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The cold war arose due to ideological conflict

The war only stopped when a world war was at risk.The Vietnam war is yet another example of war created due to the difference in ideologies between the two nations.The war started when the communist North invaded the South, which was democratic.The Cold War can be seen as begun by traditional rivalry between the East and West.This rivalry had been going on for centuries, with the attacks of Genghis Khan, the splitting of the church and World War One.

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How did the cold war effect Australia Essay

The Cold War thus was global competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to shape and control the post-World War II global economic and political order.Confrontation was a small-undeclared war fought between 1962-1966 during which Indonesia sought to destabilise the newly independent Malaysia.The fear of communism eventually overtaking Australia was initially the main reason for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.So if communism took over it would eventually causes a nuclear/world war.Throughout the Cold War, the United States saw the Soviet Union and communism as the greatest threat and challenge to its global leadership and dominance of an emerging global economy and industrial society.

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Harrys Trumans Fight Against Communism History Essay

The doctrines policy also referred as the Marshall Plan prevented the spread of communism through the provision of foreign renovation aid to war torn nations.On May 12, 1947, Harry s. Truman sparked the cold war by proclaiming to stop expansion of communism using the Truman doctrine (Watson, Gleek & Grill, 2003).This policy was based on the thought that war torn nations were vulnerable to communism as an after war solution (Truman, 1952).The end of World War II marked the beginning of the Cold War.Summarily, Truman’s war against communism was proving impossible due to the rapid expansion of the practice and existence of perpetuating forces like the Soviet Union.

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U.S. Involvement in Vietnam War Essay

The persistence and fear of America of the possible rise of communism brought the war unfinished until the reign of President Johnson.Aftermath of the War The Vietnam War is also memorable because of its remarkable effect to the economic, political, and social aspect of the country.After the war, America felt the result of the lavish spending in the war.More importantly, the Vietnam War was considered as a war between two ideologies – democracy and communism.Aside from being the longest engagement of the country in a war, it is also the very first war that America experienced its defeat.

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The Vietnam War In 1965 History Essay

This is a treaty that shows an alliance, stating that these three countries will fight together in any war within the Pacific Ocean area, therefore all countries fought together in the Vietnam War.Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies mislead the citizens by stating that we were asked to go to war, in fact Australia chose to go to the Vietnam War in 1965, proving to be a horrible mistake.The evidence presented, that displayed Australia choosing to go to war is much stronger and outweighs Australia’s dim excuse that we had to aid America’s war efforts against the Viet Cong.America had been in the war since 1959, however in 1961 it was clear that the war would not be settled for a long time; therefore the current leader of South Vietnam...

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The Korean War And Communism Essay

Was the Korean War successful in either containing Communism or Removing Communism?Some people feel that as communism was not defeated and therefore the war cannot be seen as a success.The war prevented the total take over of communism in Korea because of the intervention of the UN split Korea into two equal parts one of which was anti – communist.I also believe they should try to contain communism because they were more successful in containing communism than they were in defeating it.The cold war certainly did not defeat communism as many countries were still communist and the Warsaw pact made this chain of communist countries even stronger.

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Why the Cold War Started Essay

This was called the Cold War.This war started in 1945 and finished in 1989.Why called the cold war?This war took place everywhere it also took place out of space, when they wanted to see who would reach the moon first.This war was between U. S. A and the Soviet Union (Russia).

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How important was Stalin compared to Lenin in creating the Soviet Union

Lenin introduced the system of war communism with two main aims, to put communist theories into place (i. e. redistribution of wealth), and to win the civil war.This meant that Lenin had to abandon the policy of War Communism and put in place a new economic policy.Had Lenin, not led the country into winning the war, he would have kept the policies of ‘War Communism’ and many more people and supporters would have died (turning a lot of people against him).On the other hand, War Communism was extremely crucial in creating the Soviet Union.War communism achieved its aim of winning the war, but in doing so caused terrible hardships for the Russian people, some estimate that 7 million people starved to death under it.

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Australia’s Response to Communism in the 1950’s Essay

This policy of forward defence justified the positioning and placing of troops into the Korean War.These included our involvement in the Korean War, our policy of forward defence, the Communist Party Dissolution Bill and treaties with America and other countries.One of Australia’s main responses to communism was its participation in the Korean War.In the 1950’s the world had just come out of the greatest war in human history.“Australia’s Responses to the Threat of Communism: International.” Web.

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Australian Government Respond to the Threat of Communism During the 1950’s

Yet, despite this belief and threat, Australia’s involvement in the Korean War, involvement in treaties and alliances and the dissolution, referendum and the Petrov affair played an integral part in the spreading of communism.Australia’s involvement in the Korean War was one of the ways in which it reacted to the largely growing threat of communism.Australia responded by its involvement in the Korean War, joining alliances and signing treaties and by the introduction of the Dissolution Bill, referendum and the Petrov Affair.After the conclusion of World War 2, which ended in 1945, Australia faced the growing threat of communism.Australia’s response to Communism within Australia was by the attempt of the Dissolution Bill, the referendum t...

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Australias Involvement In The Vietnam War – Essay

Some Australians thought that going to war was the right thing to do as some Australians have that mentally.Psychologically, Australia had been prepared for another war since the conflict in Korea.These united protest movements demanded a moratorium (a suspension) of the Vietnam War.Beside the reaction at the election polls, opinion polls also showed widespread support among the people for the government decision to go to war.So Australia to go to war, in my opinion, was the right thing to do.

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Vietnam: Was it Justified?

That is what is being fought for every day and in the Vietnam War.Although the war was lost, the United States arms acquired Asia the time needed to become as free as it is today.Overview: The Vietnam War.” .The Vietnam War: Opposing Viewpoints.Some people say that the war was an immoral, unjust war, or that communism is not that bad, and not so monolithic or evil (Dudley and Bender, 91.)

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Apush Containment Essay

Which kind of war is better: a massive attack resulting in thousands of dead soldiers or a long, drawn out war?By the end of World War II Germany occupied by the four major powers and divided into two territories.The United States was dedicated in their fight against communism with instances like the Truman Doctrine, which vowed to support anyone who was being threatened by communist rule, and The Marshall Plan, which gave over 10 billion dollars to European countries in the effort to rebuild the damage done during World War II.The most logical answer is the long, drawn out war, which is exactly what the Cold War was.The policy was set up to serve the purposes of stopping Communism, not starting a massive war.

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Was The Cold War Due To Conflicting Ideologies History Essay

Consequently, it turned the Cold War into a hot war as it heightened the tensions and suspicion of the Soviets towards America.But, in contrast to this, during the origins of the Cold War Stalin made clear his policies for expansion in Europe which is what caused the threat to America, resulting in the Cold War.Personal relationships obviously attributed to the origins of the Cold War, as it was the leaders of these two superpowers that pursued their ideological differences and the balance of power resulting in the Cold War.The causes of the Cold War look at how the superpowers had an almost equal desire for a balance of power; this was the initial causation of the Cold War.In terms of conflicting ideologies, the ones that developed afte...

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The Cold War and its Impact Throughout the World Essay

Mean while the “Doves” wanted the ... .Before the United States intervened into the Cold War different domestic policies were “splattered around the United States” (Doc.This attitude angered the capitalists which led into the fifty year Cold War.Throughout the Cold War, Korean War, and Vietnam War the main problem was communism.The United States tried creating many tactics and strategies to contain the “bleeding” of communism, but during the cold war, communism spread faster then it could be restrained.

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Leffler and Gaddis on the Cold War

The escalation of fears and tradition of brinkmanship that would characterize the subsequent course of the Cold War is a direct result of Kennan’s strategy2.Leffler takes a more cautious stance, reminding his audience that America’s triumph had been at a considerable cost not only to our neighbors abroad, but also to those Americans whose lives were damaged or destroyed by the tumult of Cold War politics.Leffler’s choice to take a more global stance on the outcome of the Cold War highlights the fact that his perspective is far more balanced than that which Gaddis presents in The Cold War.5 The most striking difference between Gaddis and Leffler’s books can be seen in their final analyses of the significance of the Cold War.Communism, not...

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To what extent did the US deterrence successfully contain communism?

When the Korean War exploded in June 25th 1950, the US had learned its lesson and committed troops to the peninsula.They succeeded in preventing Greece from falling to communism, along helping the European economy to take away the chance from the Soviets to spread communism, and saved South Korea from communism.China, who also joined the war was given a lesson whereby she was called an enemy of the UN and was put on an embargo from capitalist countries.The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was the closest time the world was to experience a nuclear war.It failed to identify the spread of communism in Europe, and only after another country’s fall was it able to recognize that post-war Europe in poverty was an ideal breeding ground for communism...

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The Cold War Essay

“…remarks that it is time to “blow the whistle” on revisionist attempts to show that the cold war may have been the consequence of something more than mere Communist belligerence… Relatively straight-forward matter of the origins of the cold war is settled beyond discussion, whereas the much more complex issue of why the United States shies away from a negotiated settlement in Vietnam must be left to future historians to ponder” (Chomsky, 1967).“Cold War liberal forebears, who dominated anti-Communist intellectual circles during the McCarthy period, the traditionalists often reviled McCarthy himself as an irresponsible demagogue” (Bernstein, 2004) The Cold war only put the world on the precipice of destruction.The outcome is that some th...

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War Communism and the New Economic Policy

War communism also caused dissatisfaction within the proletariat.The features of war communism were that peasant land was seized and then nationalised, however the peasant’s control.The solution to War Communism was done through the New Economic Policy (NEP).The impact of War Communism was great on both the peasantry and the proletariat.Large industry was much slower to recover from the detrimental effects of war communism as was the proletariat, who were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the October Revolution.

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The interpretation that Lenin was a dictator Essay

Overall, Lenin was not a dictator as he had no intention of being so, Lenin merely responded to the circumstance that faced him, although these responses may seem unsuitable Lenin did retreat from some of them, such as the move from War Communism to the New Economic Policy after the Civil War.This is because Lenin was able to see the errors that had been caused by War Communism and offer an alternative that did not agree with his ideology.The interpretation that War Communism was dictatorial is also questionable because, to an extent, the control of War Communism was needed, as most factory committees were not professional and experienced enough to control production for the Civil War, nor did they have the ability to organise the suppli...

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Communism During The Cold War History Essay

These strikes were driven by unions from all political ends and had been triggered by economic grievances among workers and not an effort to impede the nation’s war.During the World War II, the alliance between the solvent union and the United States of America led to growth communism in America.However, since the communists had been active before and during this time, these strikes in the initial years of the cold war were cited as evidence of American re-armament sabotage by the communist party.The cold war shifted the concept of communism from a political perspective to an issue of national security.After the World War II, the emergence of cold war brought the communist party under attack.

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The Causes and Development of the Cold War 1945 – 1990 Essay

The Cold war changed the world forever, no longer would wars be fought in trenches and battlefields.The reason why this war was so special was the fact that it was not fought with weapons or armies but it was a war of words.There was a huge threat of a nuclear war, which could have drastically destroyed the world completely.America was not ready for another war she was financially crippled.The war all started out because of each nation losing their trust in each other after the Second World War.

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Defying All Odds of Communism

The U.S. hated communism and wanted with all its power to stop it and fought for years to do so.In this foreign policy, the United States went just far enough because they prevented World War III from occurring.The limited war was successful in stopping the expansion of communism.The U.S. limited the expansion of communism as well as it could and used great effort to do so.After the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II it was apparent that the victors would come out as the new world powers.

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Cold War Fears DBQ Essay

The fear of the spread of communism, arms race, and frontal assaults by the Soviets showed the increasing growth of fear that Americans had within them during the Cold War.Although the WWII had ended, Americans now have to worry about another war, the Cold War.Americans had worried about the war in Europe against the Germans, but now they had to go against one of their allies during the war (the trust was very weak between the United States and Soviet Union which made the alliance very weak overall).He sees communism as a threat and understands that America must oppose the foe (communism) and great liberty to the country that is being affected by it.The responses to communism breathed hope into the hearts of Americans, however, it did no...

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Main Reasons For Vietnam War Involvement

Vietnam War was necessary as it was engaged to prevent the spread of communism into South Vietnam.So what made the war “necessary”?This clash, at once strategic and ideological, was nothing less than a world war or a hegemonic war, in which the international system future governance was at stake, and also the great powers that were opposing the U.S. and its allies were considered as the moral equivalents of Nazi Germany.The Vietnam War was like a continuation of the first Indochina war that was battled when the Vietnamese sought for independence from France after the World War II (Daum & Gardner, 2003).The Vietnam War was necessary not only because it had a prominent place in the United States history, but because Vietnam was a clear...

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There Was A Big War Going On The Korean War Essay

No one won the war because no one achieved what they really wanted to achieve so it was a draw.The war first starts off as North Korea vs South Korea.The North Koreans surprise attack South Korea and cross the 38th parcel to start off the war.My conclusion is that there was a Korean civil war for like 3 years long.Also, the Russians enter the war to support North Korea and China.

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The US intervention in Korean War Essay

Historians believed that this was another event in a civil war that had been raging since Korea had been divided.Whether or not Truman fought the war out of priniciple is arguable, however it is more likely that he used democracy and the human rights as a way to protect his presidency by gaining faith from the public again.If the whole of Korea were under the rule of communism, consequently other SEA nations would fall in Soviet sphere of influence.He was accused of supporting communism and employing closet communists under his administration.The true reason as to why the US intervened in the Korean war has created a lot of conflicting answers from many historians.

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History of Communism Containment

Even after the Korean War and the creation of the Warsaw Pact, the expansion of communism was not over.Even though 1989 marked the end of the Cold War, some say that since the Soviet Union ultimately fell, the policy of containment was successful.A year later was probably the scariest moment of the Cold War.Not only was American (containment in the height of the Cold War a failure)(US History), those failures can still be seen to this day.The U.S and President Truman saw the Soviet Union to be a serious threat to the free world and as a result, they were about to enter a new kind of war: the “Cold War.” .

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Why Did the USA Become Increasingly Involved in Vietnam Essay

Simply put, Eisenhower, the American president, and his secretary of state JF Dulles, thought that should Vietnam fall to Communism, it would result in the countries around it- Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma and India- eventually falling to Communism, just like a row of dominoes- and a Communist South Asia was not an option for the USA.The problem was that it was set up in ‘American’ territory and was seen as a threat to American forces, especially when the Viet Cong began a guerilla war against the South Vietnamese government.The war was total failure for American and South Vietnamese forces the Americans did not known the terrain and played easily into the hands of the more able and better skilled guerilla fighters.During the war, a s...

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Who is to blame for the Cold War, Soviet Union or United States?

His aim, to take advantage of the military situation in post- war Europe to strengthen Russian influence, was perceived to be a threat to the Americans.The United states waged hot wars through other nations, such as Korea and Vietnam; instead in actually declaring war against the Soviet Union.Yet Stalin’s expansion policy was also another catalyst to the war.Thus, all of the United States’ political actions further contributed to the Cold War cause.The United States used this treaty to escalate the cold War by showing the Soviet Union that all of the NATO countries sided with the US in the Cold War.

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