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Examining Democratic Peace Theory And The Cold War Politics Essay

The end of the Cold war brought about the alleged ‘new world order’ in which America enforced its hegemonic position.During the Cold War it was in the interest of all capitalist countries to stall the development of communism.Huntington claims that “Contemporary global politics is the age of Muslim wars…” The 21st century has so far been dominated by the war on terrorism in mainly Muslim countries which gives credit to this claim.Through this analysis I have approached the Democratic Peace Theory in a large number of ways.Conflict Patterns since the Cold War .

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Role of the UN in Peace-Support Operations

Following the written report of the former secretary general Boutros –Boutros Ghali in 1992 “an agenda for peace”, it is the responsibility of the un security council to recognize the limitation of peace keeping and also the abstainace of war doesn’t ensure peace and security.The United Nations was formed on the 24 of October 1945, soon after the end of the Second World War.Peace support operation is the operation that makes use of diplomatic, civil, and military to bring about peace and stability in the states.This organization was formed to prevent the outbreak of another war since the League of Nations failed to prevent the Second World War.Since the creation of the united nation after world war II in t 1945 the organization has been...

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Structural violence theory and the role of justice in the reconciliation process Expository Essay

Reconciliation is cited as one of the key elements that should be taken into account in the development of long-term peace.Lambourne (2004) further asserts that justice is vital in restoring societies that have previously experienced conflicts such as war.In post war situations, reconciliation is aimed at developing strategies that enhance integration of painful past experiences and nurturing shared value for the future.However, incidences of domestic and international conflicts are still evident in the modern society as illustrated by the current civil war in Syria and the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan.Additionally, the essay highlights the role of reconciliation in building long-term peace.

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John Lennon's Song Imagine Essay

This song was a huge hit in the 70’s, the time in which the Vietnam War was occurring.In his song "Imagine", Lennon protest that the World should live in peace; keep in mind the Vietnam War was occurring at the time.The bed-ins were a new way intended to protest the wars, but still maintained peace.John Lennon and his wife Yo... ... middle of paper ... ...ranquility more than anything so follow in his words and “Give Peace a Chance.” Works Cited AZLyrics.com, Web.At the time Lennon’s song went against most beliefs, for people believed that violence in war was the answer to everything.

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The Vietnam Counter-Culture Essay

Coupled with the causes of freedom, comes a cause for peace and love.The Counterculture may not have directly caused any diplomacy, but this belief has been implemented in basically all that America does anymore, like with the UN, relief efforts, and increased welfare for our own people.Public opinion heavily swayed during the war as only one senator dissented from the overwhelming opinion to fight the war (Amter 45).Why can’t we love our neighbors in the world?Due to the volatile conditions of the Vietnam War, the protestors believed that they should not be involved in a war that they cared so little about.

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A Criticism Of Realism Theory Of International Politics Politics Essay

They view as the central focus the causes of war and the conditions of peace.Realism emerged after the outbreak of World War II where realist saw deficiencies of idealistic thinking.But realists believe that economic interdependence accelerate rather than reduce the likelihood of war (Keohane et al 1977).Focus on the issue of war and peace in realism is by no means misguided, and this is according to proponents of global society, interdependence, and institutionalism theories.Though the probability of war among powerful state cannot be ignored and proliferation may put nuclear weapons into the arms of leaders with little stake of status quo maintenance, state interests and understanding of national security have been defined in ways that...

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Does the UN work well in attempting to achieve international peace and security

The end of the Cold War was considered an opportunity for the UN to play a more effective role in international peace and security.The demolition of the bipolar system following the end of the Cold War resulted in regional instability in many parts of the world.In the post-Cold War period a shift from bilateral arms control[5] to multilateral non-proliferation[6] efforts occurred.[7] For example, the number of nuclear weapons in the world has decreased since the end of the Cold War, and most nuclear weapon states[8] have declared they aren’t producing fissile material for weapons.The current situation with Iran is a worrying example of the UN’s inability to achieve acceptable resolutions of problems that have the potential to lead to glo...

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Political And Political Consequences Of The Great War Essay

The war would not have been the war that it was without the alliances and militarisation prior to 1914.This essay will explore that alliances and militarisation as the major causes of War and the social and political consequences in of war upon individuals and the world.The peace process of World War One consequence was the initiator for World War Two.This essay examines the large social and political toll of the war and the lasting ramifications upon the world and individual societies.The World War One did not simply start due assassination of the Austrian Royalty, the alliances system, the increasing militarisation and nationalism throughout Europe, the competition of imperialism, the full mobilisation of Russia and the Austro-Serbian ...

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Peace in the Middle East

Peace is important for development and Middle East region cannot achieve meaningful development without peace.The ongoing crashes in Kurdistan, Iraq, the war against Houthi rebels in Yemen, and expansion of the settlements in Israel are just few of the conflicts that have made it difficult to come with comprehensive peace agreements.For Middle East to achieve lasting peace these clashes must be stopped and extremist groups agree to the role of mediators in the peace process instead of using force.Peace cannot be achieved without a ceasefire and this has made it difficult to negotiate for peace between Yemen and Houthi rebels.Palestinians are suffering due to military conflict between Hamas and Israel and there has to be peace to resettle...

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Novel and Separate Peace Chapters

What is Finny’s theory about the war?A Separate Peace Chapters 11–13 .Does Gene’s visit support the idea that he has found inner peace or contradict it?Do you believe that Gene has found peace with himself at the end of the novel?Jot down your definition of what it means to be at peace.

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Development Of Tourism In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

Thirty years of separatist war by the world most ruthless terror outfit, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had devastated especially the Northern and Eastern areas of our country.(b) Increase interest with regard to field especially after the war.This will gives a positive feeling for the people whom have undergone lot of difficulties during the war period and who lived under the crutches of LTTE terrorism.People in the North and East lost their trust towards the majority Sinhalese people and this was further aggravated with the escalation of the war.Carefully examination of the outcome of the situational analysis will gives an overall representation of the intention to achieve the objective that is the most precious sustainabl...

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What Are The Causes Of War?

Finally, overly optimistic assessments caused by the fog of war during a conflict spiral can lead to poor decision making and possibly lead a nation into a situation where war becomes unavoidable.This essay will discuss the causes of war at different levels of analysis and prove that war is avoidable; albeit with extreme difficulty.Unfortunately, peace needs to break out across all levels of analysis permanently in order to truly avoid war.War as a distraction describes a situation in which a state leader makes a conscious decision to lead his country to war for a ruse.Definitions of war are as common as war itself, but for the purpose of this essay we will define war broadly as sustained, coordinated violence between political organizat...

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Revisiting Peace Research In The 21st Century

Fourth, issues have been raised about the possible intersections that can be created between the peace research organizing concepts, violence and peace, and organizing concepts in Marxist, Feminist, and Critical Race theoretical literatures.[The work of Roger Fisher and Charles Osgood on negotiations and strategies for deescalating conflicts is relevant here (2010)].Because of the arms race of the post World War II period, then, they fashioned a peace research that was committed to conflict management or resolution among the big powers.For the most part traditional peace researchers concerned themselves with conflict between powerful states, particularly because of the danger of nuclear war.In addition to the rich history, peace research...

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How Public Opinion Constrains the Use of Force

This article explores the question as to whether the invasion of Panama in 1989 by the United States was a diversionary war.The author integrates this theory with a bargaining theory of war in which war is costly but not prohibitive.Tarzi, S. (2007) “Democratic Peace, Illiberal Democracy and Conflict Behavior” International Journal on World Peace, Vol.By the end of the cold war, politics was sufficiently cynical to utilize foreign aggression as a political tool of distraction from scandal (as in the case of Clinton) economic standstills (as in the case of Bush, Sr.) and other foreign and domestic policy failures (as in the case of Bush Jr.) The authord focus on how these changing motivations eroded the rhetoric and credibility of modern ...

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To what extent did the Paris Peace Settlement pave the way for the Second World War Essay

To conclude, to a little extent, the Paris Peace Settlement paved a way for WWII and I believe that to a larger extent, the failure of Collective security paved a way for WWII.The Second Sino-Japanese War begun in 1937.The main aim of carrying out collective security was to maintain world peace and avoid war.Although Japan had carried out a massive attack towards China, it was not an immediate cause of WWII as only with the aggression of Japan, it was not such influential that it could cause a world war.Meanwhile, The Paris Peace Settlement also aroused the resentment and a strong desire for revenge among the Germans as they were suffered from the harsh treaty terms in the Paris Peace Settlement.

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The Nature And Characteristics Of Contemporary Conflict Politics Essay

Indeed, as Mueller puts it in his appropriately titled The Remnants of War, ”Many [existing wars] have been labelled ‘new war,’ ‘ethnic conflict,’ or, most grandly ‘clashes of civilization.’ But in fact, most are more nearly opportunistic predation by packs, often remarkably small ones, of criminals, bandits, and thugs.” It is the abundance of resources, not their scarcity, which fuels such conflicts.(v)End of the Cold War- In 1990, U.S. political scientist John Mearsheimer predicted that we would soon ”miss the Cold War.” He was partially right in saying so, as the conflicts in the coming years were accompanied by violence, ethnic hatred and bloodshed in Africa and the Balkan region.(iii)Globalisation, Development and Costs involved in...

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The Democratic Peace Theory: Merits and Demerits Analytical Essay

With a monadic view of democratic peace, there is an assumption that a democratic country will maintain peace with other international communities regardless of whether those foreign communities are of democratic view of peace or not (Douglas 1997, p. 408).According to Reiter (2012, p. 10), the democratic peace theory holds the thought that there is no need for war unless the practicing country has been so pressed that there is no other alternative to counter the attack other than to fight back.(2011, p. 43), the UN General Assembly has in the past called for nations to sign peace agreements and declarations that they would not engage in a war for their selfish reasons, other than when provoked and their security threatened.It uses other...

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The Security Dilemma in the International Realm Essay

Tension was present not only in the continents of the two nations but around the globe where everybody feared of a war outbreak.According to Carnes Lord in his essay The Psychological Dimension in National Strategy (1989), tacit or coercive diplomacy is a means of persuading a state through the threat of using force or actually using limited force to achieve political objectives.5 Peace negotiations between the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been the subject of interest in the current Road Map for Peace proposed by the United States, Russia, European Union and the United Nations.Since peace talks through The Road Map of Peace was established by the United Nations, United States of America, European Union and Russian in resolving the probl...

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International Response to the 2nd Civil War in Sudan

Averting the war was a priority for the US; hence, it became increasingly important for America to establish feasible political relations with Khartoum, which would strategically avert the civil war.The AU-mediated peace talks in Darfur played a critical role in preventing further civil unrests to the already IGAD-supported peace talks to end the civil war.The Second Civil War in Sudan was widely acknowledged as a continuation of the First Civil War because of the political struggles in the country (Voll, 2013).Since the escalation of the second civil war, the European Union expressed its desire in bringing the war to a halt.Though the conflict in Sudan continued after the presentation and discussion of the peace initiative, the Egypt-Li...

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Afghanistan and Pakistan Relations After 9/11

Ongoing war in Afghanistan and its spill over effects in Pakistan especially in Pakistan’s Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) has strengthened the critics claim that peace in FATA is linked with peace in Afghanistan and vice versa.A cursory glance over the history of their relations present a dismal picture of Afghanistan’s non-co-operative attitude and irredentist claims – prompted by internal and external vested interests particularly in the wake of the Cold War and post 9/11 bursts of blame games of interfering in each others internal affairs.The border skirmishes, the Communist invasion, the civil war in post cold war Afghanistan, the rise of Taliban, the on going War on Terror have all been conflicts between actors with tra...

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A bibliography of John Lennon

Still Imagining Peace: John Lennon’s Legacy, 2009.Apart from his song “Give Peace a Chance” he also decided to fight for peace when he lay in bed naked together with his wife for a month (Arkawy 1).This is one of his major influences as a musician that reflected his views on war in general.This is a man who spent the very last years in his life devoting it to spreading of love and peace to the youth.Perhaps it is because of John and other artists that wars like the Vietnam War came to an end.

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The Democratic Peace Theory

The Democratic Peace theory states that democratic states are less likely to wage war against each other, and that shared democratic procedures and ideals are apt to lead to less conflict.Recent research has questioned the existence of a link between democracy and higher probabilities of peace while highlighting other factors which might have been responsible for peace.There is however enough empirical evidence for the militant democracy and separate peace theories, both of which contradict this implication of the consensus theory of democratic peace.A relevant example would be the use of the democratic peace theory to justify the 2003 Iraq War, when the other reasons such as hidden WMD’s failed to convince the world.A careful review of ...

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According to Kant Essay

Furthermore, Kant agrees with Thomas Hobbes that war is the “natural state” meaning a state of peace must first be established.“The state of peace among men living in close proximity is not the natural state; instead, the natural state is one of war, which does not exist in open hostilities, but also in constant and enduring threat of them.Throughout the essay, Kant offers his views on avoiding war through compromising, problem solving, morality, and a coming together of states to ensure peace.On this subject Kant explains: “A league of a special sort must therefore be established, on that we can call a league of peace, which will be distinguished from a treaty of peace because the latter seeks merely to stop one war, while the former se...

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War and Peace

What does it mean to have a gendered approach to war and peace issues?One of the great challenges in peacebuilding today is how to bring in marginalized groups, particularly women, most effectively into processes designed to address the effects of war and to build lasting peace.Contemporary analysis of war and peace issues often draws on the idea of human security—in addition to national security—to focus on the individual as well as the connections between individuals and groups within societies.Choose one in which peace has been established and one in which peace efforts have failed.In the belief that questions about peace, justice, freedom, and security are vital to civic education, the United States Institute of Peace established the...

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Terrorism and the Just War Tradition Essay

It is true that the just-war tradition is accustomed to thinking of states as the only "unit-of-count" in world politics.For these are the crucial components of the peace that is possible in a fallen world.Terrorism and the Just War Tradition .That is why, for example, St. Thomas Aquinas discussed just war under the broader subject of the meaning of "charity," and why the eminent Protestant theologian Paul Ramsey argued that the just-war tradition is an attempt to think through the public meaning of the commandment of love-of-neighbor.SOURCES CITED: .

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The International Community Essay

...r, opted for an Integrated Middle East area, with the aim to expand the power of the NATO operation, to prevent further conflict in the territory and to reduce the economic costs caused by the Iraq war (Frontline, 2014).Nevertheless, the aim of the international community, sponsored by Bush, was to achieve a peace based on 'territory-for-peace ' and to obtain rights for the Palestinian people (Ross, 2004; Shlaim, 2000).The question that most characterizes unsuccessful effort to bring peace between these two parties was the superficial mediation plan that did not consider all the various interests of the Palestinian and Israeli’s leaders (Frontline, 2014).Nevertheless, it can be learned from this analysis that states having political,...

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The Tourism Industry In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

Stock market has rosed over 96% in 2009 just after the war.This research carried a PEST analysis and a Swot Analysis in order to find out how the political, economical, social and technological environments will change or adjust according to the peace affected tourism.(Ref: National Strategy for Sri Lankan Tourism- page no: 62) .. Sri Lankan economy has changed vastly with the new opportunities occurred with the new peace after the war.Sri Lankan government is looking for Middle Eastern to develop the resorts as a preparation for boost in tourism after the war.Especially the Northern and Eastern areas have started to develop technologically after the war.

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UN peacekeeping operations

For example, in January of 1997 China used its veto power to block a peace mission to Guatemala designed to verify Guatemala’s signed peace accords.Growing in complexity from one to four, the last two are applied more often since the end of the Cold War to end the conflict and improve the prospects for peace (Doyle and Sambanis, 2006).The aim of the present essay is to offer a critical analysis of the effectiveness of UN peace operations launched in the post-Cold War period, supporting the arguments with examples of the most controversial peace operations of 1990s -UNOSOM and UNAMIR.International Intervention and the Duration of Peace After Civil War”.Somalia (1992-1995) – United Nations Operations in Somalia (UNOSOM I) was deployed in m...

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Appeasement – Right or Wrong?

This policy was supposed to prevent war from happening, but war happened anyways.It just gave hope to people that peace could be accomplished and that peace wasn’t something far away.War did happen later on and it also just gave time for Hitler to get stronger for the war.Appeasement gave time for everyone and it started as an idea for peace and not war and violence and to keep from good men dying for no reason.They had to live with the consequences of war.

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The Paris Peace Conferences Justified History Essay

These were significant factors that led to the first world war, and Wilson wished to reform these kinds of treaties to avoid another war.With their faltered relations leading up to World War 1, it seemed as though the anger towards the other country would not end here, as there were acts of blatant aggression from Germany towards France that later became the actual beginnings of the war.This paper will argue that France’s aims were bent on revenge for Germany’s superiority in Europe prior to World War I, but will also give a discussion for other factors such as national security, and a fear for Germany, that may have influenced their offensive position towards Germany during the post-World War I peace conferences.The anger towards one an...

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