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Challenges Faced Rural Healthcare Facilities Health And Social Care Essay

The California Healthcare Foundation, in its “Rural Health Care Delivery: Connecting Communities through Technology” report of December 2002 states : Challenges facing rural health care include scarcity of local medical resources and distance between patients, physicians and facilities.” (Turisco and Metzger, 2002) Furthermore, it is related in this...

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Nursing Care in Rural Communities Essay

Rural Community Health versus Urban City Health . As a rural community health nurse, it is imperative to understand what specific deficits the general rural population has related to healthcare.

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Health of People Living in Rural Australia Essay

Rural Health Workforce Australia (2009). Boundary crossers, communities, and health: Exploring the role of rural health professionals.

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Sociodemographic Health Risks in Australia

For instance having no educational background can result in the lack of knowledge about certain health conditions like cancer, in rural Australia there are insufficient resources to determine and treat breast cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer which results from individuals smoking and affecting their health not being health conscious which gre...

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Relationship Between Economic Inequality And Health Essay

Rural residents have greater transportation difficulties reaching health care providers, often travelling great distances to reach a doctor or hospital. Rural residents are less likely to have employer-provided health care coverage or prescription drug coverage, and the rural poor are less likely to be covered by Medicaid benefits than their urban c...

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Rural and Remote

The inequality between rural and urban areas is being worsened by the constant breakdown of social justice and economic infrastructure in rural areas – these changes are having an increasingly adverse impact on the health and quality of life of rural and remote Australians. Equity needs to be focused on ensuring that all individuals within society, ...

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Essay on The Long Term Effects Of Losing Profile

In this paper, the effect of international imported fruits and vegetable on rural health will be discussed, specifically, how poverty can have adverse impacts on rural health, and some of the social determine of health will be addressed as well as how to manage this issues effectively. The consumption has been booming rural farmers business, increas...

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Recruiting Nurses in Rural Communities

The purpose of this study is to examine how incorporating rural health rotations, in training of nurse practitioner students, may improve on the recruitment of nurse practitioner graduates into the rural healthcare sector. In a study on rural health clinic efficiency and the impacts made by nurse practitioners and physician assistants, indicated tha...

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Essay on The Lack Of Mental Health

If we can figure out what services are needed and have properly trained professionals, then we can start to work with the community base approaches to elicit a change in mental health services in rural communities. “Healthy communities are ones that provide safe environments, meet the basic needs of all residents, support community involvement in lo...

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Essay on Literature Review : Health Disparities

Rural elders typically have lower incomes and poorer health and a high quantity of these older adults evaluate their health as average or reduced. Literature Review Health Disparities Approximately 1/5 of elderly individuals who are 65 years of age and old throughout the United States settle in rural areas.

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Health inequality and disparity in the US

“When arguing for progressive rhetoric for rural American, “rickets noted that Urban-Rural comparisons.” One of the first things I think we need to do as a community is first try to improve our rural areas. Doing away with majority of the liquor stores in rural areas will also help to bring inequality to our neighborhoods, because having alcohol in ...

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Improving The Health Care System Essay

The question is though, how do rural veterans feel about all of these points with regards to their access to care? Buzza, Ono, Turvey, Wittrock, Noble, Reddy, Kaboli and Schach Reisinger (2011) declare from their research that was conducted with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) that distance is the most important barrier for rural veterans l...

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Rural Seniors Face Environmental And Climate Disasters That Shorten Life

–Author Introduction T here is no single, unanimous definition of the term “rural.” At present, federal programs use more than 9 definitions; and the share of rural population ranges from 17 to 49 percent, depending on the definition. Chapter Rural & Frontier Seniors Almost all rural seniors face environmental and climate disasters that shorten ...

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Essay about Health Benefits Of Health Care

Medicare and Medicaid reduce health care disparities and upsurges health service resources. Their main objective is to aid with the cost, which is most important to rural health care consumers.

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The Benefits of Telehealth in Rural Populations Essay

This population experience more health disparities than t... ... middle of paper ... ...nities: toward eliminating rural health disparities. Access to healthcare is a problem that has been increasing for individuals in rural America due to aging populations, declining economies, rural hospital closures, rising healthcare costs, healthcare provider s...

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New Graduate Nuses Experiences in working in rural and remote areas

Evidently, most of the available literature focuses on status of rural nursing, identifying new graduates perspective and the recruitment and sustainment of rural nursing workforce within Australia (Mills et al. Nonetheless, rural health nurses lack medical and ancillary support resulting for them to work in all aspects as primary care giver and at ...

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Impacting factors on human social service Essay

Given the fact that urban areas have more PHC facilities and that other secondary and tertiary health care facilities tend to be located in them, the health needs of urban populations tend to be better served than those of rural areas. Professional health personnels are also more reluctant to accept postings to rural areas.

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Insecurity of Food in India Impacts

), high transportation cost and lack of road to reach all the place of rural India, inadequate supply of water to the required place, urbanization in major city without sufficient waste management and quality water supply ,Industrial facility and pollution to the atmosphere and water ,due to the result of pollution sudden climatic change which mostl...

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Health Disparities of elderly population Essay

Method A review of current nursing literature, state health department online resources and textbooks were searched to identify health care policy and health disparities affecting rural elderly populations. Rural health has been a complex and multifaceted challenge for government and healthcare practitioners.

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Policy Brief Paper Essay

• Individuals living in rural communities report a high incidence of diabetes due to lack of access to primary care providers, low socio economic status and health illiteracy. Advanced practice nurses are at a good position to advocate and promote health interventions in rural settings.

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Essay on Rural Health

There are abundant studies with sufficient and consistent results implying that health determinants such as income, education, environment and working conditions, social networks, personal health practices and health services lay basis for variety of health conditions including those mentioned in the table 1. Rural and Remote Health (Online), 10(2):...

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The Importance Of Health Communication

Health communication can contribute largely in prevention and promotion of diseases, to improve health provider-patient relations, in movement of public and individual health risk information, formulation of public health messages, in providing education o the population about how to find access to the public healthcare delivery system and total dev...

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Communication Methods And Healthcare Systems Health And Social Care Essay

Health communication can contribute largely in prevention and promotion of diseases, to improve health provider-patient relations, in movement of public and individual health risk information, formulation of public health messages, in providing education o the population about how to find access to the public healthcare delivery system and total dev...

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Urban Areas: Population, Land Use and Health

This is so because rural migrants keep moving to urban areas and also there is a natural growth of the urban population, hence there is a greater demand for jobs. The lack of basic public and social services in rural areas result in migration to urban areas where facilities such as adequate schools, transportation facilities, health facilities and t...

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The Health of a Community: The Project Essays

There are small towns within these rural communities. Community/public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (5th ed.).

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Healthcare Care Access Disparities in Appalachia

Priorities include increasing employment and per capita income levels to meet the U.S. national average, to develop and improve the infrastructure for health care access, increase primary care resources, physician incentives to work in rural areas, education and resources for communities for cancer screening. Initiatives include building rural healt...

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Australia’s Health Care System | Analysis

The effectiveness of the access of health care by rural and remote communities in Australia has been enabled by the outreach models initiated; these are periodic supplies of the services from one location especially in towns to other location in this case remote areas. Rural residents are not equal participants in the primary health system since the...

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Breaking Barriers to Healthcare with ICT

Evaluating the impact of mobile phone based “ health help line ” service in rural Bangladesh. Despite of rural residency people easily access health service without interruption.

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The Effects Of Air Pollution On Health And Economy Essay

Due to the 1980s health reform, there has been a general increase in government health subsidies, but even still, individual spending on health has also increased. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that outdoor air pollution associated with approximately 300,000 premature deaths per year in China and Chinese scientists has given similar ...

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Measuring the development of rural women

The present study outlines different concepts important for concerning rural women development, specifically: (1) quality of life; (2) income; (3) social capital; (4) health and sanitation; (5) food security; (6) rate of education; and (7) life expectancy among rural women in Choram County, South-Werstern of Iran. Today rural people have, more than ...

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