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Genre Theory Essay

Near the end of the film Ben Wade begins to help Dan Evans with getting him to the train so Dan Evans can collect the $200 bounty promised by the GENRE THEORY 4 law men.However most genres will likely have a sub genre According to Goodyknootz, B. , & Jacobs, C. P. (2014) Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed. )Some films can often mix 4 genres into a single film allowing the creator the free use of his imagination, however even these films ultimately will fall into a major genre category.Unfortunately genres can also cause some people to often judge a film based on it’s genre, if they’ve seen a certain film that was a Western for instance that they did not particularity enjoy they will assume all films under this genre are not worth ...

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History of, and Impact of Cinema

Palme d’Or became the enduring symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, awarded each and every year since to the director of the Best Feature Film of the Official Competition.By isolating the various elements in a film and categorizing them in genres, it is possible to easily evaluate a film within its genre and allow for meaningful comparisons and some judgments on greatness.The talent in creating a short film lies in communicating the message of the film to the audience in a very limited period of time.Films werenotreally subjected to genre analysis by film historians until the 1970s.The name ‘short subject’ is an American film industry term, which was assigned to any film within 20 minutes long or running two reels.

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Gump’s Musical Box of Chocolates Essay

This effective soundtrack helps the film elevate itself towards being an art film.This paper aims to discuss the history surrounding the film and how it was used to weave the story into a creative fiction that borders the documentary film genre.Amongst the highlights of the film worth discourse is Forrest Gump’s joining the Vietnam war without even understanding the whole issues of the war.“The deeper reality of film music, the necessity which found body in its lucky accident, involves the way the film tries to evoke a sort of temporary and illusive “film-subjectivity,” which closely mimics our everyday subjectivity.The film is definitely a documentary film if the scholar would take the character of Forrest Gump out of every historical s...

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The Enduring Appeal of the Horror Genre

Again, there’s nothing new about this: filmgoers filled the cinemas during the Depression to see the Frankenstein monster toss an innocent little girl into the pond, to see Count Dracula sup on the blood of lovely blondes; during World War II, Frankenstein’s monster met everyone from the Wolf Man to Abbott and Costello, and Universal cranked out one monster fest after another, while a quiet, well-real producer named Val Lewton churned out intelligent, atmospheric shockers for RKO; in the 1950s, when the Cold War and Air Raid duck-and-cover drills were the order of the day, nuclear tests gave birth to the giant ants of Them, the humungous grasshoppers of The Beginning of the End, and the radioactivity-breathing Japanese dragon beast of Go...

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The Cinema Of Short Films

A Short film is a technical description originally coined in the Indian film industry and used in the North American film industry in the early period of cinema.Short film as a term describes the non- commercial film that is much shorter in time length than a feature film/ an analogy that can be drawn for short film to a feature film is that of a novella and a novel.Through this dissertation, I aim to explore the world of short films in the context of movies which have won the Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or (French: Palme d’Or du court métrage), which is the highest prize given to a short film at the Cannes Film Festival.If the film uses special effects, do they add to or detract from your enjoyment of the film?Palme d’Or became the enduri...

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Film Review : Horror And Horror Films Essay

It talks about the age differences of children and adults and their expected roles and capability of power.This article investigates the claim and backs it up with warrants.The genre of horror when associated to film, it reflects on a vast variety of issues but when examined for the cultural significance it is narrower to what the aim is.the film – Micah’s ‘in universe’ home movie filmmaking is transcended in the viewing .I discovered these articles by using the keyword “Horror” and merging with other words such “Culture”, and “Genre”.

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Science Fiction: The Great Pessimist

Throughout the entire first film, the audience is made aware that the world will be taken over by machines and there will be a great war.It is through this use of the film noir genre tradition that .This is seen in how Sarah Connor’s ominous future proclaims her as a great war hero, but she is also a mother who gives birth to a sun with an even greater destiny.These memories are segments from the war in the future.The 1982 cyberpunk film, neo-noir film .

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Hell Boy 2 and Dog Soldiers

However the boundaries between genres have become blurred, and the audience are often tricked into watching what they think is there favourite genre, when it has become a sub-genre of a hybrid genre.The genre of this film is obviously a hybrid genre of Horror Fantasy which you would obviously associate with things like, Mythical Creatures, Horns, Royalty, Lightening and Fire all of these things are in Hell Boy.Horror is my favourite out of all the genres because when I watch a horror film it really gives me something to predict, and I am able to do this is the genre stays true but most of all, me and most probably everyone else who watches them find that getting scared is fun.The horror genre is changing rapidly and the boundaries are bl...

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Essay on The War Experience in Italian Film

experience in Italian film can be succinctly considered through a detailed .There are countless differences among the films, including film style, genre, .The War Experience in Italian Film .War II period within the corpus of the Italian cultural signification.analysis of Rome, Open City (Roma, Città Aperta, Roberto Rossellini, 1945), .

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Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Critical Essay

War is evidently one of the main issues that American film culture has used to portray the popular culture.For instance, the Vietnam War has been one of the major topics reflected in movies.Their search is not a smooth road given the gunfights, people being hanged, and the camps in the midst of the American Civil War.These include train and horse journeys, railway development and transport, human conflict and war.For example war, romance and personal journeys with form an integral part of the Western films.

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Genre Study: The Romance Comedy

Film Genre 2000:New Critical Essays.American Film Genres: Approach to a critical theory of Popular Film.With the word genre coming into use of English, it is not hard to come across “literacy genre”, “genres in painting” etc, however, this paper mainly emphasizes on film genre.The Film Genre Book.Film genre is a long journey that in this paper I only underline a small aspect of film genre.

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Market Analysis matrix and eastenders

Genre: TV soap .The use of the colour green; when Trinity is on the laptop fitted well with the sci-fi genre.The visual effects were very extravagant though very over used but the dull lighting gives the film a style.The music that was used in the scene with Jim and Dot was synchronised well with the two characters and their situation involving Dot’s illness.In the scene I am analysing the character Trinity makes her debut in the film as she tries to escape from agent smith and his assistance.

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History of Philippine Cinema Essay

Two studios before the war, namely Sampaguita Pictures and LVN, reestablished themselves.Bouncing back quickly, they churned out movie after movie to make up for the drought of films caused by the war.When the annual film festival was revived, the censors blatantly insisted that the “ideology” of the New Society be incorporated into the content of the entries.Looking beyond the obvious reasons as to the emergence of the bomba film, both as being an exploitative product of a profit-driven industry and as being a “stimulant”, it can be analyzed as actually being a “subversive genre”, playing up to the establishment while rebelling and undermining support for the institutions.Another film genre that is perhaps also a embodiment of the revol...

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Marriage is most important commitments

The film then flashes back to the point at which George Banks (Mr. Martin) and his wife, Nina (Diane Keaton), learned that their little Annie (Kimberly Williams) may be leaving the nest.The storyline of the film is based on the pre-marriage apprehension of Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) who has the impression of a runaway bride.In one of the films, the pre-marriage apprehension is in regards to the emotional and lifelong commitment whereas in another film the pre-marriage apprehension is about the D-day.The wedding genre can be tactfully associated with anxiety which is skillfully handled making use of romance, comedy and serious themes.There were definite themes in the past but now is the time of hybridization which means that most of...

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Discuss Leone’s Dollars trilogy with regard to the ‘true spirit’ of the Western

Chaos ensues and the film ends in a completely different way.He simply offers an amoral view of the events that transpire within the timeframe of the film.After the glorious Technicolor(tm) offerings of movies such as Shane and The Searchers, the genre had explored the gunfighter as both a world-weary, moralistic reformist and a vicious, revenge driven relic of the civil war; it seemed that a new kind of gunfighter was needed.It is the very fact that such a character is the star that allowed Leone to present such a detached, raw and violent film, complete with its critique on the myth of the American West.However, he maintains audience satisfaction throughout this deviance by showing various icons and elements within the film, populari...

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Steven Spielbergs War Of The Worlds Film Studies Essay

Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds (2005) is a film that falls under the genre of science fiction.After defining genre, status quo, signature style and auteurship, it can be acknowledged that Steven Spielberg does use genre to reinforce the status quo in his remake of War of the Worlds.Therefore Steven Spielberg’s (2005) War of the Worlds can be loosely categorized as science fiction genre.A genre film is a film that can be easily categorized with reference to a culturally familiar rubric therefore making it easy for potential consumers to choose between films and suggest what target audience a particular movie was made for.Artificial Intelligence (2001) and War of the Worlds (2005) all carry thematic and stylistic consistency which is...

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“Steel Magnolias” directed by Herbert Ross

This line of work is more often known as film theory or film studies.Hollywood genre films the western, science fiction film, horror film, gangster film have been the most popular and most lucrative products ever to emerge from the machinery of the U.S. film industry.The plot summary and description of a film that makes up the majority of any film review can still have an important impact on whether people decide to see a film.While some genres are based on story content (the war film), other are borrowed from literature (comedy, melodrama) or from other media (the musical).“from late 18th/early 19th–century poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s autobiography that form the basis of virtually all critical reaction to theater, f...

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Most spectacular studying about IV episode of Star Wars

It is hard to imagine but, when the film appeared on the screens of cinemas almost 40 years ago, critics were talking about its closure failure and inadequacy.Obi Wan Kenobi – who was like a Godfather for Luke, his protector and mentor, princess Leia, who was that needed inspiration for fighters, Han Solo and Chui, that strength and positiveness which was necessary for watchers of the film.But the big attention of mine was turned to a quantity of ‘eternal themes’ in a film.Guys without who film would be not like that.Being for us now as a very old film, having funny special effects, from time to time, this movie will always remain its uniqueness, popularity, sincerity, and ingenuousness.

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Science Fiction Film: An Overview

The science fiction film genre got its start in 1902 with Le voyage Dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon) by French film maker and magician Georges Méliès.(Mitchell 133) In fact there is an example of a science fiction film fitting into almost any genre.The science fiction film genre has been around almost as long as movies have, but like the cinema it is still a fairly young art form.Starship Troopers (1997) parallels a war film and Outland (1981) resembles a western in many respects.While these types of science fiction film did not disappear, the 1960’s ushered in a new type of science fiction film that dealt more with science, the human identity and political issues.

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Audio-Visual Techniques for Communication and Expression

There are different factors and aspects that are considered to have an impact on the success of film making and the effectiveness of the director to incorporate these elements determine the ability of the production to captivate audiences and determine the outcomes of film making.In the end, what makes the film so interesting is that the film portrays a multitude of different factors that are related to human life and fate, and it is highlighted how the thought process of human beings influence the outcomes and fate that is met by individuals in the real world.The aim of the director was to include the elements of surprise more on the lines of shock and the same has been effectively incorporated in the sound designing of the film which m...

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Bunohan: A Noir Film Analysis

The essay will analyse the noir film genre in Bunohan into four parts: .Film Noir which means black films in French, was actually coined by a French film critics, Nino Frank in 1946, who began to notice that darkness, downbeat, mysterious and black themes could create a different and unique visual style in American films which were released in France following the World War 11.Dain Said, the director of Bunohan said in an interview at International Film Festival Rotterdam SlashingThrough ‘That is the backdrop of the film, I wanted to show the real world.However, Paul Schrader (1972) argues that film noir is not a genre, but rather is defined by more subtle stylistic qualities of tone and mood.The film uses frequent flashbacks because the...

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An Introduction to Genre Theory

Robert Stam identifies four key problems with generic labels (in relation to film): extension (the breadth or narrowness of labels); normativism (having preconceived ideas of criteria for genre membership); monolithic definitions (as if an item belonged to only one genre); biologism (a kind of essentialism in which genres are seen as evolving through a standardized life cycle) (Stam 2000, 128129).(the gangster film, the G-man film, the private .(Bordwell 1989, 148) Another film theorist, Robert Stam, also refers to common ways of categorizing films: While some genres are based on story content (the war film), other are borrowed from literature (comedy, melodrama) or from other media (the musical).In passing, he offers a useful inventory...

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Melodrama in British Cinema Essay

The emblematic forms of this type of drama have been the issue in the analysis and understanding of film studies.The melodrama films encompass conflicts on status, gender, and other social issues and thus this is a way of viewing the events in ones life through film.In conclusion, the decline of British melodrama has affected women in the sense that their once dominated genre no longer became the avenue where they can portray their dreams and aspirations.“There was however a large rise in the divorce rate at the end of the war” (Summerfield 1995: 314).Melodrama “provides a significant index to cultural aspirations, dreams, and fantasies” (Landy 1991: 189) especially shown in the films made by Gainsborough, a British film studio, where it...

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Gender representation in contemporary superhero films

Benshoff & Griffin (2009) explained that the science fiction action-adventure film has also produced some strong female leads, played most notably by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien Films (1979, 1986, 1992, 1997) as well as Jovovich’s Alice in the Resident Evil film franchise (2002, 2004, 2007) has become the most financially successful female action character of the era.Superhero film is relatively one of the latest development trends in Hollywood film (Gray & Kaklamanidou, 2011).According to Larsen (1991), textual analysis is able to bring out whole range of possible meaning in the film content.(2011) The 21st Century Superhero: Essays on Gender, Genre and Globalization in Film.Indeed, textual analysis consists of both strengths ...

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Windtalkers Fits in the War Genre Essay

The film Windtalkers fits the war genre perfectly.Belton says, “In every war film, masculinity is put in crisis; the toughness of the hero becomes an issue crucial to both his survival and that of his fellow soldiers” (200).In addition, Windtalkers enforces the War Genre by Hyper masculinity as well.The war film has its own “production numbers” in the form of explosive action sequences, superhuman feats of bravery, and spectacular displays of mass destruction (Belton 196).Lastly, Windtalkers fits in the War Genre because of its scenes of Individual to Group Goals.

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Alien Movies And The Science Fiction Genre Film Studies Essay

The year was 1996 with the Cold War over and 9/11 many years away.Both are film and cult movie manage to avoid the usual genre conventions, but for different reasons.“It is this final resemblance to genre films and to art films that must make us stop and consider the possibility that, as does art film, the cult movie has certain characteristics that set it apart as a genre onto itself.We are in the Middle East fighting a war for the resources that we want to acquire from the rich in oil Middle East.Independence Day (1996) is a science fiction genre film with underlying tones of the action and adventure genres.

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Classical hollywood systems

Warner brothers involved in many film productions in different genres.The social dramas as a production strategy was eclipsed by problems of greater concern during the 1940’s as America entered World War II.These are the key areas in which both the studios differs in film making.These are some common factors that these film makers differs in their way and let us see some more technical factors in which they differ while making movie.The next important genre was war movies in which warner brothers concentrated more because of spirit.

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An Analysis of the Cinema of Short Films

Crime Art Film War Science fictional Espionage Western Sports Fantasy Film Noir Format .1940s to 60s- War and Post War Cinema .A Short film is a technical description originally coined in the Indian film industry and used in the North American film industry in the early period of cinema.Through this dissertation, I aim to explore the world of short films in the context of movies which have won the Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or(French:Palme d’Or du court métrage), which is the highest prize given to a short film at the Cannes Film Festival.Best Animated Short Film Award Best Documentary Short Subject Award Best Live Action Short Film Sundance Film Festival .

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Critical Analysis of Genre in the Film Industry

These theories are emboidied in the Horror genre, this repetition of narrative links in with each film, sets the genre away from others.Only can we define them in a broad sense, for example a war film that represents its wages in warfare, its main familiar trait, yet with each war film with its own separate narrative.Each genre can then follow its own narrative which contains its own stereotypes so the viwer can comprehend the genre, yet at the same time as Cawelti stated, by adding elements to the sterotype (character,narrative) the viwer can still relate to the film.A new film adds an existing generic corpus to a genre, as in Dracula where the character has to be characterized supernaturally or psychologically as is the case in the fil...

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Film Genres

Ex: Underworld When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences.A road movie is a film genre in which the main character or characters leave home to travel from place to place.The historical drama is a film genre in which stories are based upon historical events and famous persons.Are identifiable sub-classes within the larger film genre, with their own distinctive subject matter, style, formulas, and iconography.Ex: Apocalypse Now During the on-going Vietnam War, Captain Willard is sent on a dangerous mission into Cambodia to assassinate a renegade Green Beret who has set himself up as a god among a local tribe.

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