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Wells Create a Sense of Fear and Horror in the Reader of ‘The Tell-tale Heart’ and ‘The Red Room’

To begin with, ghost stories had a different importance in society at the time when the stories where written.Both of the stories would have been very scary when they first came out but I didn’t find them very scary at all, but the story did definitely create a sense of fear and horror.The quote “…it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me.” And “Eight-and-twenty years… …I have lived, and never a ghost have I seen yet” proves that he does not think he is scared of ghosts.There is a gradual build-up to climax throughout the story.During the story he has a problem with another man’s eye, the reader never finds out why but it is probably just the simple fact that he is mad.

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Prose study comparison of 3 19th century Ghost stories

So she says that you may not have seen a ghost but you haven’t seen a house such as this indicating it is a weird place.Also the story is scarier because its based on an eerie story about the scary people and the house is very supernatural.Dickens creates atmosphere, suspense and mystery in this short ghost story.Each of these short ghost stories was written in the 19th century, Ghost stories were very popular in the Victorian era.The atmosphere that the signalmen create is a key point in the story because when he hears the bell and no one else can this makes the story very mysterious, he also staring at the “gloomy red light” which symbolises danger and mystery.

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The Sixth Sense

Lights are also used to make a ghost story scarier.These two scenes are important to the rest of the film because in all of the other scenes with ghosts in, music and lighting is used to make the ghosts very scary and so in the scenes with Malcolm in, there is no scary music or lighting so we just assume that he isn’t a ghost.If a victim is in cellar or somewhere scary like that, he will usually be in the lighter areas and the ghosts (monsters) will usually be in the darker areas, however, we, the viewers can always see the ghost creeping about well before the victim.In English media we have been studying the use of camera tricks and the use of sound and lighting in the film “The 6^th sense”, this film is not a conventional ghost or horr...

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My Journal: What Makes Horror Horrifying?

Consequently, horror films that relied on their unrealism like monsters become outdated in time as better animation created more unrealistic characters with new monstrous faces that are not necessarily scary.The continued and consistent relevance of horror films which subsequently becomes our continued and consistent psychosocial concern make such films horrifying that’s why they remain as popular horror films as their scary appeal is maintained as is.Meanwhile, the devil possession and ghost stories maintain their scary value because of the relevance of their stories.As shown in my discussion, the tension produced by bloody carnage and ruthlessness is not what makes horror films scary.However, the animation for “The exorcist” remains ve...

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Compare and contrast the two stories ‘Farthing House’ and ‘The Red Room’

Farthing House also had more of a frightening feel to it, whereas Red Room was more like ET, as it isn’t really what a ghost story is all about, there meant to be scary, and Red Room wasn’t.The man is very confident at most times, feeling that there couldn’t possibly be a ghost, but if there is a ghost he wants to meet it, which leaves the reader very confused to what he is thinking.Therefore as I conclude, I can say that Farthing House is much more effective as its story as a whole is much more ‘Ghost Story’ like as I have previously mentioned.She is very sceptical about the ghost and Farthing House altogether.In ‘Red Room’ the Ghost that the young man meets is never really known to be a Ghost of the dead, but in Farthing House, near th...

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”The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill

Overall all of these points and many more made the play a ‘Woman in Black’ directed by Robin Hereford so effective as a ghost story.It must have been hard to make this scary without the use of cameras and computers.Without the lighting, I personally think the play wouldn’t be as exhilarating as a ‘scary’ ghost story.The screen and use of auditorium creates a very good atmosphere, which helps to make the play a success in the ghost story genre.As we know from the ghost story conventions I discussed bad weather is common in ghost stories.

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The techniques, which affect the management of tension in “The Red Room” and “Farthing House”

But to make the story seem more interesting to read the author must relax the tension at times and then pick it up later on so a reader can drop down from the tension and be reminded of the overall story once again.Farthing house is similar but I believe is less scary and tormenting to the main character, the person who falls foul to what the supernatural world.The repetition also gives it a scary ominous feel.These happenings are quite ghostly and hard to believe but far believable than that of the “The Red Room” and gives a more modern look on ghosts as not just being scary.I think the idea of her being drawn to places and things works particularly well for producing tension as like other things in the story it creates mystery in the s...

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The old Nurse’s story Essay

In ‘The Darkness Out There’, although there are myths of ghosts and witches, the story isn’t based on a ghost.This area was scary.The setting, weather symbolism and usage of ghosts combined together make it a very effective ‘ghost’ story.I think ghost stories are effective because of the typical ingredients that they contain.The idea of listening to a ghost story is to be scared.

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How does conan doyle use setting in the hound of the baskervilles? Essay

The moor is what the story is mostly based around; it is portrayed as a sad, deserted place which is shown when Conan Doyle describes it as ‘Grey, melancholy hill, with a strange jagged summit’ grey is a bland, cold and sad colour, and melancholy means depressed.Conan Doyle creates atmosphere in the mansion by using objects ‘The door clanged heavily behind us’ clanging heavy doors gives the impression of a haunted mansion, and also shows that it is silent enough in the mansion to hear it loudly, another example of an object creating atmosphere ‘numerous candles did something to remove the sombre impression’ saying that the house is scary, but the decoration is uplifting.So all in all, the surroundings that the author chose for the novel ...

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Poetry anyalsis of the “Root Cellar”

People well sometimes move to a new home if they think a ghost inhabits their place.In the line “roots ripe as old bait” (7) Roethke is not talking about roots of the vegetables but is referring to the ghost.This line supports the idea of a ghost story because it is commonly known that ghost hunt or haunt in the dark.I believe the poem Root Cellar is about more than just an underground pantry of vegetables, but instead Roethke is trying to tell a story of a scary place where things were still leaving and he was frightened of this place.Some say they are nothing and can go through walls, and others believe they are slimy or gross like movies make them out to be, but then again all living things are different then there is probably differe...

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Ghost Story of Split Rock Road

His friends were too scared to stay on the bridge, fearing that they had cheated death and needed to get away from that haunted place.Additionally, there is rumored to be a ghost that wanders on Split Rock Road, a young girl in a white sundress.He believed that Split Rock Road was a very scary place to be, especially late at night.His face lit up as he reminisced about visiting Split Rock Road.By the time he got to this story, the narrator was very excited and animated about telling it.

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Compare the two ghost stories, ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Farthing House’

I have a lot to compare, as the ‘Red Room’ is a very traditional ghost story with a very gothic theme, while ‘Farthing House’ is a very modern ghost story that uses twists and turns, quite unexpectedly to create suspense rather that fear and also they are separated by the fact that in the ‘Red Room’ you think there is going to be a ghost and there isn’t, while in ‘Farthing House’, you don’t think there is going to be a ghost and there is.The ‘Red Room’ is made frightening by the fact that you know that there is going to be a ghost while in ‘Farthing House’ rather than fear, suspense which is just as effective, is created by you not knowing there is a ghost.The ‘Red Room’ is a very traditional ghost story with its conventional pre – 1900’...

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Mount Pleasant Essay

(p.5, l. 121-122) She invents her own expressions, which results in the story being poor in traditional imagery like comparisons and metaphors.She might think that the deceased boy had something to do with the ghost.The short story takes place in an environment that Elizabeth knows well, which is at their house, Mount Pleasant.At several places in the story where Elizabeth tells about an episode where the reader has to interpret the situation, to determine whether it’s a ghosts or just the narrator’s childish imagination.Elizabeth perceives the sounds caused by the wind to be scary, and describes it with the use of personification.

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‘The Clubfooted Grocer’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ‘The Red Room’ by HG Wells

Both narrators are crucial to the story as they help build up mystery and suspense they are both upper class young men who start there journey off confident but end up scared.The Red Room is set in a dark, draughty, almost abandoned castle apart from the three old people; it is a gothic horror story and is set at Lorraine Castle whereas The Clubfooted Grocer is set in the country.The farmer and farmers wife who make it clear they are not fond of the uncle and they want to get rid of him as soon as they can the farmers wife tries to persuade him not to go to his uncle but to go back to London the main narrators mother is in the beginning of the story to explain what is happening.The Clubfooted Grocer starts off slow as background informat...

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Compare the signal man by Charles Dickens and if she bends, she

"the signal man"'s ending, was not scary to me, but during th time it .a ghost at the end of the story.boring place, which is a typical setting for a ghost story .out to be a ghost, this is why every one is ignoring him.was written, would have been very scary to read.

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Ghost Children of San Antonio Essay

Ghost Children of San Antonio The legend of the Ghost Children of San Antonio dates back to the first half of the 20th century, with the majority of accounts placing its origins within a period extending from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.2006. she is skeptical about things such as urban legends and ghost tales, she explained to me that this story always unsettled her in an inexplicable way.Legends of America.(Mikkelson) This story was recounted to me by a 20 year old female student at my University.

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Horror Films Special Effects and Cinematography

Actually this movie came out from the comic that Van Helsing is a ghost hunter who will be roaming around the earth in search of ghost, In this movie also he is coming to a village in search of the ghost.Mostly all the thriller movies have this type of ghost, there will be a character sucking blood from the humans and using them for their existence.In the earlier periods the ghost will be only living inside the cave and later the living area of the ghost also increased ,no matter where the ghost are living- it may be at school, it may in our home or inside one’s soul no matter where it will be.And nowadays time is also not a matter for the ghost it may come at day time or it may come when we are sleeping and when we are in dream.There ar...

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Special Effects In Horror Movies

Mostly all the thriller movies have this type of ghost, there will be a character sucking blood from the humans and using them for their existence.Watching a horror film gives an opening into that scary world, into an outlet for the essence of fear itself, without actually being in danger.It is difficult to show scary effects in screens.Actually this movie came out from the comic that Van Helsing is a ghost hunter who will be roaming around the earth in search of ghost, In this movie also he is coming to a village in search of the ghost.This is the kind of ghost and others include the vampire.

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The Signalman has an unsuspected ending

After the signalman is finished describing the ghost the narrator had to sit down to “partly to collect my thoughts, partly because it turned me faint”.This naturally scares the man, “the nameless horror that oppressed me”, when he realises it is a man and not a ghost he is relieved.However instead of being a ghost it’s a man.The eerie effect is created by Dickens distinctive choice of vocabulary; the word “clammy” has more effect than saying deep or slimy building tension with a scary feeling caused.The metaphor “the great dungeon” is saying that, like a dungeon, there is no way out of the cutting making it seem scary and claustrophobic.

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Although It Is a Ghost Story, a Christmas Carol Is an Uplifting Tale Essay

Stave one does not resemble the happy and cheerful world of Christmas trees and presents, but instead the reader is exposed to, what can only be described as, ‘ghost story’ features.Ghost stories are meant to be scary, typically the ghosts that appear in this genre bring nothing but evil, but in this particular parable the trio of ghosts aim to help Scrooge.Why has the title A Christmas Carol been chosen to represent what seems to be a ghost story?Dickens has achieved this using gothic literature and the ghostly features of the story.elevate the feelings toward Scrooge and the ghostly story.

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Christmas Carol Essay

There are also many more of these gothic conventions used like the mysterious weather, the rain makes creates a more gothic atmosphere, also with the ghost of Christmas future and a very important convention used in many gothic movies and books, justice-it is present in the novella, like how Scrooge’s actions means that if any positive change is not present in him he could suffer from a hellish afterlife and how tiny Tim would die without his help.And I think that the final convention of the gothic which is present in the story is the idea of Scrooge’ heroine in distress, this creates even more tension into the story.And after that the main themes involved in the upcoming chapters happiness with the kind hearted ghost of Christmas presen...

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Mary Shelly Essay

They both tell a story about a “creature” and the unknown at the times they were written.In “The Woman In Black” extract, we find out in the first small paragraph, is set in a small dilapidated graveyard, this is scary within its self because of a graveyards ossociation with death, ghosts and all things evil.By Jemma Burke Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.Both extracts are very typical of the gothic horror genre.They both use complex language with big words and long flowing sentences, with only a few short ones for dramatic affect.

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The Ghost Story of Haunted Roads

There is a facet of the story concerning nosiness and snooping around.The Ghost Story of Haunted Roads The story of a haunted road in comes from a resident of the city.There is a scary forest, a chilling building, and although the truck is a vehicular paranormal being, it is basically a ghostly figure.Despite the lack of text regarding Marriottsville Road, when I asked other friends from Ellicott City about a haunted road, they recognized the story.This rocky road is one that can attract thrill-seekers, but the moral of the story is that if one is careless, then a negative turn of events will occur.

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Comparison between ‘The Red room’ and ‘Farthing House’

This castle was given the basic characteristics of being a very scary place, and set the platform for a very good horror, an example is in the ‘Red Room’ ‘The long draughty subterranean passage was chilly and dusty and my candle flared and made the shadows cower and quiver.The setting is scary and horrific gets even more so as it builds up the climax to the story.The story behind the ghost is told then moves back to the present tense.It is also very rare to find a friendly ghost and in most ghost stories there is normally someone who disbelieves in ghosts and later finds that a ghost does exist.” H. G Wells uses shadow imagery to reveal the characteristic of this ghost story through a ghost is never really seen at all.

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Vampire Attacks: Hoax or Reality? Essay

Vampire Attack.When hanging out with my friends I used to watch horror, scary, mystery movies and sleep in front of the television, while the show still running(Vinay, ... .Research Issues in Parapsychology.First 'Zombie Apocalypse' Now 'Vampire' Attack in Texas.(2004, December 5).

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Comparing The Red Room and Ghost at the window

Many figurative language were been used in the story like “My heart turned to frozen palpitating slush.The Ghost at the window is about a pilot crashed his plane and hurt himself, the co-pilot and killed a girl called Megan, soon she comes back as a ghost to haunt him.It is scary because the author described the corners as black corners; the effect it gives the reader is that it makes you feel trapped.The writer also kept the reader’s attention throughout the story, in order for the story to create tension and suspense.In the story, the writer created tension, building it up and letting it to drop and picking it up again Secondly, I will be talking about the “Ghost at the window”: In this story, the title is filling our head with lots mo...

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How does Shakespeare create sympathy for Macbeth in the play? Essay

Shakespeare gives Macbeth a title “noble Macbeth” which not every soldier or king would often get he and he receives this by the king himself.Shakespeare’s use of diabolical imagery is taking the reference of how devil who was initially a really good angel but because of his pride and going against god he was forcefully sent to hell, likewise Macbeth’s was initially a really good person but because of bad influence he is turned into the person he is.In conclusion with the use of Lady Macbeth Shakespeare creates sympathy for Macbeth as she was the one who first heightened his ambitions.Shakespeare makes so many biblical references of Macbeth forced being like the devil throughout the play like when Lady Macbeth says him to be the ‘serpent...

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A Comparison of The Red Room and The Signalman Essay

suit there genre of story perfectly.To conclude, I think that each story has a very strong and emotional .more of a scary horror book which contained recent worries and events .to suit the character of the the Victorians beliefs.

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The Red Room Essay

So we don’t know what actually happened to the narrator in the red room, was he imagining it or was there actually a ghost?.During the story the only thing that haunts him is his own fear and imagination.The other characters in the story are the old people, this includes an old woman and two old men.When the man tells the others that the room “is haunted” it seems like he is going to carry on and admit that the room is haunted, going back on what he said at the beginning of the story but he doesn’t, he builds up the tension “there is neither ghost of earl nor ghost of countess in that room, there is no ghost there at all; but worse, far worse—-” and then tells them that the room is haunted by fear.The story is written in first person nar...

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Celeste LaClaire Learns – A Ghost In My Suitcase Essay

The main knowledge that she gained from her trip is that sometimes you need to forgive, life is not always fair, you have to be brave and that not everyone is as they seem.Celeste learnt many things about herself throughout her journey and the reason for this is that she travelled with her family to new places and got to know people better.When people leave you, it can often be hard to get your head around it; things that you can normally do with ease become hard, you get distracted, you can’t think straight and I know for a fact that anything that triggers a thought or memory could make you burst out crying.In circumstances, you have to be brave, even if it means facing your worst fears and overcoming them.The title of the novel is ‘A G...

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