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Afghanistan and Pakistan Relations After 9/11

The border skirmishes, the Communist invasion, the civil war in post cold war Afghanistan, the rise of Taliban, the on going War on Terror have all been conflicts between actors with transnational links. Foregoing in view there was a need to carryout research that help in developing guidelines for the attainment of Pakistan’s Afghanistan policy obje...

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Was The First Gulf War A Proxy War Politics Essay

The Afghanistan conflict (1979) that took place during the Cold War era can be described as a war between the US and Russia by proxy. The war in Afghanistan did not require any involvement from the US, regardless of the concern of the spread of communism; this was a cold war concern and not related to the civil war in Afghanistan in any way.

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Middle East History Essay

India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and Definition of their vital security interests In the most common definition, the cold war was political, ideological and economic struggle that emerge between the Soviet Union and the Unites States (and allies) right after the Second World War the struggle occurred between 1947 and 1991. Concerning the security an...

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How the Taliban Changed Afghanistan

During their time in power they managed to do a few things that benefitted the country, such as reuniting the provinces after the civil war and ending the lawless chaos the previous government had created. Through his eyes we see the country he loves, his home, torn apart by a war with the Soviet Union, then a civil war, before finally being taken o...

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Causes of the Afghan Civil War

These cultural differences, religious issues and low literacy rate make racism a common phenomenon amongst the people and it’s very easy for anyone to provoke a war in Afghanistan. In 1989, before leaving Afghanistan, the USSR selected Dr. Najibullah to be the president of Afghanistan after they left.

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NATO In Afghanistan Role On World Stage Politics Essay

With a continual NATO presence, smaller countries are able to play a role in the Afghanistan war and a stable multinational headquarters is always present. In Afghanistan, beginning in 2001 and continuing still, NATO has been determined to wipe out terrorism and to establish a stable government even though Afghanistan has never been a particularly s...

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Essay on Arms for Peace or Destruction?

This booming dept is disastrous for the economy because for every dollar we are... ... middle of paper ... ...he returning war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. “Afghanistan and Iraq: Where The American Empire Dies” rightsidenews.com.

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The Institute For Pak Afghan Relations Politics Essay

Since the end of the Cold War, Pakistan continued its “forward policy in Afghanistan mainly through the support of the Hizb-i-Islami of Gulbadin Hikmatyar and, later, through the Taliban. Emphasizing the deep historic, religious, spiritual, cultural and commercial bonds among Afghanistan and Pakistan, IPAR focuses especially on the treatment of terr...

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Reagan Revolution Through President Obama Essay

Some may say that this war was a war of necessity while others may say it was a war of choice. Such a vicious crime against one’s people brings to light two other common themes for the war with Iraq in 2003: removing the Hussein regime and bringing a known villain and evil man to justice.

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Debunking the Democratic Peace Theory Essay

Political Scientists Ravlo, Gleditcsch, and Dorussen expand upon the colonial war aspect of opposing the Democratic Peace Theory in “Colonial War and the Democratic Peace” in 2003’s The Journal of Conflict Resolution. South Africa is rather peaceful with its neighboring countries (Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique and Namibia), bein...

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Economic Effects of Terrorism on Pakistan Essay

It is a militant Islamist Organization originating from the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Thus, it allowed USA its logistical support and military bases for war in Afghanistan.

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The War Against Terrorism: The Taliban in Afghanistan

As a result of all of these factors, Afghanistan is a country with a poor economy, a high unemployment rate and the people in it live every day with the threat of war and violence. I Is for Infidel: from Holy War to Holy Terror: 18 Years inside Afghanistan.

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Subaltern Realism Mohammed Ayoob Analysis

Using Afghanistan as an ideal transit state for gaining access to rich resourced central Asian markets, Pakistan’s Pashtun population showed empathy with Pashtuns (Sunni Muslims) on the other side of Durand Line, and mean while Iran started supporting non-Pashtun population of Afghanistan (Shitte Muslims). International norms have not been given any...

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Why should Soldiers study military history? Essay

Today, Petraeus (2006) states that, the military is learning that in contemporary warfare, a war is not won by tanks and bombs alone, but the war is won by conquering the hearts as well as the minds of people. Some other realities at the same time have come up, for example the Iraq in this current war the Iraqis were more experienced than in the fir...

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Afghanistan Case

History of Afghanistan, from the Earliest Period to the Outbreak of the War of 1878. Afghanistan shares a long history with Southwest Asia and is an integral part of that region.

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Charlie Wilson’s War

Elected to be on the House Appropriations Subcommittee of Defense, Congressman Wilson was able to request, and receive, a doubled budget for the Afghanistan war. The war in Afghanistan 19 years ago resulted in opposing political views in the United States each having valid reason for helping or not helping the situation in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan Geostrategic Importance

The United States however is in a strategic dilemma as it made its Afghanistan strategy totally dependent on Pakistan Army’s cooperation.  A strategic denouement is underway presently. The United States geopolitically stirs a witches cauldron in Afghanistan by giving primacy to Pakistan Army’s strategic sensitivities to control Afghanistan . Any...

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Terrorism and Its Impacts

So US is benefited by the war on Afghanistan in one or the other way. The IBRP states the reason and safety of the United States on war with Afghanistan.

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Suicide Bombing On The National Front Essay

After the war, the U.S.A left the region in distress and civil war started in Afghanistan. The idea to use religion as a tool to convince people to fight this war and organizing private militias resulted in destruction of Afghanistan after the war.

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A Brief Introduction about the growth of the USA as a Superpower Essay

“Ironically, it was the same Laden who received full support from the USA to fight against the Soviet troops during the Cold War when Afghanistan was occupied by the USSR. The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: Mass Mobilization, Civil War, and the Future of the Region.

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Analysing The Political Effect Of The Olympics Politics Essay

Although much has changed between the United States and Russia it is not hard to see how the tension of a Cold War and a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan led to a boycott of the Olympics. The 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, the Cold War, and disagreements among leaders of different countries played a role in the boycott of these Olympic Games.

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A study of the social representation of war Essay

A terrible love for war . Another proof of the great ability of Junger in letting the reader assimilating the images of Afghanistan in war through his simple, emotionally detached writing style occurred when suddenly I found myself thrown into a distorted view of what we would recall as reality.

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Analysis of Migration Patterns in Afghanistan

The paper will then move to discuss migration and development in Afghanistan (Chapter 5), the Afghan Diaspora (Chapter 6), policies regarding migration in Afghanistan (Chapter 7), and the migration relationship between the Netherlands and Afghanistan (Chapter 8). Monsutti states that “Channels of pre-established transnational networks exist between ...

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Afghanistan in the 20th Century Essay

A Brief History of Afghanistan. Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History.

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Editoral: War

Afghanistan is a farcical war; if history is any sort of lesson then the lesson is surely that Afghanistan is a country that simply cannot be held by outside forces, and I believe it will remain so. In short war will consume the planet.

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Peace And Stability In Afghanistan Politics Essay

According to the analysts, this is the best case scenario for Afghanistan, though such a state of affairs is highly unlikely given the reduced public support for the Afghan war in the United States. With the fall of Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan lost its political clout in that country but it retained its links with the Taliban and actively assis...

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What Challenges does NATO Face in its War in Afghanistan? example

Soviet Union’s loss in that war was one of the reasons for the following disintegration of the country. What Challenges does NATO Face in its War in Afghanistan?

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Geography: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Essay

Afghanistan: A Modern History. Research Study on IDPs in Urban Settings – Afghanistan.

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Afghanistans Economic Downfall Politics Essay

Whenever one speaks of Afghanistan economic history, he has to relate it with the political history otherwise it remains incomplete. At the time of the cold was, Afghanistan being neutral, the prime minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Daud Khan plead for financial assistance from both the United States (US) and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR...

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FATA and NWFP Taliban India Security

This strife between the warlords and a war weary population set the stage for the radical ideas of the Taliban to so easily take hold in Afghanistan. The Communist reform package, which included drastic changes in land ownership, new taxes, compulsory education for women, and participation of women in non-traditional roles in society, was resisted b...

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