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How did Hitler establish a dictatorship in Germany by August 1934

5.”Apparatus_of_Power.” GCSE Modern World History Revision Site.4.”How did Hitler consolidate power?” Schoolshistory.org.uk – online lessons – GCSE study aids – Teachers resources.Hitler also inflicted violence and intimidation by “The Terror State”.1.”Hitler’s Rise to Power.” GCSE Modern World History Revision Site.Hitler makes his choice” .

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

The Crucible is quite a hard play to understand when it is read the first time and took me a while to grasp all the factors brought about in this play, although this was a major problem at first I easily overcame it by reading it over.We also had the added difficulty of having 11 people in our group and throughout act 1 pages 17-27 which was the part we had chosen only 10 characters appeared but we decided this wasn’t a problem and had a character swap with Parris as we all felt this was the largest part.Blind men of equivalent stuff were again forging history.There were a few arguments within my group about things like who was who, why someone hadn’t learned their lines, why that person wasn’t in on this day and where we where supposed ...

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Issues Surrounding Performativity In Education Education Essay

The school highlighted that the bulk of the data evidence used was based on exams taken some eighteen months ago.Chair of Governors, ‘The new OFSTED framework seems more subjective and narrower in its focus.It seems to lack the more rounded and balanced view of previous models used.The 5A*-C GCSE with English and Maths has continued to be above average.More than a quarter of the 2012 cohort achieved 5A/A* grades.

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Pre 1914 Prose Study Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” Essay

They are not restricted to but she certainly chooses over others mainly are predominately gothic elements; common of early 19th century “romance” authors.calm and serene joy”.This quickly turns to frightened ” I did not dare return to the apartment” , again his emotions fluctuate to a paranoid loneliness “Like one when on a lonely road, Doth walk in fear” and finally a huge contrast for the previous emotions to happiness ” I felt suddenly… .Benjamin Semens Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.Finally a contrast in emotions is very blatant such as joy, revulsion and terror all blend together with Frankenstein’s origina...

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History Controlled Assessment Essay

It was created in 2006 and is aimed at GCSE History students; it is also a secondary source as it was created after the World War occurred so it also gains the benefit of hindsight.The source was created to persuade people to allow women’s rights, such as the vote.The source was also created by a woman named Sylvia Pankhurst.However, this is not enough as Sylvia wanted more women’s rights.The source is also quite useful to women wanting to know about women’s rights and who campaigned to gain women’s rights.

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To her novel Frankenstein? Essay

Search for y .Frankenstein is still relevant today and there are many messages that we should take out of it.Download this essay Print Save Not the one?What Is The Significance Of Mary Shelley Giving The Subtitle ‘The Modern Prometheus’ To Her Novel Frankenstein Luke Lobo – 2 – 14/06/08 Luke Lobo Saturday, 14 June 2008 – 1 – Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.1, 2 Encarta(r) World English Dictionary (c) & (P) 1999 Microsoft Corporation.

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Gender inequality in Education

The GCSE was introduced in 1988 and from then onwards the female- male gender difference in educational achievement at GCSE level widened as differences between the [ higher] female pass rates and the male pass rates in Arts and Humanities widened and females narrowed or sometimes reversed the traditional higher male pass rates in Mathematics and science subjects.It is suggested by S. Ball (2008) that this gap is an overall statistic and not subject specific he suggests that in 2004 the deviations of this gap was just 1% and that in some subjects boys achieve better results than girls therefore it is not valid to say that all boys or all girls achieve less in GCSE levels .We could also conclude that this improvement could be the first si...

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelly Essay

But what most of all stuck into my mind were the words from Louie, which really made me think Gothic horror and outsiders, was “I wanted love and goodness in this which is living death’ I said ‘ It was impossible from the beginning, because you cannot have love and goodness when you do what you know to be evil, what you know to be wrong” and also in Frankenstein when Victor said .” I think the authors of these two texts have don’t an excellent job in dealing with the theme of outsiders in the text as the setting, the characters and what’s happening around them all make them outsiders.As when Louie said, ” Now I am guilty of murder.Both books have roughly the same plot when Louie or the creature both have a natural birth and find it har...

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Gender Gap between Boys and Girls in Education

It is suggested by S. Ball (2008) that this gap is an overall statistic and not subject specific he suggests that in 2004 the deviations of this gap was just 1% and that in some subjects boys achieve better results than girls therefore it is not valid to say that all boys or all girls achieve less in GCSE levels .It was suggested that the equal pay act and that of the sex discrimination act (1970) changed the emphases of education policy and that can be noted as a key period of history that changed the objectives of girls in terms of careers and attainment.Even in society throughout history this has occurred.This was considered to be a significant point because the relative improvement in female GCSE results was associated especially wit...

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The Crucible is both timeless and universal discuss Essay

In 2003 the ordinary people of America view themselves as “good” people who do no great wrong, and yet are being attacked by terrorists.In 2003 corruption can be seen within the British and American governments who justified their invasion of Iraq by claiming that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.However, the girls know that those they are accusing are in fact innocent: “Lies, lies” It is also possible to suggest that later Danforth realises this but becomes part of the conspiracy in order to protect himself and his position: “You know in all your black hearts that this be fraud” .In such a situation the commonly viewed “good” is capitalism where as its antithesis “evil” can be supposed to be communism.Show preview ...

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Powerful and moving poem Essay

Whilst being simplistic, they are ‘given’ power by the genre and situation they are put into.The use of locked creates the impression that such a “collision course” is indeed inescapable- there is no getting away from that which is locked, it is immoveable and in this case pre-destined.Here the knowledge of the reader is called upon as one recalls the television footage of helpless victims jumping from the flaming towers.In the Last stanza Armitage recalls the time when television footage showed helpless victims jumping from the flaming towers.The worlds which “thinned to an instant” make “furious contact”- this implies a fusion of anger and great energy, the fury spelling out wrath and pain.

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My Interest in the Study of History Essay

offered attracted me and I applied for and obtained a scholarship to Gigglesworth College, one of the few U.K. schools to teach the I.B.The literary element of my IB course led m...I was fascinated by the study of the Roman Empire that I undertook during my first year.The breadth that the I.B.Since my move to Gigglesworth, I have begun to read more deeply and understand more completely what the study of history entails.

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Evaluation of Mathematics Curriculum

This would seem to suggest that mathematics at A-level is considered too difficult and insufficiently interesting to tempt students to continue their studies after GCSE level.This would seem to be supported by current research, which indicates that students are reluctant to carry on their study of mathematics beyond GCSE level.(2007) www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article2326707.ece , date accessed 27.08.07 .Perhaps by incorporating the history of mathematics into pupils’ education it may give them an increased appreciation of the subject itself: .In conclusion Ernest (2000) makes a number of interesting points in attempting to answer the question, ‘Why Teach Mathematics?’ Despite the improvements made to the mathematics c...

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Roll of thunder, hear My Cry Essay

All in all, the protagonists here are the black people and the antagonists are the white people.It determines the life or death of a young and innocent black boy.The racist views of the whites have a great, negative impact on the lives of the blacks.Race is of grave importance here.Mr. Berry is burnt beyond belief and one of his nephews is tarred and feathered and dies.

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The Assassin Essay

But her muse was interrupted by the periodic flashing of blue in the window, and the shriek of sirens.Her eyes were still open, staring blankly into an empty cupboard… .Head lolling back, she lost her balance and fell backwards onto the wet newspapers.Terror was cast upon her creased face upon spotting the stranger.Lanced with remorse at the bone-chilling scene that lay before her, the assassin exhaled a sigh of relief.

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Clerval and Elizabeth Essay

What Mary Shelly is saying is that monsters aren’t born they are made.Now I come to answer the question “does Shelly intend us to respond to the creature as a monster”.Mary is also saying that reform, when it is controlled and in the right hands is not a bas thing, but when we fail to control it will grow uncontrollable and become evil.When he is first introduced to the world he is a kind, loving being, perhaps even an example of goodness.If the Aristrocracy had acknowledged and paid gratitude and respect to the common people, they would of reciprocated in kind and the need for a revolution would be unnecessary.

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He investigated the case with great care… Essay

Towards the end of the story the mystery is solved, Dr Roylott had been training the deadliest snake in India to climb through the ventilator and to return when hearing a whistling noise.The part of the story where the reader fears fro Helen is when she returns home after visiting Sherlock Holmes, the reader is informed about Dr Roylott’s anger and are worried what Dr Roylott may do to Helen when she returns home.He works out that Dr Roylott has a cheetah living in his room as there is a saucer of milk and a leash.This sentence introduces Dr Roylott as a unlawful, therefore he is easily a suspect as his bad history reflects his bad character.This is a typical ending as the villain is caught and is dead, therefore cannot continue to cause...

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Mary Shelleys Essay

This would have been very effective in the time Frankenstein was written as it was around the time when tomb discoveries had been made scientists were looking into mummification.Through the lack of knowledge they had, stories emerged of cursed tombs and truths were exaggerated as people began telling horror stories.For this reason the reference to mummies would have frightened those in the time of Mary Shelley.Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.Another way I believe Shelley’s Frankenstein was more effective creating horror back then was because there had not been much of a horror genre portrayed in the media.

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Where I live. Spanish Essay

Es danino para el medio ambiente y para la salud.Hago mucho en casa como: ducharme en vez de banarme; reciclar las botellas de plastico vacias y los periodicos; e intentar comprar los productos locales y ecologicos.Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Spanish section.Mucha gente conduce sus coches en todas partes.El barrio donde yo resido, hay mucha contaminacion.

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Great Expectations so successful Essay

He also uses symbols such as the gallows, which people also associate with badness and law breaking.In the essay I have found that the convict is mainly portrayed by Dickens, as a frightening though believable character, who inflicts terror, anguish, pain, and distress.The theme of darkness and violence draws in the reader, and they become involved in everything that is going on in the chapter.He chose these images of the unacceptable and violent behavior, as the readers of the time would have had very strong vies on these.Dickens chose the themes of the convict and crime, as these represent dishonesty, law breaking, and wrongdoing.

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Factors Affecting Health Essay

A case study to show the consequences of an ageing population – UK – East Devon (Torbay) A case study to show the consequences of a youthful population – The Gambia (Africa) Fold along here .St Ivo School Geography Department – GCSE REVISION The world’s population is unevenly distributed Some areas have a high population density eg, Asia / 2 Europe (75+people/km ) Other areas of the world have a low population density 2 e.g.    A case study to show how a government has reduced the birth rate An example of a densely populated area of the UK A case study to show how a government has set out to increase the birth rate (pro-natalist policy) An example of a sparsely populated area of the UK www.geobytesgcse.wordpress.com .St Ivo Schoo...

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The novel Frankenstein Essay

The monster makes it clear to victor that the ruthlessness will continue until Victor cares for him, but when realizing this will not happen, his next plee is for another monster to be made for a companion for the creation.In conclusion, the novel Frankenstein is as relevant and terrifying as it was in 1818 because of mankind’s fear of the awakening dead and Shelley’s obvious understanding of this.He is made to sound strong and powerful to scare the reader as Mary Shelley uses words like ‘forced’ (chapter five) to describe his entry into the room awaking Frankenstein’s sleep who flees in terror.In a sharp twist at the end, a grieving monster is shown upset and shocked over the body of his creator, who passed away on board the captain’s s...

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The History of British Educational System

Curriculum history should be part of an educator’s way of teaching courses because it provides new and effective ways of altering the Curriculum (Garrett, 1994).Courses offered include English, at least one other language, science, history, mathematics, geography, exercise, art, and domestic subjects.It forces them to ask questions and draw conclusions based on their background knowledge of the History of any topic.Understanding and applying the lessons from the study of curriculum history is a method of preserving culture and heritage within a society.Curriculum History allows educators to be more probing about new ideas that come their way.

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Luhrmann version of Act 1 Scene 5 brings it to life Essay

All over the table there are flags and patriotic items, this tries to show that the people are behind the war, and that it is the ordinary people who have to stand up to the tyrant.It is set in the countryside with a traditional American home surrounded by golden fields yet in the corner of the sky it is dark grey and symbolises the bad news on its way.There was one shot that was astoundingly emotional, where Spielberg captured a close-up of the mother’s reaction while showing the car and effectively the news creeping closer, through using the reflection of the window.The car crawls up the small, winding, country lane viewed panoramically from in front of and behind the house.Finally, Spielberg covers many aspects of war in his brilliant...

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Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Essay

The final section of the book sees its narrator, Lionel Verney, living in the ruins of a decimated Rome.Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.Valperga (1823) is a romance of 14th-century Italy.The death of Sir Timothy Shelley in 1844 brought a new-found security to her life, but her closing years were troubled by threats of blackmail from embittered members of the Shelley and Byron families.Lodore (1835) and Falkner (1837) are domestic stories with strongly autobiographical elements.

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Assess the importance of school factors such as racism Essay

The item seems to support the proposition that school factors such as racism and pupils’ response to racism may cause ethnic differences in educational achievement as the item states ‘Bangladeshi, black and Pakistani pupils achieve less well than other pupils at all stages of education which is supported by the DfES (2007) that found on average just over a half of all Bangladeshi, black and Pakistani girls left school with five or more GCSE grades A*-C. .However external factors also contribute to the ethnic differences in educational success as if a student is to achieve within education they will have had to have been adequately socialised into a competitive culture that strives for success.Members of minority groups face direct and ...

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Assess the importance of school factors such as racism and pupils Essay

Racism and pupils’ response to racism are internal factors which means they happen within schools and the education system they may cause ethnic differences in educational achievement which refers to the differences in educational achievement between the ethnic groups within schools for example, Black and Pakistani pupils do worst at GCSE and Indians and Chinese do best as supported by the DfES (2007).As a result, they are more likely to have low pay or be unemployed, and this affects children’s educational opportunities as they will feel as they will never amount to anything and are constantly being held back because of the colour of their skin or where they have come from.Members of minority groups face direct and indirect discriminati...

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Music in the 20th Century

This drastic change in music ideology has and will affect the way music is produced in today’s time.What once was just strict harmonies and beautiful melodies could now be atonal and have no real structure.Atlantic International University: bachelor, master, doctoral degree.Music History and Analysis.Even the sound of an audience could be considered music.

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How Joseph Nicéphore contributed to the early development of photography

History of photography: Niépce pictures.[Accessed 11 November 2014].[Accessed 11th November 2014].: The MIT Press.The pictures promise more stable evidence for the point of origin to the history of the medium, but historians have offered very little detail analysis of the images at issue so there is no exact date upon what photo or what process was first.

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Compare the creation scene in Boris Karloff’s Essay

Horror films deal with our most primal nature and its fears: Nightmares, our Vulnerability, our Alienation and our Terror of the Unknown, Death, and Para normality, Monsters, Blood and Religion are typical elements that make up a horror film.The only special effects are used at the monster’s birth where it squeezes out of its cage.It also includes music and special effects whereas the 1931 version does not.Both films fit in the category of Horror, however Kenneth Branagh’s version is much more like a Horror film to me as it includes action and excitement.This is why Kenneth Branagh’s version is my favourite.

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