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Examining The Mentor Relationship Between Students And Nurses Nursing Essay

The nursing role includes various responsibilities, including more than nursing patients, all having the same objectives with the aim to producing whatever might improve the development of nursing, which will eventually be of benefit to patients.Gordon (2003) suggests that role modelling, has a very strong influence on forming how students perform.We are all inspired to become a role model and finding one, who fulfils our expectations, gives us a clear vision of what we want to achieve and what we want to become.Part of mentoring is being a role model, to be of inspiration to others.Today nursing students are in hospital to learn and acquire experience under supervision and are not given tasks to practice on patients, unless a mentor is ...

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Mentoring and Enabling Learning in the Practice Setting

Part Two – The Role of the Mentor .This kind of close working relationship has many benefits, for the mentor, the student and the academic institution, and in relation to the assessment role of the mentor, provides valuable support [10] .The NMC are clear about the expectations of the nursing role in clinical practice, in relation to competence and responsibility “the nursing role involves a capacity not only to participate actively in care provision but also to accept responsibility for the effective and efficient management of that care” [3] .It seems to me that the mentor role is not valued by the employer either, and in a busy workload, the required time for mentors to spend with students to provide the right kind of feedback is ...

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Mentoring: Nursing and Concept Analysis Essay

More recently the concept of mentor entered in the nursing education.If the mentor knows their subject well with deep and current knowledge and able to prepare the students well, then the mentoring is successful and mentor can feel job satisfaction and assume that tomorrow’s health system is in the safe hands.People who have gained knowledge through mentors appreciate role of a mentor.Mentoring is a special role adopted by a suitably qualified member of staff who is prepared to offer support, teaching and assessment for student nurses in the clinical settings(Davis et al,1994).The world mentor originated from the Greek Mythology, where mentor was a nurturing, educative, protective family friend developed the young boy professionally, per...

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Analyze Role Of Mentor Developing And Delivering Teaching Nursing Essay

The RCN also states that, a mentor is a role model and as such should be aware of their own practice and how it impacts the mentorees; the imitation of bad habits is not desirable.Mentoree’s need to be able to rely on the consistency, competency and superior knowledge and professionalism of the mentor to guide their learning, assess their competence and thus effectively act as ‘gate keepers’ to the profession (Duffy, 2004) and as such is an extremely important role.Duffy goes on and state that; ‘the literature supports the view that mentors feel ill prepared for their role’ and ‘given that mentors are ill prepared for their role in failing students it is recommended that mentorship programs address the issue of accountability’ (Duffy, 20...

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Mentor Impact on Student Nurse Experience

Much has been written about the practitioner as facilitator, supervisor, assessor and role model, and the overlay of role functions (Bailey 1992, Clarke et al1986, Heron 1977, Mason 1987, Myrick and Wane 1988, Windsor 1987.Despite this, there is still a lack of consensus within the literature in terms of a clear definition of what is meant by the term ‘mentor’(Hearty 1986, Morel 1990 and Phillips et al 1996).Researchers and theorists in this field have argued that despite these policies and standards, the role of mentor remains unclear as there are a number of models and frameworks which exist and which can be applied (Andrews and Wallis 1999).It was reported that the students noted the importance of having mentor which represented a goo...

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Reflecting On Swot Analysis Two Student Nurse Interviews Nursing Essay

Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2000) state the idea of the adult learner who directs their own learning and is in a process of becoming rather than being shaped into a role.A mentor would have to develop excellent reflective skills in order to facilitate these skills in students, and perhaps become sensitive to these opportunities for reflection arising early in the programme of nursing education... To be a more effective mentor, I would consider using a formal reflective tool such as Marks-Maran and Rose (1997) while mentoring students.Some barriers to facilitating reflection on attitudes and self awareness can lie in the multi faceted role of the mentor.The mentor role is flexible and may have to cover a number of parts and elements; some ...

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Mentoring Nursing and Healthcare Students Essay examples

Mentorship plays an integral part in the next generation of practitioners and nursing professionals play a vital role in guiding a process that allows the transference of knowledge, skills and attributes from healthcare professionals to the students they are working with (English National Board and Department of Health 2001).(2010) 'Interviewing student and qualified nurses to find out what makes an effective mentor', Nursing Times, 106 (48), pp 19 – 21 Timmins, F. and Kaliszer, M. (2002) 'Aspects of nurse education programmes that frequently cause stress to nursing students – fact finding sample survey', Nurse Education Today, 22, pp 203-211It will analyse the mentors role and accountability within the assessment process, and the evalua...

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Strategies for Making the Transition From a Student Nurse to Staff Nurse

Keeping in mind the requirements of the organization (hospital, nursing care unit, elderly care, criticare or emergencies etc) a mentor takes into fold the raw inexperienced model.Valuable strategies to switch from student nurse to the role of professional nursing.The mentor should have a positive attitude, serve as a role model and resource person, and provide mental support and guidance- The potential mentor should be able to perform well under stress and be even-tempered- The mentor is successful in building caring relationships while fostering independence.However, under the mentor the student can definitely become a symbol of hope and courage.A good mentor also sets an example for hard work, as most nursing requires most of the time...

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Reflection on Task Management in Nursing

However, my mentor continued to take charge of this for the rest of the time, giving me little opportunity to experience this aspect of the role for myself.The acquisition of the complex skills associated with the staff nurse role have always been problematic (Gerrish, 2000).Whilst working on a medical ward with a senior staff nurse as a mentor, I identified certain competencies which needed achieving around management of care, and negotiated these with the mentor.At the end of the ward rounds, it should have been my role to take the instructions given and to implement them in changing care plans and in directing or implementing clinical tasks.Baillie, M. (1999) Preparing adult branch students for their management role as staff nurses: a...

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Role And Responsibility Of Mentor In Raising Competence Nursing Essay

According to the NMC (2007) the term mentor is used to denote the role of a registered nurse who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in the practice place.Their decision of whether or not to disclose is based very much on the personal and professional qualities of their mentor.The immersion process involves practical and hands-on activities, as supervised by the mentors, in order to familiarize the nursing students with the kind of work that are expected out of them when they graduate and take on the profession.The mentor and learner will have a close working relationship and Quinn (2000) regards trust as the hallmark of any meaningful relationship whilst Power (1997), insists that the working relationship between m...

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Mentorship in Professional Practice

The key role of a mentor is to a help the student integrate into their designated practice setting.Accountability is part of the mentors’ role in facilitating learning in a clinical setting through professional judgments on students’ performance.Nursing and midwifery council [NMC] (2008) recommends that prior to the commencement of placement, mentors are to ensure that all students are allocated a mentor one week before to let the student and mentor prepare for the experience.According to Morton and Palmer (2002) cited in Ali (2008) by being a role model , the mentor provides an observable image of imitation, demonstrating skills and qualities for the student to emulate.The role of a mentor is to ensure that there is readily available o...

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Nurses as mentors

The immersion process involves practical and hands-on activities, as supervised by the mentors, in order to familiarize the nursing students with the kind of work that are expected out of them when they graduate and take on the profession.The mentor and learner will have a close working relationship and Quinn (2000) regards trust as the hallmark of any meaningful relationship whilst Power (1997), insists that the working relationship between mentor and learner is the most significant aspect of the entire process.Competences are a crucial element of mentorship practice and provide evidence that the mentor possess the necessary skills to teach and assess students and that the mentor understands the requirements to be effective within the m...

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Accountability and Assessment in Nursing Mentorship

Assessment is another important role of a mentor.A good mentor is someone who knows when to empathise with students and when to detach themselves in order to objectively assess a student’s performance; therefore, it is important for a mentor to learn when to empathise and when to be objective.The NMC (2008a, p.23) defines a mentor as “a registrant who, following successful completion of an NMC approved mentor preparation programme or comparable preparation that has been accredited by an AEI (approved educational institution) as meeting the NMC mentor requirements has achieved the knowledge, skills and competence required to meet the defined outcomes”.The concept of andragogy implies that adults prefer to take an active role while childre...

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Preparation for Nursing Mentorship

However, from a review of Chandan and Watts(2012) a mentor goes far beyond the description above and not only advises and assesses, but in addition guides and ultimately acts as role model.In addition, they face the demand of the day-to-day clinical workload with the additional role and obligation as a mentor.The role of the mentor is to Garvey et al(2009), the facilitating learners to develop their self confidence, independence and maturity.Howatson-Jones(2013), stressed that it is important for the novice practitioner to develop an understanding of their role and support the learning of new skills by reflection.Therefore the role of the mentor is to provide support for the students to reflect on their practice and to give constructive ...

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Mentorship reflection Essay

Armstrong N 2008 Role modelling in the clinical workplace British Journal.Ousey K , 2009 Socialization of student nurses-the role of the mentor Learning in Health and Social Care 8 (3) 175-84.In order to be an effective role model the mentor must have high standards, must be able to demonstrate these high standards consistently, and must have good attitudes and beliefs regarding the role of their relevant profession in the wider context of healthcare (Murray & Main 2005) .In conclusion, it is clear that the role of the mentor is not an easy one.Ali PA, Panther W (2008) Professional development and the role of mentorship.

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Mentorship: Nursing and Samantha

Duffy (2003) concludes preparing mentors for their role and responsibility in failing a student it is vital.Rutkowski (2007) argues a three month mentorship course is a short period of preparation for the role of assessor.Rutkowski (2007) states a mentor has many roles including the adviser role to assist the student to adapt the best method of assessment, and the role of facilitator of critical thought and reflection which involves using past experiences to help the student anticipate the possible outcomes of a planned action.Sharples et al (2007) believes nurse mentors are faced with many difficulties in fulfilling their role of facilitator, assessor and clinical nurse.Panther, W. (2008) Professional development and the role of mentors...

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Mentoring and Assessing Essay

In terms of pre-registration nursing, it has become a crucial role for clinical settings such as my own to ensure that standards of proficiency are met and that student nurses gain a wide variety of experience on clinical placement during their training.Notwithstanding, the clinical placement experience accounts for 50% of the pre-registration course, the role of the mentor in facilitating learning and educating is therefore optimised, assessing and supporting learners’ throughout their clinical experience.Through review of nursing education literature, this assignment intends to critically analyse the accountability of mentors in practice, looking at how their role as facilitators of learning and assessment is utilised within my own cli...

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Incorporating Theory And Practice To Achieve Competency Nursing Essay

Thus social constructivism is important so that students will be actively involved in the learning process, unlike previous educational viewpoints where the responsibility rested with the lecturer to teach and where students played only a passive role.Yet mentors serve a variety of roles, including being a professional parent, teacher, guide, counsellor, motivator, sponsor, coach, advisor, role model, referral agent, and door opener.The success of clinical supervision depends mainly on the supervisee (Dewar & Walker, 1999), and it can be useful if they look at their responsibilities in the role.Thus, locally, the final four hour role play, (where students can be motivated purely by the process of assessment to adapt to what they perc...

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Mentoring in Practice

Gopee(2011) establishes that mentors leadership role is crucial in practice at facilitating student’s learning.One of the NMC(2008) outcomes of leardership domain requires that mentors provide feedback about the effectiveness of learning and assessment in practice.Kinnell and Hughes(2011) identify that the mentor’s role is forever changing as they are expected to be co-ordinaters of patient care, a care manager, an expert in their own clinical field and they are also expected to teach and assess healthcare students within their commitment to mentorship.Gopee (2011) listed some of the qualities of a mentor as nurturing, role modelling, focusing on the professional development of the student, sustaining a caring relationship over time and ...

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Assess and Workplace as a Learning Environment

Cavanagh M (2002) Being a Mentor.Making sure a clinical setting is a learning environment is a key role of the mentor, according to research (e.g.The foundation for been a mentor is in building a good relationship with the student by so doing it will help to reduce the usual anxieties of the student on a new placement.Launders M (2000) The theory-practice gap in nursing: the role of the nurse teacher.My clinical environment is a busy place which my role as a community nurse is mainly attending home visit for patient, holding clinics, attending multidisciplinary team meeting.

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Reflective Nursing: Nursing Mentorship

I was however, able to identify my own clinical mentor on the ward, and after analysis of my own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) I decided on my short and long term goals and set a learning contract with my mentor in readiness for the allocation of a student.Watson (1999) also states that if teaching opportunities for students are to be meaningful and productive, planning is an important part of the mentor’s role.To ensure her learning experience on the ward was successful it was important for me as her mentor to be aware of her preferred learning style as clinical education is an essential part of the nursing curriculum.She appeared to fully understand her role as a student nurse as identified in the NMC guide fo...

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Nursing Reflective Essay – Mentorship

It is also important that once becoming a qualified mentor I attend the regular updates provided by the university, as the role of a mentor will be seen as the gate keeper to the profession.To ensure her learning experience on the ward was successful it was important for me as her mentor to be aware of her preferred learning style as clinical education is an essential part of the nursing curriculum.I was however, able to identify my own clinical mentor on the ward, and after analysis of my own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) I decided on my short and long term goals and set a learning contract with my mentor in readiness for the allocation of a student.My role as a mentor to a nursing student will be evaluated, lo...

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Mentoring In A Cardio Thoracic Theatre Nursing Essay

One important thing to remember in role modelling is the need for the students to believe and trust in their mentor in order for them to model their behaviours from that of their mentor.If a student prefers to immediately learn how a nursing function is applied in practice then the mentor should focus on the practical application of the learning first before proceeding to the theories that underpin the nursing function (Gopee 2011).The first teaching strategy is role modelling.Role modelling is teaching by example and learning by imitation (Dake and Taylor 1994 cited in Murray and Main 2005.)I am an experienced nurse; therefore, I am confident that I will be able to play a good role model for my students.

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The role of the Midwife Mentor

A stage one mentor is an NMC-registered midwife or nurse, who is being introduced to the responsibilities of being a mentor (Kinnell and Hughes, 2010).In addition, the mentoring role includes other important functions, such as being a role model and giving constructive and developmental feedback to prepare the student for future placements.She also has a role in health education, antenatal classes and preparation for parenthood, a midwife also provides teaching and assessments of student midwives.“Mentors play a critical role in preparing the next generation of midwives for safe and competent practice” (Lawson L, Bunyan C, 2013).Becoming a mentor teaches midwives to support and facilitate learning in practice settings.

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Reflective Account Of A Student Placement Within The Community Setting Nursing Essay

It was found by Pearcey and Elliot (2004) that students who have had negative experiences with their mentor and placements tend to leave the course before qualifying.I  will  be outlining  the  students  journey  whilst  on  their  placement  and  How  I,  with  the  support  of  my  mentor  provided a  constructive  and  nurturing  learning  environment  for  the  student  to  develop  and  meet  her  learning  outcomes.She also expressed an interest in learning the role of a district nurse.I have 5  years  experience as a nurse,  as  I  mentee  I  will  be  under  the  supervision  of  my  mentor  who  is also  a  staff  nurse  with  over 20 years experience.The NMC standards for mentors (2008) states that students must spend forty per...

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Assessment and Students Essay

By passing a failed student, you are not keeping to this code of conduct, and also by passing them; you are making your own work a lot harder as you will have to work with an incompetent professional tomorrow.According to NMC (2006) the term mentor is used to denote the role of a Nurse or Midwife who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in practice places.Duffy (2004) also states that this can leave the mentor feeling sad, anger, exhaustion or relief.The standards emphasise mentors’ role in managing the failing students.They may react by blaming others, or even the previous mentor.

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Examining Mentors Role Assessing Student For Clinical Placement Nursing Essay

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008a), defines “the role of a mentor as someone who facilitates learning, supervises and assesses learners in practice setting.” The mentor is a key support to students in practice, this is where students apply their knowledge, learn key skills and achieve the required competence for registration.I will be exploring my knowledge and experience as a mentor and my role will be critically analysed from my teaching session and my student assessment.I will look at how my role as a mentor can facilitate learning and promote effective assessment in practice and also explore my role to support the students who are failing.The knowledge and skills framework link competency gives the opportunities for nurses...

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My Mentoring Account In Nursing Practice Nursing Essay

Assessing nursing student is paramount in delivering a safe and competent nursing care.The surgical setting as a learning environment will be examined and the accountability and value of the role of a mentor will be looked upon at.When I was a nursing student in my own country, I had mentors who were good role models where I learned more and given a chance to share my ideas and feel that I was valued.This is obviously no different to the role of the mentor and assessment of student in clinical practice.I was able to established effective working relationship and leadership with by influencing and being a role model.

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Why do Pre-registration Nurses Need Clinical Supervision?

Far from it, for as professionals, nursing mentors are fully aware that students are not allowed to learn or practice utilizing the trial and error procedure.Therefore clinical supervision and reflection will improve nursing practice which will enhance nurse- patient interaction.Nursing is devoting ones working days caring for people not just physically but in all aspects of health, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally; thus holistically.This role is called the role of a clinical supervisor or mentor which requires qualified and experienced professionals to pass on to our under graduates a wide range of worthwhile experiences and the culture they will eventually work in.Clinical supervision has been recognised by nursing profe...

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Fundamentals of Health and Social Care Practice

Such a role of inter-professional working practice was my mentor’s job role.Therefore, my mentor felt a review of medication and referred client to consultant for medication review.Hunt G, Wainwright P (1994).Expanding the role of the Nurse.I could not have chance to understand the working pattern of CMHT if I had not got a chance of getting an experienced and skilled mentor with central role in CMHT.I learnt the inter professional practice of a health care professional (my mentor at my placement) to organize and unite efforts of various healthcare professionals in creating a single united care plan for client.

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