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Role of the Mother in Winnicott’s Theories: An Analysis

For Winnicott, the mother plays an important role in the transitional experience as well as the stages of development.Here the role of the good enough mother is highlighted in the developmental process of the child (Winnicott, 1971).The process is supported by an optimal environment which makes sense through the fact that the good enough mother tunes in with the child’s development needs intuitively all whilst adopting both, the environment and her hand in the development of the child, the rate of which is determined by the child.Ones the child grows to be an individual and is separated from the mother, the holding environment acts as a safe junction through which the child can start the process of exploring the world all whilst having t...

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First Relationships

Behaviourism sees the importance of the child being tutored as in meshing when the mother tutors her child.Although behaviourism does not explain the internal processes of learning on the part of the child’s own interpretation of the interaction and its own role rather they see the child as a blank slate (Locke, BK1: CHP1) being written on by experience so the child will be unable to contribute to and form relationships.All incorporate the main caregiver as tutor until the infant can be able to take an active role at which point the development becomes a cooperation.The mother involves the child in a stereotyped sequence of actions which are repeated so that the infant can learn different topics that they can then also learn to do alone....

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Important Roles In A Child’s Life

In the past, psychological research has focused almost exclusively on the relationship between mother and child.However, studies have shown that these parenting role differences bring about different parenting styles and different benefits to a child’s development (How Do Fathers).Besides that, fathers also act as a role model for their children to follow, thus providing a good example for their children to follow.If one’s mother has support from one’s father in terms of maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the house, caring for the children, providing financial support and making future plans, one’s mother is likely to have better mental health, thus leading to more successful and proficient parenting.Through a father’s interacti...

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Importance of early infant attachment and child development

The parent-child attachment relationship forms though early patterns of interaction between the caregiver and child.Still the relatively few studies examining the relationship between parenting quality and attachment with fathers, some researches on father-child attachment suggests that fathers are capable of providing sensitive care for their children as much as mothers can; therefore, the strength of association between father and child seems to be similar to that usually found with mothers (Brown, McBride, Shin & Bost, 2007).Attachment theory has been the predominant framework for the study of parent-child relationships in early childhood, and may well provide a useful approach for understanding fathers and child development.It se...

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Child Language Development Case Study

However, the role of the health visitor is to promote the child’s health and wellbeing (Condon, 2008), and so part of the role in this situation is to assess this wellbeing and ensure the child is offered full participation in all the aspects of health promotion and disease prevention available (Condon, 2008).The author deliberately chose a family which was not characterised by typical socio-economic deprivation, or domestic violence, or drug abuse, to demonstrate that child development is fundamentally about the child learning to interact with others, peers and adults alike, in a range of social contexts, and it would seem, from this case, that linguistic development may be more psychologically mediated by such contexts.The biological m...

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Role of the father during different life stages

In another research study based psychoanalytical view of role of father as “being the one who castrates” shows the importance of identification with him as a gender role model for son for healthy development of sexual orientation later in life (Paulo R. Ceccarelli and Belo Horizonte, 2003).This does not mean he is taking over the role of the mother, who continues to remain the centre of the child’s initial world but providing the child with more accountable paternal nurturance which has gone missing from the child’s life before emancipation of women.James R. Barclay(1980) in his study defines the role of a father in his adolescent son’s development of values as that of : ‘the masculine role model, the communicator (listening to different...

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The Effects of Single Parenting on Children Essay

It was shown that there was not much difference in the amount of children with these issues from single mother households where the mother earned a large income or low income (4).This falls back on the interaction with the child and mother that this interaction is much lower when the mother suffers from such ailments.From the start of the child’s life it is evident that the role of both parents is important for the development in healthy children.With the higher level of responsibilities being put on the single parent, it is often seen that the child is left with more household duties than children with both a mother and a father.Not only by providing discipline, the father figure also sets a role model of responsibility that can cause t...

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Parents Are the Primary Cause of Disturbed and Disturbing Behaviour in Their Children Essay

The issue is not about whether the direction of effect runs from child to mother or from mother to child; it is about their mutual influence as partners in a relationship.Attitudes about some styles of parenting as being the cause of atypical child behaviour, reflects a ‘social environment’ perception seeing the child as a passive victim of circumstances.Kessen (1979) alerts us to the fact that some ideologies masquerade as psychological knowledge, information which is extremely important when taking into account research links between mother and child relationships and the development of disturbed behaviour.Although it is important to acknowledge the role of the parent’s involvement in their children’s adjustment we need to recognise th...

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Early Language and Development Essay

, (2005) Maternal responsiveness and infant intentional communication: implications for the early communicative and linguistic development.. Child: Care, Health & Development, Nov2005, Vol.For an instance, baby cries when he hears another baby crying or when a mother the mother is angry while holding the baby, the baby becomes fussy.Furthermore, it is possible that children differ in their needs to be guided and supported by their mothers, which leads to differences in maternal role in early interactions (Paavola et al.The first steps in language development and the role of adult-child interaction (both verbal and nonverbal) are very important.According to John Bowlby (1980) early month – infant bonding and attachment are crucial to ...

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Early Day Care Dows Not Adversely Affect Child Development

This study shows that although it is now accepted that early day child care does not negatively affect the development of the children, there is the issue of the quality of care that the child receives.Early day care is therefore important and play key role in the growth and development of the child.The author suggested that these children were exposed to bacteria from different environment which could have played a key role in the development of their immune system.Initially there were fears that lack of parental development would have negative effects on the growth and development of the child.This   brings to the issue why day care services have elicited heated argument among child care experts on their effects in the growth and devel...

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Parental Influence in Child Communication

Gender may play a vital role in how our children learn to communicate in the home and with others.By identifying specific skills that a child learns from a specific parent, mother or father, could assist families in recognizing how to help compensate for a missing parental figure.the family setup will consist of families that have both a mother and a father, just a mother, just a father, as well as two set of same sex partners.The Questionnaire will ask each parent specific questions about the level of communication that he or she has with each individual child in the family.Questions will in ones such as “I encourage my child to talk to me if they are upset” and, “I make an effort to spend time alone with my child”.It is possible it cou...

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Mental State Language And Theory Of Mind Psychology Essay

.. Research has also sought to specifically investigate the role of the mother in the child’s development of theory of mind as the mother is the primary caregiver and typically spends the most time with the infant, developing a close bond (Hughes & Leekam, 2004).Scoring: The child is given a score of 1 if he/she is correctly able to respond that Shiva does not know, even though the child himself/herself has seen the box and knows what is inside it.Individual differences in the development of cognitive abilities in children question the universality of their development and draw attention to the role of socio-cultural factors in facilitating development.In addition considering the influence of the family particularly the mother in fa...

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The Causes of Challenging Behavior Essay

In relation with this, Richman (1978) as cited from Douglas (1989) claimed that maternal depression is also associated on poor marriage; but virtually found no correlation at all to the role of relatives and friends in the curing of their depression.More specifically, the absence of the custodial parent further makes things more difficult for the child since the latter has usually more attachment to his or her biological mother or father.The aggregation of these negative emotions in addition to the illness that is currently being experienced by the mother adds a lot on the distress and negative behavior that a child might exhibit.In relation with this, Emerson (1995) has added the role of culture on a development of a so-called “abnormal...

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Mary Ainsworth: Attachment theory

They were as follows undiscriminating responsiveness to people, then discrimination to the mother (8-12 weeks), following the mother (6-7 months), then sharp preference to a guardian.This type of bond is not merely for the reproduction of children but as the relationship continues the caregiving as one of the couple may be in need of that nurturing role where one of the couple may take on that role, for others the role is more of a friendship where they have many interests and typically enjoy spending time together (Ainsworth, 1989).This can be seen as parents get older and the role of parent and child switches and the parents becomes unable to care for themselves, so the child takes on this role.Next category of behavior patterns were t...

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Parents ' Gender Based Attitudes Toward Martial Roles And Child Rearing Development And Validation Of New Measures

In the article “Parents’ Gender-Based Attitudes Toward Martial Roles and Child rearing: Development and Validation of New Measures” by Lois W. Hoffman and Deborah D. Kolska, it gives evidence and research about how the effects of marital roles and child rearing can lead to how children see gender roles.However, gender of your children should not matter because everyone is equal.Besides parents, child-care can create the gender roles in children.If parents think more freely about gender-equity, it will help change the norms of gender-roles in society.In addition, the researchers did a measure of GATMR and GATCR, measure of child rearing, in children’s stereotypes.

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Teenage Parenthood Its Effect on Their Children

One have to decide whether to use the birth control methods or not, and must make a choice whether to abort the child or not or to raise the child or put the child for adoption once the child is given to birth.A recent study also shows male adolescent role in parenthood is negatively oriented.Showing them and their parents the causes, the drastic effect of teenage parenthood and the role of parents to keep their children’s in the safer path, can decrease teenage parenthood cases.Chances must also given to young parent to continue their education by giving financial support so that poverty can be avoided as poverty plays an important role in this issue.Most mothers described sense of pride because they were able to be a better mother than...

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Balancing Between Motherhood And Career Sociology Essay

As a result, it pushes a woman to work in low-paying places to keep the child in proper way, especially if the child’s father financial support is not enough or if it’s single mother.However, very important role plays a selection of a partner for a marriage; a woman need be sure that father of a baby can provide enough financial support of the family or if she has to come back to work early to help with support.In the modern world there are more and more families where women play a significant role in the contribution of money of the development of the family.The fact is that if woman decides to be single mother she has to have financial independence before have a child, because raise a child alone is more difficult especially because of...

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“A Fortunate Life” A.B Facey

The novel states that his mother had no love for him or his brothers and that the whole situation made him feel unwelcome and unhappy.This roughly translates to “I feel rejected and abandoned, sometimes I even feel unlovable because my mother was unable to love”.Annie went on to explain the emotional turmoil that she has endured as a result of her unloving mother.Towards the end of the film, it is commented that a boy’s best friend is his mother.From this it is understood that the role of the mother extends beyond the biological processes.It is essential that a child feels loved by his/her mother that when they don’t feel the love their chances of developing a mental illness dramatically increase.

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The role of the mother in Islam

In my research, I tried to explain about how much Islam respects the relation of a mother and what are role of the mothers in upbringing of the child.So Hazrat Musa’s sister suggested to try her mother, this united the child and mother back.A woman has a very key and important role when she becomes a mother.Sacrifices of the mother for the child are unmatchable in the world; she gives up her sleep as well just to make her child all right.I hope my research proves to be the productive and helpful for those who want to be taught about the ‘Role of the mother in Islam’.

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Analysis of Ainsworth’s “Strange Situation”

Infant irritability, mother responsiveness, and social support influences on the security of infant-mother attachment.Child Development, 52, 857 – 865 .Belsky and Rovine (1984) provide supporting evidence to suggest that it is the parental influence that plays a high role in the development of the attachment relationship between their child and themselves.In the original study, 10-to-24 month old infants were subjected to a strange setting – which involved the parent briefly leaving the child alone in a room and then returning, then a unfamiliar female entered the room, and the parent leaves the child for a second time, but this time the child is left in the room with the unfamiliar female.However, the question arising as to whether it i...

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Attachment in children: Gender of primary care giver

The parent does not interact with the child but if the child signals that he/she wants interaction, then the parent responds.Harlow noted that when the baby monkeys were given the choice of the two mothers , the babies chose the soft mother to cling to.The sample would comprise 15 mother and infant pairs and 15 father and infant pairs.Overall father love seems to be as heavily implicated as mother love in their children’s well being, health and development.Attachment relationships play a key role in a child’s development, their perceptions of relatedness with others, their concept of themselves and their life experiences.

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Effect of Same Sex Parenting on Adolescent Developement

For the purpose of this paper, “gender role” is intended to include; gender identity, gender-role behaviour and sexual orientation.Although, these findings are relatively low, they do provide evidence against homosexual families, notwithstanding, it would not be proper to conclude same-sex parents have a negative impact on child development, without reviewing further research from advocates of same-sex parenting.Bailey, Bobrow, Wolfe, Mikach, (1995) study can be concluded as an advocate for positive gender role developmental outcomes for children with same-sex parents.The paper will consider whether the evidence suggests a negative or positive impact on children, or none at all in terms of gender role, behavioural and emotional developme...

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The Effects of Working Mothers Essay

Although the direct influences of each gender are highly important, the most important influence a mother has on her child’s behaviour, regardless of the gender, is shown to be the example she sets for her child.A mothers employment is highly beneficial to a child because it allows them to look up to a mother who is a productive member of society, and strive to be the same (Mann, 2012) .The relationship with the child and the mother is enhanced through a mothers employment.Having more than one income in the household may allow the child to go to better school than children whose parents only have one source of income (Mann, 2012) Also when a mother is working, they usually send their kids to daycare.The notion of motherhood as the sacr...

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The Relationship between Working Parents and the Socialization of Children Essay

While the mother is gaining an opportunity to broaden her interests outside of the home, the father can have more of a chance for a one-to-one relationship with his child.The potential income the mother earns may get absorbed by the new expenses of child care.The fact that the employed mother can be a very competent parent while still spending time away from home should support the contention that more fathers can also combine successful careers with effective child rearing.If some responsible adult cannot be found to care for the child in the home, the mother and father should visit several alternative settings and talk to other parents using such facilities before making a decision.Today full-time mothers as well as employed mothers ma...

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The Role of Early Relationships Essay

“What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all” (Spock B, His theory was focused on the physical aspect of relationship development believing that the child should be wrapped up to give them the feeling of security as they had in the womb of their mother, he believed that routine changes and feeds every four hours would suffice the child and leave them feeling happy, he also believed that a baby’s every cry should not be answered if the routine was in place as they didn’t physically need anything more.In this assignment I will discuss the role of early relationships in the development of child behaviour.Family structures such as: nuclear family which involves both p...

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Early Intervention Essay

In one study, mothers played an active role in the TEECH services that their child was receiving; they act as co therapists.This written plan is very important and parents plays an important role in it because they help the team of early interventionist develop it.There are three important reasons why parents should play a more active role in the services that their children receive thus enhancing parent involvement in early intervention.The article “The Role of Parents in Early Intervention: Implications for Social Work” focused on mother and child interaction.This meant that mother’s beliefs on parenting effected how they parented their child and that mother with higher self efficacy but depressed were more responsive to their infants....

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How nature and nurture may affect the development Essay

As a child reaches puberty, emotions develop rapidly as there are a lot of hormonal changes; increasing pressure at school, confusion, sexual relationships and many other events that can have an effect on emotions.Everyone has to go through physical stages of developmental milestones which are linked to a person’s emotional development and it is nature that plays a role in a person’s emotional development which is certainly increased as a child reaches puberty and as a woman goes through the menopause.Nurture the parents provide will determine the relationships the child has in the future with other people and how the child will react emotionally.Physically a child overcomes many milestones very rapidly and it is said that they overcome ...

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Why Adoption of Children by Homosexuals is Wrong Essay

A mother, on the other hand, provides emotional security and personal safety.Finally, being adopted by homosexual parents exposes the adopted child to homophobic bullying.It is now undeniable that, just as a mother’s influence is crucial to the secure, healthy, and full development of a child, [a] paternal presence in the life of a child is essential to the child emotionally and physically.Fathers teach a child to have drive and ambition, to value healthy competition and challenge, to have initiative, take risks, and be independent.Dr. Dailey points out that parents who have multiple sex partners are not good role models because their behavior leads a child to believe that having unsafe sex with many people is normal.

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Good parenting advice for first time parents

Theory which looks at early relationships is Social theory, where Bowlby (1988) argues that early relationships with caregivers play a major role in child development and continue to influence social relationships throughout life.She had formed an attachment to her mother, as she feels secure with her, but as Dr Acquarone suggested, Marni has not formed a sufficiently stable internal working model for her to use as a source of comfort when her mother is not available.Piaget saw children think differently from adults, and as a first person, he saw children play an active role in gaining knowledge of the world.Some suggests that baby cries more frequently if the mother responds too often, this agrees with Social learning theory.There are d...

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Role Of Working Women For The Personality Development Education Essay

In this job, the distinctive nature of each parent – the mother as a woman and the father as a man – along with the kind of connection that relates the child to each one of them, have an intrinsic role in developing and enriching the child’s personality on all levels.“A working mother who spends one hour of quality time every day with her child will probably establish a better bond with her child than one who is home nagging the child all the time.” ... â-Firstly: Although Islam stresses on the importance of a woman’s role as a mother and as a wife, we can benefit from the majority of its rulings that had commissioned the father with the responsibility of the family and the children in particular, and gave him the right to their custod...

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