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Violence in the Workplace Essay

Termination should be an automatic consequence of violence in the workplace The fear of losing one’s job or having criminal action against them may help deter violence in the workplace.This reference will explain statistics about violence in the workplace and what can be done to help.Violence in the workplace a growing threat.People need to become accountable for creating violence in the workplace and a way to do this is by others reporting violence they witness to their supervisors.This reference examines why violence in the workplace starts and what can be done to .

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Exploring The Issue Of Workplace Violence Social Work Essay

Understanding and complying with the workplace violence prevent program and other safety and security measures Participating in employee complaint or suggestion procedures covering safety and security concerns Reporting violent incidents promptly and accurately Participating in safety and health committees or teams that receive reports of violent incidents or security problems, make facility inspections and respond with recommendations for corrective strategies Taking part in a continuing education program that covers techniques to recognize escalating agitation, high risk behavior or criminal intent and discusses appropriate responses A key element of the workplace violence prevention program is the threat assessment team, or safety com...

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Workplace Violence and Harrassment Essay

Workplace violence extends beyond the traditional workplace and can include off site work related social or business functions or client homes.It should be stressed that everyone is responsible for due diligence in reporting and responding to harassment and violence in the workplace.To address the escalating problem of workplace harassment and violence, the government has introduced legislation that requires employers to create policies and procedures to increase the awareness and social responsibility of harassment and violence in and out of the workplace.Here are just a few examples of workplace violence, workplace harassment and domestic violence that employers and employees are facing today.We described the effects workplace violence...

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Workplace Bullying Against Nurses Health And Social Care Essay

Workplace violence has an impact on the providers’ health, productivity and dignity.To analyze victims’ reaction to violence and the consequences of workplace violence.Type I is referred to as “external violence”, Type II as “client initiated” violence and Type III as “internal” violence.Victims of workplace violence have an increased risk of long-term emotional problems and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a disorder which is common in combat veterans and victims of terrorism, crime, rape and other violent incidents.Healthcare workers especially nurses are at high risk of workplace violence.

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How To Prevent Workplace Violence Criminology Essay

Across the nation, violence in the workplace has become a significant occupational hazard.In addition, the psychological research literature available on workplace violence has mushroomed in the last decade.But I offer this opinion, what if workplace violence could just be a matter of knowing how to treat one another?An example of this might be a domestic violence risk where the target, at work, receives threatening calls in which the aggressor says he or she will make the target pay and threatens to come to the workplace to confront the target.So what is really the future of workplace violence?

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Workplace Violence in Nursing Essay example

Workplace Violence in Nursing Professional Position Paper Nurses continually strive to bring holistic, efficient, and safe care to their patients.The issue of workplace violence in nursing was brought into the light after several studies were performed focused on this topic.Workplace Violence in Health Care: Recognized but not Regulated.According to (Johnston et al., 2010, p.36), workplace violence is “spreading like a ‘superbug.’” Studies have shown, that lateral violence, nurse-on-nurse, has been one of the highest incidence of violence within the workplace.The effects of violence in nursing can be harmful to the proper function within a workplace.

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Essay about Workplace Violence

Addressing this problem is complicated, because workplace violence has many sources.These categories can be very helpful in the design of strategies to prevent workplace violence.Workplace violence is not often talked about, but it does kill people.I do not think this type of violence will affect me personally in my workplace, but it could very easily affect my co workers.This type of violence targets women more than men.

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Violence in the Workplace Essay

While organizations are unable to anticipate all situations, basic preventive measures can deter some violence in the workplace.These elements are further evidence that organizations that initiate formal policies for workplace violence are more likely to consider ways to be proactive, rather than reactive.Organizations have to deal with human productivity and economic costs from incidents of workplace violence.Training should include interpersonal communication, conflict resolution techniques and hostage survival skills to ensure that employees are prepared for any violence that should occur in the workplace.Workplace violence includes threatening behaviors, verbal abuse and physical assault.

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Violence at the Workplace

Workplace violence: issues, trends, strategies.In which case, unions and employee as members of a company should be familiar or acquainted with the comprehensive written policy about workplace violence of the company, which elaborates in detail such unacceptable behavior that constitute workplace violence, procedures for handling and responding violence incidents (emergency contacts for reporting and asking help) and related issues.Understanding and preventing violence at the workplace is a major concern of organizations in promoting the health, safety and productivity of employees of a company.Workplace violence can take the form of rumors, verbal profanities, stalking, coercing to do an act, shenanigans, property damage or vandalism, t...

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Workplace Violence Essay

Workplace violence can happen at any given point in time to anyone.There are a number of factors that needs to be considered when this type of violence occurs.My paper will outline policies and procedures a company can adopt to make the workplace a safer environment.Workplace violence is any type of threat or hostility acted out against workers.Workplace violence can be caused by a number of underlying factors which can include but is not limited to alcohol and drug abuse, job loss, depression, mental illnesses, or an accumulation of debt.

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Research The Prevention Of Workplace Violence In Health Care Settings

Workplace Violence: What to do if you are assaulted.There are escalated incidents of workplace violence in health care facilities lately.Workplace violence often results to low motivation of the staff.Chavez, L. J., Workplace Violence, (2001) .Workplace violence is those acts directed toward people at work, with intent to cause injury.

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Workplace Violence Essay

Workplace Violence “And who has not thought that the impersonal world deserves no better than to be destroyed by one fabulous sign of his displeasure?” (J. Bronowski, The Face of Violence) Workplace violence has become a concern for both public and private companies, and has prompted these companies to implement anti-violence programs.Relentless global market forces demand constant changes in methods of production and workplace organization.Family discord, domestic violence, ... ... middle of paper ... ...Men were more likely to be the perpetrator and or the victim of violence.Workplace violence as you can see, is a problem that plagues us all.

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A Case Study of the Killings in Connecticut State Lottery Essay

Employers under the ADA are now encouraged to access all possible information no matter how private they may be in terms of avoiding workplace violence.There appears to be no place for compromise between ADA and preventing workplace violence; except for the legal fact that ADA gives allowance to the adaptation of more rigid processes of pre-employment.The Office of Personnel Management provided a handbook that will guide workplace planners to properly address the issue of workplace violence.In the handbook every single aspect of workplace violence is discussed, including modes of workplace violence and the most effective ways of preventing it from happening.Even if there is such an allowance, the prevention of workplace violence during t...

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Workplace Security : An Act Of Violence Essay

Often, the companies which experience workplace violence never saw it coming and had no plans in place to reduce the effects of a security breech.Domestic violence is usually displayed in a pattern of intimidating behavior used by a perpetrator to gain power and control over a current or former spouse, family member, intimate partner, or person with whom the perpetrator shares a child in common.Instead, the last thing you ever expected to happen has occurred - there has been an act of violence in your facility.Some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year.However, it remains the responsibility of employer to work together with its employees to try to normalize the workplace following an incident as soon as p...

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Sexual Abuse in the Workplace and Domestic Violence

(Petrocelli and Repa, 1998)  This type of sexual abuse may be very rampant in both workplace environment and domestic violence.Sexual violence is also rampant in domestic violence realm.Sexual violence in the workplace .Sexual violence is rampant in our homes and in our work places.Sexual violence is any sexual act involving two or more people but where one party is forced to engage in the act.

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What is violence

Be willing to speak up when you witness it happening and name ‘horizontal violence’ for what it is.All members of every workplace are urged to work together to address the issues of oppression and eliminate this unhealthy behaviour from the workplace to keep the workplace professional.All acts of unkindness, discourtesy, sabotage, divisiveness, infighting, lack of cohesiveness, scapegoating and criticism includes horizontal violence.The effects of ongoing horizontal violence are progressive if not addressed and are explained stress begins to dawn on the individual reduced self-esteem, sleeping disorders, and free floating anxiety.There are appropriate strategies to horizontal violence such as Recognise and acknowledge that horizontal vio...

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Violence Against Nursing Workplace Health And Social Care Essay

Violence at work place is a complex problem which demand multifunctional actions and cooperation even with safety policies and procedures in place ,hospital and other health care setting can be dangerous places ,filled with individuals who are under stress .Part of nurses job to raise awareness in the health and aged care sectors and the community about the incidence of violence and its unacceptability as a workplace hazard are beginning to empower nurses to report violent incidents, to act to minimize risk , and to ensure their employers accept their legal obligations to provide a safe place for nurses to work and to provide care for the community.Finally, identify the role of health sector to minimize the risk of violence against nurse...

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Bullying And Violence Important Issues For Organisations Management Essay

Roots usually came from domestic violence spilled into the workplace.Bullying breed bullying and violence breeds violence.Corporate violence discourages employees from informing management regarding potentially violent actions which could be early manifestations of individual breakdown and increasing stress in the workplace (Freiberg, 1998).Workplace bullying or violence is a problem that can be difficult to detect and challenge for the main reason that bullies spread an environment of fear and intimidation that discourages employees from making any assertions.Employers are beginning to take steps to make bullying and violence unthinkable making it similar to sexual harassment or drunkenness in the workplace.

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Benefits of Work Psychology to Employees

A significant negative correlationwas determined between stress and thesubdimensions of violence prevention climate practices, no significant relationship was found between policies and pressure for unsafe practicesand depression.(2007) a significant relationship was determined between the perceived violence climate anddepression and anxiety [19].For example; workplace violence includes physical assault, homicide, robbery, verbal abuse, bullying/mobbing, swearing, shouting, sexual and racial harassment, name calling, threats, interfering with work tools and equipmentWorkplace violence negatively affects not onlythe direct victims of such behavior, but also thosewho witness such violence.Richards (2003) defined as “Incidents where staff a...

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Workplace Violence : Removing Barriers And Promoting Change Essay

Research shows that these numbers are also underestimated as often times, employees are not reporting the violence.Violence in healthcare has become a hot topic lately.Assaults and violent acts were the cause of 27 of the 100 deaths in 2013 in healthcare and social service facilities and in 2011-2013, workplace assaults ranged from 23,540 and 25,630 each year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA], 2015, p. 2).Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Removing Barriers and Promoting Change .Some reasons for violence in the healthcare setting include patients’ mental health status, substance abuse, long wait times, and a hectic environment.

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Workplace Violence Essays

Do we consider this violence in the workplace?...Betsy, “Building a Workplace Violence Plan” .Workplace Violence .Kuebler, Brian, “Schnucks Stabber May Get Home Visits” WREG News Channel 3, .Is this considered to be workplace violence?

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Workplace Bullying: Literature Review

Psychological violence or emotional violence includes acts such as bullying, mobbing, teasing, ridicule or any word or deed that could psychologically harm or single out an individual person in the workplace.Workplace violence is a practice that might be physical or emotional.However, it can also be asserted that bullying and other overlapping practices are emotional workplace violence.The ILO defines workplace violence as: [10] This definition is also said to encompass bullying.Bullying is one of the tactics considered under workplace violence.

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Essay about Prevention of School and Workplace Violence

As mentioned earlier, “In 2011, 458 workplace homicides occurred, a decrease from 518 in 2010 and 542 in 2009.Since 1993, the number of workplace homicides declined 57 percent from 1,068 to 458” (Statistics, 2012).Stuart W. Twemlow, M. (2004).Ticking Bombs Defusing Voilence in the Workplace.Prevention of school and workplace violence should be the cornerstone of any organization.

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Essay about Workplace Violence in Corporate America

The proposed research is an examination of workplace violence in Corporate America.(Zikmund et al., 2010) The hypothetical use of quantitative methods to explore workplace violence as it ... ... middle of paper ... the hypothetical use of three methods of research for the proposed topic.The first design to explore for conducting research about workplace violence is quantitative research.Workplace violence is a serious problem that deserves to be explored due to the number of incidents and the severity of some incidents.The research methods knowledge base.

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Violence in School and In the Workplace Essays

Aggression In Organizations: Violence, Abuse and Harassment At Work And In Schools, Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press .Perpetrators of violence perceive hostile intent even when there may be none and their social value systems do not constrain them from hurting others.Kelly Grandchamp (2012) states perpetrators of violence and aggression have different cognition and value systems.Power and locus of control are critical factors in the perpetrators’ reactions and frustration facilitates violence and aggression.Several Legislative acts such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA), and a variety of Hate Crime Laws begin to tackle the topic of hostility in our soci...

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Impacts of Workplace Violence in Nursing

It is obvious, that the greatest negative effects of workplace violence are felt by the victim (Kvas, 2011).While horizontal or lateral violence is generally defined as any type of unwanted abuse or hostility within the workplace it is considered as an act of aggression among healthcare professionals (Becker &Visovsky, 2012).The situation of the workplace violence speaks to me directly as it affects not only my personal wellbeing, but also impacts the quality of care I provide.Unsafe workplace environment allowing for re-occurring violence outbreaks in any form ultimately leads to deteriorating outcomes in emotional and mental health of the nurse, personal well-being and patient safety.An analysis of several studies confirmed that ap...

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Parenting Style Its Impacts on Academic Performance

(1) VIOLENCE (Workplace violence) .Other workplace harassment apart from sexual harassment are humor, jokes, race, religion, disability, gender specific trait, repeated request for dates, comments about persons’ body, dress, excessive flattery, or questioning of a personal nature and threats .As psychological hazards are caused by bullying, harassment, language abuse, shift and night work and violence, these problems have become very common in recent time.Workplace harassment is any unwelcome or unwanted conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or an aversion toward other person on the basis of any characteristics protected by law.The Journal of occupational and Environmental Medicine, 43(02), 120-126 Victoria,D (2012).Psychological h...

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Guide for employers Essay

Bully and violence complaints must be immediately responded, investigated and properly documented.Workplace diversity also plays a minor role in it when people do not seem to realize that the effects on seemingly innocent gestures or words on others may be perceived negatively and may have a detrimental effect brought about by relative cultural differences.The CMR Group 2006 Workplace bullying: what can you do?Domestic violence is not just a private matter anymore because it could get spilled in the workplace anytime.It is high time that HR shall have a distinct place in the organizational chart like organization reengineering that will really make them effective in responding to employee’s problems like sexual harassment, bullies, and w...

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The Right To Privacy In the Workplace

On the other hand, violence could also be caused by outsiders to those in the workplace.The guidelines are formulated to assist employers in fighting violence and also bring up any problems that could have been ignored.Right To Privacy in The Workplace in The Information Age .Another federal law may also expose these employers for any violence that is gender motivated  ( Violence & Employer Liability .

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Corporate Alliance And End Partner Violence Essay

Their mission is, “To aid in the prevention of partner violence by leveraging the strength and resources of the corporate community.The target audiences for CAEPV are people in the workplace; employees.The only social media... .Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness to this issue and put an end to it entirely.The name of the organization I have selected is the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence.

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