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Ethnomathematics: a Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas Reflective Essay

This course taught me that math is a living, breathing, and all-consuming subject and it changed my relationship towards math.These readings depicted math as an exciting and vivid subject where one may apply intuition, use drawings, speak out the problems.Reading and Writing the World with Math.Boaler’s “What’s Math Got to Do with It?” and “Math Through the Ages” by Berlinghoff and Gouvea were the readings that made me react the most as they made me understand I had a fixed mindset.In conclusion, I think mathematics should be promoted in schools and the research in this field should be oriented at finding new techniques of teaching math and creating equality in the classrooms instead of portraying this subject as something no everyone wa...

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Education in South Africa: Mathematic and Scientific Performance

Math and Science teachers were tested in a simple maths test and the deficient teachers scored 40% or less, those with higher marks produced students who performed better in Maths and Science, these results showed the importance of teacher knowledge and experience to the student achievement.In light of the persistent national crisis in Maths and Science education and the role that Maths and Science plays in citizenship empowerment.Although the change in curriculum by the Department of Education (2008) was an excellent initiative in terms of rendering Maths education non-negotiable, adding Maths Literacy as a mathematical wing has caused a nationwide debate The question is what is meant by mathematics in the concept of Maths literacy and ...

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Philosophy of Teaching Statement

I feel like there is such a shortage in math teachers now that it is more important that I start teaching rather than continuing my education.As a math teacher, I will be teaching on of these basic subjects.When students know they can get a reward for behaving in the classroom, they will take a more active role in the classroom.Many students come from dysfunctional homes and need guidance from someone, which is why I feel it is so important for teachers to be positive role models for their students.This philosophy has a traditional approach that believes in teaching students the “essential” or basic subjects in school with little or no electives.

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Maths in Everyday Life Essay

Just start looking around you and you will find that how maths is help full to you in your life We do calculations and ensure if their design is safe or not, similarly mathematics helps us to plan things for future either is any production environment for products or services.Now you can think that counting has vital role in our daily life, just imagine if there were no mathematics at all, how it would be possible for us to count days, months and years.Even simple maths equations are just around us, like spherical shapes of soap bubbles, ripples on the surface of water.Mathematics is playing a very important role in our daily lives.Now if i have to go on saying for the whole day about the use of maths in real life, i would not be able to...

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Early Childhood Mathematics Teaching

Such issues include age-appropriateness of mathematical instruction used by teachers in preschools, the extent of learning of such mathematical concepts taught, the purpose of teaching math concepts in preschool and the comfort level of teachers when they introduce such math concepts to preschool children (Clement & Sarama, 2007; Ginsburg & Golbeck, 2004; Platas, 2008).The instrument used in the research has been found to be helpful for the preparation of prospective Math teachers as well as for the professional development of current Math educators.However, the question of whether certain math concepts should be deliberately taught by the teacher or just be freely learned by children through play is another issue in math learnin...

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Personal Statement for Electrical Engineering Essay

For example, if one were to create a new type of cell phone one must know a lot of math in order to be able to progr... .I decided to pursue this major because it is a career, which requires knowledge in other subjects, it is a career, which changes often, and everyday it provides a person with new problems to solve.It is something that I decided to pursue when I entered a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) high school.Math also plays a key role in this area of study, because one must be precise when creating a new device that others are going to use.In other words, subjects such as science and math are essential to know if someone wants to be successful electrical engineer.

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Improving Math and Science Scores in Middle School Essay

She should also ensure that with respect to math, she adheres to the recommendations Lyle V. Jones reiterated in his article entitled “Achievement Trends in Math and Science” in which it was stated: ?” Moreover, the principals played an important role in four areas a) selection and replacement of teachers; b) classroom monitoring and feedback; c) support for improvement of individual teachers; and d) allocating and protecting academic time (Good et al, 2005, 2207).We recommend prior to the beginning of the academic year, and the implementation of the after-school program, that teachers, specifically, the math teachers enroll in a summer institute similar to one reported in an article entitled, “Toward a Constructivist Perspective: The Im...

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Math And Science Is The Life Blood Of The Future Essay

This paper includes the drawbacks of present way of teaching math in various countries especially in America and suggest some modern and smart ways of teaching.Students at universities take as few math courses as possible.Yes, We need a new way to teach math.Everything is practical outside where I never seen in any of the math textbooks and the practical that has been done in the class.For example , Today most of the American secondary schools offer polynomial math, geometry, more variable based math, pre calculus and analytics .

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Reflection Paper On Teaching And Learning

A number of factors may influence the teaching of mathematics but teachers play an important role in the teaching and learning process.My 10th grade math teacher was extremely supportive.This paper provides a brief overview of my pedagogical content knowledge of math, describes my motivation to be a better instructor and ideas for whole school improvement.She bought so much life to the subject and she helped me find the joy in math and teaching.My earliest memories are of my middle school math teacher.

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Stereotype Threat Is A Phenomenon Psychology Essay

These strategies include reframing tasks, providing role models, providing external attributions for difficulties and deemphasizing threatened social identities.This type of stereotype threat effect can be reduced by providing ingroup role models that are proficient in a specific domain.A study by Lesko and Corpus (2006) found that women who were taking part in a math task and under stereotype threat were more likely to agree with statements such as “this test is not an accurate measurement of my math ability”.Gresky, Ten Eyck, Lord and McIntyre (2005) examined the role of multiple social identities in undergraduate university students.The role models provided do not need to be present in order to reduce stereotype threat.

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The Opportunities for Excellence

I hope to eventually teach near my hometown in a higher math position.In higher-level math courses, I believe perennialism will be a dominant philosophy, because many higher-level ideas have their origins from the classical thinkers.With this viewpoint, ideas in math are emphasized more than mechanical practice.The standard requirements of Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus courses appeal to me, but I am also interested in an exploratory course in math that examines varied ideas in math to fulfill students’ versatility in math.My ideal situation as a teacher of higher math has been mapped by my desire to raise the standards of academic understanding in the area from which I came.

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Never To Feel His Love Again

It was difficult for me to even think about math for awhile, and I couldn't go to math class without remembering him.I loved Mr. Butler; I loved his class, and from then on math was my favorite subject and my main focus in school.From day one, Mr. Butler demonstrated a love of math and an even deeper love of his students.During this year our friendship blossomed and my true love of math began.My love for math grew at West Charlotte, but I missed Mr. Butler-his smiles, his hugs, his jokes-everything.

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Essay on My Philosophy of Education

I want to be that teacher who fills that computers hard drive with tons of information so that computer is ready for college and the real world....u that you can touch and visualize usually advances the students learning in that particular subject.The students are our future in this world today.That is where I come in to play, once I get my degree I will go off to teach math and play the many roles of a teacher.I am not only going to teach though, but I am going to be a role model for the students and hopefully other faculty members.

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The Correlation Between Music and Math: A Neurobiology Perspective

In math, he is not making the grades that he needs to stay in a certain prestigious academic program (4).More often than not, musicians are inclined to practice music because of the wonders and awe that they feel for music even if they are not aware of the math that is in music.Whether or not these patterns resemble math has no relevance to many musicians.The student expresses his fraustration that even though he is an excellent musician, math is one of his weakest subjects.However, as to the question of whether or not music is the magical portion that will elevate anyone¡¯s ability to do math, the answer unfortunately .

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Academic Performance Essay

Math can become incredibly hard at the highest levels and can be nearly impossible even with the best professors and the proper preparation.Math’s harder to learn at the higher levels, if you don’t have the appropriate foundation.The theory of the left and right hemisphere of the brain will help the researchers to compare the skills of the students of TIP in Math and English.Math deals with figures, numbers, shapes, equations, and other logical operations.Math and English were also known as language.

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Classroom interventions Essay

Since this approach takes a game like approach, one of the members of the group takes the role of a coach while the others take the roles of the referee, manager and scorekeeper.Under this approach, the teacher divides the students into groups consisting of four students where each member of the group has a role.Reciprocal peer tutoring has been widely used to enhance basic math learning as well as helping students acquire problem solving skills.This approach can be applied for all subjects that require fact

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Role of Teacher Essay

Her awareness of my unique situation and having the patience and open mind to try teaching differently was what inspired my love of math.I received my highest grade that semester in her class because the desire to learn the subject came from within, but was exemplified by the teacher.The role of a teacher is to stimulate this want to learn, while providing the necessary tools and guidance for the student.It’s possible to teach a hard subject in a way that the core ideas and theories can be grasped by al l the students and individually helped as necessary.It’s instead, how well the teacher uses each of these qualities cohesively in and outside the classroom environment.

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Implicit stereotypes and women’s math performance: how implicit gender-math stereotypes influence women’s susceptibility to stereotype threat.These specialized programs allow students to pursue things that they feel genuinely interested in, as well as allowing them to avoid those subjects that don't like.Problems in the pipeline: stereotype threat and women's achievement in high-level math courses.Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 42, 428-436. .In many cases, during the high school and college years, it is a widespread phenomenon that girls tend to lean more towards the “softer” subjects, such as English, art and social studies classes, while boys tend to lean toward science and mathematics.

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My Ideal Job

To prepare myself for being an actuary, I will keep my interest in math.I got an average of 95 for academic math last year and have an average above 90 percent right now in academic math and I really love maths.I have skills of problem solving and using math or statistics to solve a complex problem.I also learnt that actuaries make good professors or researchers in the areas of math, statistics, or bio-statistics; with their expertise in statistics, they could also work as statisticians, analyzing population data for Statistics Canada or public opinion polls for an upcoming election.Also, I will take subjects that are related to this career in grade 11 and 12.

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Motivating Middle School Boys Essay

The absence of a parent can play a very important role in the success of a student, so when the student sees that there is a connection between the classroom and their family, they are motivated to succeed.The impact of competition on intrinsic motivation and creativity: Considering gender, gender segregation and gender role orientation.Connecting math to future careers can also help to motivate boys in math class.Many unmotivated boys do not realize the importance of math for success in college or the role that math plays in careers that are not overtly math-oriented.Most boys are very intelligent when it comes to numbers and math, however it may seem “too cool” to get good grades and to apply yourself.

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Role of Mathematics in Business & Economics

Math in Decision-Making .Economists also use math to determine a business’ long-term success, even when some factors are unpredictable.Additionally, math can seldom help economists predict irrational human behavior.* Contemporery Math for business & Consumers-By Brechner, Robert.(2006) * The Role of mathematics in Business Decision -By Stephen F Keating – 1973 * The Role of Mathematics and Logic-By Kenneth Ewart Boulding-1971 * THE ROLE OF MATHEMATICS IN ECONOMICS-Journal of Political Economy, 56, 3 (June 1948): 187-199.

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Investigating the Physiological Response of Anxiety Essay

Previous research has shown that individuals with high maths anxiety tend to perform poorly when presented with mathematics stimuli (Cates & Rhymer, 2003; cited Bai et al).Its underlying neural circuits are believed to play an important role in anticipating and assessing threats.The hypothesis that a maths questionnaire would produce significantly more anxiety than a general knowledge questionnaire was fully met during the course of this investigation.The results of a mixed subjects factorial ANOVA revealed that participants heart rate was significantly higher when presented with the math questionnaire over the general knowledge questionnaire.The relationship between salivary cortisol and math performance depends on individual differ...

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Essay on New Ways of Thinking in Science and Art

New York: Vintage Books, p. 17, 1989.Math seems to be transnational with its rules and regulations.However, in the case of the arts, originality seems to be a key role.However, this raises the question to what extent people’s beliefs about the value of mathematics are determined by their ability in the subject.People who aren’t really good or excel in math would have a negative feedback about the value of math compared... ... middle of paper ... ...eing questioned and debated which help scientists and innovators come up with new ways of thinking.

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Importance Of Mathematics, Science And Technology Essay

Before doing the readings I thought that being scientific and mathematic literal was to be able to solve math and science problems.An example of this would be the movement of the earth, there were a lot of different theories about this, but we cannot deny that our observation of the days and nights gave us some idea of movement.I believe that the growing role of mathematics, science and technology in modern life demands that we, for our active participation in society, personal satisfaction and our working development we should not only be able to read and write but also, have the skills and knowledge in these areas.But this doesn’t mean that our study of the physical world should only be based on math and ideas because although other sc...

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Explain the main roles and responsibilities of key staff involved in a child’s learning Jobs Essay

9.30 first lesson Maths or English .These include English, Maths, Geography, History, PE, Design and technology, Music and Art.The game can be extended for use with other subjects.The child is asked an English or maths question, if they get it right they get to throw the ball into a plant pot, each plant pot has a number 1-5, 5 being for the smallest and hardest.They are a good role model to the child and a team player.

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Career Paper ( Preschool Teacher) Essay

13 Entry level annual earnings $14,435 / hourly $6.Preschool teachers introduce children to math, language arts, science, and social studies.94 Experienced level annual earnings $27,414/ hourly $13.It also says “you’ll also need a fundamental understanding of the general subjects you’ll be introducing to preschool students, so take English, science, and math”.These subjects are taught using games, music, artwork, films, books, computers, and other tools to teach basic skills.

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American Education vs Asian Education Essay

Asians might start to loose control of the masses.In his article “New Math-Science Study Rates U.S. Students Mediorce At Best” William S. Robinson decusses survey results after students from around the world have taken a science and math test.The survey results in the universal subject of math show us that the U.S. eighth graders have fallen behind, while the twelfth grade level showed only slight improvement.We would potentially look at these education systems as extremes of each other.U.S. students adjusting to a faster harder education.While conformity creates better math students, it demises the aspect of creativity and individuality.While many Americans yell and scream about their children’s math abilities, they have overlooked the ...

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I Integrating Science and Mathematics Essay

When mathematics is connected with other subjects, students can develop the intellectual scaffolding they need that will aid them and the nation for the future.•Be sensitive to what students believe and feel about math and science, their involvement and the confidence in their ability to do science and math.When integrating math and science in the classroom it will encompasses a number of considerations, an example of this integrating would be if the teachers taught math entirety as a part of the science or to teach math as a language tool for teaching science, or teaching science entirely as a part of math.Integration of subjects gives meaningful contexts for students rather than having them learn in isolation.One goal of mathematics te...

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Literacy in Mathematics Essay

This paper will examine literacy in Math and the importance of reading and writing in the Math class to fully comprehend the functions of Math.To understand what it means to be literate in Math one must first realize that Math is a language unto itself.Amen suggested the following strategies for achieving an understanding of math vocabulary: * Require use of mathematical language within the classroom * Create a glossary of terms that is available to all students and grows with each chapter * Use of word walls as a review of terms * Daily problem solving activities * Pre and post vocabulary inventories Amen also stated in her research that the direct instruction and support of math vocabulary increased test scores and confidence in test t...

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Curriculum Reform In The UAE

In a cross-country comparison of the subjects and respective instruction time offered in grades 7-9, it is noticeable that the UAE places a greater emphasis on math and language education than the OECD countries, including the top two scoring countries on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) – Finland and Korea.13 Benavot (2006) argues that this trend is prevalent in most countries across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, whereas the OECD countries allocate relatively more time to aesthetic and physical education.14 Despite the heavy time allocation to these subjects in the UAE, students remain weak in math (see Dubai’s results in the 2007 TIMSS) and poor in English, indicating that simply having more hours in ...

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