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Liberalism And World Politics Politics Essay

Although, in the past, war machine was necessary because of wars; now, there are wars because of the war machine.They are actually peaceful, but they also tend to make war.As a result, states tend to promote peace and avoid from war.In conclusion, the promise of perpetual peace, sad experience of war, and the experience of a partial peace prove the necessity of world peace.Kant explains that liberal states maintain peace among themselves; and these states make wars with non-liberals and thus suffer due to sad experience of wars.

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Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism Essay

Pacifism is a word defined by Martin Caedel to describe those who prefer peaceful conditions to war but accept that some wars may be necessary if they advance the cause of peace.Comment on the views that a pacifist can never accept the principles of Just war A02 [9] Pacifism can never accept the principles of Just war due to their firm belief that, all violence or force should be forbidden.Additionally, some pacifists would argue that the advantages of the just war theory does outweigh the disadvantages simply on the ground that there is no morality towards violence and that there is no place for ethics in war.A01 [21] The Just war theory maintains that war may be justified if fought only in certain circumstances, and only if certain res...

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The Vienna Congress created more problems than it solved

Thirdly, France was known as a threat to European peace, therefore, it was necessary to prevent the re-emergence of France.Such as, in the Belgium war of independent, the Great Powers have not really involved in the war.Peace had really been maintained for at least 50 years, and no major wars were fought.By this concert, many international conflicts were solved often by repressive means and never without friction, rivalry and great-power war or aggrandizement.The forming of the two camps had drawn many powers into the Crimean war in 1854, as conflict between any countries of the two camps will draw the supporting powers into it.

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National Strategy for Combating Terrorism Essay

Peace is the ultimate goal of a Just War.Before going into war, it is necessary to explore all non-violent options to resolve the conflict.Just War Doctrine Just War always distinguishes between justifiable and unjustifiable use of force.It also believes that the US has a bigger role to play in maintaining peace in the world by waging war against the rogue nations and terrorists.States going to war must address this concern properly and take necessary steps to avoid this.

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Do International Organizations Matter On The World Stage?

Moreover, three out of five UNSC permanent members: France, China, and Russia opposed the war and the UN inclined to give more time for the weapons inspection process.According to the UN Charter, there is only two legal basis for the use of force, either self- defense or authorized or directed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.Before Iraq war started, US eager to get the authorization or support from UNSC and hoping to make her action legitimate and accepted by the world.Unfortunately, US ignored the decision of UNSC and started the war, which is not conformity with UN charter and from the charter point of view, it was illegal.The US-Iraq war provides us some in...

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The Middle East Region from 1945 to 1949 Essay

It is necessary to note that the theory mentioned above can also help to analyze the major factor which led to the war.The war started because the two smaller countries understood that there was no balance any more.Quoted in Avi Shlaim, “Britain and the Arab~Israeli War of 1948,” Journal of Palestine Studies 51 (2000): 54.The war in the region in 1948 confirms that larger states are motivated by ratings while smaller states are motivated by insecurity.Admittedly, Arabs did not feel the necessary support and had to enter the war.

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Essay about The Hobbes ' Construction Of A Political Theory

In arguing that life in the state of nature will inevitably result in a state of universal war, Hobbes theorized what would happen in those conditions.Without a civil government, violence would reign on earth.It is upon this assumption that Hobbes bases his idea of man’s willingness to relinquish his absolute liberty, through pure self-interest, in favour of a system by which he will be satisfied with as much liberty against men, as he would allow them to take of him.He refers to this understanding as pre-societal existence, which according to Hobbes will inevitably dissolve into a state of universal war of all against all.It is fundamentally necessary for his construction of a political theory to analyse the conceptions of State of Natu...

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Building Peace After Armed Conflict in Bosnia

Nearly twenty years after the war’s end, Ratko Mladić, Radovan Karadžić, Goran Hadžić, and Vojislav Šešelj–four of the conflict’s most notorious war criminals–remain on trial.[32] While resurging war may not be a likely possibility, Bosnia is mired in corruption, organized crime, ethnic tension, and violence that prevents political, social, and economic development—maintaining a status quo between armed conflict and durable peace.[34] The Clandestine Political economy of war and peace in Bosnia .At the start of the war, the Bosnian-Serbs possessed far superior artillery and firepower, outgunning the Bosnians nine to one.As the international community saw was necessary following the Second World War, the Rwandan Genocide, and East ...

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Non-violent social changes Essay

History has several instances where non-violence brought in social change and peace without paying for it in terms of lives and destruction.Ultimately it would become hard for the oppressors to maintain control and authority.The non-violent movements have fewer risks and more scope compared to use of terror and war.Community leaders emphasized that revenge or post war punishments serve no goal and that the horrible acts committed are outcomes of any war.There is no better proof of the effective role of non-violence in bringing a social change that what happened during Mozambique war.

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Is The Modern State Inherently Oppressive And Violent Politics Essay

The main topics this paper will address in are, the history of the state, the modern state in Germany post World War One and the nature of the colonial state in India, in order to determine the extent to which the state is inherently coercive, oppressive and violent.Corresponding to this explanation of the origins of the state Tilly describes war as ‘the greatest state building activity,’ and his argument is that the state and warfare have a cyclical relationship in that states have been arguably created through war; and warfare is also initiated by states.At the beginning of the twentieth century after Germany’s defeat in World War in (1918) the German economy was extremely weak, and this was worsened by very high reparation payments t...

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Historical Background of the Security Council

Although this is a good point due to the fact there is no legislature at the international level, it does not take cognizance of the fact that the present day Security Council does actually have the ability to coerce compliance and has done so in several instances such as during the Gulf War when it required member states to use all necessary means to ensure compliance by Iraq of the order to vacate Kuwait.During the Cold War, the Security Council was deadened by the constant use of the veto by the permanent members especially Russia which at a particular time led to the transfer of the Council’s power to the General Assembly and the Unifying for Peace Resolution was adopted.It will be argued that the council does actually make laws even...

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The Iraq War and International Law

Exhibiting similar reticence, on 22 May 2005, the United Kingdom government refused a plaintive request for an investigation into the legality of the war from the families of soldiers that had lost their lives in Iraq.“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence [emphasis added] an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.On October 3, of 2002, US Representative and Congressman Ron Paul submitted a proposed declaration to the House International Relations Committee which stated that a state of war was declared to exist between the United States and (with a car...

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Is America the World's Largest Sponsor of Terrorism?

Combined with the assumptions with which I began--that we cannot simply point outward to terror, that to have peace one must extend peace, and that the necessary counter to the notion of a just war is a just peace--we have to judge war, as we do terrorism, from its effects: demoralization, intimidation, and subjugation.What I'm saying here rests on three important assumptions: first, we cannot simply point outward to terror and "hit" the right target; second, to have peace one must extend peace; and third, the necessary counter to notions of a "just war" is a "just peace."Thinking about peace requires understanding peace itself as thought, as knowledge, and as a critique of its others, its opposites: violence, terror, and war.Our underst...

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Impact of the Congress of Vienna (1815)

This “Holy Alliance,” as proposed by the Russian tsar, was of little practical importance, but it gave its name to the cooperative efforts of Austria, Russia, and Prussia to maintain conservative governments in Europe.Had Russia and Prussia been successful in their plans, the balance of power would be tipped in favour of those Eastern powers for years to come, quite possibly resulting in a showdown of some kind down the line, and such expert handling of such situations is the reason that the Congress was followed by no major conflict from Waterloo to the First World War.The notion of the divine right of kings embodied the pinnacle of conservatism, and these efforts to maintain the status quo may have been met with partial success in the ...

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The Argument Against The Fool And For Justice Essay

In the end the effectual truth holds that in the long term you are more likely to create a stable system by implementing a sovereign that has the protection of individual liberties at the heart of its convention of justice.It allows for people to rise above the state of mere nature and war with one another.This pursuit of “power after power, that ceaseth only in death”(161) establishes the conditions that places mankind in endless war and conflict, this is mere nature.Justice is mankinds vehicle to peace, the road is tough and arduous but the potential significance of every man and woman living in harmony without war is an endeavor worth taking on, and only Justice can get us there.However as it becomes apparent to more and more people t...

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The Argument On Self Defence Essay

The independent sub conclusions of Hobbes (1651:153-163) and Thompson (1991:287), the supporting conclusion of the necessity of traditional constraints and the reasoned rejection of a seemingly compelling counter argument should be enough to show the reader the strength of the argument for the permissibility of killing an Innocent Threat in self defence....on 1991:287).I then showed that the traditional constraints on self defence are necessary in order to maintain peace and how the constraints fit nicely into Thompsons (1991:287) view.My view is that killing an innocent threat in defence of oneself or others can be justified, but only when it meets the traditional constraints of being necessary, proportionate and imminent (Townsend 2014...

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Is Collective Security Viable Politics Essay

The termination of World War II and the new found member state negotiations that followed reinforced and gave the United Nations the legitimacy as a world body to act on a number of relatively broad conflicts and in the process established its purpose of ensuring international peace and security.Collect Security represent a post World War I consciousness to prevent international violence and uphold international peace and security.The European Union acted remarkably well in peace keeping and peace enforcement in the former Yugoslavia war.The spillover effect of civil war creates the necessity for collective action, the refugees’ syndrome and economic tensions which are common trait of contemporary civil war was rarely foreseen to be a ph...

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Motives for America’s Invasion of Iraq

That is, in as much as economic interests were primary in this invasion and are usually in any given foreign policy other interests like her national security, survival, peace, and need to propagate her ideologies can at times be more important than mere pursuit of economic wealth and dominance .Categorically, Marxists owing to the colossal amount of money spent on this war don’t cite any other motive behind the invasion of Iraq by America in alliance with Britain among others.Advocates of international peace and security would for instance like to see how successful America will be in establishing peace and stability and rebuilding the collapsed Iraq nation... Generally, war is a very expensive foreign policy implementation tool which ...

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Political Pacifism Essay

It may be held that if and only if the state can maintain limited constrain amongst themselves than so can the transnational affairs be maintained amongst other states.For example, the submissiveness of the armed military forces to political control dictates certain rights and duties that forces conflict within the state can erect itself as conflict between states.In so far, pacifism is a means of resolving conflicts between states; “…social contract will result from the exhaustion of war and from the common human interest in peace…” (IF3) Leviathan.Conversely, the Hobbesian conception of the state offers only when numerous states are involved can there be a possibly conflict.Many historians of pacifism like Martin Ceadel, maintain the t...

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Tribunal Case Essay

This is especially the case because most post conflict states are war torn and consequently have few resources available to them.Domestic tribunals are poorly placed to obtain jurisdiction over war criminals who have left the country, as such their effectiveness is compromised.Even then it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of each type of tribunal based on the history of where they have been applied.After a conflict has occurred, actions that exceeded the normal parameters of behavior during war have to be dealt with for the society to begin the peace building process and reconciliation.This therefore means that between international tribunals and domestic tribunals, no one means of trying war crimes and atrocities can always be...

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Chanakya On Military Mobilization History Essay

For example, the one who heads the infantry has to have battle experience, know about the weapons necessary for his troops.On the contrary, a strong army to protect his country from intruders and extremists, both internal and external, so that the country is at peace and the people can go about their daily businesses without having to fear for their safety.He also writes on the chain of command and how to maintain it.Of course, humans have always aspired for peace but there are situations when a war has to be fought for national pride and national survival.On power, Chankaya disagrees with his predecessors who emphasized the bravery of the king alone to win a war.

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The Role of United Nations in 21st Century Essay

It is necessary for the full means available to a modern military to stand between nations on the verge of war.The United Nations Early Years While the loss of a generation of European men was catastrophic in World War I, the destruction of property was isolated to the war front.Although there have always been calls for some form of utopian ideal among the fringes of society, the aftermath of World War I allowed for a more open discussion of a better future for the world.This paper will address the specific requirement of a UN Police Force to conduct the multidimensional peace operations required for the plethora of failed states that have emerged in the post Cold War World.The end of World War II saw both the birth of the UN and atomic ...

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Washington’s farewell address: Fourteen points and the league of nations

Zimmerman’s note that revealed Germany’s plans to attack United States in case they entered the war was among the most important reasons that brought America went into World War I (Howard, 129).The Fourteen Points did not contain anything that would deprive any country of its rights (League of Nations, later in time, made Germany responsible and guilty for everything, assigning reparations and excluding it from the union and such kinds of actions created a foundation for World War II) (Schraff, 213).Since this horror, the diminishing of the World Trade Centers happened in United States and in our territory, the President declared War on Terrorism.Washington, however, hasn’t foreseen the development of arms and world’s hunger for the new ...

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Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline

(Clinton) We assumed after World I/II and the Vietnam War, that our presence would be enough to sanction some type of peace and making each nation grateful for U.S. involvement, but after so many years we still find ourselves in the middle while each host country is still looking for a hand out of U.S. involvement.Power, Terror, Peace, and War: America’s Grand Strategy in a World at Risk; First Vintage Book Edition Brown, J. Willard.U.S. Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Service 1957 United States Defense Policies since World War II.The US will remain vigil and on alert for the next crisis that will ensue and give our US Policemen another chance to show how to resolve a crisis in the wake of war.The Signal Corps in the War of th...

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Influence of U.S. Foreign Policy Analytical Essay

The U.S. has endeavored to create good relations with the Saudi Arabia government since the gulf war.Foreign policy orientation is necessary in order to get public opinion in such matters that are deemed important and of great interest to the public.Although Bush saw Iraq as a potential threat to America’s peace and econnomy, the Obama’s government planned to withdraw all the American troops from the country.Obama planned to empower other governments facing direct threats of terrorism in order to win the war against terror.Concurrently, after the Vietnam War, President Bill Clinton formalized an agreement with the Vietnam government to enhance peace as a post war influence.

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Essay about The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

To answer the questions whether the civil war was inevitable, or necessary, one will have to center the thoughts on which factors lead to the most terrific war in America.The civil war, people could argue was not necessary, if some moral issues were solved peacefully.When a country does not have a democratic and logical way to solve their internal issues, a battle to protect their rights, and believes will start.The democracy breaking down only proves the point of the war to be inevitable.“Slavery was the cause of national tragedy” (The “Needless war” Doctrine, by Thomas N. Bonner).

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War Benefits Humanity

War to in stimulate and maintain economic productivity.The war will incite spending and expanding money supply to produce sufficient aggregate demand resulting to greater productivity.In which case, government could initiate spending by engaging into a justifiable war i.e.In as much as it can be used by conquerors to expand their territory out of sheer greed or to impose its will or authority on another sovereign or independent nation, war can also be used to remove dictators or tyranny, gain freedom or ultimately to reestablish peace and order.The Second World War, which is by far the most destructive war in history, was initiated by the axis powers, Germany, Italy and Japan, who under imperialistic beliefs of Nazism and Fascism, wanted...

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United Nations and Big Powers Essay

But the United Nations has, under Art 2 (4), prohibited war.If this measure too fails, the Security Council may adapt military measures by sea, air and land-forces and all the member states are bound to provide the UN-army necessary troops, material and passages in order to continue military operations.When, in 1950, North Korea, strengthened by the Chinese support, attacked South Korea by crossing the 38 degree parallel, the UN took joint action in order to establish peace and justice by saving South Korea.Moreover, the Soviet Veto paralyzed the Security Council from taking actions in Korea and hence, the General Assembly, by adopting the “Uniting for Peace Resolution” adapted the decision of taking military action.As Russell observes, ...

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USA should Begin Withdrawing Troops from Iraq Essay

Also, a civil war “could spill over into the rest of the region and threaten the world’s energy supplies, a development that would damage the economies of all oil-dependent countries” (U.S. Faces Pressure … 2005).Another reason against the military presence of the USA in Iraq is that primary justification for the war against terror and military intervention in Iraq (weapons of mass destruction) is false.Nevertheless, the war can create more terrorism affected innocent people around the world.Every nation has the right to go to war in order to sustain its unity, to abolish poor governance, to re-organize the existing political institution if they violate national rights and self-determination.The example of the Iraqi war illustrates the f...

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Principle of racial equality Essay

The principle appears explicitly in the preamble of the Constitutive Act of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted on November 16, 1945 which decrees that "the great and terrible war which has just ended was made possible by the denial of the democratic ideal of dignity.Emperor Hirohito himself makes it directly in his dictated memories the cause of the Second World War: "If we are asked the reason for this war, it is contained in the treaties of peace signed at the end of the First War The racial equality proposal demanded by Japan was not accepted by the Powers.Thus, even before the end of the war, Prince Konoe published a text entitled "We must reject the Anglo-American peace" where he wrote ...

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