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Why the Iraq War is Taking So Long Essay

Weeks prior to the invasion in Iraq, Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz commented to a House subcommittee regarding the $30 billion the US had spend in the past 12 years in Iraq, stating, “I can’t imagine anyone here wanting to spend another $30 billion to be there another 12 years” (Pincus, A01).FAQ About the War in Iraq.Unlike previous wars, President Bush has yet to set a benchmark in the Iraq war which is quantitatively measurable to signify a true victory in Iraq.These occurrences in the lack of planning or understanding of the potential commitment required in Iraq shows that the administration did not have a fundamental understanding of the history and social structure of Iraq, nor ready to commit to the long-term reconstruction...

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Obama and Bush in the Iraq war Essay

He opposed the war on the premise that the United states did not know how much it was going to cost, what the exit strategy would be and how the invasion itself will affect the relationship of the United States with the rest of the world.In all these instances, he employed war and the threat of war as his principal tools.The worth of Iraqi war Assessing the worth of Iraq war requires that one reflects upon whatever would have happened in the Bush administration would have not gone to war in March 2003.A more intriguing question is however whether the failure of the United States to go to war with Iraq in 2003 would have produced a lasting peace or would have postponed war.This is a major achievement with regard to the war on terror and f...

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Terrorism in Pakistan Essay

By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are defeating a direct threat to the American people.” Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom also agreed with Bush’s comments stating “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what is happening in Iraq now…is crucial for the security of the world.” .In fact, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found and it was discovered that there was “no direct connection between Saddam’s Iraq and al-Qaeda.” Furthermore, while there was no concrete connection between Iraq and terrorism, the United States and the United Kingdom decided to remain in Iraq and liberate its people.This hostility resulted in the creation of religious extremists within Iraq which “have told western re...

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The War on Terror Has Been Counterproductive

Because Afghanistan is a legitimate war with widespread international support it will never be as damaging as Iraq was and the removal of Al Qaeda has been instrumental in the war on terror meaning the benefits will arguable outweigh any costs of the Invasion The nature of globalisation itself means that there will always be winners and losers resulting in a situation whereby there will always be those who are dissatisfied with the results, making the war on terror not the true cause for the on-going terrorism and has not had the effect that many people argue.As a result of the reasons listed above the Iraq war has destroyed America’s credibility in the Middle East creating further resentment resulting in more terrorism but most importan...

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War In Iraq

What effect(s), if any, has the war had on America, Iraq and the rest of the world?Five years later, a headline on March 20, 2008 in the National News on Chicago Tribune quotes Bush saying ‘America can and must win’ Iraq war.Although the justification of this war has been controversial and criticized by several American citizens themselves, Bush still believes that the war was the only weapon for fighting global terrorism.The UN secretary had a divided opinion about the war as two powerful nations had a coalition force that was bent on launching an attack on Iraq.The success of this war instigated the Bush led administration to focus their attention on Iraq.

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Motives for America’s Invasion of Iraq

It is therefore unfair and even unscholarly to give the Iraq invasion an absolute economic explanation thereby under looking other factors.This argument is anchored on the premise that Iraq has been and is still a hub of dangerous terrorist and rebel groups including the dreaded Al Qaeda terror group.All states -the powerful and the weak-U.S included tries as much as possible to use peaceful diplomacy in implementing their foreign policies abroad and can only resort to coercive diplomacy (war) when it’s the only rational alternative for protecting its survival and interests in the International System.Paula Cerni Mphil (2006) once more argues that “The US invasion of Iraq, advertised as a forceful attack on global terror and tyranny, was...

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The Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars Essay

As such, the gulf war claimed the lives of one hundred thousand Iraqi soldiers, whereas the coalition forces lost three hundred troops in the war.The Persian Gulf War began in August 1990 with the invasion and occupation of Iraqi military forces in Kuwait and ended in January 1991.Some experts argue that the war in Iraq will be a continuous process, with no end for the people of Iraq.The coalition forces fought with the Iraqi forces by launching a ground offensive (Persian Gulf War, First or Gulf War, 2006).The first and foremost condition set out by the UN was that Iraq must destroy all its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (Persian Gulf War, First or Gulf War, 2006).

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Essay on The War Against Terrorism

Air strikes soon commenced followed by a full scale ground invasion, which lasted technically until late February of 1991, in which Hussein’s forces were totally removed from Kuwait.Saddam Hussein also argued that Kuwait was pumping oil from an oil field that was on the border of the two countries and belonged to Iraq.When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the U.S. spearheaded the war to remove them because of it’s own interests, and now the U.S. has realized that it must take charge of the fight against terror and aggression worldwide because it is the only power capable of leading such a large cause.Regardless of the motives behind Iraq’s invasion, under international law, none of Iraq’s claims against Kuwait justified its invasion of that country....

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Iraq War Essay

The Arabs also feel that they were weakened by the war on Iraq in that America took control of the oil wells in Iraq indicating that the Americans were not aimed at imposing a democratic system of government in Iraq but they were out to capture the oil wells in Iraq (Bruno, 2007).The Iraq war also led to an alarming increase in the anti-American slogans among the Turks because of the instability in Turkey that was as a result of the Iraq war.The war against Iraq also had an effect on the global terrorism and contrary to what George Bush and Tony Blair argued it is evident that the war brought about increased global terrorism.The Arabs also felt that the war on Iraq caused an increase in the Cross border terrorism due to the large number ...

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Using The Strategy Of Preemption For Preventing Terrorism Politics Essay

The year 2003 represented an important moment during this fight against terrorism, even from its beginning, when in March, the war started in Iraq.On the other hand, the decision of expanding the war from Afghanistan to Iraq, which was never linked with the terrorist attacks that took place on 9/11, excepting by the Bush administration, made people from all around the world to fear a possible invasion.Risk and the War on Terror.“US Ended the War in Iraq.” Financial Newspaper 1 Sept. 2010.Since the events on 9/11, the U.S. spent a huge amount of money in order to financially support the war of terror.

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The War on Terrorism

After the end of the cold war people claimed that there was no threat to world peace .They were wrong however on September 11th 2001 all their views changed.Its supprising however that the americans during the cold war helped to set up al quidea in afghanistan by arming them to fight their soviet oppresors.Countries such as Pakistan who showed a small liking for Afghanistan backed off and let America use its airfields after this declaration of war against terror even Russia who weren't great freinds of America were letting the americans use a big airbase near afghanistgan.The last time that anybody went to war with Iraq is when Saddam invaded Kuwait, but Kuwait asked NATO and America to help.America pledged war against terrorism and any ...

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War In Iraq Essay

The start of the military campaign gave the birth to a paradox which is the following: the supporters and the opponents of the war in Iraq understand quite well that the removal of the coalitionist troops may give the push to the civil war, the participants of which would get an impressive support from the different powers of the Islamic world.A existing example is Afghanistan, where the failure of the Soviet troops and their removal from the country, gave the impulse for a new civil war and establishment of the Taliban regime that gave the echo of terror in different locations of the world.The regulation of the Iraq problem will have a big meaning for the whole world in general, it will stabilize the situation in the near east as well a...

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Legal Issues in Terrorism

At present, the US is preparing for war against Iran, which possesses vast oil resources (Chossudovsky, 2003).The US sponsored war on terror is merely camouflage for its business ventures and to divert the attention of the general public in the US, by repeatedly declaring that a free market was the only means to fight terrorism.As such, the IMF and the World Bank will participate in the post war reconstruction of Iraq.Moreover, this war has paved the way for subsequent wars in the region.Afghanistan: The Oil Behind the War .

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Us Foreign Policy With Respect To Iraq Essay

Polls taken prior to the commencement of the war had indicated that they did not favor the invasion which they did not see as justified.By extension, President George W. Bush believed that the existence of an unfriendly regime in Iraq would exacerbate the war against terror.Bush’s administration had gained a lot of support both domestic and international in the war against terror especially directed towards al Qaeda in Afghanistan.The success of the United States foreign policy towards Iraq has not been largely seen by many especially in the knowledge that the war in Iraq had been largely criticized.The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

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Persuasive Essay – War with Iraq

A US invasion of Iraq would involve the killing of large numbers of innocent Iraqi civilians.The deployment of 250,000 troops, fighter jets, aircraft carriers and heavy weaponry in the Persian Gulf shows we are on the eve of war, which most commentators say will soon happen.There are insufficient grounds for going to war with Iraq.The war we are trying to start will prove two things.The United States has started the countdown to launch a new war in Iraq.

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Iraq and Palestine Essay

our press largely surrendered its independence and skepticism to join with our government in marching to war.” Bob Simon of CBS put in plain words to Moyers that the U. S. administration used selling skills to put up war for sale: “Just repeat it and repeat it and repeat it… Keep that drumming going.The US case for ‘war in Iraq’ hinged on orientalists statements – that the Middle East was an undistinguished province of Arabs and Muslims who, lacking any history account or valid complaints, are overcome by an illogically aggressive nature as well as loathing of the West, Israel,’ freedom and democracy’ (Edward Sa’id 1978).Though Moyers didn’t, the neo-cons repeatedly sketched the relationship between Iraq and Israel, stating: .However, ...

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World Politics: International relations after 9/11

9/11 was not simply an act of terror but the most destructive single act of terror since World War 2.Victory in the ‘war on terror’ will not mean the end of terrorism, the end of tyranny or the end of evil.Once the ‘war on terror’ concludes, preventing terrorism will remain an important goal of the U.S and the international community, but it will no longer be the main focus or driver of U.S foreign policy.By engaging in the war on terror, the U.S feels that it can spread democracy.The war on terror further offered another variable that indicated a connection between father and son.

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How Ideology Influence Reporting Of War On Terror

Extreme schools of thought have differed strongly by the use of the use the war, since the touted enemy is rather imaginary and also by the mere fact that international terrorism can not be contained through waging wars against the terrorism tactics.In Suez Canal and Vietnam, the two countries realized the significance of employing massive propaganda and deception to win the war.In a nutshell the US capitalized on propaganda to falsify the justification that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.The American aggression on Iraq has been viewed as the worst censored conflict in the 21st century.Manne, R (2000), Terrorism has therefore been viewed as a model and not war as widely reported and promulgated by the international...

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USA Iraq War

In this context, it can be argued that although the US waged war against Iraq owing to the possession of the Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and Iraq’s oppressive regime (Rees, Transatlantic Relations and the War on Terror, page 76), the US-led war in Iraq cannot be justifiable in accordance with the six criteria of just war, since it contradicted with the criteria of the jus ad bellum.Thus, in this paper I will argue that the US did not have acceptable reasons to declare war in the US recent war in Iraq in accordance with the Six Criteria for a jus ad bellum, which is a right to declare war.Moreover, Gowan (Cooperation and Conflict, page 218) states that during the US-led war in Iraq, the US did not take the consent of the assembly a...

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The War in Iraq

The United Nations Charter which was adopted in 1945 to prevent the recurrence of the circumstances that led to the outbreak of World War II was limited in the sense that it only sought to address the traditional threats posed by states or countries, which at the time, were the only types known to everyone, including the framers of the charter.Both WMD and terrorism are threats then unheard of and therefore not anticipated by traditional international law (“ProCon’s Iraq War Examination”, n.d.).WMD and terrorism are very new concepts of war weapons developed to cause grave destruction and death even to civilians in a swift and sweeping manner.Developments in technology have made the traditional weapons of war obsolete.Several intelligenc...

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Us Justification for Iraq Invasion

Third of all, Hussein was in charge of a failed attempt to assassinate George H. W. Bush, a former U.S. President (Justifications for the War).Saddam Hussein actually celebrated in regards to the events which occurred of September 11th, 2001(Justifications for the War).This invasion started what was known as the Gulf War.In 1991 the United States went to war against Saddam Hussein with one goal.The United States should not regret their invasion of Iraq because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

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Disaster Capitalism

Though at times humans have learnt from the repercussion and vowed never again to go back to war.The controversial war in Iraq has brought untold pain, destruction and deaths to the nation: all in the name of rigging the nation of weapons of mass destruction- which to date have been confirmed as having not been there in the first place.The causes are usually not a single one but a mixture or a variety of reasons often bearing their roots long before the actual war.The causes of war come from deep within a country or a community; it could be caused by poverty, political, social and economic inequalities.These quarrels spilled over and became nasty with war drums sounding.

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The Quagmire Of Terrorism : Terrorism Essay

U.S ground troops should not be sent into Syria and Iraq because sending ground troops into these regions would allow ISIL to gain more support, and further villainize the United States as an imperialistic power.If these countries need additional aid, then they could also route through the United Nations.This will also give other nations the ability to take part in the decision making and cost of dealing with global terrorism.This will help negate the imperialistic view the U.S has created for itself.The United States has long been a part of the Middle Eastern struggle, and this organization wishes to pull them back into Iraq to gain more support globally, diverting attention away from their real goals to focus on American imperialism.

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Impact Of U.S. Foreign Policy In Middle East Essay

Indeed, the US has enabled to predict the forthcoming turmoil when the Gulf war broke out in 1990.The Gulf war was defined as an indirect hostility of superpowers between the US and Soviet Union.More so, US have known its enemy way back from its role in the Iran-Iraq war.Predicted War:  Achievement and Idolatry .The cost of Gulf war accounted for substantial armament demand and supply from US and Soviet Union.

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Transformation Of American Psyche Through Bush Essay

As it stands, opposition to the war also continues to grow and the polarization that marked the early days of the war is diminishing, as citizens, politicians, members of the armed forces, and even those in the Bush administration are realizing the errant decisions that led to and sustained the war have cost far too much–in billions of taxpayers’ dollars, international economic and political status, and most importantly the lives of tens thousands of Americans and many more Iraqis.The business side of the war in Iraq seems to have little benefit for common Americans, who are really the ones paying the most for it in terms of dollars.With its aims justified in the eyes of the misinformed American public, in March of 2003 the Bush administ...

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War Theory On Iraq Essay

The tradition of propounding the Just War Theory goes to the ancient Greek society, and was later developed by various Christian theologians and various thinkers who *** are conceptualizing the different ways for employing shared concepts to justify war, i. e. wars to justify good cause, with noble intentions, etc.As reported by Weisman Jonathan on 27th April 2006 in Washington Post, The cost of the war in Iraq reached $320 billion and the total is likely to be more than double before the war ends, according to the Congressional Research Service estimated this week.This idea that war can only be treated as just under certain conditions goes back to Cicero, Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas and Hugo Grotius who codified set of rules for ...

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The Vietnam War Essay

The 2003 Invasion of Iraq begun on the premise that Saddam Hussein’s government was in violation of a U. N. resolution banning chemical weapons in the region.The Vietnam War and the current War in Iraq are similar in that the United States military was involved in both operations in spite of little popular support.Now Americans find themselves in the same position today as they did thirty years ago, demanding why our leaders had gotten us involved in another pointless war.In the U. S. , massive protests against the war began as more Americans questioned the appropriateness of their role in the battle for Vietnam, a battle the military retreated from after the fall of Saigon.The premise for this invasion was the same as the one for Vietna...

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Just War Theory And The 2003 Iraq War Politics Essay

Over the years, people have questioned the Bush administration whether it is justified to invade Iraq, and whether the Iraq War fulfill the criteria of the Just War Theory.Coates (1997) stated that “the criterion of last resort underlines the primacy of peace over war in just war thinking.The Iraq War or the second Gulf War has been commenced since 20 March 2003.Wells (1996) stated that “if the price of the projected war is too great in total dislocation, suffering, and death, including all human, economic, and cultural costs, in comparison to the good likely to come of it, again, considering all the likely gains, then the war is disproportionate.” .Whether a war is just depends on the state of mind of the person who wages war, and we co...

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Essay on Methods to End Terrorism

Terrorism is the cousin of war.Finally they discovered a way to beat the system.In the PNACmanifesto of September 2000 (“Rebuilding America’s Defenses”), they admitted that the American people would be unwilling to pay the stiff price for US global hegemony, full-spectrum military dominance, and the imposition of a new order in the Middle East – unwilling, that is, in the absence of a catalyzing event, an epochal lesson such as a “newPearl Harbor.”This method wasn’t at all easy on the body, they had to withstand beatings and humiliation, however over a period of time... ... middle of paper ... ...” actually a war against any and all enemies the US government may designate.By surrendering even when they committed no wrong deed.

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Stakeholders and responsibilities Essay

The invasion of Afghanistan is legitimate because it was a direct action to the September 11 attacks but the invasion of Iraq has questionable legitimacy since it is not a stronghold of Al Qaeda.His discussion links the event into the context of war history, politics as well a globalization and terrorism (1-3).One thing that is made clear through Brenkman’s discussions is that there is a need to understand that the “War on Terror” is not just about responding terrorism but also a means of enforcing political objectives.He considers the former to be justified because it is a direct response to the September 11 attacks but the invasion of Iraq is not justified because it caused international conflict.Furthermore, succeeding discussions on ...

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