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Shakespeare and The Poetry From the First World War

The attitude of soldiers in the First World War changed rapidly once they were on the front, many started off in favour of war but after seeing death and war in close quarters many changed their minds.All through the speech the idea of patriotism and duty is used, “whose limbs were made in England.” This sense of duty to your country was also used in propaganda to sign up young men in the First World War, most famously is the poster of Lord Kitchener saying, “Your country needs you.” This speech is masterful and winds up the men for war.Attitudes to war had changed considerably by 1914, because as soon as the First World War begun it was realised that it was going to be a far more gruesome war than any other before.Othello’s speech from ...

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Analysis of Randall Jarrell’s “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” Essay

In the poem, “Dulce et Decorum est,” Wilfred Owen shows his hatred for the romanticizing of war and war in general.The last few lines of the poem reveal Owen’s sympathy for those, as himself, who were lied to about what war was and are now trapped by its everlasting effects on their psyche.War is not heroic, it is not glorious, and it certainly is not glorious to die unnoticed.His tone is one of sorrow and regret directed toward the effects of war on young men, and a cautionary tone, warning those who would be fooled into believing that war is some kind of great adventure that all men should experience.Owen clearly states his disgust for whose who have ever been in war, yet romanticized it as the ultimate patriotic sacrifice when he writ...

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Comparison of the Man He Killed, the Send-Off and Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay

Firstly, it could mean that the soldiers were being sent off to war.The Send-Off, by Wilfred Owen, is an ironic and dark humoured description of how the soldiers we’re sent off to the battlefront, during World War I.Similarly, “The Man He Killed” also portrays war negatively which is reflected through the poets choice of words describing war such as, “quaint and curious war is!”.This poem actually conveys a message that war is not as glorious and honourable as it is always portrayed as.Likewise “Dulce et Decorum Est” illustrates the harsh reality and brutality of war but in this poem the poet writes about an actual event in war that he has witnessed.

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The Poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est”

It explains what happens through the war and how people are suffering during the war.This poem concentrates more on what happens after when the war is over.The poem “Futility” is also conflicted on the First World War but in a different way to the first poem.It describes every step that the soldiers take through their experiences in the war.The poem is useless and pointless because was it for this pointless war that humans were created and why would God bother creating life if it is going to be wasted.

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Ways in which Owen presents the world of nature in Exposure

The battlefield is described as being destroyed by war.It takes the form of a elegiac lyric which is also used to express sorrow in this case the futility of war, death and the creation of human life.Owens’s quest for beauty seems like a failure as there is no beauty that can be found in war.Instead his poetry is about the pity of war in a preface for one of his poetry collections he had written ‘that the pity is war and the poetry is within the pity’.In addition Owen is portraying that God is distance from the war and may not be as all loving as people may believe or else God would have put a stop to the war and to the suffering of the soldiers.

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Explore the way Nature is effective in Wilfred Owen’s Exposure

As a result of their actions the humans will suffer at the mercy of nature who did not wish for war.To conclude Owen has used nature to effectively give an insight to the readers that war is unnatural and was not caused by nature but, by humans.In addition Owen is portraying that God is distance from the war and may not be as all loving as people may believe or else God would have put a stop to the war and to the suffering of the soldiers.Furthermore Owen has also shown that during the war all the beauty of nature ends and everything becomes linked with death.It takes the form of a elegiac lyric which is also used to express sorrow in this case the futility of war, death and the creation of human life.

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The First World War changed the way people thought about war and patriotism

Before people knew any better they considered war a good thing, something God approved of and was an active fighter in, but as time went on and people realised the loss and destruction caused by war, people began to look on it less fondly.This is typical of old war poems and attitudes as it states that it is God who kills and that he approves of murder and destruction and it is as if God is a participant in this war.For the first time technology could also be used so people around the world could see the horrifying images of war, taken from the front line.There is a reference in the poem to Cain, which suggests that aerial bombardment, and a war fought in this manner resembles a mass murder.Now that people have realised the loss involved...

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Wilfred Owen War Poet Essay

Some of his poems from the war help us to rethink the elegiac triad of; mourning poet, mourning reader, and mourned victim, suggesting that even in war elegies; both poet and reader may partly create the victimisation they mourn.Poets like Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, as well as many others gave us their firsthand experience of war and described the fatal effects whether physical or mental upon those who participated and those left behind.War for Owen was senseless, for so many men to lose their lives, especially at a young age, made him question the purpose of our existence.Some of the poetry can help us understand the sense of grief and anger at the pointlessness of war and the anger at the sheer numbers of soldiers sent to batt...

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Born in the Usa Essay

The North Vietnamese Army was involved in the Battle of Khe Sanh, not the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (the Viet Cong) heard in the song lyrics.He is talking about it in context to the Vietnam War.It is a tribute to Springsteen’s friends who were involved in the war.He is not saying that the group he is addressing is not capable of meeting challenges of the culture, but the culture was not accepting those people in their ethnic group.The song tries to show up the cultural diversity been faced by the people who had experienced Vietnam War.

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World War 1

As it reads in Tommy goes to War: “The Somme was an event so cataclysmic, it killed the breezy, crusading spirit of 1914 and 15.It destroyed once and for all the grand heroic view of war.” With Public opinion shattered, the British government was forced to join the Germans and employ conscription to get the newly aware population to fight for them.A wise historian once said, “War a glorious idea, but glorious only in idea.” In truth, war is ugly, tragic and ultimately has no victor.In the summer of July 1914, war was a great and glorious suggestion.But as 1918 came and the Americans entered the war and the British blockaded Germany, the frustrated public could see the end.

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Analysis of Sonnet 75 (Amoretti) by Edmund Spenser Essay

Ordinarily the idea of the renewal of love after life may seem absurd, but on thinking more deeply one realizes that their love would indeed be renewed by the later generations of lovers who would model their love on the poet’s.The first quatrain has a narrative feel to it because of the beginning “One day I …” The second quatrain starts with a dialogue by a female, most probably the beloved.Sonnet 75 is a lyric because it tells of the poet’s personal experience.Other excerpts from the sonnet that produce a visual effect are “decay,” “wiped out,” “die in dust,” and “in the heavens write your glorious name.“Where when as death shall all the world subdew, Our love shall live, and later life renew ” It is a case of Antithesis since the two ...

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Critical Disagreement Essay

‘ And Hemingway’s separate peace was to embrace the woods of Michigan as well as Caporetto, the activities of normal times as well as war, and even at last the ordinary purposes of the individual’s life within his society, as well as the collective purposes of society as a whole.Wilhelm, Randall S. “Objects on the Table: Anxiety and Still Life in Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.Successfully, so far as the War is concerned: “I was always embarrassed by the words sacred, glorious and sacrifice and the expression in vain .Following his personal objectives he abandons his friends, his responsibilities as an officer, the entire complex of organized social life represented by the army and the war.Lieutenant Henry is in the War, but his attitude...

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Comparing Dulce et decorum est and the charge of the light Brigade

His poem ‘Light Brigade´ increased the morale of the British soldiers fighting in the Crimean War and of the people at home, but Tennyson had not been an eyewitness to the battle he describes.He had first-hand experience of war and wanted to tell people back at home the truth.Wilfred Owen wrote ‘Dulce´ towards the end of the First World War.Owen was an officer and often had to send men to their s and ‘Dulce´ gives a personal account of what the war was like.He wanted to end the glorification of war.

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Essay on Compare and Contrast Tennyson's The Charge of the light brigade

World War 1 was fought mainly in France between the Germans and allied forces from 1814 to 1819.The imagery he used illustrated to the highest his view of war and the tone and atmosphere was created perfectly by a good rhythm and pace which move along with the poem.Although both poems are diametrically opposed, they have the same common goal to get the reader to believe in their view of war.These two historically accurate astounding poems where written in completely different eras of time and during two very different wars, the Crimean war and World war 1.Chemical warfare was used for the first ever time during this war.

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A Farewell to Arms Essay: Inevitability of Death Revealed

Also, as much as we may try, we cannot keep death out of our lives.War is not a glorious and colorful event; it is a dirty and base thing.Passini, Rinaldi (who it is inferred died of syphilis), nameless officers, a sergeant, Aymo, and many others are casualties of the insane war.Hemingway is showing that man's frantic struggles and his scurrying about are futile, we all die in the end.Works Cited Hemingway, Ernest A Farewell To Arms.

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The Portrayal of Vietnam War

the war in Vietnam is “ Masters of War” by Bob Dylan.The war in Vietnam faced enormous opposition from all types of people .The Vietnam War was .young men to join the war by instilling a feeling of patriotism inside .He is evidently at the war.

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Arguments Against Censorship in Music

“From the Vietnam War to today’s Iraq War, and from the advent of the sexual revolution to today’s “culture wars,” music is recognized as a potential source of power to change values, ideas, and beliefs- as well as to influence actions.Natalie Maines, the main vocalist of the group, was quoted as saying that “[they] don’t want this war, this violence, and [they’re] ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.” Some of the lines in the song are about the death threats that the band had received in 2003.However, if you actually listen to the lyrics, you might see how patriotic the song really is.Those who fear this change try to stop it by censorship, even when, as history has shown us, censorship is futile when change is...

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Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay

As untenable to anyone who has had any experience of real war.It won’t be a picnic” but from this the reader cannot conjure the image of war as a nightmare, as a hell the way that Owen does with his description of the “hanging face” engaging the visual senses of the reader, the sound of “blood come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs’ the smell “obscene as cancer” and one can almost taste the “vile incurable sores”, “bitter as cud” on their own “innocent tongues”.She makes it seem as though there is no real risk of going to war, there is no graphic imagery and any mention of the bad aspects of war is referred to in opposites.Whereas Jessie Pope inherently affirms the idea of dying in war as manly and noble, Owen shows us how unceremo...

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A Journey’s End by R C Sherriff

We didn’t know much about him before the war, but through reading the play we can clearly state his personality and how war affected him.I must go into hospital and have some kind of treatment”, This quote shows how nervously he is and how obvious his secret was, this quote shows that he is a cowered and that he is an escapist, he escape from war by pretending that he is sick.Hibbert, the last character whom we noticed that war affected him because we experienced that he is faking his sickness.As we know that war is futile we can see that they fought each other for nothing except causalities, panic and horrific atmosphere.When he first met Stanhope he was glad and excited to be with him in the same company despite that he is the commande...

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“Glory of women” by Siegfried Sassoon

Sassoon had successfully invited the essence of an ideal image of the war into the opening of the poem, through the his use of juxtaposition in the poem “glory of women”, transforming it to not only a simple work relating to women, but also an anti war tool for the war time population.By referring not only to British women, but also German women, Sassoon had torn down the hatred barrier between the two countries created by war and treated both populations as a whole.Through the use of emotive words such as “love”, “believe” “mourn” and the metaphor “crowned our distant ardors while we fight” also illustrating ignorance, but more importantly had demonstrated the emotional rollercoaster that was experienced by war time women, unveiling the...

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Examining Poems By Wilfred Owen English Literature Essay

The use of these aural imagery as well as onomatopoeia allows the reader to understand the effects of war and further oppose the idea of patriotism to war.The graphic realities of the battlefield did not match the glorious descriptions of war prevalent in the literature Owen and his educated officer comrades had read.For the pity of war is clearly evident in expressing the perspective of World War I, as it is unquestionably bogus to believe war is noble and sweet to die for one’s nation.Consequently the ideas raised by Owen allow the audience to ponder and reflect on the ineffectiveness of war resulting in human psychological post-war effects experienced at war.War is defined in the poem as futile with the only result coming from it is t...

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Meaning of Underworld in the Odyssey and Aeneid Essay

After the travel he is a father of the new glorious people.Homer has a gloomy idea of the underworld.So Odyssey becomes aware of futility of war that sends heroes to this dark place.In contrast, Aeneas returns with the vision of the great future and he is now decisive to work hard for it.“Within the hero’s mind his joys renew’d” (Aeneid 5: 904) and so he eagerly sets sails for the new homeland.

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Suicide in the trenches Essay

The last stanza is like scolding the readers, to make him feel small in front of the world, in front of the deaths that happen during the war.Your positioning: In my opinion, this poem wants to revolt the reader, he wants to show him how is true life and war.This quotation has a link to the previous stanza; ‘no one spoke of him again’; the crowds cheer those on who come home and think that they care and understand about the war, but with so many dead and forgotten, this pretence seems rather ridiculous when a boy has just died and been forgotten as if he never existed.The poem is an accurate representation of the psychological effects of war on the soldiers who were sent to fight.The contrast of the public’s view of war; glorious, patrio...

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Wilfred Owen analysis

Political propaganda that encouraged men to join the troops and painted war as an exciting escapade gave rise to this general misconception.Even the majority of soldiers originally joined the war effort gleefully with the promise of an adventure.This is both his way of trying to comprehend and make sense of the terror he has seen, as well as ask the reader to think and question the real cost of war.Wilfred Owen’s main concerns in his poetry are the senseless waste of young life, the enduring consequences of war, both individual and societal, and the false and misguided societal beliefs surrounding the horrific war experience.He wanted to present the “pity of war”.

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War Poetry Coursework Essay

The poem suggests sarcastically that it would not matter to go mad as a result of the war because “people won’t say that you’re mad; For they’ll know you fought for your country / And no one will worry a bit.” This will make the reader see that the idea of people treating you with respect if you are disabled by war is an unrealistic one.At the time the poems were written many people believed that if they were disabled at war they would be treated as heroes but these poems show that in reality there was no glory in being disabled at war.At first poets glorified war, as the war progressed they wrote about how they had been lied to by propaganda and about the terrible reality of war.People’s attitudes towards war changed as the war progress...

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An analysis of Wilfred Edward Owen’s literature

He satirized generals, churchmen and bureaucrats for their visionless support of the war... Sassoon begins the poem with a rhetorical question which imparts a satirical tone to the poem with an argumentative proposal – If it really does matter, then people must do something about the ludicrousness of the war.The poem describes a cynical way of war and illustrates the emotional challenges and the thoughts the soldiers have to go through once their service is over.Siegfried Sassoon wrote poems on the First World War and his poems reflected both anger and compassion.The last lines depict irony, bitter and harsh irony as people think that fighting and dying in a war is glorious but Sassoon puts forward the rational statement that war is ind...

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Analysis of Conflict in a Selection of War Poetry

“The soldier” by Rupert Brooke also gives us a similar take on war, but focuses more on the patriotism of the men at war, and even of those at home.Owen in his poem mainly presents the theme very much how it is, with much focus on the death and suffering of the men, making the subject very serious and realistic, and seen as Owen did serve time at war as a conscript, his views and the images he puts forward are indeed very realistic and negative.They are ‘deaf’, ‘lame’ and ‘blind’; all of which is rather sorry language intended to reveal the reality of war and its effects, and already from the opening stanza we can see Owen’s cynicism with war, giving us the anti-war view of what war does to soldiers.The poem “The Charge of the Light Brig...

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Australian Identity: I Was Only Nineteen Analysis Essay

The thought of being amidst the action of the Vietnam War becomes very real and very near.In a way it symbolises that the pain of the war never ended, it is still continuing on.There are many other examples of this throughout the song, including Vung Tau and the maturity with which it is spoken of (in the third verse), the Vietnamese jungle and the living with the fear that “each step could mean your last one on two legs” (stanzas five and six) and back home in Australia, reflecting on the war and its events (eight and nine).But when more research is conducted, it becomes evident that it could also be hinting at ‘Agent Orange’, one of the herbicides/defoliants used by the US military during the war.I Was Only Nineteen tells the story of ...

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Glory of women Essay

describes the realism of war, in contrast to By tales of dirt and danger fondly thrilled.The use of narration in second person effectively leaves readers with an understanding of the brutality of war, and an insight into the roles which women played during World War I. .This imagery is also a contrast of women and mens roles during The Great War.The title of the poem itself is ambiguous, posing the question whether womens roles during war are glorious as the soldiers on the battlefield.It is a juxtaposition to line 8 And mourn our laurelled memories when we’re killed, depicting that the women make shells that kill soldiers, and are therefore further heating the conflict of war, creating more deaths and mourning.

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World War One Essay

Question Three All Quiet on the Western Front reveals World War I as a huge, wasteful, meaningless slaughter in which millions of young men were filled with patriotic fervor, made to believe that war was glorious (an idea this war made obsolete), and sent into a high-tech slaughter for no good reason.It was, for many, an expression of national pride, and many young men who served believed in their cause, that their participation in the war brought glory and honor to their homelands.They believed that the Spartan, brutal experience of war could restore their spirits and virility, and felt that way even as they witnessed the war’s horrors.Had he survived, he may have followed the same path as Hitler – though he hated the war, it was all he...

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