the hole.The year 1978 had witnessed the establishment of first Islamic bank in the Sudan that was Fisal Islamic bank, marked the first st...

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Islamic Banking Systems in the UK

The study aims to identify opportunities for development and growth of Islamic banking in the United Kingdom and who are the biggest problems currently facing from the Islamic banking in the world in general and the United Kingdom in particular.Islamic finance has a number of challenges in the UK because the financial system is attractive to the traditional banking system, but the Islamic banking has great potential in the United Kingdom because it has less to five years in an Islamic bank carried out a significant role in the British financial markets .The United Kingdom is a non-Islamic country, the financial and banking rules most of the traditional banking system, because it is an Islamic bank is facing difficulties in the way of his...

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Gold standard Essay

The role of the gold standard in this transformation remains subject to debate.The caliphates of the Islamic world adopted these currencies until the reform of the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik (685–705), which marked the “official” birth of the dinar.Within the framework of a monetary system based on a product or a commodity, the role of paper money is to limit the danger of transporting gold directly, to limit the possibilities of trimming the coins.Another point of disagreement is the role of tariffs in the collapse of the gold standard: the American government (Democrat) accuses its predecessors (Republicans) of having made the crisis worse by adopting protectionist customs barriers.Certain observers have admittedly attributed some ban...

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Islamic Banking in Malaysia | Research Introduction

Islamic Banking is a banking system that based on Islamic Law (Shariah).Malaysia is the first country that implements dual banking that Islamic banking system and conventional banking system operate side by side.Generally, we can define the Islamic bank as a non-interest based financial institution, which complies fully with Islamic Laws and has creative and progressive financial engineering to offer efficient and competitive banking, investment, trade finance, commercial and real estate financing services (AbdulQawi, O. and O. Lynn, 2001.)Islamic Banking refers to a system of banking, which is following the Islamic Law or Sharia principles and guided by Islamic economics.Islamic Banking is one of the fast growing banking industries toda...

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Islamic Finance Industry Essay

However, in recent years Malaysian Islamic banks have to operate in an increasingly competitive environment.The Islamic banking system received a further boost when a scheme where conventional banks can open windows for Islamic banking products that called Interest-free banking system.The issues that arise are whether the Islamic banks are able to survive in the Malaysian economy, and the performance and stability of Islamic banks in Malaysia during financial crisis question remains.Before the advent of Islamic banks, financial market had been monopoly by conventional banks.Alongside the conventional banking system, the Islamic banking system has steadily evolved to become a major player on the Malaysian financial landscape.

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Islamic and Conventional Banking: UK Economic Crash

In analyzing the effect of Islamic banking on UK financial crisis, there may arise various questions to understand the Islamic banking approaches and as well as the UK financial crisis.This dissertation is analyzing the effect of the Islamic banking on the UK financial crisis, through the analysis of Islamic banking by differentiating with conventional banking operations.Islamic banking is the most universally is expected not only to avoid interest based dealings prohibited in the Islamic Shariah system but also for avoiding unprincipled practices and contribute uncompromisingly in achieving the targets and different objectives of an Islamic economy... Islamic banking system while running within the scaffold of Shariah and can carry out...

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The Advantages of Islamic Finance and Banking Essays

In my essay, I will try to highlight the basic principles of the Islamic finance, the reasons of the restriction of interest, the most important tools used by Islamic banks in economic activities and brief explanation of them, and finally my view point of the probable future improvement of the Islamic financial system.Hence unlike conventional commercial banks, Islamic banks do not pay or charge interest on lending or borrowing of money.In this banking system, banks are operated by Islamic laws (known as Sharia), so Islamic economic principles are considered as primary guidance.Karim / The International Journal of Accounting 36 (2001) 169–193 (p.178) Islamic Economic Studies Vol.Two basic doctrines behind Islamic banking are the sharing ...

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Understanding the Objectives of Islamic Banking

Al-Omar and Abdel-Haq (1996) indicate the duty of Islamic banks towards the society in which they operate by providing a clear expression outlined in the public statement of the International Association of Islamic Banks (IAIB): “The Islamic Banking system involves a social implication which is necessarily connected with the Islamic order itself, and represents a special characteristic that distinguishes Islamic banks from other banks based on other philosophies.Our analysis is based on a country-wide survey conducted among diverse stakeholder groups (customers, depositors, Islamic banks’ managers, employees, Shariah advisors, regulatory officers and local communities) of two pioneer full-fledged Islamic banks in Malaysia, namely Bank Is...

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Islamic Finance and Mortages in the UK

According to Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance website (2010) Gharar is one of the three fundamental prohibitions in Islamic finance, the other two are riba and maysir.Today, practically most of the financial institutions in the western countries are attracting the customers through Islamic finance whether by Islamic Sharia complaint, “Islamic windows” or some other Islamic financial product, like the Islamic mortgage marketing.Islamic banking services run by Islamic bank and some conventional banks... – Literature review: This chapter will consist of the academic review of the literature on Islamic finance, types of contracts involved in Islamic mortgage and overall review of Islamic mortgage market in the UK.According to Inst...

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Islamophobia in the Daily Mail

The bulk of previous research method approaches to the media’s role in the reproduction of racism are mainly content analytical; quantitative and qualitative modes picking out the use of stereotypical words, phrases or image(s) used when representing ethnic minorities (see, for example, Van Dijk 1991, 1997).Said says the application of a Western ideological framework or an ‘ethnocentric way of seeing’ (Dahlgren and Chakrapani 1982: 45) has meant we see a ‘domesticated Islamic world or those aspects considered to be newsworthy’ (Said 1981: 27).It is the negative portrayal of extremist Islamic images within frameworks such as the Mail that progresses, as Halliday (1996)(remember reference for this!, see notebook [2]) suggests, this ‘myth o...

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International Business From Islamic Perspective

4.0 Example of Islamic banking in Islamic countries .The literature of Islamic banking that switch over from interest based on PLS based banking would import greater stability to the banking system .there is no assurance on the assets side that all the loan and advances will be covered, shocks on the asset that all the loan and advances will be covered.The replacement of interest in the Islamic banking system is PLS, that eliminate the interest couple with other institutional feature of the Islamic economy , will tend to enhance stability , the interest in the financial bank depends on debt, which is the main reasons for instability in capital economy .The earliest experiment in Islamic banking took place in the most cases on individual ...

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Backword N Forword Integration

Emirates NBD, which acquired Dubai Bank in last October, is looking for approval from authorities concerned in the UAE for the landmark merger because here is no point to run two parallel Islamic banks by one institution in the country.* The new firm can pay lower prices to suppliers.With Emile-Louis Roussy as chairman, the company now included seven factories in Switzerland, six in Great Britain, three in Norway, and one each in the United States, Germany, and Spain.* corporate and investment banking clients, including transaction and deposit accounts, personal finance, trade finance, corporate finance and capital market.Emirates Islamic Bank, or EIB, and Dubai Bank are expected to merge this month that will create one of the leading Sh...

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Why were the British unable to secure a united India at independence in 1947

This was because from 1940 the Muslim League’s main stated objective had been the creation of a separate Islamic nation for India’s Muslims.Islamic ideology was chosen and manipulated by political elites in order to legitimise their bid for power which arose from other, predominantly economic and social compulsions.But of primary importance to why Britain was unable to secure a united India has to do with the role of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and of the Muslim League which was able to demonstrate, by the electoral success they enjoyed in 1946 Provincial elections when they secured 75% of the Muslim vote across the whole of India, that they had a mandate from India’s Muslims to press for an independent Muslim homeland in India, Pakistan.In Beng...

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The Aims and Objectives of an Islamic Bank

The first international conference on Islamic Economics was organized by Kings Abdul Aziz University in Makkah marked an important milestone in the history of Islamic banking (Iqbal, 2005).In addition to the changes in foreign ownership limits, the central bank is also offering tax breaks for Islamic products and has relaxed rules for Islamic banks to trade in foreign currencies (Aziz, 2006)... Islamic banking system has very similar features to conventional banking except that Islamic banks operate in compliant to Shariah laws and principles.With the fairytale of BIMB, central bank decided to allow commercial banks and merchant banks to offer Islamic banking products under the Islamic Banking Scheme.Today, the Malaysian Islamic banking...

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Structure of the Balance Sheet of Islamic Banks

Malaysia has also been developing an Islamic inter bank market.In the Islamic banking context, interest rates per se are not a factor... Risk management and liquidity are of crucial importance in the overall banking environment, and they have clear relevance also to the specific environment of Islamic banking.Critical issues for Islamic banks are the reputational risks and legal risks of non-compliance from Shariah board requirements and/or from engaging in any activities that were not perceived as properly Islamic by the marketplace.In the Islamic banking context, operational risks can impact just as much as in conventional banking, with the additional element of possible operational defects causing failure to comply with the Shariah (...

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Islamic and Conventional Banking: Customer Satisfaction

Two new dedicated Islamic Banks start operations in Pakistan, namely Emirates Islamic Bank and Dawood Islamic Bank.Meezan Bank has clearly established itself as the largest Islamic Bank in Pakistan with the largest Islamic Banking branch network in the country.The Bank has established a strong and credible management team comprised of experienced professionals, that have achieved a strong balance sheet with excellent operating profitability and strong ratios, which places the Bank at the top of the Islamic Banking industry.The consequence of this is that Islamic banks operating in Islamic countries are faced with strong competition not only from Islamic banks but also from non-Islamic rivals .. Habib Banks Ltd. was the first commercial ...

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Islamic Banking Deposits and Profitability Relationship

This was in line with normal banking practices whereby Islamic bank could use the funds deposited in this account for productive purposes and thus, generating additional revenue for the bank.Hence, people should support the Islamic banking industry worldwide since deposits are positively related to the profitability of Islamic banks.Since, Islamic banking provides three different interest-free deposit facilities to its depositors and investors to facilitate them according to their financial needs, people should invest in these deposit accounts in order to patronize the Islamic banking industry and to receive good returns in the form of ‘hiba’ from these Islamic banks.These bulletins publish the consolidated financial statement variables ...

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The process in Financial intermediation in the banking sector

However, an Islamic banking system requires three important elements to qualify as a viable system, such as a large number of players, various types of instruments and money market in Islamic world.The Islamic Banking Act (IBA) was established to provide BNM with the authorizations of supervising and regulating the Islamic banks... Islamic banking and finance are emerging as viable alternatives to conventional interest-based banking and financing.The difference between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking which is conventional banking eliminates the risk while Islamic banks take the risk when involve in any transaction.According to the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, there are currently 275 institutions...

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Islamophobia in the Media

Moreover, the media causes moral panics of crime and fear of crime, this including the media’s role in the social construction of crime and media amplification of crime.Whereas, it can be argued that Muslims in Britain and across the western sphere, have voiced their worries about the way Islam is portrayed in the media.When the media distorts the image of Islam and Muslims, the general public tend to believe it because the media is a major source of information that the public gets about Islam and Muslims.There is no doubt that negative media influence by the West after 9/11attacks were portrayed worldwide muslims and Islam in an even darker picture but 9/11 aside, the negative portrayal of muslims were already set in stone with some we...

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Can Sharia Banking Tackle Todays Global Financial Crisis Finance Essay

To demonstrate some of the most important characteristics of Islamic banking and finance which makes it different and unique from its traditional counterparts encompass: first, Islamic banking aims at a just and fair society as dreamed of Islamic economics (Mirakhor, 2000; Warde, 2000).The approach of Islamic financial motion, henceforth, deals and underscores profit-loss sharing modes of finances, commodity-linked financing such as murabaha and mitigating the role of debt in order to reduce the associated risks in today’s world (Lewis & Algaoud, 2001, 77-109).In order to make sure Islamic banks remain competitive in the face of their conventional counterparts, they need to elevate their functional capabilities in order to fulfill pr...

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