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The Role of Language Essay

Vygotsky also “viewed intelligence as the capacity to benefit from instruction, with language having a powerful developmental role” (Spencer, 1988, p. 170).Another role is that we can get high education by language.One of the famous man in history said “By learning anyone`s language you actually conquered half of his land” In conclusion, language serves big important role for us.Second, through using language, no one can understand with nature if without language.By using our language we’ll be a people with our personality and guide us to interact with others.

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Childcare Essay

Play is vital to a child and young person’s development because it enables them to enjoy learning and promotes their development and also helps with their speech, language and communication skills, their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.When children and adults share these toys they work together and share language and knowledge this supports the child to learn the names of objects and the sounds they make and what they are used for developing intellectual knowledge and also their language skills.When children use multi-cultural resources and new objects in their paly they learn about the names of different foods and other items in the role play area.When we provide positive interactions, facilities and visit, att...

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Asian EFL learners’ perceptions of motivational teaching strategies in the English speaking class Essay (Critical Writing)

2000, Language learning strategy use of bilingual foreign language learners in Singapore.The oral interaction skills are important for both beginning-level and experienced language learners because they contribute to the basis of language literacy development and foster further improvement of language skills.Wharton (2000) examined about 80 strategies used by instructors and concluded that these approaches to language learning contributed to the extrinsic motivation of students and played a significant role in the language acquisition processes.According to the findings of scholarly research the integrative motivations of students play an important role in developing their language skills and overcoming their anxiety of speaking out alou...

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Parental Feedback into Children’s Acquisition Essay

The Roles of Parental Feedback as Gleaned from Three Language Acquisition Theories To be sure, one can find an array of truly insightful theories that seek to shed light into the process of language acquisition specifically pertinent to children.In view of what Sigelman and Rides have to say, it is therefore not without good reasons to surmise that parents play a lesser role in the child’s language development.Santrock contends that language acquisition is a particular stage which brings into play the process of acquiring not only the contours of language, but also the rules that are inherent to language acquisition itself.The Process of Language Acquisition Essa notes that language does not begin when babies speak their first words arou...

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Drama activities: teaching english in the esl classroom

In the Communicative Approach, language teaching and learning emphasized the use of language for the communication of meaning than learning the language structures, forms and vocabulary (Wilkins, 1976 and Widdowson, 1978).In the English language classroom, unlike in theatres mime activities are not demanding and this makes mime activities suitable for poor and shy students who lack the necessary level of language proficiency.English language moreover, is often described as “a strong second language” but is, in reality only treated as a foreign language in all primary and secondary schools (Compendium, 1989).In line with the National Education Philosophy, classroom strategies devised by the English teacher should cater not only for effici...

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Language attitudes comprise Essay

There are various factors that may affect the acquisition of the degree of bilingualism in home, school and work settings, including the age at which the language is acquired, to whom the language is utilized, the manner in which the language is used, and the frequency of usage of the language (Ng & Wigglesworth, 2007).In the ‘non-native parents’ type of acquisition, the parents use the same native language, the dominant language is similar with that of the parents, and one of the parents always speak to the child in a language which is not his or her mother tongue (Romaine, 1995).In the ‘non-dominant home language without community support’ type, the parents use the same mother tongue, the dominant language is not utilized by the pa...

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Global Development of the English Language

Similarly, in 1952 (the time of Elizabeth 2) most people were using English Language to communicate with each other and hence, this growth of English Language tremendously increases because of expansion of colonial of England towards territories in the global world.Similarly, a lot of development also done in the English language to prosper this in the world and hence in result Kachru presented a model for giving better understanding.The colonization helps to process and develop the English language and become the turning point present in the history.The English language now plays a significant role within the world to communicate with one another on an international basis.This part of the circle consists of the language English within t...

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Cognitive Development and Language Development

Then, moving on to the second area of human development; language development, I will do the same thing again.Within this essay I am going to be looking at whether I think, ‘nature or nurture has the greatest impact on human development’, referring to cognitive development and language development.His work contributed to the thought that children’s language development is more complex than what is declared by behaviourists, who believe that children can learn language by being rewarded for imitating.Therefore, the environment plays a crucial role in cognitive development as it gives you knowledge of whether something is right or wrong, and then this experience is moved into the innate as a memory.To conclude overall, I believe that both ...

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Oral Communication in English

Culture plays an important role as well in this matter.Thus certain person should play a certain role in order to spark the necessary start for an effective discussion.In face to face communication the body language and voice tonality plays a significant role and may have a greater impact on the listener than the intended content of the spoken words.It is believed that language can be considered as a postal service.The fore, Malaysian need to be improve of the proficient oral language.

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An essay examining the factors which affect second language learning

Lightbown P.M. and Spada N. (2000) suggested that ‘in second language learning, it has been observed countless times, in the same classroom setting that some students progress rapidly through the initial stages of learning a new language while others struggle along making very slow progress’ (p 28).Gardner (1985) suggested that if the language learners don’t like the other language community, they can never really learn their language.The relationship between aptitude and second language learning success is a very important one and various studies, such as Gardner (1985) and Skehan (1989) have reported that aptitude is a major factor determining the level of success of second language learning.The IQ of the learner plays a positive role ...

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Language Essay

In order to properly analyze the role of processing language, a person has to first understand cognitive psychology, to study mental processes.Also, it is crucial for a person to analyze the role that cognitive psychology plays within the process of language.It works in a rotating structure, language helps to influence thoughts, and language also helps to regulates thoughts.If a person were to completely understand each one of these key features, they will be able to understand and comprehend how necessary they are to be used within language.By using these mental processes a person can begin to understand and comprehend language, and with that, the process of the language is used.

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Short History Of Language Learning Strategy English Language Essay

All language learners use language learning strategies either consciously or unconsciously when processing new information and performing tasks in the language course or classroom.expand the role of language teachers .However, there is always the possibility that bad language learners can also use the same good language learning strategies while becoming unsuccessful due to some other reasons, At this point, it should be strongly stressed that having the same good language learning strategies will not guarantee that a bad learner will also become successful in language learning since other factors may also play role in success.Language learning strategy is structured system used by language learners contributing directly or indirectly to...

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The biggest challenge facing bilingual In secondary students

Besides the massive language diversity in Europe makes it important that each society benefit from language skills for better communications with others in the same European Union .For instance, ”foreign language skills have been important in Dutch society for a long time.Grosjean (2010) defined bilingualism by emphasis on the Regular use of languages rather than fluency in every day ” Bilinguals are those who use two or more languages (or dialects) in their every day lives” (Baker,2011).While there has been many arguments that a bilingual person should speak the two languages in the same fluency or in a balanced level , and this can be explained in the ‘Balance Theory’ this theory argue that in the brain there are rooms for language in ...

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Impact of Learner-Centered Approach on the Teaching of Language for Specific Purposes (ESP) Analytical Essay

In general, such issues as balance of power, content decision-making, responsibility for learning, purposes and processes, and role of teachers.Curriculum Development in Language Teaching.Kucuroglu-Tirkes, C. (2011) The Role of a Learner-Centered Approach in Language Teaching on the Development of Learner Autonomy: A Model Course Design.Being part of a real context, authentic materials create the link between learners’ general language background and their specialized language needs.ESP strategies to language teaching are strongly related to the goals by which a learner studies a language, rather than a curriculum revealing the structure of planning the English language course.

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Bilingualism and Multilingualism Essay

The next stage after acquiring the second language can be multilingualism when a person studies languages sequentially.Thus, their knowledge about the native language can influence their acquiring the second language.The Modern Language Journal, 95(iii), 356-369.Sequential bilingualism is based on the fact bilinguals develop some proficiency in their native language and then learn the second language.It is possible to discuss the usage of language for communication from psychological, linguistic, and sociolinguistic perspectives because language plays an enormous role in the formation of human identity.

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Early Language and Development Essay

Emotions are greatly expressed through words, and thus this will lead to how we can influence the child’s language and development.42 Issue 6, p1895-1907, 13p; Harris, M (1992) Language Experience and Early Language Development: from input to Uptake Hove, UK: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Paavola, et al.There is a lot of evidence for the supporting role of maternal responsiveness in child language development However; the efficacy of maternal responsiveness may not be global., 2001) Overall, early language and development starts with parents or the babies caregiver, it is an essential factor for parents to be educated properly on what are their roles in developing their babies language.Babies’ language development can impede or progress, d...

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The Role of Grammar in Language Teaching & Learning Essay

Communicative language teaching has brought a renewed emphasis on the role that semantics plays in the definition of language.The role of grammar in communicative language teaching: A historical perspective .Adnan (n.d.), however, disagrees with this contention of Musumeci and asserts that there are many aspects of SLA such as the strategy of learning, the role of communicative language teaching, the role of formal grammar teaching etc.The English language, a language belonging to the Germanic languages branch of the Indo-European language family, is widely spoken in six continents.“The role of the learner as negotiator – between the self, the learning process, and the object of learning – emerges from and interacts with the role of j...

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Is language really innate or learnt

For those who say that language is acquired by exposure to environmental interactions in early life, there must be exposure to language as a child or you wont acquire it very well no matter how predisposed your cognitive system may be to learn it.In this instance it is said that if you take children away from their place of birth they will not know the language of their birth country, they will adopt the language of the country they grow up in.They believe that even if the child undergoes some traumatic experiences that might influence language development he is able to recover completely and learn language.The fact that language as we know is unique to human being suggests that there is some amount of innate capacity to acquire language...

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Role of a Teacher in English Language Learning

This principle relates to the learning of the language subconsciously, in other words, students exposed to language input that later have the opportunity to experience output, will learn the language “without” thinking about it, as in an automatic way.Learning a second language, in our case English, requires of a process followed by steps that influence drastically the development of the students academically.While many discussions about learning a second language focus on teaching methodologies, little emphasis is given to the internal factors that influence the process such as the role of the teacher, students social factors, and the appropriate use of the curricula of the system.English is that language; it has become a worldwide lang...

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A Study On The Role Play Development Teaching Essay

In role play, children learn to use language as a form of symbolic representation, and also “communicate symbolically through dramatic play” (O’Hagan and Smith 2004, 25).Therefore, a child behaving ‘badly’ in the role play will be ‘punished’ by the child in the ‘parent’ role.The development of language and communication skills are recognized as “closely linked to children’s thinking and conceptual development” (O’Hagan and Smith 2004, 18).Role players “share symbolic meanings with each other and assign imaginary roles in their pretend play,” both providing opportunities for social development (Keenan 2002, 203).In addition to cognitive development, role play offers important development opportunities in the areas of language and communic...

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Students self efficacy towards english language learning

The reason of the excursive use of this language is that because at least few people in each locality have knowledge of this language.English is very important in the modern era because it is a digital age and primary language of the World Wide Web is English, while progress has been made in allied teaching and in language translation software.Following the international discourse, it has become the leading language and has acquired use in many reigns as a language of LINGUA FRANCA (Wardhaugh, 2006)... Attainment of a goal or successful experience plays an important role in the development of self-efficacy but the parents who are responsive to their children’s behavior by providing them opportunities, praising their capabilities and giv...

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Learner Autonomy In Elt English Language Essay

“If, for example, learners do not see the monitoring of their learning as a part of their role, then they risk becoming dependent on others for feedback.Teachers, at this point, should help learners to obtain these skills, therefore, autonomous learning does not mean learning without teacher, “teachers…have a crucial role to play in launching learners into self-access and in lending them a regular helping hand to stay afloat” (Benson and Voller 63).The teacher is no longer the traditional purveyor of information, but rather, a counsellor, facilitator and resource.” (24) Of course, this new role of teachers requires them to have different skills as stated by Freda Mishan: “These roles can demand broader knowledge, expertise and initiati...

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What is team work?

An individual in a team is assigned his role of his choice and is avoided to perform the roles which are not in his abilities.The Belbin theory allows every role to play a secondary role in a team.The secondary role possesses the second higher skills in results.In this way a role can perform more than one function to become a secondary role player in a team.Language differences also impacted our teamwork due to language handling conflicts.

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Behaviorism And Constructivism

The research points out to the importance of motivation in language learning; also it presses the importance of integrated curriculum with language acquisition.The teacher plays a subjective role, it rely on what he represents.Environment is playing a great role in the constructivist class, and the students should expose to things that help them learn.The students have a great role in my class, they don’t just repeat what I say, in the contrary they build their own words and throughout the conversation with their peers and me, they build new words and explore new knowledge to construct.The article of An investigation into the factors affecting the use of language learning strategies by Persian EFL learners (Mohammad Rahimi, 2008), discus...

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Role Of Language In Identity Formation Cultural Studies Essay

Lanehart relates language and identity through the concept of “language goals” where people construct their language structure so as to bear similitude with the cluster they want to identify with and want to become.This illustration demonstrate the role that language play in the process of identity formation.Without doubt, language plays a significant role in the formation of cultural identity.Ka’ili and Ka’ili (1998) gives an example about the relationship between language and identity that is embedded in a culture of faka’apa’apa to the variety of status in Tongan social hierarchy; this cultural customs is conceded in the Tongan language of respect.However, the role as a cultural identity that the language play is debatable because the...

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Developing Speaking Skills in School

Role play activity is advantage for practicing and developing sociolinguistic competence that they have to speak English with appropriateness according to situations and characters.Give a card that explains the person or role to students.The ability to speak a language is synonymous with knowing that language because speaking is the most basic ways of human communication.The important activity for developing speaking skill in terms of body language and eye contacts is presentation, especially public speaking.Also, body language or gestures and eye contacts are choices to convey meaning to the audiences.

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English KBSM Curriculum Specifications

literal and figurative language, direct and indirect speech) thus lend itself well to the repertoire of strategies used in language teaching namely cloze procedure, prediction, role play, jumbled sentences, debate and discussions thus, the approach is student-centred.Language-based approaches, just like the language model of teaching literature seek integration between the language and the culture.So, this model emphasis language as the literary medium whereby the literary texts are exploited for the teaching of vocabulary or structures or language manipulation.The Language Model integrates literature and language.Lazar (1993, as cited in Hwang and Mohamed Amin, 2007) further elaborates that language-based approaches see literary texts a...

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The Components Of Attitude Education Essay

Since language classroom is like a problem-solving environment in which language learners are likely to face new input and difficult tasks given by their instructors, learners’ attempts to find the quickest or easiest way to do what is required, that is, using language learning strategies is inescapable.Our affiliations, our interest as well as our purpose behind learning L2, all play a vital role in forming attitude towards learning a language... All language learners use language learning strategies either consciously or unconsciously when processing new information and performing tasks in the language classroom.” Faerch Claus and Casper (1983) stress that a learning strategy is “an attempt to develop linguistic and sociolinguistic co...

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English Language Teaching Methods

If language learning were organized according to its structure, language learning would be easier, especially to adult learners.Like the direct method, the audio-lingual method advised that students be taught a language directly, without using the students’ native language to explain new words or grammar in the target language.TEACHER ROLE: the teacher has an active role in this method.Moreover, teaching technique with tape recordings and language lab drills offer practice in speaking and listening, which are considered of primary importance in language learning.STUDENT ROLE: The learner is expected to become ‘independent, autonomous, and responsible’ in language.

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Role of Language in the Creation of Meaning Essay

In other words, there should be transmission of concepts and situations from one person to another and language is the means by which this purpose could be made possible.Aside from that, language is the medium through which both meaning and knowledge are created and formed (Hayes, 1989, p. .The question that should be answered goes like this: what is the role of language in the creation of meaning?Basically, the role of language in the creation of meaning is mainly as a channel by means of which experiences are being expressed through communication so that meaning in every interaction is being conveyed.Speech and language carries with it the power to convey meaning into its full potential.

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