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Television, a Waste of Time And Money Essay

Parents are not to be blamed totally but there is a good part that does rely on them to guide their kids the right way and limit the hours of TV they watch everyday.Or will there be a stop to the up rise in violent acts all together?If the kids watch excessive amounts of TV when they are really young, they will react to what they saw on TV when they are in a crisis or problem in there life, when they grow up.If the rise of violence still increases at a steady speed, the only way to stop it is to either go to the producers or convince the people to turn on televisions and remove them from their homes.Children who watch more than three hours of TV a day are very likely to commit a violent act with in their life.

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Television Addicted Children

Of all, I chose the definition which is proposed by Lamai, “Addiction is a habitual repetition of excessive behavior that a person is unable or unwilling to stop, despite its harmful consequences” (2006).If you unguardedly let children watch TV, it could lead children to fail in childhood.Therefore, keeping watching television incautiously should be reconsidered.It should not watch more than two hours on qualified TV program.In conclusion, the desire which wants to watch TV definitely should be seen as addiction.

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How do movies or television influence people’s behavior?

Moreover, TV is, nowadays, everywhere.For many people, the main idea of watching TV is to obtain information about what is happening in the world.But we do not consider the possible danger which we are exposed to while watching TV.The next disadvantage of TV is its role as “a thief of time”.We decide what and when to watch and we should constantly remember about the consequences of our decision.

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Reality TV Shouldn’t be a Reality Essay

Another reason we should stop reality television is that it could disrupt our community.Children and teens waste hours of watching reality television.They could be doing more important things than to watch reality TV.Most reality TV shows, like “Jersey Shore”, is just a brain-numbing wreck that most children, teens, and even adults get sucked into.So why allow children and teens watch reality television?

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TV Addiction Problem

You might find yourself talking to your family again instead of watching the TV too much.Next, compare the amount of time you watch TV to average time people spending on TV.You need to know how much time you spend watching TV.Secondly, List all the other fun activities you can do at home instead of watching TV.It is common a belief that the fastest method to quit TV addiction by stop watching TV.

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Effects of Watching T.V

In my opinion, cognitive effect can be considered positive; however, it makes up only approximately one fifth of TV watching effects.Hence, the entertaining effect of watching TV is nothing but positive, when one know when to stop.Watching too many thrillers or horror movies, people increase the risk of encountering serious mental disorders.In a nutshell, the effects of watching TV may be divided into cognitive, entertaining and negative.The above-mentioned effects of watching TV demonstrate that it is not the TV sets at home which should be blamed for our problems, but the lack for sense of proportion.

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Effects of Watching TV

Also, as watching comedy shows on the TV releases endorphins, it makes one physically addicted too.Mental disorders and slow learning are very much attributable to watching TV.One stops thinking while watching TV and it slows down brain activity over a period of time.A viewer enters a hypnotic state while watching TV for a long time.However, people who watch TV very frequently and for hours together tend to get addicted to this kind of passive activity, which provides the mind a good break from the hectic working hours.

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The Effects of Violence in the Media Essay

Boys who grew up watching violent TV shows were more likely to be violent with their wives.” This is true but what if you didn’t watch the violent TV shows but your parents acted that way to each other?If they don’t realize that they are out of the dream world then they might act the same way as they see on TV.Yet it isn’t just the TV that brings us the violence there are other factors.If you do that you have the protection on your TV but what about the TVs at their friend’s houses?One might watch a scene from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” which may show them betting up a bad guy for trying to hurt someone.

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The Effects Of Media On Children 's Children Essay

Believe it or not for a child those violent movies or TV shows affect their way of thinking of violence.But what effects does just watching that violent movie or TV show really have.Media is getting bigger and bigger, we can’t stop ourselves from looking at it but we can control it.Grossman claims, “Sure, they are told,” Hey it 's all for fun, Look this isn 't real; it 's just TV”.We are doing the exact opposite: Our children watch vivid pictures of ... .

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Tv Viewing- Good or Bad? Essay

When someone is watching TV they are not consciously doing it.Watching television has been a favorite thing to do for many people for decades and raises the question; does television affect your intelligence?TV benefits you in some aspects like patience, reading and attention.But what your children are watching needs to be monitored by the adults in the family.In addition to small children having problems if they watch too much TV, studies have also shown that teens struggle socially and emotionally.

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Media & Youth

When one witnesses a lot of fighting; death and violence on the screen, they can become so used to it that they will stop feeling any sort of remorse if they hurt someone else.We see Miley Cyrus singing with bikinis and doing all nasty things, hear about our favorite celebrities getting arrested for doing drugs and watching fake violent shows like WWE as well as the lyrics of some of the most popular songs.This is all because of food commercials every 10 minute during TV broadcast provoking our senses to buy junk food.Many experts say academic success equals to turn off the TV according to researches.The youth loves watching those videos and this will have a great effect on how sex may affect them.

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Man has become slaves to the modern day gadgets

Gadgets and technology are boon to us, but it should be used moderately by our younger generation or else the day is not far when we .These have been the causes for many severe accidents.will only interact with each other using technology and gadgets.•Studies are affected.I saw so many people busy listening to songs and talking on phones even while crossing roads and railway tracks.

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Disadvantage of T.V

Then it will be no bad effect for the youths for watching television.It increases their knowledge by watching various channels, vocabulary by watching English movies, shows etc.Many children are found to be addicted to watching TV.So if you have kids, make sure you are very careful regarding various things like: what they are watching, how much time they spend watching T.V., don’t allow them to watch too much of cartoons and scary shows, they should not affect their eyesight and stuff like that.Parents are also requested that not to be too much rude for watching television.

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TV Addiction Children

“Television Addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching” (GNU free documentation, 2008).It is also important to not eat and watch TV at the same time.According to a recent study done by the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center, over the course of the year, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school or participating in any other activity except sleep (Sather, 2007).For less severe watchers, it may be as easy as making a TV watching plan for each week.Monitoring how many hours of TV is watched per day is a great step towards minimizing the amount of TV being watched.

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Violence in the media Essay

Most of these teens have parents that work outside the home, and are never there.In my experience growing up, I do have to admit that I did watch the violent shows and listen to what we call “i...The question that people need to be asking is what made them be the outcast.They watch violent TV and listen to the cuss words that are being said, and no one is telling that it is not the right for them to act that way, and that it is not expectable.The kids that were the ones that commit these crimes, were unpopular and were made fun of on a daily bases.

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The Stereotype of Intolerance Essay

While watching the show this time, I was observant of my own reactions and feelings.In order to understand my emotions, in the face of the fact that I loved my Indian “families,” I made an effort to watch “Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee” (2006) with my friends another time.The Indian dramas that my friends’ families loved to watch daily were just slow motion pictures in my opinion.“Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee.” .I believed that it was the TV drama that had taught my Indian friends to overreact to certain emotional issues in the past.

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the music get more explicit and TV get more and more get around technology to watch shows they're not supposed to watch.passed be Congress requires all TV manufactures to install an electronic device .few minor points about censorship in TV, but the same points can be made about .and bad points about censorship on TV.

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Astro Monopoly Essay

It is very hard to stop Astro’s monopoly in the satellite television industry.(Astro)They launched in 1996, and today they have 50% penetration of TV homes in Malaysia, making it a key pay TV operator in Southeast Asia.It is convenient as it is a personal video recorder.Watching television has become a basic necessity among the people from all walks of life in today’s affluent society.Astro brought many advantage that as I can watch many variety of show and it also help to reduce my boredom.

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Violence in Reality TV

Consequently, the personal catastrophes from reality TV make audiences have no feeling on the normal tragedies, or even treat these as entertainment and enjoy confrontations.In conclusion, watching repeated viewing of violent reality TV has a detrimental influence to most viewers, particular to the young audiences.More brutal behaviors and bloodiness showed from reality TV make people feel monotonous and normal.Although the reality TV is getting popular among the young, ubiquitous violence will lead to desensitization, which makes viewers eager to have more cruel and bloody appetite for entertaining.According to Rushdie (2001), “ If we are willing to watch people stab one another in the back, might we not also be willing to actually watc...

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Media Violence in The United States Essay

...r parents whether a tv show was appropriate or not.You can watch something before and determine whether it is ok to watch.You can even check media review, 16 dec 2005. web.30 jan 2014 .Media violence is a bad thing and it is affecting the people who watch it.The ratings include of G for general audiences,PG for parent or guardian, PG-13 meaning you can not watch without a parent or guardian if you are under thirteen, R for restricted, and NC-17 meaning no one under 17 is allowed to watch.“a history of television violence: what has happened to tv ?”

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Hot-Button Issue Paper Essay

To conclude all this discussion, today’s TV can’t be compared with the TV from 30 years ago.What would you do in that case, keep on watching the TV or turn it off and do something else?Children often idolize these TV and movie characters and watching their idols beat someone, sell drugs, and committing crimes makes them want to do the same.What someone wants to watch on their TV is their personal choice; why should they be restrained from watching something they want?Watching people commit crimes in the media might give them the impression that it’s okay to do such acts.

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My My Opinion On Censorship

When they showed the attacks they .only showed clips, which were suitable.they show on TV, but sometimes they need to be a bit more careful, as .information which daytime viewers shouldn’t be watching.After 9 TV shows don’t really need to be censored as .

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DVR and Media Freedom Essay

But the big media companies want to stop DVRs before it gets to that.But programmers can’t rely on viewers to watch all their ads voluntarily, and this raises the possibility that one day, TiVo could be pressured by its partners and investors to serve up more pervasive advertising–which would subvert the promise of a technology that lets users watch what they want, when they want it.132, Issue 2 Consoli, John, (1/3/2005) NETWORK TV, Adweek, Vol.(Stross, 2002) Other forms of personalized TV permit users to adjust a program such as calling up immediate replays in sports and live news, guiding the plot in dramas or comedies, or choosing their own camera angels in a sports event.140, Issue 5 Stross, Randall E, (1/21/2002) Must-see TV, U. S. ...

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Television's Effects on the Natural Environment Essay

I hope that in the future television designers and makers can develop so new technologies that would improve and not worsen our environment.The TV not only has an effect on our natural resources, but it affects our living organisms as well; in both bad and good ways.Don’t get me wrong, I love TV, and I feel that it is one of the most important inventions that this world has been blessed with; but I feel that it is taking away from some of the “realness” of our lives.At first glance, it may seem impossible that the TV can have an effect on our natural surroundings; but, nevertheless, it does.The television is a very helpful and important tool that has had a great impact on our society, but we need to be aware of how this tool has also aff...

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Value of popular entertainment Essay

Popular entertainment is not a bad thing, but if someone is too attached and uses it too much, it turns out like a brainwashing–you may want to stop using your computer or put down the video games, but you wouldn’t have anything else to do, so you just keep doing it.If people can find the right balance of using the internet or watching TV and going outside or being genuinely social, then I think we would all be fine.Although there are a lot of TV shows that are useless and irrelevant to the world, news that’s not just on paper is important to keep everyone updated.Some may say that we’re better off without all these newfangled devices because kids never get off their phones and it’s a waste of time when you could be doing something to ch...

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Trying Out Life Without A Television English Language Essay

Now that my week of abstinence is over, will I watch less TV?In the three days since going back to TV, I’ve only watched six hours, which isn’t that much considering it was a weekend.With the TV on in the bedroom and in the living room, there was no way not to see and hear programmes as I walked through, or interacted with people.But I didn’t sit down to watch a programme.Also, my wife was sick for much of the week laid-up in bed with the TV on.

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TV Show Violence Essay

Likewise, MIM reminded parents should be more responsible not to make TV as a “babysitter” and they should find time to monitor what programs their children watch.PTC aims to foster changes in TV programming to make the early hours of prime time family-friendly and suitable for viewers of all ages.It also contains news and updates about their campaigns and various education initiatives for parents and teachers regarding their responsibility to educate children about watching TV.Heavy TV viewers believe that there is much more violence and danger in society, an effect that is especially strong for children who perceive televised aggression as relevant to their own lives (Donnerstein, Slaby, & Eron, 1994).In view of the spate of not on...

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Is Television Harmful?

Now yes there needs to be more shows that children can choose from but sadly there isn’t many most shows now are aimed at 17 all the way up to 40 year olds which is a shame but it doesn’t stop any show what so ever from being good and having fantastic storylines.It boils down to what they are allowed to watch, if all the parents are allowing them to do is watch shows like jersey shore and other nonsense shows that teach nothing more than how to fulfill a stereotype or movies that are coming from Hollywood in a way its desensitizing them, but there is also a positive that can come from that; if that child grows up to join the military they will be desensitized to violent images which may help them cope with what they see and deal with, or...

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Big Brother

Big Brother- one of the most popular reality TV shows has created a lot of commotion over the last few weeks.We all know what goes on behind closed doors, but do we really want to see this on T.V?Many people seem to be fascinated by these shows that involve watching people carrying out normal everyday activities.The government also felt the need to apply pressure to Channel 4 stating that if no action was taken to stop the racism the show will be stopped.It is evidence that the public love to watch conflicts and disagreements.

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Positive Effects of Media on Children Essay

Various TV programs such as Sesame Street and Curious George engage the kids in entertaining knowledge, through which they are able to learn about diverse topics.A study conducted by PBS shows that watching the episodes of Curious George boosts the knowledge of the young children about science and math.By watching television and the media, the children discover what they truly like, what sports they’re interested in, what instruments they want to play, etc.Through TV ads the children are able to make the right decisions in life, and are being informed about the problems they may face in their future lives.The stars and idols of tomorrow are the children watching TV today, the kids who are inspired by that athlete, by that celebrity, or t...

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