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USA and Puerto Rico Essay

The government is thus represented by three branches: legislative (Congress is made up Senate and House of Representatives), executive (the President and the Cabinet), judiciary (the Supreme Court).The difference: executive branch in USA is president, whereas in Puerto Rico is governor.USA government is representative democracy and operates through the congressional system specified by Constitution.It is a matter of fact that USA is one of the most powerful countries situated in North America, whereas Puerto Rico is only the territory of the USA, although with a status of Commonwealth.USA largest economic sector is services employing three quarters of labor force.

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Do We Have True Separation of Powers in Trinidad and Tobago? Essay

This has caused major concern in the real independence of the Judiciary as it pertains to the separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary and some may see this as being politically motivated.If the doctrine of the separation of powers does not function effectively, the Prime Minister would have total legislative power and power too over the judiciary, and all of this in addition to being in total control of the establishment and functioning of the Cabinet including, for instance, deciding which minister should be fired, who should be protected, and what policies and programmes are to be implemented without a continuing check on the power.” This article clearly illustrates the importance of the separation of powers, and t...

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Role of Political Action Committees in the creation of laws Legislative Branch Essay

However, they play a very vital role in checking and making sure that laws are passed after intensive scrutiny from all parties affected.A good instance is in the 1950’s was the court victory of the NAACP the fight against segregation of blacks in the USA.One of the main features of the political system of the USA is federalism.This is coupled with the robust and independent judiciary in the country.As a result of the independent and rightly effective judiciary, these groups have been able to lobby for their ideas and hence the effectiveness achieved so far (Lindblom, 1977).

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The Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers

When they fall short of these standards, the fact that there is a demonstrable independence of Judiciary and Executive (as has been seen the independence of the Legislature from the Executive is more questionable) means that the actions of government can be challenged and, if necessary, overturned.Alder, , (4 Ed., 2002) at p.114 .In order for such a system to be maintained, especially in the absence of a written constitution to which recourse may be had in the event of alleged injustice (as in the USA), it is essential that there be a clear separation of powers between the three branches of government: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.The Judiciary is more demonstrably independent and some would argue that this is now the more so a...

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Role Of Electronic Media In Democratization

GEO, AJJ and ARY one played their significant role in promoting the democratic values... What role media and civil society played in democratization of Pakistan?It is hypothesized that electronic media and civil society played major and significant role in democratization of Pakistan.In these crucial circumstances media was playing its significant role against the ban on freedom of speech.Media became global after 2002, so media had a very important role which drew the true picture of the President Musharaf’s government.

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Us and china political system

The CPC runs the country while the other non communist parties play the role of participatory.By July 2000 the population of USA was estimated to be 275, 562, 673 people.The Chinese political system is dominated by multiparty cooperation as well as political constitution under the direction of the Communist party of China (CPC), but the USA is governed by the western style of multiparty system.He has no control over the decisions and procedures of the congress, the Supreme Court or the fifty states (Encyclopedia of Nations: USA 1).The executive has the role of implementing the laws and the constitution and ensuring the enforcement of both.

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The US Presidency is utterly a-typical and cannot be used as a model of executive authority

I believe that although countries may start with the same or a similar model in mind for their executive, no two executives are the same, especially one as unique as the USA; there is no typical to start from.The bureaucracy and corruption that exists in both the role of the Brazilian Presidency and its Congress stops it successfully copying its model the USA.But again this is hugely due to the media, financial, economy status of the American nation.We could examine Blair and Bush’s international profile and attendance at global crisis’ to see Blair is playing a more visible international leader’s role although some critics call him and us merely a US satellite.A pure presidential government is rare and is largely limited to the USA and ...

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Is USA a True Democracy? Essay

Meanwhile, the principle of checks and balances is understood as the separation of the three branches of the government namely; the executive, legislative, and judiciary.But the USA Patriot Act has limited such requirement by considering only a significant reason in obtaining a warrant.It is also undeniable that since the early days, America has played an important role in spreading democracy and in fighting for human rights.The surveillance capability of the authorities under the USA Patriot Act also extends to information gathering.Throughout history, America has always played an important role in spreading democracy around the world.

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The Final Day by Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein

President of USA had to bow out of office, forsaken by his friends, political affiliates and lambasted by the opponents.The authors, in the wildest imagination, did not dream that the level of combustion would go the extent of engulfing the entire political system of USA.Watergate became the biggest political story of the century in USA.Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have succeeded in depicting in the book, how the American democratic system led by the Judiciary and the Congress did work.The reporters and editors were out to handle one of the most intriguing political stories related to the highest office in USA.

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Book Review: Presidential Power War Analytical Essay

Essentially, this raises a contradiction in the role of both the congress and the president in matters concerning declaration of war especially on other countries.Thus, Fisher notes that the judiciary though independent, it has a role in giving a clear stand about the president’s power when it comes to wars.Notably, the constitution is already at hand therefore, it is the role of the legislature to fight for its rightful position.In addition, Fisher also features the role of judiciary in relation to the executive powers, which have led to international wars.By outlining various wars different presidents of the United States of America have declared, Fisher notes that unless the legislature takes up its role as the checks and balances of ...

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Democracy In Action Essay example

“Skeptical Theism, Moral Skepticism, and Divine Deception.” Oxford University (2010) 15: Forum Philosophicum.Olehla, Richard.Weiseltier, Leon.“High court grills Pledge plaintiff.” USA Today (2004)

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The Considerable Difference in the Relationship of West European Constitutional Courts and National Political Institutions

Review in Western Europe is different from the judicial review process in say the USA; it implies either abstract review or concrete review.In Italy, the constitutional court has had to mature its role during the decades.The issue of the constitution, judiciary and constitutional courts have been discussed in much detail over the past few decades; in fact they have taken particularly contentious areas of debate after the Second World War.Their powers have been limited in some cases and in other cases law-making policies have been given much more thought and consideration.The FCC which follows the Kelsen model (a feature I will elaborate on later) is thought to be separate from the judiciary and ‘above party politics.

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2001 USA Patriot Act is Unconstitutional and Ineffective Essays

States and the private sector should get more involved in security at the airports, banking procedures and surveillance so that the federal government does not have complete control and overstep their boundaries.While this act made legislative changes that increased surveillance and the investigative powers of law enforcement agencies to protect America from further terrorist acts, the passing of the USA Patriot Act has reduced the privacy rights of Americans and also does not provide for a system of checks and balances that safeguard civil liberties.Introduction In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks US Congress passed legislation known as the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Require...

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Should the UKs constitution remain uncodified?

In conclusion I believe that the UK should retain its current uncodified constitution namely because there is no real necessity to do so as of yet.Because of this many people tend to regard Britain as being politically backward because we do not have a codified constitution and therefore have not yet entered the modern world.However in a codified constitution judges would be the people policing the constitution, meaning that pressure from the people wouldn’t mean anything because the judiciary are not accountable to the people.For example in the USA the bill of rights is a part of their constitution and every citizen can gain access to these rights.Members of the judiciary are also unelected which therefore means that they have no bindin...

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Judiciary in a democracy

Judges expounding the law and constitution have a very important role in a democracy.As it was discussed in class the role of the judiciary is as follows: .Kathleen Sullivan, the past Dean of the Stanford Law School, agrees to the statement of judiciary being the protector of constitution: ‘ It seems obvious that the court system – especiallyjudicial review of the acts of the legislative and executive branches of government – is, in one way,a bulwark of our constitutional democracy.In real life judiciary can be very contradictory.In the conclusion I would like to say that judiciary certainly works in a democracy.

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Federal Government of the United States Essay

In the recent time, the main role of the national government dramatically expanded, and it always to expand in the twenty-first century.The Teaching Company.Under the valuable concept of federalism system the state and federal governments work hand in hand for the USA (Maier, Pauline, 2010).Ratification : the Constitutional debate by the people 1787–1788.New York: Simon & Schuster.

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Role of the Judiciary in Democracy

To achieve the characteristics of a judiciary, developed democracies have relied on “the culture of the judiciary”.When policy formation is thought of as being part of the judicial function it is important that it is comprehensible as to what is being said to be going on, and how the judicial method is related to it, the judicial role and the judicial capacity.The judiciaries role in formulating or applying policy is a subject that has associations extending well beyond judicial review of administrative decisions.The role of the courts as resolver of disputes, interpreter of the law and defender of the Constitution, requires that they be completely separate in authority and function from all other participants in the justice system.Commu...

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U.S. Constitution Laws and Judicial Power example

The last selection gives the definition of High Treason and the punishment for it.So I deem, that the law-court needs to study this question depending on certain situations.And if the defendant committed a treasonable act, there must be at least two witnesses, who should testify in the court.To sum up I would like to point out that Article Three of the Constitution of America explains the Federal judiciary and how it functions.The most surprising thing is that the Constitution defines a treason as one of two acts: the conduct of the War against the United States or the aid to U.S. enemies.

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History Essays – American Congress

The adoption of the latter document in the year 1781 sounded ofgreat significance to the USA.The USA congress is bicameral.Duties of the USA congress .. Rules of thecongress .. Law making in the congress.Itis assumed to be the supreme organ of the USA Government.In fact, he establishment of this Houseis what helped the USA to stand at the verge of its collapse during theConstitutional process.

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Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism

Judicial Activism in India: Meaning and Implications- a paper by Lipika Sharma .Constitutional Law is that branch of law that governs and guides constitutional interpretation and implementation as well as sets down the relationship between different entities of a state namely the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.The judiciary has tried to keep the constitution alive by such rulings.But I will be quick to state that any constitution of a given state in itself cannot die but may remain abstract if life is not breathed into through proper interpretation and implementation through upholding of the letter and spirit of the constitution.Take for instance, the Bill of Rights as entrenched in the USA constitution.

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Reducing Racial Discrimination in the USA Essay

This was important to the movement, and was more useful in reducing discrimination overall due to legislation passed which was showing that action was being taken against racial discrimination, unlike the role of previous activists such as Du Bois, Garvey, X and Washington who failed to have much impact on legislation.Although the likes of King didn’t have the power to do this, civil rights activists made government aware of the racial situation in the USA.Therefore X’s views of violence were greatly frowned upon, which always put him in the shadow of King who was always more significant in reducing racial discrimination in the USA.King helped to convey the on-going discrimination problem in the USA towards the government, which enabled ...

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Independence of the judiciary in Australia Essay

The independence of the judiciary is necessary to ‘the rule of law’, to ensure that the Government itself acts in accordance with the law.There are a number of ways in which the independence of the judiciary is maintained within Australia.The independence of the judiciary also incorporates that the judiciary is totally isolated from the other branches of the government these branches being the executive and legislative arms which make up the separation of powers as outlined in the Australian Constitution.Other- John Kilcillen, ‘The Australian constitution: First Reading’ Macquarie University 2004- Kirby, Michael Justice, International Bar Association Human Rights Institute, Independence of the Judiciary 12-14th June 1998- A Lamer, ‘The R...

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The United States Supreme Court: Marbury v Madison Argumentative Essay

Justice Robert H. Jackson underscores the dilemma that the judicial review process creates by granting the judiciary power to nullify laws passed by the representative body of the government thus limiting the power of the majority to govern the country.he court found that the provision of the Judiciary Act, under which Marbury had petitioned, was unconstitutional as it extended the court’s original jurisdiction established under Article III of the constitution.The power of judicial review exists in the American constitution as one of the roles of the judiciary, thus eliminating the need for elements such as international acceptance and statutory inclusion.Lawrence Baum in his book, The supreme Court, explains that the one of the main iss...

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Corruption Essay

Start with those politicians, who run the state, come down to higher officials… then to the lowest rung of bureaucratic hierarchy.Who elect the” corrupt people as their representatives’ and expect special favors from them.Results of corruption: Individual sufferings, people lose faith in the existing system, prevalence of chaos and ‘anarchy, society disintegrates, country becomes weak, foreign invasion may occur…’ Causes of corruption: .People no longer protest against corrupt practices, fight injustice or express any shock when big scandals are exposed.Forms of corruption in India: Explain bribery, nepotism, theft and wastage of public property, dereliction of duty… etc.

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Transforming the Curriculum: Teaching about Women of Color Essay

The greater majority of women of color face sexism, lack of employment opportunities, wage discrimination, exploitation, social taboos and stereotyping.Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice prove that women possess the same abilities as men have and can be equal to them.This problem can be overcome only by a transformation of the social division of labor by males, which means altering one of the foundations of the economic organization of society, namely domination by males.In contrast to few examples of success, there are millions of women faced with discrimination and oppression at work and within the family.At the same time they are also vastly under-represented in councils, in higher education, in the media, in the judiciary and in othe...

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Lord Nicholls and Hobhouse was in the opinion that in this case, Mrs Belinger had raised a profoundly systemic question which concern the social policy and hence it was the parliament an elected democratic body to decide whether to change the law and not within the business of the judiciary and therefore a declaration of incompatibility was made and after few months, the parliament had enacted the Gender Recognition Act 2004 in regards with this issue.As per lord Hope, the right things to do in this case is to make a Declaration of incompatibility, hence this case had indeed illustrate that there is an excessive empowerment of the judiciary .Hence, this does not amount to excessive empowerment of the judiciary and instead a ‘pragmatic em...

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The Main Critiques Of Liberal Democratic Model

Pluralist theory works well in the liberal democratic countries as they demonstrate well about secularism.Pluralist theory works well in religious country like United States which is a multi-cultural society consisting of many religious groups such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus.This means political parties are very important because of the role they play in society.However all the power does not rest with the executive, power also lies within the two remaining branches of government, the legislative, and the judiciary.Pluralism prefers a federal system of government in which power is divided among executive, legislature and judiciary.

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The Separation of Powers in the Hong Kong Legal System

However, Judiciary power is exposed to executive challenge.Judiciary Independence”Unless the Judiciary is truly independent, it cannot fulfill its role of ensuring that the Government is acting in accordance to law.In the right-of-abode case, some mainland scholars went as far as to question CFA’s power to judiciary review and reasoned that SAR is not a sovereign entity.While the legislature is given the power to endorse the appointment and removal of the judges of the CFA and the Chief Judge of the High Court (BL 73), and the Chief Executive is responsible for the appointment and removal of Judges at all levels (BL 48), the judiciary is to remain independent and judges receive no instructions from either executive or the legislation bra...

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Human Rights Act/ Bill of Rights

Change may be good but is it necessary?The impact of the HRA 1998 did not only enhance the role of the judiciary in terms of interpreting the intention of Parliament (section 3) but also gave the judiciary the power to declare legislation incompatible (section 4).The HRA 1998 works well allowing checks and balances for the judiciary and government.HRA 1998 has indeed enhanced the powers of the judiciary, but it also left the Parliament Supreme.Not only has there been friction between Government and the Judiciary about decisions on cases based on infringement of human rights, there are internal difference in the way judges think as well.

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Supreme court of the uk

The debate was quite contentious, it was shocking news mainly for the parliament and for the public because it was new judiciary establishment for everyone and the issue arose that the House of Lords existed for the last hundreds of decays and for them creating a new supreme court was dishonouring and demolishing the history.‘‘The focal area of creating new court was that they wants the judiciary to act as independent body because before that the judges of the higher court worked both as a legislature as well as judges in the house of lords”, the main reason for creating a new court was that how fair it is for the judges to work as a judges in house of lords and as a officials in the parliament because the “state invest the judiciary in ...

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