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The Cause and Effect of Poverty

To conclude, there are many cause and effect of poverty. The second effect of poverty is unemployment; this is one important effect of poverty because without employment it is not easy to survive.

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Does Poverty Cause War?

David Keen suggested that violent conflict has several functions for its participants and that there `may be more to war than winning.’ Collier’s quantitative research and the World Bank jumping into the fray made everyone believe that civil wars are fought just to gain from war and its main drivers are loot seeking rebels rather than justice seekin...

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War on Terror vs. War on Poverty Essay

A lot of causes can be attributed to poverty such as graft and corruption, geographical location, and of course war just to name the few. While a lot of criticisms have shaken the very foundation of the said war because of reported human right’s abuses done by some US soldiers, the whole idea of war on terror should not be dropped.

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Causes of Poverty Essay

War really causes and increases poverty in every other aspect. Not thinking only about the people who would have died during the war, there is a need to think about the families that would have been left by these people who would have died in the war.

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Poverty: An African Crisis

Some of the major causes of poverty include: war and armed conflict, poor farm policy, lack of access to credit, rampant unemployment, lack of access to education, and disease. “Specialists debate the incidence and causes of poverty in Africa,” Cristina Muller, UN Economic Commission for Africa (Dec. 13, 2005).

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Causes Of Global Poverty Economics Essay

When a country must deal with a war, this means that the country must spend money on defense and some even have to loan money which they will have to pay back with interest. In or day poverty is a major issue with approximately 1.2 bllion people currently living below the international poverty line by earning less than $1 per day.

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In Civil Peace, How Does War Affect Society Essay

In human history, especially in the ninetieth century and the twentieth century, there were many civil wars in different countries because of political, economic, religious, ethnic, and cultural conflicts, for example, the American Civil War between the United States and several southern slaves states from 1861 to 1865; the Korean Civil War between ...

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Country Poverty

Pakistan has stepped into a war against terrorism because of poverty as one of its main reason. War against terror is provoking safety issues in Pakistan and poverty is proportional to safety issues naturally.

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Political Stability In The Developing World Politics Essay

Through history, poverty has been one of the most important reasons of war, at anytime, anywhere. Between years 2000 and 2010, we saw several conflicts in the world: the second Intifada (2000, Israel), Hmong conflict (2000, Laos), second Afghanistan war (2001), Waziristan war (2001), civil war in Ivory Coast (2001), civil war in Macedonia (2001), So...

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Disaster Capitalism

The causes of war come from deep within a country or a community; it could be caused by poverty, political, social and economic inequalities. All said and done- peace is better than war .

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African Americans History As Slaves And Contemporary Poverty History Essay

Neither the federal government nor the local people seemed to support that and the final choice they were left with in the post war era was to keep working for the white planters. Previously, their children were forced at an early age to do the work and this could be prevented with the choices they had after he Civil War.

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Child Soldiers and Poverty

The fact that war is one of the main causes of child soldier recruitment seems too obvious and it appears quite strange that many non government organisations, researchers and bodies such as the UN have failed to even recognise it as a major cause in their research / discussions as a trigger for child soldier recruitment This ignorance may account f...

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Why is poverty important in contemporary security studies? Analytical Essay

Most security literatures before the 2nd World War were to a large extent characterized by war and military strategies, and geopolitics. Security Studies and the End of the Cold War.

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HIV AIDS affects health

War is over, the economy shakes, people are unemployed, homeless, the government is bad. Because war wreaks havoc on human beings, there is no source of food available for use.

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Major causes of French Revolution Essay

The country could no longer pay its debts, debts that were all the result of war. Monarchy waged wars on other European countries including America, assisting in American war of independence.

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Effect of Economic Growth on Poverty

War and Poverty. are the number of people died due to war or battle-related conflict used as proxies of war data from World Bank.

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Opium wars in China

Together with rising food prices and rising unemployment, poverty spread rapidly throughout China. The opium wars led to poverty, drug addiction and economic problems in China.

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Underdevelopment of Africa Essay

The illiteracy rate in countries around Africa is very high. Poverty is one of the causes of underdevelopment in Africa.

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The world urban slum population

One of the main urban underemployment in recent years, some countries and regions due to growing poverty and political instability and war continued, leading to a large number of refugees fleeing their homes to escape war and poverty and to change part of a influx of relatively well-developed and there is no war in the city. Firstly the author descr...

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Is the World Without Povert an Impossible Dream

With these reasons, I would claim that poverty will indeed remain as an impossible dream simply because the rate at which poverty is increasing, due to unforeseen events, is far more rapid than the rate at which we are trying to reduce it. These causes of poverty are mainly natural disasters, geologically isolated locations, historical colonies and ...

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Undisputed Social Issue In The Philippines Economics Essay

According to history, “the destruction of the national economy as a result of the war posed serious problems of subsistence and of peace and order” (Agoncillo, 1990). In the meantime, the volume of exports was less than before the war an d could be expected to grow only gradually.

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Poverty And Hunger In Africa Economics Essay

Because of teh war, there are many consequences which people have to suffer, and such leads into poverty. Because of their death, as brought about by war, many children tend to suffer from poverty and hunger.

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“Changes” by Tupac Shakur

Instead of war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me. Instead of fight against poverty, they declared a war on drugs.

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Reviewing The Comparison And Contrast Of The Destructors English Literature Essay

The significance of the period each story was penned can easily be understood when considering the miserable living conditions of the people of post war Great Britain. “The Destructors” and “The Rocking Horse Winner” were both written in the third person by British authors and set in post war Great Britain.

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An Undisputed Social Issue in The Philippines Essay

Agricultural production – The destruction caused by the last war told heavily on the productive capacity of the people and their standard of living (Agoncillo, 1990). Another cause is said to be disability – this is also one of the possible causes of poverty in the Philippines since more and more people nowadays become disabled because of several il...

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Essay on Political Ideology and Social Problem Analysis

The War on Poverty 50 Years Later: A Progress Report. The nature and cause of poverty.

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Poverty And Hunger Around The World

Therefore, we may conclude that hunger is one of the causes of poverty. Hunger can be viewed as the cause of poverty in a such a way that it causes poor health, low levels of energy, and even mental impairment.

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World Hunger Through Out the World Essay

One of the main causes of hunger is poverty. Food supplies are often taken and used for soldiers during war, crop cycles are interrupted, seeds and livestock are consumed in desperation, and children suffer lasting health damage as a result of insufficient food.

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Ending Poverty in the Third World Essay

Among some of the determined causes of poverty in the third world first is the high and underdeveloped population in the third world attributed to lack of ability among the people, unwillingness to change traditional ways and customs, lack of proper resource management, lack of attempt at self-improvement, laziness, and lack of knowledge (Panadero a...

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Cause and Effect Essay

Poverty is and always has been one of the leading causes of gun violence, but ultimately it is the drive of the parents to make sure that their kids have what they need in life rather than a gang member or drug dealer providing it for them. One staggering statistic shows that horrific violence from the Mexican drug war claimed as many as 50,000 live...

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