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Gollum Character Study Essay

But the game makes Gollum both hungry and angry.In The Hobbit, Gollum tries to find his ring so he can become invisible and kill Bilbo.In exchange for this kindness, Gollum screams, “Thief, thief, thief!” He sees Gollum’s “endless, unmarked days without light or hope of betterment”, and lets Gollum live.As Bilbo takes his final look at Gollum, he nearly kills the ugly creature.

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The Hobbit Essay

If Bilbo wins the game, Gollum will show him the way out but if Gollum wins, he will eat Bilbo.It showed the relationship between the two characters and how neither Bilbo nor Gollum trusted each other but their relationship was based around language and riddles and who could out smart the other.The novel “The Hobbit,” written by J. R. R Tolkien is about Bilbo Baggins, a normal Hobbit, who had never asked for an adventure until 13 dwarves and Gandalf The Wizard show up at his doorstep for tea.The unity between the old and the new world were ongoing theme throughout The Hobbit.Throughout the story Bilbo’s maturity develops and he begins to gain a better sense of identity and confidence outside of the comfort of his hobbit hole.

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The fantasy world of The Hobbit

Since ‘The Hobbit’ takes place in a world of the authors own creation, complete with its own history, language, geography and mythology, much of the narrative is devoted to incidental descriptions of the places, people and things that Bilbo encounter.From these roots Tolkien builds on a novel that contains the fantasy conventions of supernatural and mythical creatures, the imaginary setting and great battle, to convey his purpose in the Hobbit.Tolkien’s book, ‘The Hobbit’, is thematic to the fantasy genre is many ways.The setting of ‘The Hobbit’ is fits the form heroic quest across the universe, and due to this, it takes readers to a new imaginary world which is Tolkien’s purpose.The mystical setting for ‘The Hobbit’ is the hill, Hobbito...

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Themes of the Hobbit Essay

Beorn is a great example of generosity in The Hobbit.Over time, greed has changed golem, from a water hobbit, to a slimy underground beast.Gollum has no friends and has long forgotten what the outside world looks like, he has a strange appetite, of Goblins, Raw fish and anyone who strays far enough from the path.In the hobbit, Bilbo is portrayed as a fat middle-aged man, and that “He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.In the hobbit, Bilbo isn’t an ideal hero like Thorin.

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“The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien

I think it has a Christian message and it is important to see it as you read the book.“The Hobbit” is the first book by Tolkien that led to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy that was made into very successful films.Along the way Bilbo has many adventures – he meets trolls, elves, a dragon named Smaug, goblins, and the evil Gollum.Bilbo finds the “ring” that went on to create the other books, and takes it after Gollum loses it.It is the story of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who leaves his home Hobbiton to set out on a great adventure with the wizard Gandalf.

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Outline of the Hobbit Essay

In writing the Hobbit, Tolkien claims that the Christian symbolism was at first unintentional and later became the focal point of his book.The lake-town Esgaroth in the Hobbit is a city of men who have in the past been driven out by the dragon and will have to fight the dragon yet again this time defeating it.Characters in the Hobbit without doubt represent biblical beings such as the goblins being demons and the eagles being angels.Although Tolkien is referring to his Lord of the Rings trilogy, it is unmistakable that it was also the case in The Hobbit.F. In The Hobbit, Bilbo has to face his fears and step out of the comfort of his home, the shire, to overcome the problems in that are in the real world.

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The Hobbit | Summary and Analysis

The Hobbit is a thrilling fantasy about a hobbit that goes on the most dangerous voyage of his life.The Hobbit is an exciting fantasy about a hobbit that goes on the most fantastic adventure of his life.The setting for The Hobbit is the Hill, Hobbiton, Rivendell, Misty Mountains, The Island of Gollum, Mirkwood, the prison of the Wood-Elves, The Lonely Mountain, Long Lake, and Esgaroth.The Hobbit is a very good example of a monomyth because the elements required to having the perfect quest are contained within The Hobbit.The Hobbit is unable to demonstrate the entire features of the fantasy genre but it is still clear that The Hobbit used the features of the fantasy genre as a skeleton.

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Summary of “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”

“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Essay | Evolution of the Modern Heroic Archetype.” GradeSaver: Getting You the Grade, .Burke, Belinda.“The Lord Of The Rings (Essay Sample).” Essay Help Service: Essay Writing Basics and Assignment Help.Frodo, Sam, and Gollum follow the swamps and meet Nazgul, but they manage to hide from him.“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Essays.” GradeSaver: Getting You the Grade, .

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Lord of the Rings: the Ring’s Addiction Essay

Gollum wasn’t always this repulsive creature, but he was a regular hobbit named Smeagol; he was just another victim of the ring.This is when we see that hint of Gollum in Bilbo, when he calls the ring his Precious, a clear sign that he is transforming into Gollum one day at a time.Like all Drug addicts, when you don’t have the drug, and you desperately need it you transform into another person who would do anything to have the “drug” (in this case the ring); again, the best example for this is Gollum who even after losing the ring always followed Frodo through the entire story with the hope of having the chance of taking the ring back so he can again be with “his precious“.We see in the story that Tolkien never referred to Gollum as Smea...

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The Hobbits Essay

CW Sullivan says the first publication of The Hobbit was a milestone in the development of high fantasy, and adds that the pocket-sized versions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings in the 1960s were essential in creating a mass market.In 1955, JRR Tolkien wrote in a letter to WH Auden how, one summer when he was busy proofreading copies of English literature, he wrote the first sentence of The Hobbit on a blank copy: "In a hole lived a hobbit", without knowing where this idea came from.After discovering a mysterious ring, the hobbit arrives at the shore of an underground lake, where a creature named Gollum lives.The concern for consistency between the two works prompts the writer to make revisions to the text of The Hobbit, especiall...

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Book report on The Hobbit

Bilbo changed, he likes talking to elves and wizards now, though he still likes his home, because he likes the comfort of it... Once there lived a hobbit, called Bilbo Baggins.If he wins he can go, if he loses Gollum can eat him.Many hobbits don’t accept him anymore, since hobbits were respectable and unadventurous creatures.Bilbo gets a fraction of the treasure.

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The Hobbit

The Hobbit is on e of the most interesting books I have ever read.Gollum thinks Bilbo stole his ring, so he runs out of the caves to find Bilbo, while the invisible Bilbo actually follows Gollum out of the caves.Bilbo heads home with Gandalf and Beorn.After a very long journey, Bilbo makes it home to find his stuff being auctioned off.Although The Hobbit garnered favorable reviews on its publication, it wasn't initially a commercial success.

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How Bilbo in the hobbit influences the story Essay

This will show them.” These quotes show that, even though Bilbo was terrified of what was going on, he had to ignore the feeling of being terrified and had the courage to take the cup.But in this chapter, Bilbo shows he isn’t that type of hobbit.You can see this when the author says, “Wisps of vapour floated up and past him and he began to sweat.” And then he later says, “His heart was beating and a more fevered shaking was in his legs then when he was going down, but still clutched the cup and his chief thought was: I’ve done it!Hobbits are not the type that would go on a adventure, and they’re definitely not the type that would do such dangerous and harmful events.If he hadn’t gone to the adventure with the dwarves and If it weren’t fo...

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The Hobbit Questions Essay

This helps Bilbo transform and grow into a smarter, more courageous and confident little “Hero” by making his own decisions the “right” decisions, for example he could’ve killed Gollum but he felt bad and let him live.The Hobbit is a children’s story and since Chapter 5 seems to be a dark scary place Tolkien had to use something to enlighten the mood and he used riddles and he made Gollum have almost like 2 sides, a “good” and “bad” side.Bilbo was hired to be a “burglar” and most of the crew thought of him being useless although he ended up being far more than that, he saved his crew countless number of times from their enemy, he also was doubting himself a whole bunch in the beginning, he then overcame one problem at a time, building hi...

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How Bilbo Baggins Changed to Become a Hero Essay

Bilbo’s growing valor is shown with his riddle fight with Gollum.I think this novel is actually about the formation of Bilbo Baggins from comfort-loving Hobbit into a fully-fledged hero at the end of the novel.Therefore he doesn’t start off as a hero but certainly as his character develops by the incidents that he faces he shows himself to be truly heroic, especially in contrast to other “heroic” characters.Tolkien’s, The Hobbit, the heroic nature of Bilbo Baggins is depicted through his actions in each mental and physical challenge.‘I am waiting!’ He tried to sound bold and cheerful, but he did not feel at all sure how the game was going to end, whether Gollum guessed right or not.” Although Bilbo puts up a tough front by trying to soun...

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The Lord of the Rings Essay

Gollum got past Sam and attacked the invisible Frodo, biting off his finger, and finally regained his “precious”.Frodo and Sam made their way through Emyn Muil, followed by the creature Gollum.Frodo lives with his uncle Bilbo in his hobbit hole Bags End, a house carved into the side of a hill.The main maps were those published in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales.As he danced around in elation, Gollum lost his balance and fell with the Ring into the lava.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the Hero’s Journey Essay

In the Hobbit, the group of hobbits travels into the wild.In the movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Bilbo who is a younger and more reluctant Hobbit received the offer that is fighting the dragon ‘Smaug’ from Gandalf who is an itinerant wizard.The movie shows the process that an ordinary hobbit decides to join the adventure.“Peter Jackson to produceThe Hobbit”.However, Bilbo feels lonely and emptiness when the group of hobbit leave Bilbo’s house.

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Comparisons Between the Hobbit and Beowulf

Today’s day and age this is impossible but, during the Anglo-Saxon era this would have been accepted because Beowulf was a hero and that was the kind of things heroes did.The famous swords that appeared in the poem and story was Naegling which was Beowulf’s Sword, Hrunting was Unferth’s sword and the two swords in The Hobbit were Orcrist and Glamdring.The Anglo-Saxons accepted these outrageous deeds because of the hero status of performing many deeds.Reading Beowulf makes you feel almost as if the author of The Hobbit may have even heard of Beowulf when he was a young child and his imagination wondered on the same concept that the poem Beowulf was articulating.The Hobbit’s character that had a deformity was Gollum who we know for a fact ...

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“The Hobbit’ by JRR. Tolkien Essay

The fantasy world Tolkien creates, Middle-Earth, contains memorable characters, in accord with an editor of Barnes&, in which he mentions, “Bilbo Baggins, the polite and peaceful hobbit; Gandalf, the wise and powerful wizard; the eerie and sinister Gollum”.You will become immersed in a great adventure; just as Tolkien writes, ” ‘…this account based on his [Bilbo] personal memoirs, of the one exciting year in the otherwise quiet life of Mr. Baggins will give you a fair idea of the estimable people now (it is said) becoming rather rare’ “.The struggle underlying the story is essentially the fight between pure evil and complete good.For example, Tolkien remarks on Gandalf: “If you had heard a quarter of what I have heard about ...

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Essay

Bilbo acted just the way Christ would in the Hobbit.Throughout this novel, Bilbo, who is ‘The Hobbit’ main character displayed his goodness.Gandalf lectures Frodo for praising Bilbo for sparing Gollum.A good example of this goodness is when he chose to spare the life of corrupt and evil Gollum.Bilbo and Frodo portray Christ-like characteristics of kindness.

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Bilbo Baggins: Zero To Hero

Early on Bilbo encounters a creature by the name of Gollum whose intent as we come to find out, is to eat Bilbo.When Gandalf states in chapter one that “Warriors are busy fighting one another in distant lands, and in this neighborhood heroes are scarce, or simply not to be found,” (22) he obviously failed in overlooking the might of Bilbo Baggins.However, it is his cunning intelligence & quick thinking, courage and above all else his loyalty to his friends that establish Bilbo as an indisputable hero.This transaction is Bilbo’s greatest challenge and the pinnacle of his career not as a burglar, but a hero.However, should Gollum win, Bilbo’s fate is sealed as Gollum’s next meal.

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The Fellowship of the Ring Essay

The first chapter in the book begins in a light vein, following the tone of The Hobbit.It was fairly difficult to read at some parts of the book which had “Boring” written all over the page, but it was definitely worth all that time.Tolkien has written an outstanding book and has proven many things and has shown many aspects.There is absolutely no doubt about the potential of excellence this book can generate.Sméagol subsequently possessed the Ring for centuries, and under its influence he became the creature named Gollum.

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Character in Lord of The Rings and Wheel of Time

Bilbo Baggins found a ring on a luck trialJohn Ronald Lewel was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa on January 3, 1892, and his father, Arthur, served in Africa Bank.Frodo is a special young hobbit that is a supporter of fellowship.In turn, everyone can complete his test to varying degrees.In the "Circle Fellowship", the first book of the trilogy of the "Lord of the Rings", the characters faced several challenges when they completed their challenges in the process of progress.Hobbit Charles on land.

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The Heroism of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein Essay

However, Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of The Hobbit, by Johan Ronald Reuel Tolkein, is shown to be a hero without possessing any of these qualities.Furthermore, when the Elvenking asks Bilbto to remain with them in order to prevent Thorn’s wrath, Bilbo thanked him but didn’t want to leave his companions after all that they have been through.So clearly, these examples provide evidence that one of Bilbo’s greatest strengths was the loyalty he showed.Although he is an indolent hobbit, he is offered to partake in an adventure as a burglar to help reclaim the Dwarves’ homeland from the dragon Smaug.For example, when Bilbo confronted Smaug, he was more prepared because of his growth in judgment, and knowledge; he gained these devious skills,...

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Keep ”The Hobbit” in School

This editorial gave me a great spark to include a quote from Anne Eaton into my persuassive essay as a positive opinion over The Hobbit.The Hobbit has reached the realm of the all-time greatest fantasy-fiction novels.The ring that the heroic hobbit escaped with from Gollum, enables the wearer of the ring to become invisible.The Hobbit also incorporates many symbols that portray those in the bible.The Hobbit should be available to anyone in the world with the desire to ‘escape from reality’ and read this once in a lifetime novel.

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Critical Review of The Two Towers

with the hobbit Frodo Baggins still on his quest to destroy the .shake Orlando Blooms’ hand.The biggest frustration for some .will be waiting until dec.17 for the journey to finish.His friend Samwise Gamgee meet a strange creature called Gollum who .

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Heroes in The Lord of the Rings Essay

Tolkien highlights more of Sam’s human characteristics as he describes Sam’s feelings toward Gollum.” He ignores what Gollum may have battled while he was in possession of the ring and his battle between himself, Smeagol and Deagol.Works Cited .Gollum, in Sam’s opinion, is deceitful, evil, and foul hence his nickname “Stinker and Slinker.Sam Gamgee is not only the book’s hero, but he is Frodo’s hero as well.

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The Hobbit 5 Paragraph Analysis

And here is where we end our story on how Bilbo used good sense to accomplish things no one ever thought a hobbit could do.This is where it took not just courage but also determination, on Bilbo’s part, to go up and actually confront Gollum, because Gollum also said that if Bilbo lost then he would eat him.Loud cried the Lord of the Eagles, and waves of the great birds that were with him, swept down like huge black shadows and seized Bilbo’s companions.Bilbo never forgot that flight for as long as he lived.” So as this passage has already said multiple times, Bilbo and his companions had three major helpers and assistants on their path to victory, and shall they never be forgotten as: luck, courage, and good sense.Soon the light of the b...

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Adaptation Evaluation Essay

The magical creatures are described in such a way that you feel as if you know the characters and can see a clear picture of them in your mind.Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE JRR Tolkien section.“A strange looking weather beaten man … listening intently to hobbit talk… he was smoking a long stemmed pipe curiously carved.The language such as the words “Curiously” and “Caked” are alternatives that make the text more interesting than strangely carvers or covered in mud , also the idea that the man is wearing a hood and the gleam of his eyes gives a mysterious feel bout the book.Although I do not normally choose fantasy stories I enjoyed t...

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Business Week contacts

In spite of their departure from reality, they still face problems similar to mine.The fellowship is then divided due to various circumstances, Frodo along with his trusted friend Sam continue on the quest for the ring’s destruction, meeting Gollum along the way.The Lord of     the Rings Trilogy (Motion Picture).The reason behind my passion for motion pictures such as The Lord of the Rings is because they always something behind to aid me as I journey through life.New York city, NY: New Line Cinema .

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