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Challenges Faced Rural Healthcare Facilities Health And Social Care Essay

The California Healthcare Foundation, in its “Rural Health Care Delivery: Connecting Communities through Technology” report of December 2002 states : Challenges facing rural health care include scarcity of local medical resources and distance between patients, physicians and facilities.” (Turisco and Metzger, 2002) Furthermore, it is related in this report that there are insufficient numbers of primary care practitioners in rural areas.The work entitled: “Providing Hospice and Palliative Care in Rural Frontier Areas” states that the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) “…believes that all Americans are entitled to an equitable level of health and well-being established through health care services, regardless of where they live.Thi...

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Nursing Care in Rural Communities Essay

However, as a rural community health nurse, it is essential that the community is educated on disease processes and the importance of taking prescriptions as prescribed by the physician.Nursing Care in Rural CommunitiesLiving in a rural community can present challenges for residents in receiving adequate health care.As a rural community health nurse, it is imperative to understand what specific deficits the general rural population has related to healthcare.Urban areas and rural communities in America, each come with their own unique health problems that are specific to that area.The Journal of Rural Health, 168-176.

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Health of People Living in Rural Australia Essay

In addition, rural population tend to smoke and drink more than others which has an extremely negative impact on their health status demonstrated by higher mortality and morbidity rates than that of the population living in the major cities (Beard et al., 2009).Boundary crossers, communities, and health: Exploring the role of rural health professionals.Health status differentials across rural and remote Australia.Another risk factor that has an impact on the quality of health care delivered to rural population is the lack of sufficient skilled experienced health care providers in remote and regional area of Australia.Rural Health Workforce Australia (2009).

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Sociodemographic Health Risks in Australia

Health and health care in rural Australia.The idea behind these parliamentary debates are to enhance and better the performance of Australia as a whole country by mending all those gaps that have been left such as expenditure and utilization of health services across rural and remote Australia.Costs and the utilization of health services across remote and rural Australia is a topic often brought up in the parliamentary senate of Australian states.Factors that affect health status of given population in rural Australia include: employment, ethnicity, business grounds in rural areas other factors are from a demographic point of view looking at climate, geography, aging populations and retrieval of information in relation to health and disa...

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Relationship Between Economic Inequality And Health Essay

The key to optimizing health and health standards are to improve the respective surroundings and allow for a slow yet ever-lasting change for future generations.Rural residents have greater transportation difficulties reaching health care providers, often travelling great distances to reach a doctor or hospital.Conclusion There is no complete study or solution that can allow a concrete close to the issue of poverty especially in the more diverse rural and urban environments.Residents in a rural environment are also more likely to display unhealthy behavior, as opposed to urban or suburban ind... ... middle of paper ... ...ions of intervention such as integrated primary care and interdependent nursing actions involving other health care p...

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Rural and Remote

Reported rates of current asthma were higher in rural health areas than urban health areas for both males and females.• Nurses provide a higher proportion of health care in rural and remote Australia than in metropolitan Australia • The number of medical specialists per person is significantly lower in rural areas than in the metropolitan zone • capital cities have 30% more hostel accommodation for the aged than the rural zone and three times more hostel places per capita than remote areas • Medicare data indicate that people living in rural and remote zones are using fewer services than those in urban areas .• hospitalisation rates for injury, with much higher rates in the rural and remote zones compared to the metropolitan zones • hos...

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Essay on The Long Term Effects Of Losing Profile

Rural and regional farmers have been providing with Australians with fresh fruits and vegetable for decades, however, with increased living cost, consumers are now seeking cheaper fruits and vegetables to bring on their table(Ridoutt, Juliano, Sanguansri, & Sellahewa, 2009).In this paper, the effect of international imported fruits and vegetable on rural health will be discussed, specifically, how poverty can have adverse impacts on rural health, and some of the social determine of health will be addressed as well as how to manage this issues effectively.By having ploicies change, this will have a positive impact on rural health.The long-term effect of losing profile has now been seen has huge impacts on the rural heath(Heffernan, 20...

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Recruiting Nurses in Rural Communities

Nurse practitioners who accept positions in rural areas most often have a background in rural areas, have participated in a rural training program, or have a desire to serve in a rural community.In a study on rural health clinic efficiency and the impacts made by nurse practitioners and physician assistants, indicated that rural health centers that used nurse practitioners had a high rate for expertise in quality care and cost effectiveness (Ortiz, Wan, Meemon, Paeth, & & Agiro, 2010).The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of nurse practitioners to rural health clinics yield, determine the association of proficiency indicators, and understand specific and organizational factors that affect productivity.The purpose...

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Essay on The Lack Of Mental Health

Systemic Barriers Associated with Mental Illness in Rural Communities .Through an analysis of qualitative data and quantitative research literature it was evident that people in rural communities have less access to primary care and that the health care professionals in these areas need more training in mental h... ....tions- need for services, systemic barriers associated with mental illness in rural communities and options to overcome barriers and offer supports for rural communities- this was a need for further research to be done to see what services are needed and more training for interprofessionals (Barak & Grohol, 2011; Borders & Booth, 2007; Heath et al., 2015; Kreitzer et al., 2016).An examination of literature has iden...

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Essay on Literature Review : Health Disparities

Approximately 75% of the United States is rural with 20% living outside urban areas.In rural areas, only 9% of doctors and 12% of druggis... ... middle of paper ... ...s are more reliant on on Medicare, Medicaid, and other public programs to pay for lengthy care services.Poor access to home and community based services is generally experienced by the older people in rural communities often times rely on nursing home care.Literature Review Health Disparities Approximately 1/5 of elderly individuals who are 65 years of age and old throughout the United States settle in rural areas.Due to disparities in rural areas the lack of services are connected to overall health, poorer physical health, and limited contact to health care.

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Health inequality and disparity in the US

In getting both drugs and alcohol out of the rural areas we can only hope that we can try to get the rural areas to be almost equivalent to urban areas although one that will not be easy to do.Doing away with majority of the liquor stores in rural areas will also help to bring inequality to our neighborhoods, because having alcohol in rural areas in my opinion just helps to destroy the individuals in these areas.Today, in our world one of the biggest issues that have risen amongst health care activist in the United States is how health disparity and inequality has affected rural areas and culture.“When arguing for progressive rhetoric for rural American, “rickets noted that Urban-Rural comparisons.” One of the first things I think we nee...

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Improving The Health Care System Essay

This can include long travel distance, ... ....ural veterans there can be technological difficulties in the connection with providers as well as issues around maintaining provider/equipment schedules that can be taxing to a clinic’s resources.Fortney, Burgess, Bosworth, Booth and Kaboli (2011) perceive access as a “set of specific dimensions that characterize the fit between the patient and the healthcare system.” Fortney et al.’s (2011) determined that “perceived access is no less valid than actual access and may be a stronger predictor of utilization that actual access.” .Rural areas are well known to be lacking in resources, therefore it’s important to evaluate veteran’s perceptions regarding their care resources to enhance and advan...

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Rural Seniors Face Environmental And Climate Disasters That Shorten Life

The seasonal migrant workers must deal with the lack of insurance, lack of quality health information, illiteracy, language barriers, and often rely on traditional medicine due in part to the lack of access and the cost of health care or the lack of transportation to get to the right type of care.Chapter Rural & Frontier Seniors Almost all rural seniors face environmental and climate disasters that shorten life.When determining health care policy and services, it will be important to know which definition is used; or otherwise, choices can produce unintended consequences by making health care service planning either too narrow or to broad (e.g., narrow geographic boundaries can lead to overlapping services; excessively broad geograph...

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Essay about Health Benefits Of Health Care

Health disparities, that exists among individuals who reside in rural communities, is significant to availability and access to health care.Medicare and Medicaid reduce health care disparities and upsurges health service resources.Medicaid use, within rural communities, provides a foundation for uninsured residents to receive proper treatment.Their main objective is to aid with the cost, which is most important to rural health care consumers.Rural health care consumers are given equality through these programs.

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The Benefits of Telehealth in Rural Populations Essay

Online Journal Of Rural Nursing & Health Care, 10(1), 4-6.This population experience more health disparities than t... ... middle of paper ... ...nities: toward eliminating rural health disparities.Many factors such as sociocultural, financial and structural issues create barriers to healthcare access for individuals living in rural America.Benefits of Telehealth in Rural Populations Kansas is considered a rural state in the United States.Access to healthcare is a problem that has been increasing for individuals in rural America due to aging populations, declining economies, rural hospital closures, rising healthcare costs, healthcare provider shortages and difficulties attracting and retaining healthcare personnel and physicians (Ba...

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New Graduate Nuses Experiences in working in rural and remote areas

Helping medical specialists working in rural and remote Australia deal with professional isolation: the support scheme for rural specialists.Rural and Remote Health, 13(2456), 1-4. .Nonetheless, rural health nurses lack medical and ancillary support resulting for them to work in all aspects as primary care giver and at times working beyond their scope of practice (Mills et al.In contrast with above mentioned experiences by graduate new nurses in transition (Pond, Dalton, Disher, & Cousins, 2009) reported that there was a support scheme for rural health practitioners that provided multidisciplinary and coordinated framework that aimed to improve clinical competency and workforce retention.The Early Graduate Nurse Program delivered by ...

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Impacting factors on human social service Essay

As we looked at how socio-cultural factors affect the performance of Primary Health Care we have noted that socio cultural factors are crucial in any developmental aspect of a community The socio-cultural factors impacting on health will differ between societies and even within sub-cultures within the same society.The urban – rural divide is implicated in the differences in living conditions between urban and rural areas, in the distribution of the population between the two areas and in several other factors.There will therefore tend to be more pressure on PHC facilities in rural areas.Another implication is the pattern and distribution of the disease burden between urban and rural areas.Global Health Watch (2004) Global Health Action, ...

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Insecurity of Food in India Impacts

The politician have to include rural health policy to maintain an adequate health to the rural community.The rural poverty and food insecurity effect the people to migrate from the rural place to city for the better life and in search of better healthy condition .But this leads to massive increase of slums among the cities of India .The people who were living in the slum have even bad way of health life style .This is due to the over population and unavailability of supply among the slum .The main health needs such as sanitation is not provided and drinking water is also not provided in the slums.This have to the supplied to the people of local community of women’s by health service centers .In India Health service centers are lack of do...

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Health Disparities of elderly population Essay

The purpose of this paper is to illuminate and discuss healthcare vulnerabilities of the elderly rural population in Baker County, Florida and describe how the nursing profession can address these problems.Additionally, the Florida Department of Health and Healthy People 2020 websites along with nursing textbooks, nursing websites and non-nursing sources were used.Online CINAHL database and search engines such as Bing and Google were used with search terms like as “rural elderly”, “health disparity”, “vulnerable populations” “Baker County Florida” and “Northeast Florida”.The elderly who live alone in the county suffer from low socioeconomic status, low health literacy rates, declining cognitive and physical health and lack of healthcare ...

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Policy Brief Paper Essay

The Diabetes Prevention Program trial led by the National Institutes of Health is being delivered at the community level in collaboration with community-based organizations and health care providers to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and reduce its health care related costs (Zhou et al, 2012; ADA, 2013; CDC, 2013c).Although, rural/ethnic/racial socio-economic disparities are identified as some of the key factors to acquiring diabetes, primary care and public health interventions are essential in rural communities to promote prevention strategies.An established shortage of primary care providers limits access to proper medical care and screening in rural communities.Advanced practice nurses are at a good position to advocate and promote...

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Essay on Rural Health

World Health Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO n.d).a study on rural and urban regions of Canada.For instance well-being is measured based on self-rated health and self-esteem, health conditions are assessed based on BMI, arthritis, diabetes, CVD, cancer, etc.Definition of health.The only indicator with better outcome in rural settings is incidence of cause-specific cancer.

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The Importance Of Health Communication

Public health models used in social medicine and epidemiology are slightly different from public health models used in health education.Health campaigns to prevent communicable diseases, to promote maternal and child health, to promote immunization, to educate about family planning methods as well as its importance and other preventive health services have long history.As health education has to do with health, it is very important to have wide and correct knowledge regarding health and diseases for disseminating or transmitting ideas for the purpose of developing necessary behaviour and attitude.But they often forget the importance of communicating with the people in rural and remote areas to provide health education and create health a...

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Communication Methods And Healthcare Systems Health And Social Care Essay

To study the role of health communication and telemedicine in rural health care.Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization as adopted by the International Health Conference, New York, 19-22 June, 1946; signed on 22 July 1946 by the representatives of 61 States (Official Records of the World Health Organization, no.In this thesis paper I will discuss the importance of health communication (especially providing needed health education to the under and uneducated people in remote and rural area of India) and use of telemedicine to deliver better healthcare services to the rural population.Health campaigns to prevent communicable diseases, to promote maternal and child health, to promote immunization, to educate about fami...

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Urban Areas: Population, Land Use and Health

A continuing movement of persons will eventually lead to rural depopulation and a gradual increase in urban population.There are a few industries and employment opportunities in rural area so people from here usually go seek jobs in urban areas where they could earn a livelihood.Increasing industrialization in urban areas attracts new rural migrants.This is so because of a variety of reasons which may include rural migration and over-population, industrialization, natural increase, lack of public and social services in rural areas and commercial sector.Rural migration is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas.

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The Health of a Community: The Project Essays

This makes providing healthcare services in rural areas a challenge for communities and public health nu... ... middle of paper ... ...cember).The community health nurse is adaptable and is able to provide care to a diverse population group with many different health needs.Statistically rural areas average only 10% of healthcare providers in these areas (Gorski, 2011).This paper will assess the health, health care and preparedness needs of a community.Through the assessment process the community health nurse will be able to describe the health of the community.

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Healthcare Care Access Disparities in Appalachia

Health Care Access and Disparities within the Appalachian Region (NIH, 2002-2006) Health disparities are defined as “differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups in the United States”.Medical school applicants are prioritized by their desire to work in rural communities as family practitioners.Priorities include increasing employment and per capita income levels to meet the U.S. national average, to develop and improve the infrastructure for health care access, increase primary care resources, physician incentives to work in rural areas, education and resources for communities for cancer screening.The ARC has grant monies curren...

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Australia’s Health Care System | Analysis

The shortage of rural registered nurses also impacts negatively on health care delivery.In this case efficiency is measured by degree to which goals are achieved in health care system while minimizing resource usage while effectiveness is measured by degree to which health care system achieve their goals.In fact there is a wide agreement that rural and remote Australian communities are underserved by appropriately trained health professionals compared to those who live in the urban areas.In addition the experienced pre-exist nurses in rural area can be up-skilled to serve a broader range of primary health care hence reducing the burden of the general practitioners rather than trying to fill every vacancy of general practitioner.In order ...

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Breaking Barriers to Healthcare with ICT

So, Government, bilateral organization, NGO should work together to better monitoring, implementation and strengthen of ICT system and correlate with health system according to priority of people , so people easily can access the health service any time, every palace without financial hardship.Despite of rural residency people easily access health service without interruption.A search for published literature in the last 10 years for any intervention dealing with ICT in a health service, where relationship with ICT and health , was conducted by electronic databases Pub Med and Global Health, as well as Google scholar for literature from the internet.Rural residency is a barrier that hampered to access health service.Evaluating the impact...

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The Effects Of Air Pollution On Health And Economy Essay

One of the main reasons for the potential risk of why people are low in their health is because of air pollution.The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that outdoor air pollution associated with approximately 300,000 premature deaths per year in China and Chinese scientists has given similar estimates.While in rural areas of China, coal and biomass fuels are still widely used in stoves and produce substantial indoor air pollution.That the government should inflict healthier ideas and have regular health check-ups.Despite efforts by the NCRMS to combat this inequality, it is still difficult to provide universal health care to rural areas.Due to the 1980s health reform, there has been a general increase in government health subsidi...

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Measuring the development of rural women

These patterns pose important challenges for how to think about human development dimensions, its measurement and the policies to improve outcomes and processes over time especially in regional areas and among the mass development neglected target groups, rural women.Although, these new thinking approaches and thus the new measurement tools reinforce the continuing validity of the human development vision (HDR, 2010), the study of development in regional contexts, rural areas, bring a second debate on the fore, that focuses on the extent to which the definition and experience of development is culturally specific.Women living in rural areas of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Iran, are generally known to be suffering from general deprivation...

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