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‘Televistas’ Analytical Paragraph Essay

The rhyming scheme also brings about the comparison of T.V.Dawe embellishes on the fact that the values of relationships through human interaction and communication has been depraved as a conclusion to vast technological influences on psychological and physical aspects to human life, thus resulting in the dehumanization of humanly ethics and morals.The poem is written in 7 stanzas with 4 lines each.Bruce Dawe’s “Televistas” discusses the impact that television, media, and technology has on society and the manner in which it has dehumanized humanly values and relationships.Through use of satire and television jargon, responders are able to understand the psychological and emotional dominance of television as the personas mocked for not ha...

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Consumersim, How It Controls Our Society Essay

Dawe also highlights how consumerism compels us to consider buying products excessively is healthy for us through the quote ‘she loves him’ ‘she’ is the mother for who consumerism is in this metaphor.However, to make consumers stay interested in the product of desire, the advertisers enhance the awareness of their product sub-consciously to make sure their advertisement stays in their minds for the consumer to buy.An analysis of the Psychology and techniques of advertisements has defined today’s society on how it has been dominated and manipulated with use of the poetry of Bruce Dawe’s ‘Americanized’ and ‘Televistas’, with also Macklemore soundtrack ‘WINGS’.Dawe pinpoints this parody by saying that instead of the couple sharing a kiss, t...

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Home-Coming Analysis Essay

In addition to this, Dawe includes a descriptive array of similes that paint very vivid images in the minds of the audience, which allow them to picture the particular scene that the poet is trying to conjure.Dawe entices the audience to positive emotions such as hope and relief through the title of “Home-coming” which obviously is supposed to spark happiness.By doing this, Dawe attempts to show a somewhat mechanical and constant process of the storage of corpses, thus displaying the soldiers with the qualities of inanimate objects and not worthy of have equality to human beings.With the clever use of language and structural devices, Bruce Dawe was really able to augment his views and exhibit his true perspective upon war.Last week, our ...

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‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe Essay

The poem that I am nominating is ‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe.Donald Bruce Dawe was born in 1930 in Geelong, Victoria, Melbourne, he is one of the most successful and prolific contemporary poets of Australia.Bruce Dawe uses symbols to create moods showing sadness and the loss of hope.Bruce Dawe drifted through his early years showing promise as a writer but finding little direction, which characterises his poetry and gives a voice to so-called ordinary Australians.‘Make a wish, Tom, make a wish.’ Bruce Dawe also shows a serious side in the poem, as the mother just wish to settle down and have the bright future which she has always dreamed of.

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Bruce Dawe Poetry

We characterise Bruce Dawe as an Australian Poet as he distinctively writes with Australian imagery, that suggests he is speaking of life and family experiences he has observed and felt over his career as an Australian poet.The poem continues on to illustrate the family feuds that go on in the big rambling house and how their earnings never exceed “fifteen bob a week” which wasn’t unusual in those days, the days were long and tough, those Australian mean and women made our land and I think through the words and verses of this poem, Bruce Dawe is saying Thankyou in a very broad way.All of the above expericances have brought Dawe to write the poetry he has in “Sometimes Gladness.” Bruce Dawe, who was once portrayed as “an ordinary man with...

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Bruce Dawe Essay

One of Bruce Dawes most famous poems, written in the 1950s, is Enter Without So Much As Knocking.Bruce Dawe often uses humour to devastating effect.This is Bruce where he is his most grandfatherly, regaling tales of how life used to be, and how it has changed, from small wooden houses with bush on either side to sprawling conurbation without room to breathe or, in the children’s case, to play in the streets.As is evident, Bruce Dawe truly has highlighted the changes in Australian literature.By using triumphant words such as ‘behold’ ‘passion’ and ’empyrean’ Dawe is showing great sarcasm, as he did with the Christian symbolism.

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Bruce Dawe Homecoming Essay

In Bruce Dawe’s “Homecoming”, he explores personal and public issue of lack of identity and the indiscriminate slaughter of young men in the Vietnam War.Bruce Dawe is a famous and iconic Australian poet; his poems feature his numerous personal experiences and opinions about the futility and brutality of war.Bruce Dawe explores different personal and public issues within his poems.These words are the actions of the processors; they usually imply life and strength but are used ironically as the processors handle the cold, limp and lifeless bodies.He explores these different personal and public issues through a use of effective techniques such as irony, repetition, imagery, metaphors and rhythm.

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Bruce Dawe “Weapons training” Essay

Bruce did not agree with choices made by hierarchy in regards to the War, and expressed his beliefs through writing.The way Bruce Dawe has refused the typical way of writing further casts a reflection of society’s behaviour at the time.The poem is written to give the public an idea of what it may be like as a soldier when being addressed to by an instructor.Bruce Dawe is an Australian born poet that lived during the time of the Vietnam War.Bruce Dawes poem ‘Weapons Training’ is a piece written about experiences of the Vietnam War in an interesting and unconventional way.

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Bruce Dawe Lifecycle Essay

Dawes references and baseing of the poem to a life cycle is using satire to show the Victorian people’s devotion to the game by showing they see AFL as a huge part of their life cycle.I believe Bruce Dawes poem Life Cycle is both of satirical nature and a celebration of the game of Australian Rules football in Victoria.To conclude Bruce Dawes poem shows both satirical and celebration natures.One of the key parts of the poem is the dedication at the start to Dawes friends father Big Jim Phelan a former AFL player and board member and an overall fan of the game, this dedication shows that it is also a celebration of the game due to Phelans love for it .He talks throughout the poem about the different stages of life and their relating sta...

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How does the poet use techniques to engage the reader? Essay

The use of these three techniques helps Dawe to engage the readers and allow them the opportunity to feel empathy for the situations expressed within the poems.In each of the two texts Dawe uses a variation of references and ambivalent phrases to help the diverse groups of readers to clearly comprehend his points about anti-war which are immersed within his poems.Within the two poems the use of repetition helps to show the reader how urgent and uncivil it is that people are dying not only in wars but on our roads yearly.The use of historical references help to emphase the importance of each poem and give the reader a more clear understanding of the poem, as well as using ambiguity to intrigue a more diverse group of readers; as they have...

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Analysis of Bruce Dawe and his Poetry Essay

Bruce Dawe writes this poem from the hang mans perspective, it tells the audience how he feels about execution.Dawe writes of the wife as if she wished Ronald died ‘with far more dignity than the shabby ritual which gave you credit for’.The statement ‘The poet’s role is to challenge the world they see around them’ is very true for Bruce Dawe, as his main purpose in his poetry was to depict the unspoken social issues concerning the common Australian suburban resident.In the final phase of ‘Homecoming’ Dawe focuses on the soldiers finally coming .This was the last hanging to take place in Australia, it was very controversial and Dawe writes about it as if the hangman is very upset, as this will be his final hanging.

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“Homecoming” by Bruce Dawe

Bruce Dawe’s “Homecoming” is a deeply moving poem, which follows the long journey home for the corpses of dead soldiers.Bruce Dawe effectively uses imagery to create a vividness in the reader’s mind.In winter, a tree usually loses most its leaves; war kills most soldiers.In conclusion, “Homecoming” presents war from a different perspective – the fallen soldiers.Soldiers should not be conscripted as pawns to fight a war for disputes between governments, as life is very precious; everyone deserves to live and fullfill their lives.

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The Wholley Innocent Analysis Essay

Dawe uses this to generate universal appeal as no one sympathises with the guilty but will however sympathise with the innocent and defenceless.Dawe uses vivid imagery to emphasise the fact that abortion is profligate and unjust.Through the use of poetic techniques such as persona, vivid imagery, deliberate repetition, and onomatopoeia Dawe reaches the moral conscience of his readers to the wrongness of terminating life prematurely.Bruce Dawe once said that, “we write out of a need to come to terms with some concern, or something “bugging” us.” From this statement, it is blatant that he expresses his emotions and morals through his poetry in attempt to share his views and concerns on contemporary issues of the world with the world, influ...

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Bruce Dawe Essay

In conclusion, all three poems used being Enter Without So Much as Knocking (1959), Homo Suburbiensis (1964) and Drifters (1968) show that Bruce Dawe’s poem are indeed interesting because they comment on the lives of ordinary people.Bruce Dawe, an Australian known poet, born 1930 is still one of the biggest selling and most highly regarded poets of Australia.With around 3 babies per family on average during this time period, Dawe represents children born in that time period as if being born manufacturing, hence Bruce Dawe’s poems are interesting because they comment on the lives of ordinary people.Dawe creates a sense of an animal that threatens the peace unless harmed to his audience.Bruce Dawe’s poems are interesting because they comme...

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Bruce Dawes poems Essay

Dawe expresses his concern that individuals have become desensitized to human suffering because it is presented as entertainment.The modern god is television and its viewing content is being satirized heavily by Dawe.The central message of the satirical poem Enter Without So Much As Knocking by Bruce Dawe is that “you are dust and unto dust you shall return”.Bruce Dawes poems explore the impacts of consumer culture and are an indictment of the growing materialism in modern society.The derogatory labeling is a clichéd reference to the gossiping and derisive comments that characterize the materialistic culture Dawe is criticizing in his poem.

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Homecoming by Bruce Dawe

With the aid of imagery, Dawe establishes the pointlessness of war, in that of all the men who have ever died in battles shall never see their homelands again.In this way, Dawe has created a poem that is uniquely Australian, presenting issues of global concern and generating universal appeal.Bruce Dawe successfully establishes the uselessness of war is his poem “Homecoming”.Dawe further suggests that a “wide web” joins all countries, with none able to escape the “spider grief” associated with war.Dawe uses vivid visual imagery to emphasise the emotional damage caused to friends a family through the loss of a loved one, a deep suffering that is often left unrecorded in the annals of history.

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The universal appeal of Bruce Dawe’s poems

These soldiers will never have an opportunity to voice their protests or their sense of loss; hence Dawe offers a shocking expose of the futility of war and is able to voice his concerns of those who cannot articulate their views.Bruce Dawe has earned a name as a poet of much repute throughout the world because his poems speak for those who are unable to voice their opinions.Dawe uses the personal appeal of the unborn foetus to voice his support for the full life of all foetuses that would normally have no means of speaking.Hence, repetition is used effectively by Dawe to allow the reader to establish that none of these young men have been given the chance to satisfy the universal right to live a full life.The thorough imagery used by Da...

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Why Is Australia the Best Place on Earth Essay

Bruce Dawes demonstrates this in his poems “the beach” and “weapons training” along with the song “I am Australian” by Bruce Woodley and the movie “Red Dog.We work hard, play hard, laugh hard.This once again, leads to mateship within Australia and how it’s a core aspect in identifying yourself as an Australian.We also have the most unique and exotic plants and animals on the planet along with a great climate, great beaches, great wilderness areas and plenty of great spots to bury a body.A another human being could be your best friend or in this case a dog it doesn’t ever matter because Australians don’t judge and this encourages the fact that Australia really is the best place on earth Australians are people who show pride in their place...

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Educating Rita Essay

Similarly, in Bruce Dawe’s “easy does it” explores similar themes to Educating Rita.In different ways, all of these text show people mature and develop as a result of going into the world .Finally, Dawe’s repetition of the idea “ I have to be careful with my boy keeps this theme uppermost in responders’ minds If you’ve been paying attention to my speech, you will have seen how the concept of ‘ into the world’ is clearly demonstrated, by examining text such as educating rita, and the poem ‘ easy does it’.Dawe uses a variety of techniques in his poem, and most of these are employed to highlight the theme of taking care as we move into wider worlds.The poem is a free verse composition, following no regular rhyming or rhythmic patterns (Da...

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Poetry makes me aware of painful realities

By using the technique of paradox, Dawe makes a final attempt at clarifying international misunderstanding of war as favourable.In conclusion, it was quite evident that the talented Bruce Dawe basis his poetry on memories of world events and the issues that mankind confront during their everyday routines.It was through these various poems that the reader was able to grasp an insight of Bruce Dawe’s world and the tormenting physical existence he has put before us.Dawe used many techniques during this poem.The meaning of the poem Homecoming was that in the end, some soldiers were capable to arrive back to their home in Australia in one piece, hence Dawe was against war and believes it’s pointless as you loose lives and return home discoura...

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The Effect of a Distinctive Voice in Writing

Dawe has successfully portrayed the ugliness of human nature and its moral brutality through the use of irony.Dawe is challenging us to see how brutal our nature is as humans, and he uses an innocent baby to also gain more sympathy from the audience.Dawe uses the voice technique paradox to convey this social issue in the poem.Initially the poem ‘The wholly innocent’ represents the moral brutality within human nature through Dawe portraying the ugliness of humanity.Dawe uses the personal pronoun so many times in the poem as a referral of the unborn baby; this is representing the voice of the fetus.

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Consumerism, Americanised Compared to the Gods Must Be Crazy

The long shot places them in context of the African environment.In Bruce Dawes peom Americanised, the mother (consumerism) is stating that the world outside of where she controls is dangerous, ‘she loves him… but will not allow him out’ in this line the hyperbole is stating the fact that the whole world is outside in the street, and that little boy that she has trapped in her arms cannot get outside.When the coke bottle first appeared on screen, sound was used to exaggerate how strange it was to them but to us as well, using narrative perspective by making us see the coke boottle through the bushmans eyes “ it looked like water, but it was harder than anything else in the world.” .Bruce dawes poems Americanised and The Not-So-Good-Earth ...

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The three poems Essay

The terminology while simple is packed with double meaning that helps develop a pervading negative atmosphere.These techniques are effective in characterising the sergeant and making the audience feel uneasy.Word choice is a particularly valuable technique in this poem.Monosyllabic words such as “click”, “queer” and “tit” give the poem a blunt and direct feel while polysyllabic words including “bloody” add layers of meaning.Daw makes use of techniques such as exaggeration, sarcasm and caricature to ridicule the materialism that infects modern society; “NO BREATHING EXCEPT BY ORDER”, this deliberate exaggeration and the use of capitol letters convey the congestion and stress that is present in our society.

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The Simple Gift and Drifters Essay

This connotation of hope additionally reinforces the concept of constant change preventing the establishment of belonging to a place.Divergent to the ideas presented by Herrick in The Simple Gift, Bruce Dawe suggests constant changing can affect an individual’s sense of belonging due to the inability to connect as a result of the short period of time afforded to them to create bonds.The symbolism of the “bump” displays the difficult journey anticipated by the narrator due to previous failed attempts to develop a sense of belonging to her home.Similarly in the poem “Drifters”, Bruce Dawe conveys the idea of constant change preventing people connecting and belong to a community or place.Furthermore Dawe harnesses stanza structure and dialo...

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Planning A Time Capsule Essay

Be sure to explain the impact of these images on you.of water as pure as grief.Consider how these images make you feel.Why is ‘grief’ mentioned with water?Comment on the use of contrast in this poem.

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Identity Speech Bruce Dawe ‘Life Cycle’W/Related Text

Another example from life-cycle is the line ‘for them it will always be three-quarter time with the scores level and the wind advantage in the final term.Thanks for listening to my speech.This intense passion is portrayed in Life-cycle as it talks about how age is not a barrier for passion and obsession doesn’t deteriorate, even as they grow old.This shows the AFL supporters endless passion for the game, and how much it means to them.Today I will be speaking to you about the aspects of identity that are presented in my set text ‘Life-cycle’ by Bruce Dawe and a text of my own choosing Wheelchair basketball: One woman’s story.

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Distinctive Voices Essay

The dramatic quality used also helps to create a distinctive voice within the poem.In contrast, related text: Weapons Training by Bruce Dawe is able to bring a drill sergeant to life as well as his past experience through a distinctive voice.The drill sergeant speaks in a fairly broad Australian idiom, using the language and clichéd humour of the average Australian.His language is colloquial; ‘are you a queer?, that’s right grab and check/the magazine man’ .Through a strong use of techniques including Australian idiom, colloquialism and tone, both Marele Day and Bruce Dawe are effectively able to bring people and their experiences to life through distinctive voice.

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Homecoming and Dulce et Decorum

The poem that applied to me most was “Dulce et Decorum est” because it was focusing on the negative points of the war and Wilfred Owen was anti war.Bruce Dawe starts the poem “Homecoming” with “All day, day after day, they’re bringing them home,” he uses repetition of the word “day” he could have wrote it the deaths are never ending.There is only one capital letter at the start.Dawe left school at 16 and took a series of jobs before night classes let him enter the University of Melbourne.This suggested that the war is never-ending.

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Telling the Truth – Atonement + Poems Essay

In Atonement Briony has a different perspective than Cecilia which results in conflict and hiding the truth as she is too scared to face it.Dawe uses aural and visual poetic techniques and is able to provoke sympathy, by manipulating the audience to reflect upon his own views towards war.“Homecoming” reflects the idea that people prefer to deny or ignore the truth.With the use of imagery throughout, Dawe is able to establish the pointlessness of war and clarifying the misconceptions those may have had on the war.The poem “Homecoming” by Australian anti-war poet Bruce Dawe backs up the idea that the truth can be difficult to deal with by reflecting the concerns of war.

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Poems ‘In the New Landscape’ by Bruce Dawe and ‘Your Attention Please’ by Peter Porter

Both “In the new landscape” by Bruce Dawe and “Your Attention Please” by Peter Porter are fine examples of Speculative Fiction worthy of being in a Year Nine anthology for 2012.1 Survival Kit)/ For painless death” further proves how the government is aware that “Some of us may die” but the fact that “Death is the least we have to fear” causes questions as to what has caused a situation where living is worse than death.Dawe is showing how in his predicted future, any sense of natural beauty is trumped by society’s overwhelming need for commercial and overly eccentric goods.In conclusion, both poems are presenting ideas of a distance future in unique forms whilst questioning the decency of the life humans have created.Dawe warns the reader...

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