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Reflection Paper Essay

All in all, I was able to appreciate our country, and was familiarized on those places aside from my own.I began to imagine myself travelling from one end to another just to experience those discussed from the reports, though it was just happening from my imagination, especially the delicacies that I was able to expereince in class.There are a lot of places that will lead us back to the ancient times.Highlights here include the mountain village of Sagada with its caves and hanging coffins, and the stunning rice terraces around Banaue and Bontoc.These provinces further gave birth to noble heroes who fought for freedom against oppressors—all three major world super powers in the span of 500 years.

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Accomplishment Report Format Essay

Aside from MPGCHS, Sagada National High School is one of only two SMART schools in the Division of Mt.Free Summer Training in Computer Usage- As requested by the PTCA, the graduates are having summer training on computer usage in the computer laboratory of the school.At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year the faculty donated money so the school could have an internet connection in order to do faculty research, have e-mail and maintain this electronic yearbook.Josephine Buyagan was kind enough to donate the money necessary for our domain name and website hosting.This is courtesy of Mr. Kent Sinkey, a retired computer analyst from the University of Cincinnati who assisted us in the setting up of our website.

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Travel agency Essay

Also the rent on commercial space, machines/equipments like computer, printing equipment, and aircondition, and the outsource expenses including transportation vehicle like bus or van and driver.PERSONAL SELLING: This promotion is through talking personally to potential customers and sells the product and services of our travel and gives details about what we offer.As being new to this market we intend to strength our presence using quality brochures and other sales materials, such as pens, complimentary slips, pads, and pamphlets.and rice terraces trekking, Sagada Village tour, and all fees and entrances.The table above show the estimated quarterly sales and expenses and also the net profit of our business.

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Essay on Tom's Escape in The Glass Menagerie

By hanging out on the fire escape, Tom finds a temporary safe haven from Amanda.1999. pp.1865-1908.Williams, Tennessee."The Glass Menagerie."He is suffocating in his own figurative coffin, but knows his escape will upset Amanda and Laura.

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From reading the selected pre-1914 Essay

Gertrude was surprised, but she doesn’t question it because she had no idea that Rhoda had anything to do with her arm.Hangings were still very popular in the 19th century and any hanging was an excuse for a ‘holiday’.I like the way how Hardy has interlinked everything, e. g. Rhoda’s son’s father is Farmer Lodge, the young man who was hanged was Rhoda’s son.Rhoda is obsessed with the idea of Farmer Lodge being with another woman, and sends her son to look at Gertrude and report back to her.When he says that Gertrude is shorter that Rhoda, she seems pleased and smug about herself.

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Ancient China and Ancient Egypt

Finally, Ancient China and Ancient Egypt practiced grand funerals in preparation of afterlife, like mummifications, although they contrast in the actual funeral processes.After 40days, they wrapped the body with linen bandages.The Egyptians would put the dead mummified people in solid gold coffins and filled the burial room with treasures.With many similarities and differences, they are both renowned for their flourish and established traditional customs.Also they had set period of time for mourning.

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An interpretation of a scene from K.Brannagh’s Essay

When the monster is hanging from the chains one can only see his silhouette.The monsters’ face is hidden by the shadow.This shows that Victor has become more important than the monster.This is eerie because we don’t know whether the monster is dead or alive.This shows life and death; the cradle holding the new born and the coffin holding the dead.

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Black Cat Essay

31 October 2008.html > —“The Fall of the House of Usher”.The white splotch on the cat that comes to live with them after the first is killed soon becomes recognizable by the narrator – or perhaps he imagines it – as an image of the gallows, a fate to which he was destined after his crime was discovered, commensurate with his deed of hanging the cat by the limb of a turns out that the breaking of the hermit’s door, the death-cry of the dragon, and the clanging of the brazen shield corresponded to the breaking of her coffin and her struggle to let herself out through the coppered archway of the family vault.

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Identify the four roles that artists play that have not changed over time Essay

com/pin/265712446734822517/, Innovative Art Ideas Sayre, Henry M. A world of Art (7th Ed.In the painting “Jahangir in Darbar”, 1620, it shows the muslin ruler of India Jahangir seated in his court during and audience, is easy to deduce the diversity, and acceptance of Jahangir court, by the faces, and clotting of the people assisting.The artist Jan Van Eyck in his painting “The Ghent Altar”, 1432, represent God as a young king/God, very powerful, very rich, but benevolent and merciful, supported in the sides by the Virgin Mary, and John the Baptist, reigning on top of a assortment of people, his adaptation of God is a direct representation of what he knows, kingdoms and kings, mixed with the ideas of catholic church.process food, and a m...

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What Happened to Cass McBride Essay

So one day he goes home and the police are there and indicating they know Kyle had something to do with Cass so he gives in and shows them where Cass is buried.He gets mad at her if she says the wrong thing or actually reminds him of what is really going on.Cass was in the hospital for about a month after the incident, and then she recovered and was back to normal.He takes them to a green house that his family owned and he lead them to a spot in the ground where Cass was buried under ground in a coffin, The police then hurried and dug out the grave to get her out and they sent Kyle Kirby to jail.She didn’t really know what to do so she just said that she had been really busy lately and she would let him know if she could hang out later o...

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Fantasy and Imagination in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Essay

Throughout the play there are numerous symbols representing different aspects of all the characters.Some people have their fantasy worlds, and chose to live in them but that does not necessarily mean it is in the best interests of the surrounding circle of friends and family.Unfortunately for Tom, his life was cramped like the coffin and he was slowly suffocating emotionally and spiritually.... middle of paper ... .The only two people he loves in the whole world.

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How Does Charles Dickens Create An Atmosphere Of Crime And Death In Great Expectations?

His chair is described as having ‘rows of brass nails around it, like a coffin’.This makes Mr Jaggers seem like a vampire who sits in his coffin all day and scares his clients who then back away in fright.He personifies the weather to make an atmosphere even gloomier.Dickens shows how hard life was for the working class and how people were forced into crime in order to survive through Pip.Overall Charles Dickens was a great writer who has changed a lot through his effective way of writing about crime and death.

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William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily

Faulkner, W. .She chose to keep them for herself, to hide them; maybe because she felt that these were the only things she can have that other people cannot intrude upon.The next Sunday they again drove about the streets, and the following day the minister’s wife wrote to Miss Emily’s relations in Alabama.” .And it is true of course; death cannot be altered or spoiled by anyone.Or if she were a man, would she have had an easier time of it, as the community would leave her alone?

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I Felt a Funeral in My Brain Essay

This box could indicate a coffin, so the tone in this poem is funereal.In the fourth stanza as the speaker’s mind is being lowered into the coffin, the speaker says, “And being, but an Ear,”.We witness not only the lowering of the coffin but the change in mood of the poem.It seems as if everything suddenly hits her at once – the emotion of the mourners, the treading, the drums, the lowering of the coffin and what it represents and her mind’s death – and she is so overwhelmed that she snaps at the end.February 7, 2001.

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Cash Bundren

As his mother lies dying in bed he builds her a coffin.Accessed on 02-12-2012 .Darl describes briefly Cash’s love for his tools when he quickly returns to them after bringing in Addie’s coffin: “He has returned to the trestles, stooped again in the lantern’s feeble glare as he gathers up his tools and wiped them on a cloth carefully and puts them into the box with its leather sling to go over his shoulder” (50).When Cash was building Addie’s coffin he worked nonstop through the night and through rain.When Cash was working on Addie’s coffin, Anse comes out to observe, Cash tells him to go back into the house and out of the rain.

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Tennessee Williams play ”Glass Menagerie”

He says: “But the wonderfullest trick of all was the coffin, 2008.That his picture seemed to have “grinned” when Tom asks who can ever get out of a coffin without removing a single suggesting to us that he  may purposefully decided to leave his family behind.The coffin is his life together with that of his family which Tom yearns to get away from, but unlike the magician there is easy way out for him.Williams, Tennessee.

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Examine the overtones of Gothic horror in Edgar Allen Poe’s tale The Fall of the House of Usher Essay

In light of this, the use of descriptive setting in the gothic novel is a vital tool used to create a sense of mystery and tension.REMEMBER QUOTES.Many novels use descriptive settings to create this sense of doom.When talking of the coffin in which lady Madeleine was entombed in they describe it as “small, damp and entirely without means of admission for light; lying at great depth”.I argue that Poe was using Madeleine to represent the evil in Roderick this is what causes Roderick to bury her trying to suppress the evil in him, however he is unsuccessful as she breaks through the coffin, this shows that we cannot suppress evil inside us.

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Darl in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

He demonstrated in his narratives detailed descriptions of events but rarely did he reveal any emotional attachment to his subjects.After he sets fire to the Gillespie barn in an attempt to incinerate his mother's corpse, his family commits him against his will to a mental institution in Jackson.Nevertheless, he was regarded as strange.Except for Jewel, he alone among the Bundrens had no hidden motive for wanting to go to Jefferson.Rejected by his mother, Darl exhibited signs throughout the novel of an ego at odds with itself; lacking a definitive way of identifying himself.

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

The conflict is then finally resolved, Farquhar is dead, hanging above the river.This reveals that it was his imagination.Bierce uses vivid imagery, emotional verisimilitude, and the implication of the situation at hand to fuel his central conflict of the story.The author sets up the conflict of life and death of Peyton Farquhar who is about to be hanged.The author uses this technique to clearly illustrate the central conflict he works so hard to portray.

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Multiple Perspectives Psactivity

Is John Adams proud of his role as defense attorney for Captain Preston and the other British soldiers?How did Paul Revere try to make readers feel when they looked at the coffins?In the text above the coffins, how are the four dead men described?What words or sentences from this quotation support that?Primary Source #6: Paul Revere’s Newspaper Engraving of Four Coffins of Men Killed in the Boston Massacre .

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The Dystopian Future of William Gibson's Neuromancer Essays

The greatest image of dystopia I found in this novel, was all the deaths that occur without a second thought about it.With the words that Gibson uses puts a pictured image in the readers mind as they go along; the image of DYSTOPIA.To approach this book from all these angels brings a new outcome of the novel.Rather like that of a gloomy rainy day, black and not appealing.He describes the coffin's size, "the r... ... middle of paper ... ...epetition of  the color pink to describe things, brings a sort of humanistic quality into the work.

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A comparison between Remembrance and Resquiescat

I also find that the simplicity and subtlety of that Oscar Wilde employs is more effective in conveying his feelings, and he makes his poem easier to relate to.The fact that he says ‘Heap earth upon’ his life shows that he is prepared to let the memory of her go into the ground, and so he can mourn, and not let her dominate his life, even if she did mean everything to him.This idea that it is easier to appreciate Requiescat relates to the whole poem; the language used is simpler, and the description of the coffin, and the stone rings bells for every funeral.This shows that he has progressed, and that his grief has developed.There is also a definite sense of incompleteness that climaxes with the final line, in which the regular beat of ea...

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Wingfield's Absent Father in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Essay

presentation of his character is fairly limited since he does not take .the items that Mr. Wingfield has left behind, the vitrola and the .presented and developed by the lines of Tom and Amanda.His character, unlike the rest that appears on stage, is only .part directly in the play and only influences the characters in the .

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Essay about Escaping Reality in "The Glass Menagerie"

X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia.Williams, Tennessee.Williams's use of the escape theme demonstrates the hopelessness and futility of each character's attempt to escape reality through the fire escape, movies, memories, and the glass menagerie....y they face through the use of different objects, places and memories.The Wingfields seem to think escape is possible in their world of illusion, yet not one of the three can make a clean break from the situation at hand.

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Trip to National Museum of Malaysia

Another part of this museum exhibiting coffin exhibition.With one careful look we are able to find the artistic continuity through distances in time and space.There were drawing and painting of all times and of all ages hanging side by side.Thus, by just visiting a good museum we learnt what cannot be learnt from whole library of books.Carpets, pottery, jewellery, textiles, transportation mask, photographs, wooden tools, metal tools, musical instrument, and Other Collections prepared by various artists.

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The unforgettable image of his son hanging reflects on the distressing image of the crows in the opening scene.Significantly the only close up shot is that of which spotlights on the vicar as he says, “We are made the filth of the world, off scouring of all things.The mockery is not missed on the audience because aerial shots and tracking shots have before been exposed of these three tiny coffins masked by white sheets.The white clearly is being used to signify purity.The camera uses aerial and distance shots to gap the audience from the mourning.

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HNC Social Care Grief & Loss Essay

‘Supporting Individuals Experiencing Loss and Grief’.The coffin is taken from the church, either for burial or cremation after the service which mourners can attend (Dickerson et al., 2006).The Population History of England 1541–1871, London.Sometimes this coffin is left open so that relatives can say a final goodbye.The body is put in a plain wooden coffin which is sealed.

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Victorian society Essay

Thus it can be assumed that Dickens was being ironic when naming the chapter.It is well known that children have very active imaginations; so sleeping among coffins wouldn’t inspire many pleasant thoughts into a child’s mind.And Dickens says, at length, that it would have been “marvellously good” if he had done so “but he hadn’t, because nobody had taught him”.In Chapter Two, Oliver is asked if he said his prayers every night “-like a Christian”.Yet Mrs. Sowerberry show no understanding of this and just leaves Oliver alone in a room full of coffins.

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All the Pretty Horses novel Essay

In conclusion, McCarthy writes All The Pretty Horses with much negativity and at the same time he delivers a lesson of how positivity is hidden in every situation, journey, and life.John Grady has learned the skill of searching for the light in a dark room, constantly refusing to dwell on the negative aspects of his many horrible situations.The hardships that these boys face are relentless, however, John Grady refuses to hang his head and give up.With this new found maturity, and as John Grady Cole overcomes this terrible journey of negativity, he has learned to live with the pessimism and has found out how the negatives go side by side with the positives.At this point, McCarthy reveals how John Grady has matured and has learned to live ...

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Discuss Hardy’s use of the supernatural element Essay

Overall only Farmer Lodge deserved his death.Throughout the story we never see much hope and the tone of the story is dark and mysterious, it must be then that Hardy wanted the story and the characters to revolve around the supernatural element.In conclusion I think there is enough evidence in the novel to suggest that the supernatural element is a major theme in the Withered Arm.She wants to get revenge and sees this as a way to do so.I must also consider that there must have been a reason for Rhoda to want to put a curse on Gertrude and that is basically that she has been supplanted by a younger rival.

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