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The Importance Of Self Concept Clarity

Self-concept clarity research has undoubtedly added to the store of knowledge on the self.The first significant contribution SCC research makes to the study of the self is its recognition of the self as multidimensional.Self-concept clarity research to date has mainly been carried out in the Western world, a predominantly individualistic culture which emphasises the self, independence, and the importance of being unique and differentiating oneself from others (Markus & Kitayama, 1991, p. 1).However, psychology must strive for a complete, comprehensive understanding of the self and as such, must place greater emphasis on other equally important properties of the self.It is this uncertainty regarding the self which leads to self-concep...

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Self Presentation In Understanding The Self

In essence, all of the above literature not only emphasises the importance of self-presentation but how all properties of the self are inextricably linked.Although this property of the self is of great significance in understanding the self, it may be questioned if it is the most important.Baumeister outlined three main reasons why self esteem impacts self presentation in this instance.Therefore it is ridiculous to attribute such significance to self-esteem alone without looking at the self and all of its properties as a whole.Individuals possess an idea of their ideal self (the self the ideally desire to be) and it is this self that they attempt to project and be seen as by others.

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Self-Esteem and Self-Concept

The history of self-esteem comes from a man name William James from the 19th century, he studied the global self, knower self and known self.Self-concept also known as self-construction, self-identity, or self-structure is known to be what one knows about their self.The positive and negative results in life creates an attitude we carry along with our self worth based off favorable or unfavorable feelings.Over time others such as Carl Rogers and Robert B. Burns developed their own research of self-esteem by theorizing self-acceptance and individual’s attitude towards their self.“Models of the self: Self-construals and gender”.

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Effect of Low Self Esteem on Academic Performance

There is another group of students out general people, who base their self esteem on their appearance and approval of others, in this case most of the time students not much focus on their academic results, they try to invest more on their looks, clothes and appearance.Researcher also comment on the situation in which their findings had shown that students whose self worth is contingent on academics tend to adopt achievement goals focused more on performance than on learning.Among the seven domains of contingencies commonly identified in university students (Crocker, Luthanen, Cooper, & Bourvrette, 2003), the research focused on all the domains of self worth and hypothesized that the significantly high level of self esteem of those s...

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The impact of self-worth on student academic performance

In clarification of the optimistic emotions and favorable beliefs are associated to the self with high self-esteem, it seems reasonable to think that people who have high self esteem fare better in terms of the objective outcomes they experience in life— that they would not only be happier but also richer, more successful, better loved, and perhaps even more attractive than low self-esteem people.In this world of today where everybody is fighting for survival and succession in the life, people are developing their self to be more competent and successful they need to have high level of self confident and self esteem i.e.The row form of self esteem, it is define as “the value or worth a person think he have about his self” it is the refle...

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Self Leadership Another Way To Achieve Performance Education Essay

Self leadership theory is very much complementary with self-determination theory (Deci, 1972).Taken together these core self-leadership strategies and aligning them to motivation, self efficacy and performance following conceptual frame work (figure.1) is suggested aiming at to achieve successful performance in an organization.This suggested conceptual frame work is modified from the basic model of “Self leadership and personal effectiveness” proposed by Manz & Neck (2007).As mentioned Self leadership strategies include behavioral-focused, natural-reward and constructive-thought pattern strategies.In the light of the self leadership literature the figure.1 above is suggesting a conceptual framework which implies that applying self-le...

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Self Concept Essay

Self-concept can also affect the behaviour of the individual, for example if they have a negative self-concept they can feel all types of different emotions such as feeling, lost, worthless, insecure, depressed, not accepted.(positive self image and self esteem) This is an idea of who you are, and comes into 4 elements which are, the type of things that you use to describe yourself to another individual.In health care you will come across individuals that will not be able to understand who they are, because they don’t feel like they are an individual, this is where positive reinforces are used to show them that they have support from you and also to help them regain a positive self-concept, the things you can do to show them you are supp...

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The Relationship between the Embodied Self and the Virtual Self Essay

The virtual self, cannot therefore exist without an embodied self, not only because it is the body which allows interaction with others or locomotion of ideas but also because it is the embodied self which determines what is ideal.This can be done through the projection of a virtual self that is closer to one’s actual self or it may be accomplished through the gradual adopting in actuality the characteristics endowed upon the ideal virtual self.The body serves to allow the deployment of the self just as the embodied self serves to deploy the virtual self.This actual self cannot be detached from the physical self, thus its referral as the embodied self.Numerous discussions have been had regarding the constitution of the self, whether or n...

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The Self Paper Essay

If a person is comfortable with the actual self in the present time then a person is more likely to have a stable self-esteem.According to, self is, “a combining form of self and variously used with the meanings “of the self” ( self-analysis ) and “by oneself or itself” ( self-appointed ); and with the meanings “to, with, toward, for, on, in oneself” ( self-complacent ), “inherent in oneself or itself” ( self-explanatory ), “independent” ( self-government ), and “automatic” ( self-operating ).The self and emotion can affect an individual self-esteem in many ways.There is several self-guide (standards) to regulate behaviors; the different self-guide lines include the actual self, ought self, and the ideal self (Fiske, 2010)...

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A Study on Self Esteem and its Implications

Low self-esteem, by definition, refers to an unfavourable definition of the self.Self esteem is how we think about ourselves.Further, these unconscious evaluations of self and self-related objects are only modestly correlated with explicit self-evaluations and self-esteem (e.g., Bosson, Swann, & Pennebaker, 2000).Self esteem is a concept of personality, for it to grow, we need to have self worth, and this self worth will be sought from embracing challenges that result in the showing of success.Evaluation of self esteem .

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Effectiveness Of Self Monitoring Technique Psychology Essay

The self part of self-esteem pertains to the values, beliefs and attitudes that are held about one’s own self.Hence the researcher was interested in testing the effectiveness of self monitoring technique on self- esteem among children at school and destitute home... Administration of self monitoring technique will improve the self-esteem among children.There will be a significant difference in the level of self-esteem among children after the administration of self monitoring technique... Self monitoring technique refers to a method of behaviour therapy where systematic daily recording by the children of his or her own strengths, achievements, victories and the things they admire about themselves are done after the completion of activi...

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Importance Of Self Knowledge In Understanding The Self

Bluck (2003; cited in Conway, 2005, p. 596) claimed “A stable, integrated, self with a confirmatory past that yields a consistent and rich life story constitutes a self that is able to operate effectively, achieve goals, and relate to others in productive ways.” According to such a perspective, memories and stories of an individual’s life experiences thus affect various aspects of life and develop other features of the self.While incorporating other theorists’ views, self knowledge is emphasized in that it can shape and is inter-related with various other aspects of the self.Each ‘self’ operates in unison with the other, with each exhibiting fundamental importance, however, this paper concentrates on the extended self and how a person’s ...

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Personal Reflections Essay

Studies of the Self .Ideal self is how a person would like to see their self.Narcissism is defined as “having an inflated sense of self” (Myers, 2010).Ideal self is not necessarily how an individual actually perceives their self, rather the idealistic version that person dreams of being.Carl Rogers believed self-image, self-esteem, and ideal self are the three components of self-concept.

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The Development Of Strong Sense Of Self Esteem

It is evident that self-esteem makes little difference in school performance and it is not wise and not justify for putting a lot of scarce educational resources, in particular in Hong Kong, by boosting self-esteem of children in schools and then looking for unrealistic hope for having significant improvements in students’ academic achievements.Inflated self-esteem may also increase the risk of violence and self-defeating behaviours in schools.Even in some researches indicate that children’s academic achievements could be worse off due to their high self-esteem.In general, high self-esteem can make students feel good so that their school performance could be reinforced by other third variables, such as self-control, which are responsible...

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The Construct of Self Esteem

Consequentially, it creates sufficient opportunities to assist those with low self-esteem, by addressing their self-discrepancies and regulating self-beliefs with the standards of other people about self.As a result, when the professional psychologist applies social cognitive theoretical provisions to help those with low self-esteem, he (she) will be able to determine the major self-schemas which hinder the effective development of the self, and the self-esteem.It is especially important when the person bases his (her) ideas of self on opinions of others.As a result, when we do not achieve the pursued ideals, our self schemas do not work in accordance with the external conditions.The authors concluded that “the self is relational – or ev...

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Self Efficacy And The Social Cognitive Theory Education Essay

Moreover, self-efficacy in listening was significantly related to listening proficiency.Moreover, a strong correlation was found between their English achievement and sense of self-efficacy.The result indicated that students majoring in humanities had a very weak English self-efficacy and held certain negative beliefs about their academic ability as EFL learners.They concluded that EFL learners’ self-efficacy is an important factor in the achievement of high scores in English language skills such as reading comprehension.According to the results of the study, there was a significant difference between high and low self-efficacious students in terms of listening comprehension.

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Self concept Essay

Asian cultures tend to have a more interdependent view of the self: interpersonal relationships are more important than individual achievements.According to Rogers, all humans tend to strive for an "ideal self."The perception of the past self and the future self is related to the perception of the self in the present.In addition, individuals tend to perceive the past self less favorably (for example, "I became better than I was") and the future self more positively (for example, "I will be better than I was).The idea is developed by George Herbert Mead in the 1930s who describes the concept of the self as a process that is not innate, but that is built through social interactions.

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The Subject Of Self Perception

People’s understanding of self makes people believe to be capable, significant, successful, and worthy.The concept of self in education, family, and sports.The concept of self: a study of black identity and self-esteem Pp.47-48.These notions about the self are deliberate and rather stabile.Self-efficacy is the belief in the effectiveness of self actions and the expectation of success of their implementation.

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The Metaphysics of John Stuart Mill in Relation to Philippine Government Essay

The genuine self, for Nishida and in line with Buddhist teachings, is thus a “self that is not a self.It entails the significance towards metaphysical endowment as a very profound distinction and similarities thru a bi polar elucidation regarding the concept of David Hume’s commencement of the self as no self at all, that everything underlies within the notion of impression, and that the self is no self at all.The self is the experience discussing Nishida, Nishitani described this rapport between experience and self, “of which it is said not that there is experience because there is a self, but rather that there is a self because there is experience.When faced with a range of questions about self (questions pertaining to identity, experi...

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Differences between Self-Efficacy and Self-Confidence

Self efficacy is not that judgment of what a person has done but what that person thinks he or she can do.Understanding self-efficacy as a specific situation can eventually affect the overall levels of the self-confidence of a person, hence coaches or leaders in various sports can see importance of building a subordinate self-efficacy.Self efficacy relates to person’s perception of his or her ability to reach certain goals or objectives.Self confidence is described by – as the assertion or the trust in oneself, believing in a person’s own aptitude, making choice that might be referring to the general context or to the specific doings or events.Since raising the feeling of competence in all the areas of sports or exercise helps in buildin...

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Psychological research and theory can inform counselling

Firstly, the ‘known to all’ quadrant is the aspect of the self known to everyone, including the person himself/herself (Sutton & Stewart, 2008).helping people in discovering themselves and finding their own solutions, it is important for the counsellor to have a good understanding and idea about the self and the self-knowledge.One of the reasons of seeing a counsellor is that people learn about one self by precisely assessing one’s strengths and weaknesses (Carter & Dunning, 2008).To conclude, understanding about the self and the self-knowledge, counsellors will be able to understand the human behaviour better.In Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy model, the different levels to enhance self awareness are: biological needs, safety, belongi...

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Who Am I? Psychology Essay

The self-schema of the possible self includes hopes and ideas for positive potential while concurrently avoiding and harboring visions of the dreaded or feared self.The relationship or connection between the self and others influences self-awareness while affecting how the self reacts and adapts to certain situations.The relationship between the various selves is supported by self-efficacy, self-esteem, the interaction of which becomes the representative external product of the self.Influences on the self, for example the cultural influences are generally invisible to the self, and unconscious processes and external observations influences and regularly weaken or undermine conscious behavior and choice.Life experiences rouse change and a...

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Theory Of Self And Self Concept Essay

Rogers has a more positive treatment of the ideal self, to Rogers the ideal self represents the qualities and personal traits that we wish and strive to become, and the person continues to work towards this ideal self and that it is attainable.Moreover, to Horney the idealized self has a negative connotation in that it is a set of beliefs about the self that a person should live up to but fails to because it is impossible to attain.On the other hand, if the discrepancy between the ideal self and the real self is wide then the person will become unhappy and dissatisfied.Horney and Rogers both developed a theory of self from two opposing perspectives, while they may share similar views on their theoretical discussions of the self, they als...

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A study of self esteem of college students

For example, altering one’s level of self-esteem would affect the entire self system, and lead to disrupting one’s ability to function normally.Therefore, feeling, especially the painful ones such as loss of self-esteem, become important in this system.For instance, experience of anxious feeling when self esteem is threatened motivates one to avoid or fight the danger to maintain a sense of worthiness and identity.Other studies have also shown that merely imaging rejections are sufficient to impair self esteem (Moss, 2008).Study had shown that self esteem of participants were likely to drop after they imagined themselves performing behaviors in which they felt they could be excluded or rejected by someone else-such as cheating on an exam...

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Self Confidence And Leadership

It has been seen that high level of self efficacy makes a person better suited for leadership role than a person with a low level of self efficacy.Hence in this study, we seek to study the mediation effect of self-efficacy on the relationship between self confidence and leadership with gender as the moderating variable.Similarly, a study on the Israeli military used the construct of self-confidence as a combination of 3 variables, one of which was self efficacy (Popper et al, 2004).The questionnaire measured the students on various parameters like self confidence, self efficacy, and leadership quality.Findings – There is a significant relation between self confidence and leadership of an individual, with self efficacy fully mediating thi...

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Literature Related To Self Esteem Psychology Essay

The students were taught to use the self monitoring strategy during independent math/reading seatwork... Delprato (2002) conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of self monitoring in increasing classroom participation.The results indicated that self monitoring was an effective strategy for fostering self-management and enhancing the academic performance of students with differing needs.Ghorbanshiroodi and Khalatbari (2010) conducted a correlational study to find the relation between self-esteem and self monitoring of students with their education improvement.Classroom participation of 18 college classes were recorded for three meetings, after which 9 classses self-monitored their participation for three days while 9 others continued ...

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Evaluation of Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale

These factors were called defense of individual self worth and self derogation accordingly.Although Rosenberg’s self esteem scale has excellent psychometric properties it constitutes a unidimensional scale that does not capture the complexity of self esteem.A study made in 2006 by Quilty & Oakman& Risko suggest that although Rosenberg’s self esteem scale was developed as a global self esteem factor, there is mixed support for its unifactorial structure.Self esteem is found to be related to basic dimensions of personality as individuals with high self esteem tend to score high on extraversion, agreeableness and openness to experience.Research indicates that although self esteem levels can be temporarily elevated or depressed in ev...

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Theoretical Perspectives For Nursing Nursing Essay

(2) Abilities to take care of self and care for others are learned and remembered (3) Self-care proficiencies and self-care demands should be balanced by self-care deficits (4)Life involvements, health, sociocultural alignment, resources, developmental stage, and age intercedes self-care or dependent care (5)Nurses, patients and others are involved in therapeutic self-care by meeting self-care needs and regulating self-care abilities (6)Nurses measure patients’ capabilities and skills in meeting and carrying out their self-care needs.The social system consist of the association between the nurse and the patient establishing a contract for the purpose of procuring nursing care when an existent or probable self-care deficit has evolved.Eac...

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The Application of Self-Congruity Theory in Tourism

Many other traditional definitions of the self-concept focus on a unitary self (e.g., Allport 1943; Cooley 1902; Lecky 1945; Mead 1934).(2005) relationship between destination personality, self-congruity, and behavioral intentions, Thesis .Mind, Self, and Society.In Malhotra’s approach, which was developed for traditional goods and services, the 15-item scale was used to measure perceptions of products as well as the actual, ideal and social self.Malhotra(1981) developed a scale to measure self and product concepts, comprised of 15 semantic differential items which in effect measure personality characteristics.

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Self-harm Essay

According to Nicolas Azalbert, reviewer at Cahiers du Cinéma, “the self-mutilation to which the character of Hélène (not interpreted but played by Marina de Van) indulges does not consist, in a suicidal tendency, in turning one's body strength against oneself but to find it for oneself.Birds and monkeys, for example, are also known to practice self-harm in captivity.Zoo or laboratory cages, and isolation, are aggravating factors leading to a susceptibility to self-harm in larger mammals, such as macaques.In the film Fight Club, by David Fincher, published in 1999, the main character beat himself up several times in the film, in particular, which could be likened to self-harm , as a catharsis, or to get something from another character.Fo...

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